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  1. With his eggnog downed and those around him distracted, Acheon set down his mug and sighed. He rose from his chair and made for the restaurant doors, brushing past the recruiting craftsman.
  2. Acheon finally exhaled, and leaned back against the wall. He hadn’t been sure if his yield would be accepted, but Alum was clearly a man of honor. “Thank you, and my apologies again. I do not know all that they offer here, but the eggnog sounds sufficient.” His eyes wandered to Night. Why was the man acting so distant and aloof?
  3. The blow connected, sending Acheon’s head snapping back, where it collided with a cabinet. He was reminded of the single time he’d gone up against a Shardbearer during battle, and watched as a similar superhuman strength destroyed his kin. There was more than simple physical strength in this Azish. Despite spotty vision, Acheon stood his ground. This was escalating far too quickly for his liking, and seeing an old friend- or, at the least, an old ally- facing him down was causing his confidence to waver. The situation would not end well for him if this continued, but he could still walk away with his pride. He raised his hands, but was careful not to let his guard down too much just in case another forceful blow came his way. “We needn’t continue this. It was my mistake.” He waited warily for a response, prepared to keep fighting if his proposal was rejected.
  4. Hard to say! It’d have to be either Lift or Wit, but I’m a sucker for Wayne and Cody too.
  5. Though Acheon blocked the blow with his arms, preventing damage to his mostly unguarded face, the force of an unnaturally-enhanced fist impacted even his warform-protected arms. He grunted and toppled off of his chair, hastily rebalancing into a fighting pose. He was up against a fighter he didn’t know anything about and the man running the restaurant was humming a familiar tune of Annoyance. As if that weren’t enough, a magisterial and intimidating sorcerer burst into the room. Despite Acheon’s pride, he felt a twang of shame for creating such a mess. But as he saw Alum downing something metallic and cracking his knuckles, he had a feeling that this wasn’t an easy reparable situation. He shook the tingling sensation out of his arms and clenched his fists, waiting for an opening. He backed out of another swing, accidentally bumping into a nearby table.
  6. Acheon blinked at the man who had hit him. The impact of the slap stung on his mostly-unprotected face. He drew back his fist, and for half a second, asked himself whether it was the right way to approach the situation. Well, of course it is, he decided. So, as the rhythm of war began to beat within him, Acheon flung a chitin-clad fist directly towards Alum, fully intending to make that impact count.
  7. An imposing man who almost looked to be made of stone entered the DIDGERIDOO, muttering to himself. “Late first to the battle.. and then the contest is already on.. bah.” He saw a variety of strange and unsettling occupants, but saw no server. Resigned to wait, he slumped into a chair and began humming angrily to himself.
  8. With a bow to the stranger who’d advised him, Acheon turned back towards where he’d come from. “I believe I’ll take on this contest you speak of. A chance to prove my strength is much welcomed after my late arrival here.” He beckoned to a bird that had perched atop a metal scrap from the battle, and departed.
  9. A bulky, towering man approached Night, his skin mottled in tones of black and red and protected by chitin-like plates. A somewhat loose robe and a belt were all he wore, but the built-in armor protected his modesty. His name was Acheon, and he found himself quite disappointed with the whole show. ”I suppose the fighting is over, then?” he asked Night, his voice heavily accented.
  10. Alcatraz is the best series Sanderson's ever written, don't @ me
  11. I'm the edgiest dancer you'll ever meet. Glad to be here! Started off with a bunch of dang nerds (aka my best friends) trying to get me to read their fantasy Bible, and here I am twenty books, two graphic novels, and a bunch of short stories later, finally ready to contribute to the 17th Shard.