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  1. We know that the Iriali came later, but besides that everyone (that's a human) is a descendant of the Ashynites
  2. Not sure why an all powerful deity would have anonymity as an important part of their personality
  3. Name: Danzi Physical Characteristics: A tall Azish woman with long, dark hair and yellow eyes. Wears a brown robe with many Azish religious symbols in a pattern on it. Investiture: Stoneward of the First Ideal Skills: A skilled potter and a fairly good runner. Equipment: A sack of spheres and a steel dagger Weakness: Quite fragile, and can be overly compassionate towards those in need, which gets her into danger. She also takes things really literally and has trouble with jokes. Family: She doesn't know her biological family, but she considers her pottery teacher to be her father of sorts Home Planet: Roshar Backstory: Danzi lived her early life as a street rat in the slums of Azimir, before she was taken in by a potter named Parawan. She quickly became his apprentice, and carved out a small name for herself. Eventually, she attracted the notice of a Stoneward Spren named Bamir. Danzi solidified her bond with Bamir when she, despite her fragility, defended a young boy from being beat by an Azimir noble, saying the First Ideal. A few days later, Danzi found a strange fabrial. She activated it, and was teleported to the Alleyverse. Personality: Protective of those close to her to an almost scary degree, and has equal contempt towards those who harm her or her friends. Despite this, she can come off as cold or brooding. Fighting Style: Be slick, get in a few stabs, back out, repeat
  4. @Rainier No, Brandon has sad they will focus on the Heralds more, flashback characters regardless
  5. There's other, more interesting mysteries to be entirely honest
  6. Isn't the Windrunner resonance getting a lot of squires?
  7. We're not sure. They seem to involve softening or hardening materials but we're not sure what they do exactly.
  8. Kalak and Nale were with Elkohar, although Elkohar didn't know who they were.
  9. elantris

    I mean I'm not sure if the process being painful is a lie, but who knows. The answer will probably come in the Elantris sequels in like six years.
  10. Sofya looks up at her small library, smiling. A plaque on the top reads "LIBRARY OF VARIOUS THINGS" in women's script, with a small picture of a book to clue in the uneducated. Sofya opens the door to the library and walks in, revealing a small area with various bookshelves with various books upon them. A spiral staircase leads above, to Sofya's apartment.
  11. I don't think the Oathpact breaking was what specifically killed Honor. It was slow, and I think Odium still killed him directly
  12. I think it's a (Dragonsteel I guess)
  13. Just... make pewter medallions?
  14. Arclo. He's a Dysian Aimian, or a Sleepless. They're a worldhopping race of hive mind people. On Roshar, they are built of hordes of cremlings.
  15. Like Forgery, but permanent
  16. Rlain. If Book 4 doesn't make him do something cool I'll be sad
  17. Probably some super weird Hemalurgic construct
  18. Dunno how else he'd manage to do it
  19. @teknopathetic Autonomy is known to have Avatars, such as (Cosmere spoilers)
  20. He's bound to Braize, not Roshar. He made the Fused before he was bound
  21. The Oathpact is a flawed system, I doubt that happening so much. Also, Brandon has said Stormlight 5 will have a satisfying ending and Back Half will be "another story", so leaving it on a cliffhanger like that seems to contradict these statements.
  22. Just Nightblood em all, Not the Singers just the Fused