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  1. I can't help but think of Kelsier singing to his crew when listening to this song: And I also found this perfect gem for Mistborn Era 2 as a whole:
  2. About Ivory, I love how he speaks and I kind of thought that it was just how inkspren talk in general. Kind of "is" or "is not" as in "black" or "white". It would be cool if the two black and white spren at the Oathgate were both inkspren (or white-out spren, ha). Now I really want to hear other inkspren speak to see if they speak differently... I thoroughly enjoyed this miniseries of episodes on The Knights Radiant! Listening to it while drawing was great so thank you for the good work and keep at it
  3. I guess the irrational part is mostly that it'll be sudden and with no explanation (like just killing him randomly in a highstorm like he was supposed to die in the early drafts of WoK), which I know won't happen since I trust his death will have some kind of meaning in another character's arc (probably all the main ones). From what I've read from WoBs and theories, I personally believe there will be 50/50 chance of him living through book 5.
  4. At first I thought I didn't have any disappointments worth mentioning, but then I remembered that I actually started a thread about the lack of screentime on Adolin and Shallan's wedding soooo I guess that counts:'D
  5. I don't want to see a redemption arc for Moash either since I think he's a good antagonist. Though I can't help but think he would make an acceptable casualty for Kaladin's Fourth Ideal (if we go with the assumption he needs to admit and accept that he can't save everyone). No more love-triangles either, I was so happy the one we had got solved in Oathbringer. Sure there could and should be bumps in the relationships but let's not go back to something that has been solved. Also, I don't want to see a random female character becoming Kaladin's love interest. If he finds his love eventually I want it to be a character we know before they get together, like we did with Shallan and Adolin (Dalinar and Navani were a special case since they knew each other from the past and Dalinar was very against the idea of him courting her). I don't mean it has to be a character that has been introduced to us already in books 1-3, but I do want to learn to know the character at least few chapters before Kaladin falls head over heels for them... I also agree with the solo missions, I love the character interactions and would hate to see them going on their own ways or spend the whole book in the same little groups. I would also hate to not see Zahel/Vasher's reaction when Szeth brings Nightblood near him. The one year skip kinda makes me fear we'll miss that kind of small but important events. And I don't want Adolin to get killed yet. I have this irrational fear of Adolin getting killed off suddenly like some characters have in the past (outside Stormlight Archive).
  6. I put the year of the WoB in the link text exactly for this point, it's relatively fresh WoB and in the middle of 2016 the outline for Oathbringer (and Adolin's part in it) was already done (Just a few days after that WoB Brandon said he had finished writing part two of Oathbringer). I don't think he would've done drastic changes after that so I believe his stand on what he said there still holds. But, as you said, to each their own. There are many people supporting both sides of this topic.
  7. I agree that they need all the Radiants they can find but I don't think that would be a good enough argument for Adolin to become one even though he's a good duelist. I don't think his ability to fight matters in reviving Maya and other spren don't try to bond with him due to Maya being dead. Maya also has a bond with Adolin, not a Nahal bond but Shardblade must be bonded with to be able to summon and dismiss it. Also, not everyone in previous Desolations became a Radiant, there were lots of regular soldiers too I believe. In a WoB from 2016 Brandon says "I need Adolin because Adolin is the guy who is not gaining all the magical powers and flying in the air and stuff. I need the guy who is more normal. As normal as the prince of Alethkar can be. I needed him and I really liked where he went after doing that, so." And since Brandon also keeps Adolin's future strictly a RAFO I believe there is a third option for him. What if Adolin's bond with Maya evolves into something that lets him summon Maya instantly but not become a Radiant? Maybe Maya becomes partly conscious? Spren are not human so maybe they can be "kinda dead"? Okay that's just me not knowing where this is going anymore buuuuuuut yeah. xD I mean, it's Brandon, I'm 95% sure he'll surprise us. Again.
  8. Ah that changes it then... I had to look up the word while reading since English is not my first language and thought it was the first translation I found for it, not the second. Thanks for clearing it up!
  9. I like OP's theory and if I remember correctly Jasnah's expression was "nonplussed" when Adolin saw her after with "a fading glow and geometric shapes outlining her". One could think that it was her first time using the Shardplate she acquired after swearing the 4th Ideal and being surprised how it worked (since the Plates before had been those taken from past Radiants and powered by infused gemstones). The plural form Brandon used when talking about on screen Radiants with Plate was probably referring to the visions Dalinar saw? The first one in TWOK had two Radiants dropping from the sky in full armor, the same vision is seen second time in Oathbringer when Dalinar requests it (this time he's playing the part of one of the Radiants).
  10. I'm three weeks away from turning 28 and picked up Mistborn last summer, then read everything else cosmere related during the next half a year. Best thing apart from the actual stories is that these books have got me back into drawing as well:D
  11. This and also the fight in Thaylen city where Adolin leaves the thunderclast to Renarin and other Radiants and goes to save a small kid (who's being forgotten in the mids of all fighting). That said, I don't want Adolin to become a Radiant since I really like his character being the "regular" guy reminding us that being a Radiant is not the norm. I'm a bit afraid of "power creep" happening in the books (I do trust Brandon to write well and avoid the neverending power ups) and having Adolin as a non-Radiant main character who still fights alongside the Radiants would keep the sense of danger there. Especially when he can't heal himself like Radiants can. Of course, there is sense of danger whenever Stormlight runs low or out completely. But still, I do wish to see Adolin struggle a bit more with his "I used to be an important person but now I seem very insignificant compared to the Radiants, am I good enough?" I do hope he revives Maya and something interesting and unexpected would happen. I thought that maybe Adolin would somehow revive her without forming a bond and then would tell her "you're free to do whatever you want" but then I remembered that WoB about Maya probably bonding with Adolin if she was alive so... Yeah. I just hope he won't get killed in the process.
  12. One of my not-so-secret wishes is for a rematch between Hoid and Kelsier where Kelsier would have his powers back (and more). And I would also vote for Kelsier. Always. *highfive*
  13. This is really cool! I think I might have a slight problem too since two nights ago I saw a dream where the progress bar had gone up to 2% which made me so happy in the dreamxD When I woke up and remembered the dream I actually laughed out loud at how happy I had been in the dream for such a silly little thing...
  14. Wax and Wayne has only one book left to go (I wish there were be more;_; But he needs to move on to Era 3 eventually so no can do, and 4 books were already 3 more than he intended to haha). I wouldn't be completely against another author writing in the cosmere as long as it would be someone Brandon trusts 100%. I like the idea of Isaac Stewart writing in the cosmere like @Argent mentioned. Let's not forget though that Brandon does already have assistants helping him out with all the work outside straight out writing, his assistants are doing a lot of work with math (like calculating the currency of spheres in SA) and dates (Rosharan calendar is cool but lots of work too) etc.
  15. Couple more Roshar: Mistborn Era 1: