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  1. I love you all so much for doing this Shardcast episode! I haven't been in the "fangirl" mode in years and I laughed out loud more than a few times while watching this. My crushes would probably be Kelsier, Wax, Kaladin, Adolin, and Vasher. And Denth, highfive @FeatherWriter! Don't worry, I'm as corrupt as you are. I do love Steris as a character a lot and while I was reading the Era 2 books I was writing down notes and I remember writing "I'm starting to like Steris more and more" when I was reading Shadows of Self. By the end of Bands of Mourning I had completely fallen in love with her character and hope she'll have her dream wedding with Wax in the next book. I hope Wayne gets over his dislike of Steris in the next book too. From 41:20 to 42:20 I'm fairly sure @Argent is daydreaming about Jasnah. I also thought I had heard the best part of the cast already until this gem: "Sazed and Tindwyl can both be beefcakes if they wanted to." That cracked me up and I can now go to sleep in peace.
  2. ...oh Rusts, you're right.
  3. I finally got around watching this one! It was so interesting (and fun!) to listen to you all give different pronunciations for the names since my language (Finnish) works quite like Japanese or IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) where one letter (or syllable) has its distinctive sound and is always pronounced the same way no matter which letter is next to it. So a Finnish pronunciationcast would be really boring... Catacendre's meaning is actually written in the trivia section on coppermind. I learnt about it while working on VenDell's article so thanks to whoever wrote it there. (Also, as a side note, I love to look for meanings/origins behind the made up words and cultures. I have a document on my drive about the similarities and differences between glyphs and kanji, plus some other neat references to the East Asian cultures like Bridge Four, which is a pet project I work on every now and then while reading the books.) I agreed most often with Alyx on the shardcast I think. Here are some words I found very interesting! I wrote the way I pronounce the words in IPA next to the word. (I tried to keep this as short as possible!) Marasi [mɑrɑsɪ] When I heard all the choices for Marasi and then the way Brandon says it my jaw dropped. I had never even thought there could be different ways for pronuncing her name... But I really like the nod to Mare there. Adolin [ɑdɔlɪn] or [eɪdɔlɪn] I have a major conflict with pronuncing Adolin... When I read the books I pronounced his name as [ɑdɔlɪn] but when I say it out loud I try to say [eɪdɔlɪn]. I have this weird thing where I involuntarily associate colors with letters, words, and weekdays (called synesthesia if anyone wants to look it up) so I read the name as it would be read in Finnish ([ɑdɔlɪn]) but my brain associates the word with green. My brain associates the word [eɪdɔlɪn] with light yellow/blond and since Adolin's hair is blond with some black I try to say [eɪdɔlɪn] so I imagine the right color... Otherwise I just imagine Alm from Fire Emblem>_> Jasnah [jɑsnɑh] I always thought the way I pronounced Jasnah was wrong but seems like that's not actually the case which makes me happy! Sadeas [sɑdeɑs] As with Jasnah's case, I always thought my way of reading this name was wrong too and switched it to [seɪdɪɪs] which I thought was the intended way but now I'm back to [sɑdeɑs]. Good thing he's dead though, like Eric mentioned! Aarik [ɑɑrɪk] and Cusicesh There is a brand named Aarikka in Finland so I pronounce it like thatxD And "kusi" is a crude way of saying urine in Finnish so... yeah, I'm very immature. Some random notes at the end: I actually pronounce Renarin as Alyx used to! With a strong R sound though. I also agree with Alyx on Moash, though Ben's way is also very convincing! Urithiru is really difficult to say in Finnish too so I prefer saying it more like a Japanese would say it (like Mi'chelle mentioned). Bae-Ado-Mishram made me laugh, thanks Ian and Eric! And BaAM. Moelach just makes me thing Japanese ”moe” (萌え). Don't judge me! Anyway, I really enjoyed this shardcast and really hope there'll be a pronunciationcast part 2! Good job all:D ps. The cat was adorable:3
  4. Kelsier's death hit me like a truck... It was my first Sanderson book and I knew nothing about it before hand. I fell in love with the characters and snuggled cozily in the bubble of "main characters can't die yet since this is a trilogy". Boy was a wrong. The other big "oh please no, no!" moment for me was when My heart also broke a little when I read Kaladin's first squad in The Way of Kings getting murdered. When I was reading Words of Radiance I was so afraid of Dalinar dying. I was constantly readying myself for that and when Szeth sent him up flying I thought "nooooo not Dalinar;_;" and when Kaladin saved him I think I laughed out loud in relief.
  5. Finally had the chance to listen to this shardcast fully and it was so worth it. The "who's that cosmere character" quiz at the end is amazing everytime. I managed to finish reading Warbreaker yesterday too so the topic of this shardcast was perfect. I really hope we'll get to see Zahel and Szeth talk about Nightblood in the next book since there would be good opportunities for them to meet I think? Zahel trained the Kholins' sons and is a respected swordmaster so now that Szeth is Dalinar's bodyguard maybe Dalinar will ask Zahel to spar/train with Szeth. Or maybe the soldiers just talk about a scary black all-destroying crazy sword that Dalinar's new bodyguard wielded on the battlefield and Zahel hears about it too. Oooor if Szeth just brings Nightblood close enough for Zahel to hear it ("O hai vasher, I destroyed a lot of evil, are you proud of me now?"). Also Sword-nimi as a name is funny since in Finnish "nimi" means "a name" so everytime I read Szeth say it I read it as "sword-name-goes-here".
  6. First time listening to one of these podcasts and man now I wish I had started sooner! I think I was smiling and grinning almost throughout the whole thing while also working on some art stuff on photoshop (which crashed at the 43min mark I think...) I have to say I absolutely love all of your enthusiasm and the way you discuss the books. I have barely anyone irl to talk with about the Cosmere (though I'm working on getting two of my friends to read the books!) so 17th Shard is my place to relax after work now~ And to think I have so many shardcasts to go through makes me happy. I wholeheartedly agree on Renarin and how adorable the scene was where Jasnah tells him they'll find a way to get through it all. Reminded me of how my aunt let me know about my asperger's symptoms and how it's alright to be a bit different. I really hope we'll get some (=a lot of) Renarin's point of view in the next book! And more Adolin. And Kholins in general. About Adolin's friendships, I think he's becoming closer friends with Kaladin, slowly but still. And I think it'll be a good thing for both of them. I should've gone to sleep already... But I wanted to write this comment out now right after listening to the shardcast instead of waiting till tomorrow (when I probably wouldn't post it anymore). Who needs sleep when there is the whole cosmere to discuss! (Oh also, I think my mind was slightly blown when I heard you all pronounce the names of the characters. So far I've been reading the books and pronounced the names in my head like I would if reading in my own language so for a moment I didn't realise you were talking about Shallan at all:'D Most of the names were similar, but very eyeopening and interesting anyway!)
  7. Then Dalinar gets confused even further and ends up uniting the whole cosmere into one planet.
  8. I want this to be canon so bad right nowxD! Just perfect.
  9. Me after finishing Oathbringer:
  10. I was going to go with joke songs but then couldn't come up with anything yet so I'll put two serious ones: Okay I have one joke one too (which is a bit too easy):
  11. I wonder if Shallan will create another version of herself to act as the perfect or "perfect" wife... Okay most likely not since she already spends time with Adolin in each of her current versions. But it would be funny. Though I am interested in seeing how their marriage works out and how it'll evolve their relationship. These are perfectxD! Poor Marsh... I bet Kelsier set him up, promising he would come with him so people wouldn't be so scared of his appearance and then Kel ditches him and goes rummaging around the palace. And I can totally see Stormfather sending a highstorm and calling it a gift. Kaladin would consider it a gift though. MeLaan... damnation I wish she could be in Roshar causing trouble. Haha Shallan would probably draw her own version of that book!
  12. After finishing Oathbringer and being really disappointed we didn't get to see the actual wedding;_; I was wondering what Kaladin and Bridge Four would give Adolin as a wedding gift. Definitely not a sword like everyone else did since that would be too "normal". Adolin would deserve something similar as Shallan with those boots. First I thought about posting this on the Stormlight Archive section and list what other characters would've given them, but then I thought it would be funnier to include all Cosmere characters. So, what do you think other characters would've given Shallan and Adolin for their wedding gift? I'll start with few and probably write down some more at work today since it'll be a slow day anyway. Ruin (and probably Harmony too now that I think about it) would give an earring for each. Wit would give a lengthy insult in a form of a musical. Wayne would trade a half eaten rollkebab chouta to a sketch from Shallan's sketchpad. Jasnah would give a lecture for both about how to be in a proper relationship since single people usually give the best relationship advice anyway. Vin would give Adolin a chance to duel a Mistborn. Sazed (not yet Harmony) would give a presentation of few religions out of his copperminds to offer a replacement for dead Almighty. Pattern would happily buzz the permission to mate. Kelsier... would probably just rob them and give nothing except a smile when leaving the party with his loot.
  13. So we do agree that Rock's strength is above others and it's not from the Stormlight. My point was about what is he made of as in what is the source of the inhuman strength (Horneaters are still a race of humans on Roshar, I don't think the blood of listeners in their ancestry alone would explain the strength) and why he possibly wasn't affected by a Shardblade the same way others are. As @king of nowhere said, Rock might be closer to the cognitive realm which could explain the cuts. I really hope we'll get more about Rock and his past in the next book.
  14. That's an interesting point and makes it all sound better than what I had in my head. I really need to read Edgedancer to learn more about Lift, I should get around to it next week or so. I thought that in the beginning too when I first read the chapter, but I don't believe in the "more than one attacker" thing as I mentioned in the op, because of three reasons. Bisig says he saw one attacker, I think he would've mentioned if he saw more even though the Bridge Four uniform was the main focus. I don't think a Shardbearer would've needed any help even against someone with an honorblade. And why would the shardbearer ignore Rock who was probably the most dangerous of those three men? Sure he could've known that Rock is a pacifist and most likely doesn't have the blade, but he would still need to be dealt with. I think the book makes deliberate point out of it since it could've just said "they were all hit by a Shardblade and Eth was dead". And would Rock really lose against someone with a regular sword? This made me also think that maybe Rock ran into the room after Bisig and Eth were attacked, and the attacker tried hitting him with the Shardblade but was surprised how it didn't affect him like the others. The attacker already had what he wanted so he would just leave Rock to bleed instead of wondering what was going on. If it was anyone else than Kaladin asking the question how he was able to use it I would lean towards Rock's own stupidly strong arms as well, but Kaladin knew Rock was able to swing a tree trunk without the help of Stormlight, so why would he make a point of him using a Shardbow then? Why wouldn't he just think "Should've guessed Rock would be able to use one without a Plate" or something.
  15. The title was not intended to be a pun but oh well. (I read all three SA books in a row so I could finally join the SA discussions \o/) I finished reading Oathbringer this morning I did an allnighter and almost regret it, I'm getting too old for doing those;_; and there are few things bothering me about Rock. First the obvious question asked by Kaladin "how did he use the Shardbow?" since Stormlight doesn't give you superhuman strength like Plate does, so he shouldn't have had the strength to pull back the string. I started thinking about the other things that are odd about him and remembered that in the Interludes before Part 5 Rock, Bisig, and Eth were attacked. Bisig and Eth had Shardblade wounds on them but Rock was only "sliced up good, a half dozen cuts that looked like they'd come from a knife". Why would a Shardbearer use his blade only on two of the bridgemen? And why not use it on Rock who was probably the most dangerous looking (as in looking big and strong, not mean haha) of those three? It wouldn't be so suspicious if Rock's wounds were something else than "slices" and "cuts" (even word choice like "stab" would've made it sound more like an actual knife), but it made me think that what if the Shardbearer did try to kill Rock, too, with the Blade but for some weird reason it cut him like a regular sword/knife would? According to Bisig there was one attacker in Bridge Four uniform so I don't think there would've been another attacker with a regular knife attacking Rock. I know it sounds illogical for a Shardblade to suddenly work like a regular sword on a living being but... Still. Rock has the strength to use a Shardbow and a Shardblade might not be that deadly to him. What is that storming Horneater chef made of?! I also read Bigmikey357's theory of Rock being a Lightweaver which was very interesting and has very good points about Rock's lies to the others.