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  1. Pretty self-explanatory My predictions: - Kaladin and Dalinar get Shardplate - Rlain bonds the Sibling - Venli gets to at least the second Ideal - Moash still sucks - Shallan starts actually trying to fix herself - BAM gets released - More Unmade appearances to go along with that - Singer lore bombs left, right, and center - Renarin learns about his Voidish powers more What're your predictions?
  2. I've always liked Knight of Wrath
  3. That you'd be in trouble if he ate Elantris? I figured that was obvious Also
  4. The Shards are Investiture. If you just want to kill the Vessels, Nightblood might already be able to do that, considering a new Starsight wob I doubt Nightblood could eat the whole Dor. It's huge, and Nightblood will eventually stop eating. That WoB only says he can feed on the Dor, not kill it.
  5. The amount of Investiture in the Cosmere is so inconceivably large that I doubt Nightblood could even make a dent on a Shard, even with this laid-out plan.
  6. You'd best abandon that notion. Gods in the Cosmere are very much not infallible
  7. He fought Odium because he was trying to kill him? What sort of a question is that? Both Honor and Cultivation's powers seal Odium, so it wasn't the last dying act of Honor, at the very least. I'm fairly sure that Odium would've been sealed around the time of the Oathpact, likely before. As has been stated in wobs, Odium doesn't like to Invest, so obviously he had to have been desperate enough to create the Fused in the first place.
  8. We also have a WoB that Odium would beat Harmony in a fight Odium was trapped much, much earlier than this.
  9. Hi! I'm writing a book I guess. Here's chapter one - feel free to critique! Warning - there is one (1) swear word in this chapter, and don't expect that number to decrease as the series progresses
  10. Yeah, I had a bit of an issue there. I'll probably iron it out in editing.
  11. Cognitive BS? Like I said, we don't actually know that much about Nalthis. It could just be such a large area that when it was created on Nalthis, it imprinted itself in the PR. The planet moved in its orbit, but it didn't.
  12. The best one I've seen is that it's the strange domain where Endowment gives Returned the chance to well, Return. We don't have a lot of information on the deeper workings of Nalthis to be entirely honest - maybe we can make better theories when Nightblood comes out. (If it comes out )
  13. There's an even better WoB where Brandon equates it to using Honorblades
  14. Wayne is like, icky as a person, but that wouldn't necessarily stop him from bonding a spren, so Edgedancer isn't the worst choice.
  15. Yep! Unsealed (that's the term) metalminds are super weird. The nicrosilmind doesn't even seem to be tapped at all, which is quite strange
  16. I don't think it does normally - the Medallions seem to be hacks
  17. theory

    Yes, but Roshar has forests. Just of strange native plants. There's huge swaths of the map that are very green
  18. It's obviously not working, because Khriss is saying the magic is imbuing itself in the planet and coming alive
  19. "Landscape", not nations or cultures. I don't think the entire planet is coming to life, but rather specific sections are all coming alive, and are different from other sections. So like, a living Arelon vs a living MaiPon. And just because Odium made the Dor to stop anyone from taking up the Shard, doesn't mean it worked. The Dor was Odium's first kill, and he's obviously refined his techniques. It's just... why mention something obvious about nations in an essay on planets and Realmatics? All nations differentiate between their people and other nations. That's how... nations work
  20. Well the thing is, it wasn't. That was Pattern "interpreting", and by interpreting I mean stating the stick's resistance to change. The stick does not want or feel or think, it's just a stick. The state of the Investiture really doesn't matter. All Investiture, if left alone long enough, becomes sapient. The Dor is embedding itself in various areas of Sel and bringing them to life. It's sort of like Awakening That doesn't really make sense... all nations do this? Why would Khriss remark that in such an odd way instead of saying "these nations are very isolationist" or something.
  21. theory

    Roshar has plenty of forests? I'm fairly sure Shinovar was always like that, either by design of Shards or Adonalsium himself
  22. The Beyond is something Brandon never plans to cover, or prove it if exists. But he does focus on Adonalsium, so I doubt he's going anywhere Brandon isn't
  23. You can like both women and men