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  1. Aviars are not new. Else the remark about nobody finding a new kind of Aviar in a long time makes no sense. They also have a university. So why haven't they found out that you can have multiple Aviars? I would propose that it is not quite so easy as Sixth of the Dusk makes it sound you must bond near the Eye of Patji the chick to be added must be really young it must recently have gotten the worm
  2. I'd say he let an initial bad decision dominate everything else. Yes, he had personal weaknesses in that he cared too much about the approval of lighteyes. But everybody has weaknesses. When the Alethi made the militarily sensible decision to not fight the Parshendi in a full assault, Elhokar thus made a grave political error. It sucked him away from the capital for over half a decade. It made him look hesitant in defending what is his. And it allowed the High Princes too much initiative. Elhokar was the second king. He could never come close to the glory of the founder. So he needed a swift victory to remind the world and his people, that he is a force to be reckoned with. He gave it away. He should have eliminated the Parshendi quickly, costs and losses be damned. Second and third sons you can reward with land are a decent power base.
  3. We know what starts a desolation: Heralds returning to Roshar or staying on Roshar for too long. We have no similar idea when it ends. Yet the heralds knew. The present desolation has one new feature in the form of the Everstorm. In past desolations killed Fused would return in the next desolation only. So who has which interests after it is sufficiently clear who will win? Let's look at the actors: The Heralds They really do not want a desolation to formally end. For them the best possible world would be one where they do little to no fighting, but are allowed to stay on Roshar. The distinctions is important. They want to win the war, but not end it. A bit like mercenaries. The living Fused That depends on patriotism. From an individual biew point being alive on Roshar looks better than ghosting around on Braize. They might continue some kind of guerilla. If you want the SIngers to prosper, the next Desolation cannot come soon enough. The dead Fused They want the next desolation. For that the Heralds have to break. For them to break they need to be tortured. For them to be tortured they must be forced to return to Braize. If there is no longer a realistic chance of winning, it is better to give up and try again. The sooner, the better. Odium His view is likely close to a dead Fused. As soon as his forces are defeated and have done all the damage they can reasonably do on Roshar, it is better to withdraw for the next round to come quickly . Where does this leave us in terms of strategy? I am afraid I now need to ask you to liberate your inner psychopath and drop all hints of ethics. Let me look at Odium. After the first few desolations he has understood that he is in a war of attrition. Hence he will shift his focus from the field forces of Honor's troops to the population, as soon as he is losing. While you are winning captured population is good. They will make your supplies, perhaps you can even press some of them into your service. But you lost all prior desolations. You need to prepare to lose this one and be ready to switch. First you want to destroy any institutions that keep civilization working: hospitals, places of learning, port facilities, ship yards, mines, mills, forges ... But at some point this runs into diminishing returns. Then your next target become the people itself. If there are fewer Rosharans, you will face fewer soldiers the next time. And they will have a harder time getting civilisation running again. So whom do you target? Women and children, especially older girls. The factor (food aside) that sets a limit to the growth of a mammalian population is the availability of fertile females. Hence women and older girls (younger girls is not so good, because child mortality, which will be high, as you are confiscating food, would render a part of your job futile). Disgusting, but wars are not nice. Your enemy will try to stop you by means of fortifications. Warfare is sieges and assaults on fortresses, followed by a dash to catch retreating forces, then surpressing the people of the area you took. And once you are being beaten back, you slaughter civillians. And once you are beaten so much that the damage you do is no longer worth the time you are giving the Heralds, you retreat to Braize to start over. So, what, mechanically speaking, ends a desolation and forces the Heralds back to Braize? I have three candidates: The number of Fused on Roshar is getting too low (It cannot be zero or the Heralds would have tried capturing some, bashing their heads in and keeping them alive in a coma with Progression - yes, war is gruesome.) Fused cease to come to Roshar (This is unlikely, as it would allow the Fused to come, keep running and make Heralds return, leaving the Rosharans alone to fight. And you are not going to catch all armies of flying Fused) Odium turns off the tap of Voidlight - I think that is really the end of a desolation (and I would speculate that that was the reason Gavilar acquired spheres of Voidlight for experiments) The most important conclusion I am drawing is that the Heralds don't end a desolation. Odium does so, forced but deliberately.
  4. Not really. One Herald breaking is enough. Taln could have restarted the desolations right away. There wouldn't have been centuries between the first desolations, but weeks. Either he changed his mind within a very short time, or there is a logical contradiction. And there is really nothing the other Heralds could have done. Killing him would have had the very effect they would try to stop.
  5. When Spook pulled his spike, his new ability just vanished. Pathists take their earrings out and in thousands of times each day. A Kandra suffering a loss of his spikes reverts to a Mistwraith but can be restored. The process is repeatable. Yet a Steel Inquisitor is killed if you pull his spikes. What would happen, if you pulled the spikes out of a Koloss? Where is the limit? If the developed body is not viable without arcane support? If the wounds of the spikes would kill you?
  6. All true, yes it looks less likely. (Scadrial)
  7. True. However He does not need to worry about life sense inside a greatshell He know has a Cryptic to shield This may tell us whether one can soulcast or talk to a Spren telepathically while using copper the shell may just be much louder
  8. Camouflage. You cannot find him with a detector for Investiture because the greatshell neutralizing its own mass will mask his signal.
  9. You can let it lie around - bad idea, as it will become sentient splinter it - bad idea, the splinters will do what you do not like Nightblood it - dangerous idea, the consequences are unknown combine it with another Shard - difficult idea. Shards are not common and you have no sure prediction of the result So you will have to get it a vessel. You want a weak and reluctant vessel. You also want a new vessel. We know that a weak vessel is a Cognitive Shadow (Kelsier was weaker therefore) somebody with a barely sufficient Connection, or even artificially boosted Connection somebody holding it only a short time Hence my proposal: You have a perpendicularity and a Shard. You can make Cognitive Shadows. Ask for volunteers, screen them for their Connection, turn them into ghosts and let each of them carry the Shard for only a few days. Institutionalize that as a religious order. You can honestly promise immortality, kind of.
  10. Riino survived unarmored and indeed unprepared. And nothing keeps you from layering your armor. Put aluminium on top of titanium.
  11. I guess you woud already fail at the requirement of getting two Shards. Even then, they are usually not diametrically opposed. What is the opposite of Cultivation? Ruin? Then what is the opposite of Preservation? Who is the counter of Endowment? A hypothetical Deprivation? And, of course, the more steps, the likelier to fail.
  12. The Sho Del, for lack of alternatives
  13. So, as a Shard's basic Intent becomes stronger with time, can that be used to resist Odium? If the timer is reset when you drop the Shard, can they form a group and hand the Shard over in a set order?
  14. They bond a non-sentient voidpsren and are fueled by Voidlight (Ba-Ado-Mishram took over the supply during the False Desolation, so we know that). Red eyes are a sign of a Shard taking over another Shard's system. Why would that be the case if they were voidbinding? It cannot be explained by the Spren being somehow corrupted, as Renarin does not have red eyes. So I would draw the conclusion pointing at the missing link: They are not voidbinding. Odium can generate powers that are not Voidbinding (Yelig-Nar and the Fused). What does that leave us with? Regals are using the Old Magic and their eyes are red, because they are bound to Voidspren rather than the original Spren of the Old Magic.
  15. OK, I stand corrected. Old Magic is to be found in the Valley. Yet, then what is coopted in the Regals?
  16. What exactly is the evidence for this? I mean evidence for it actually being Old Magic, not what has become known as Old Magic.This looks like a bit like a meme that spread on Roshar. What happens in the Valley looks a lot like what (Scadrial) Direct Shardic action, if you will.
  17. You can store an attribute in a metal mind and retrieve it at a later date. You can also use compounding to fill a metal mind. It looks like compounding still needs a human component. Note that you can liberate the Investiture in a metal mind by melting it and casting it again. So feruchemy can be used to get rid of attributes. Some things are unclear. Can a machine fill a metal mind? Like when the South Scadrians use their ships, do they have immense amounts of Invested iron free to use? Some metal minds are incredibly precious. So I will try to rank them: Atium - immortality, basically Gold - health Zinc - thought has value Steel - time is money Bronze - time is also money Pewter - practical, psychological and cosmetic reasons for that Tin - useful Cadmium - recreational, medical and mining Electrum - maybe. And here we are leaving the area of those who are clearly desirable for tapping Brass is going to have a regionally and seasonally fluctuating price. In hot summers it will go negative, in cold winters it will be positive And we have some that will have a negative price Iron - Wax may have a use for more mass. But most people will rather safely jump off high places or use it to increase mobility decreasing their weight. Bendalloy - people like to eat. Given the levels of obesity that come with wealth, we can safely conclude that there is a higher need of getting rid of excess calories rather than more food. That is kind of unique. In Era 3 you will be paid to be provided for in terms of basic food.
  18. The obvious problem with recognizing the right of conquest (while it is the practical choice) is the question why it now ought to be illegal to have a second round. "Why do rebellions always fail" - "Because they stop being rebellions if they succeed"
  19. Elhokar was a soldier and he died in combat. And in giving the Bridge 4 salute Moash told Kaladin that he was killing ex-slaves in the name of the man under whose ultimate authority the members of Bridge 4 had been killed. A message that reached the intended goal. As for what Adolin did, Alethi law has a very broad view on to which extent a High Prince can take the law into his own hands. The legality of his action is an open question.
  20. They are worldhoppers. They could go to Shadesmar aconquering and capture Spren. The goal makes some sense, in terms of wanting to do this. But why be so convoluted? They are apparently at least hundreds of years old an organisation. Why did they wait for so long?
  21. Both know about aluminium. They can use it for armor.
  22. Honor has no problem with scorched earth, well rock. Remember how the Stormfather reacting to Rathalas. Odium does not think like that. He has patience. We can be pretty sure of that. We have to reliable and honorable a witness. There are dawn cities without oath gates. And aren't they more than 10? Even without counting Aimiah and Natanatan They just finished off Herdazian resistance. They are winning. Which army does Dalinar have they could surrender to? The rests of the Alethi armies are Jasnah's or Adolin's or whoever is the new Sadeas or Sebarial's or other High Prince's. That is not Dalinar's decision alone. He may be able to promise conditions in the field, but he cannot sign a treaty.
  23. By that logic everybody would be purely of Adonalsium, as the Shards were also part of Adonalsium. That makes the distinction moot. You are purely of Adonalsium if you contain the parts of Adonalsium in the original shares. That is no longer the case if you add only some of them in higher amounts.
  24. It used to be. Now at least he is a Mistborn. If he ever had pure Adonalsium in him, he did not consider that state of spirit web worth preserving.
  25. Technically you can signal. A Seekercan hear you. So you can transmit messages. Useful on a gambling table.