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  1. I mean I don't see anything wrong with her being depressing
  2. Should this be in Stormlight?
  3. Cognitive Shadows and Spren are similar phenomena but not 100% the same thing. Spren are formed because of the excess Investiture on Roshar gaining sentience because of it not being used, while C-Shadows are just human minds copied into Investiture. Similar creatures but they're not toally the same (unless you're Rosharan)
  4. It could be like actual cognitive shadow business on Threnody was a big thing in the culture before Ambition's wayward power messed up the planet, and all the cognitive shadows became Shades
  5. Its possible to do but it's very hard. Any cognitive shadow (even with a body) has trouble getting off of their homeworld, but it's possible
  6. He's an agent of Harmony, although I doubt he's 100% sane at this point. He's "good" enough
  7. @insert_anagram_here ah wait no. This one is
  8. @insert_anagram_here
  9. Brandon has said he won't be doing elemental magic, and stormform is more lightning manipulation alone so I wouldn't count it
  10. This is pretty plausible, although remember the sibling is a "they" and has no gender (Is that also important? Who knows)
  11. 286. If you disobey any of these rules and all hope seems lost, do not fret, just keep doing what you're doing and 8/10 times you'll be saved by the almighty powers of either Deus Ex Machina or Plot Armor
  12. Proof: How else could walking through the cognitive realm involve walking on an ocean???? Theory: The Heralds are The Lord Ruler's old children.
  13. The second one is unlikely, resurrection in the cosmere requires specific circumstances that Sadeas probably isn't in
  14. Is Inky going to be a long term change?

  15. Shallan, totally