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  1. Damp and pained, Sopeh wanders through Jah Keved for around four hours. She breathes heavily as she walks, stumbling every few steps. Sopeh treks up another hill, and as she reaches the top, sees a small Veden village nestled between two hills. Sopeh perks up, and slowly makes her way down the hill and to the village. Sopeh reaches the entrance of the village, a stone wall with a small wooden gate. A well-built Veden darkeyes stands guard, armed with a spear in hand. Sopeh sluggishly raises her hand to the guard, muttering a simple "Help..." before collapsing on the ground.
  2. Sofya perks up. "I think so!" She says. "I'm pretty new to this land myself. You're a fellow Rosharan?"
  3. Sofya returns to the library. It's nighttime by now
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    Pearl shrank up again, and Sofya walked out
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    "I'd be happy to see you there!" Sofya says
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    Pearl takes the gemstone and breathes in the Stormlight. Sofya finishes up her bread and butter. "Thank you, Malu." She says. "It was nice to meet you."
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    Pearl speaks, slowly. "My name is Pearl. I would like some Stormlight, yes. It is also nice to meet you, Katki." Sofya takes another bite of bread, then speaks. "Interesting." She says.
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    Sofya stops. "Oh." She says. "I didn't realize any other Radiants were here..." As she says this, her inkspren, Pearl, grows to about her size and sits on the seat next to Sofya.
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    "Interesting!" Sofya says. She takes a drink of water, then places her cup back down. "I managed to snag a small library to live in, so that's pretty nice." She takes another bite
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    "Sofya-daughter-Suza. I'm new here." Sofya takes a bite of bread
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    "Thank you very much." Sofya responds. She grabs the butter and spreads it on the bread. "So, who're you?"
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    "Maybe some water as well?" Sofya asks
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    "Do you have bread with butter?" Sofya asks
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    Sofya walks into the tavern, and looks around
  15. Sofya pulled out a book from a nearby shelf - a history book from some place called Scadrial, sat down in a chair, and began to read
  16. Sopeh awoke, her hair and havah a mess. She was damp, likely from the rain last night seeping into the cave. She got up, and wiped the crem off of her havah. She walked out of the cave, the morning light blinding her for a second. She squinted, the opened her eyes, and looked for any signs of civilization. Nothing that she could see from under these hills. "Looks like I'll have to do some trekking," Sopeh said. She looked down, and sighed. "I was never built for athletic work..."
  17. Kaladin becoming a Herald is a very bad idea. We've seen from so many angles why the Oathpact was a dumb idea
  18. Sopeh found a small opening - a cave opening - in front of her. The winds were getting fierce, a storm was arriving. Best to sit it out. Sopeh ran into the cave, and sat down.
  19. It was raining. Just a light rain, nothing serious. Not a storm, a Highstorm or... the other one. Sopeh looked up, putting her head on her brow to block out the rain from her eyes.The sun was blotted out by deep gray clouds as far as she could see. Sopeh continued to walk across the Veden hills, not speaking a word. She looked behind her, the border between Alethkar and Jah Keved long since faded into the horizon. There was no turning back now.
  20. Nothing, it was just assigned to various Shards
  21. So.... yeah. The Singers just bonded Spren in the Highstorm? I don't see the problem. There were spren pre-shattering
  22. Adonalsium's Investiture