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  1. Indeed it does. Here you go: Figured as Hades plays off affection for his workers (my children), Sadeas plays off their Alethi pride (my soldiers). I know not all of them are Alethi, but it works with the rhyme scheme. Enjoy!
  2. Hmm. To be honest that was more theoretical - can something Awakened feel emotion? The question really belongs in a different thread. But let's see. Maybe it could be "defend the house." You know when a mailman walks by and the little yappy dogs can't reach the window but keep jumping up and barking? Or maybe "fetch," but a tennis ball would send it flying. Could it play tug-of-war? How? That's the best I have. Anything sound fun?
  3. Well this seems vaguely lewd. Now I feel bad for the poor banana. The animation is top notch, though. Anyway, what about stuff doing what it's really not supposed to do? Ski goggles told "block vision," or chairs commanded to "tilt when sat in." Alternatively, can Awakened things feel emotion, if told to? Perhaps a washcloth told to "anticipate my arrival." Kind of like having a dog. It gets all happy and jumps around when you walk in the door.
  4. Well now I really want to see a banana told "go skinny dipping." How 'bout a flower, that gets "when touched, close petals." A bee lands and it goes nom.
  5. Hey there, parody-makers and parody-readers. I'd like to offer a collaborative project based on What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor. For those of you who don't know it, it basically has infinite verses, all of one line repeated three times followed by "ear-ly in the morning." I'd like to hear all y'all's verses for What Do You Do With a Drunken Bridgeman and What Do You Do With a Drunken Mistborn and what ever other books you want to include. They can be funny, they can be the deprivations of Sadeas and the Lord Ruler, they can be spoiler-free or spoiler-full, they can be whatever you want. I want some help to make this! Some ones I came up with: Thanks in advance! Even if you've never written a parody before, we all started somewhere. I'd love for you to give it a shot. See you out there!
  6. Recently reread Mistborn, and seeing as it's close enough to spooky season, here's Spooky Steel Inquisitors to the tune of Spooky Scary Skeletons. Indeed, welcome to the dark side. Oh, and this: I had this stuck in my head for a week! It was great by itself, but even greater because this is totally the sort of thing Kelsier would do - break into song in front of Vin. Loved it!
  7. I can't believe I hadn't found this before. I love this! Beautiful art, in-depth descriptions and explanation. If you made a book, I would read it; a movie, I'd watch it; anything. Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much. I ran out of reputation to give, so you bet I'll be back.
  8. I listened to the complete album on YouTube before I found this article. You guys did a fantastic job. I binged it when I found it - only finished near midnight - then immediately sent it to my brother, another Sanderfan. He binged it too. The Parshendi drums at the start of Assassin were perfect, the chimes were raindrops dying in Honor Chasm, Hearthstone played a thousand images of Tien in my head, Chasm Kata was a dance of light, and Tien's Theme was so vivid I could picture every moment. Thank you, thank you, for a piece of art that has become such a part of my life. A toast, to The Black Piper. I can't wait for more.
  9. Do you all remember the Wind's Pleasure? The ship Shallan sets out on for her grand adventure? Well, I figured it needed its own solo, so here's Merchant Trader to the tune of Rusty Old American Dream. Some WoR spoilers.
  10. Came back from break with some new songs, so I'll dump them here on you all. Bad, Bad Amaram, to the tune of Bad, Bad Leroy Brown. WoR spoilers. With a very wrong rhyme scheme (Mraize is a pain in the neck to rhyme with), here's You Don't Mess Around With Mraize, to the tune of You Don't Mess Around With Jim. Some WoR spoilers, but nothing bad. Probably the most half-baked one on here. Sorry. Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men can be interpreted as about WWII. So, I thought it might also work about a Desolation. Golden Crown, with major Oathbringer spoilers and some WoR spoilers. My favorite of these four. Honestly, read Oathbringer first. This song references secrets. And last, a tribute to all those who ever wished to go to the places we read about. Fiction, to the tune of Trampoline by SHAED.
  11. Here's a Shallan solo. If It Hadn't Been For Dad, to the tune of If It Hadn't Been For Love by the Steeldrivers (not Adele). WoK and WoR spoilers
  12. I've always considered the prologue as part of that song, even though it's technically not, so here's the prologue, which can be added on in the middle. Your lines are in italics.
  13. I can do that last one for you. Meet Here in Shadesmar. And it certainly was fun. No major spoilers, but maybe some Oathbringer.
  14. I watched Kelly's Heroes lately and the title theme (especially the part about bridges) always catches my attention. I know we have a lot of Kaladin songs on here, but I couldn't think of anyone else who would better fit the regret in the lyrics, except perhaps Dalinar. Without further ado, Dying Bridgemen, a parody of Burning Bridges. WoK and WoR spoilers. And I feel like we get far too little of Jasnah in this thread, so here's Hey There Navani to the tune of Hey There Delilah. WoR and Oathbringer spoilers. Next: Elhokar, in his rendition of Ain't No Stormwall High Enough, a love song to Kholinar, to the tune of Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Oathbringer spoilers. You combined my two favorite things in the 'Verse and on Scandrial. Kudos, and thank you.
  15. First, does a Shardblade cut sever the whole limb or the limb below a certain point? More interestingly, if it severs the whole limb, how does it decide where the limb stops? There is very little physical difference between limb and torso and certainly not a clear-cut line. I believe it could be down to the cognitive distinction, as most things spren-related are. Humans, animals, everything perceives some parts of their bodies as separate from others (at least in Roshar). When you cut a limb, the severing stops where the human identifies their limb as stopping. Could this then be applied lower - could a finger be severed, as it is separate from the hand? Could an ear, or a nose? Of course, the whole point is moot if a Shardblade severs the limb just beyond where it cuts, but I haven't read close enough to determine this. But just imagine the surgical applications. . . .