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  1. Idea: Cultivation doesn't have a champion. Why would she? She doesn't seem like the person to bet everything on such a risky deal, and I've always been under the impression that the contest was always between just Odium and Honor?
  2. Uh... in the form of a gas, liquid, or solid? Not sure what you mean here
  3. Szeth is Jasnah's age, so it's more like twenty or so I'd assume. Okay so - humans on Ashyn were not Surgebinding. Ashyn had its own magic system that follows completely different rules. Ashyn blew up because Odium managed to convince a few people to put a series of events in play that would further his plans. And, Ashyn's current magic system has users be able to use magic when they're sick, implying a morbid sort of proto-Nahel bond, and likely a bond based magic system existed before they made the floor lava. The Fused become insane because they died a lot. Specifically, I think this is because of their routine being killed by Shardblades which messes with their Spiritweb, but that's just a theory. What we do know is that Fused dying over and over again makes them insane. So, I don't think it's overuse of the magic
  4. Szeth and Shallan's insanity is what made them prime candidates for radiancy, and not the other way around. So called "broken" people are easier for spren to bond because there's more "cracks" in their spiritweb for the spren to fill
  5. They don't create the powers at all. Magic systems simply come about when a Shard Invests on a planet- this unavoidable. The planets sorta choose the powers, is what it seems like. What the Intent does have influence on is the method of using these powers. Surgebinding comes from bonds (Honor), Allomancy gives you extra power so you preserve your own (Preservation), and so on.
  6. No. Surgebinding didn't exist on Ashyn, because it was a different planet. Different planet = different magic system. They used a similar enough system that the Singers could say they used Surges
  7. Well; the Heraldic immortality comes from them being cognitive shadows, which isn't something unique to Roshar
  8. If a society was okay with Hemalurgy, would Skybreakers like Nale, who follow the law of the land they are in, not be okay with it?
  9. I mean. It might be more of a back half deal. Herald flashbacks/focus in books 6-10 and all that. I'm under the impression that Book 4 is going to be highly singer-focused
  10. Hey! I'm currently outlining a novel, with not a lot actually written down, but I do have a rough draft of the prologue, so I decided to share it with you all. Enjoy the prologue to Bloodless! (It's in a google doc bc of formatting and one bad word ) Enjoy! Tell me what you think!
  11. (current) Worldhopping isn't FTL travel, it's walking through the Cognitive Realm. In Era 4, maybe, when people have the FTL spaceships, sure. But not currently.
  12. He's like (Stormlight)
  13. Danzi stumbles in, hastily pulling out a chair and sitting down in it.
  14. I posted this a few days back but it never got approved.