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  1. Dunno how else he'd manage to do it
  2. @teknopathetic Autonomy is known to have Avatars, such as (Cosmere spoilers)
  3. He's bound to Braize, not Roshar. He made the Fused before he was bound
  4. The Oathpact is a flawed system, I doubt that happening so much. Also, Brandon has said Stormlight 5 will have a satisfying ending and Back Half will be "another story", so leaving it on a cliffhanger like that seems to contradict these statements.
  5. Just Nightblood em all, Not the Singers just the Fused
  6. We have a lot of options. Moash, Rsyn, or even Dalinar could work, since he's less prominent in RoW
  7. You can't really be "close" to a being that exists primarily in the Spiritual Realm. You're always near it because everything is connected in the Spiritual Realm
  8. Use Spiritual Adhesion from Dalinar to rip out the souls of a group of Fused, stuff them into a ball and hurl it at Nightblood
  9. I think Dal's being held back for some killer moments in Book 5
  10. That person was being controlled by Ruin to spike Spook. If you don't want to do hemalurgy it won't happen
  11. You can't accidentally do Hemalurgy
  12. Only 3 Shards have Invested/been to roshar
  13. if there's not at least a bit of Voidbinding info in Book 4 I'll be sad
  14. It's not from Eshonai's viewpoint, because she's dead. It's from Venli's viewpoint with Eshonai flashbacks
  15. Adonalsium personally made other planets besides Yolen, specifically Roshar, which has so many parts involved in its meticulous crafting that Ado had to be sapient when they made it