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  1. Elsecaller which is pretty accurate. But how TF did I get -1% on Bondsmith? Has anyone else gotten a negative value?
  2. From the album Shadesmar

    Landscape of Shadesmar featuring some souls of fish
  3. So when the shards were taken up by the vessels, did they know which shard they took up? Did Ati know he had chosen Ruin? Did Uli-da choose to take up ambition or was it random?
  4. From the album Nalthis Landscapes and Characters

    A painting sketch of how I imagined the streets of T'Telir. My excuse to go overboard on colors.
  5. From the album Stormlight Characters

    My take on Cultivation and the Nightwatcher, took a few artistic liberties but I am really happy with the outcome.
  6. Gets drunk at party, friends decide to buy plane tickets as prank.
  7. Welcome, great name btw.
  8. Awesome that they used bronze!
  9. So I am in the camp that Odium is not Passion and is hatred or some related term. Assuming that is true I think that based on the known shards a logical choice for one of the unknown shards is Love or Kindness. I don't think any of the other shards can encompass these ideals. These seem like traits that would be a part of a larger being. Opinions? I feel like Love is the stronger option but likely under a different name.
  10. So just a general question about the aviar. Are they unique species that Brandon created specifically for the world, or are they species that exist on earth? If so what would the analogous species be?
  11. Shallan and the stick(had to be said). More seriously I can get on board with Syladin!
  12. For most artists humans are the most difficult, in part because we are more critical of their appearance since any flaw is immediately apparent to us(we constantly look at people and know what they should look like). The best advice is practice. You probably don't draw a lot of people because you don't think you're good at it. Well draw them anyway. Use reference photos and draw. The first 5, 10, or 20 drawings will likely not be that great, but each time you'll learn, and you'll get the feel for how drawing a human should be. Watch videos of people drawing humans and observe their process. If you really want to draw people well, practice and you'll get there I promise. Look forward to seeing some cool drawings from you!
  13. The cats are on Vax.
  14. Welcome, which works of Brandon have you read?
  15. Just a friendly question, you don't have to choose. As for the reputations they are based on the number of "upvotes" you get there is a list somewhere of all the ranks. Mostly for fun.
  16. Maybe it's the book about Vax
  17. So excited, this will be my first Brandon signing. Yeah Seattle!
  18. Kelsier: Nathan Fillion, and if Nathans not available then Josh Holloway Vin: Saoirse Ronan Elend: maybe . . . Joe Keery: I don't know why but I want to see Daniel Radcliffe as Marsh And not that this would be realistic, but someone should animate a short of TenSoon as a corgi trying to follow Vin around Luthadel.
  19. Entire Mistborn Trilogy
  20. Also I'm not sure you get a user manual when you pick up a shard. That makes sense they would try to restrict his knowledge since Sazed is now the most powerful shard(probably) because he holds two. As far as we know that had never happened since the shattering.
  21. Welcome, which is your favorite Sanderson book?
  22. Not sure about nature, but 16 is used as the base for hexadecimal mathematics used in computer coding. In nature the golden ratio shows up a lot which is 1.61803 . . . . That is the closest thing I can thick of what you might be getting at. It's more of a cosmere thing really, I think.
  23. When you ask people if they mean "Capitol I intent?"
  24. What is the distinguishing feature (if any) that determines if a metal has an allomantic use or not? Is there a patterns or system that determines which metals/alloys work? Or is it just the will of Brandon and what he likes? I haven't heard or seen this addressed before although I'm sure it's come up in the past. Thanks
  25. Hi, which is your favorite allomantic metal?