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  1. So he got it onto his pants. I would say that this makes it likely to be Amberite. But is this the only possibility? Which aether could he have on display? How do the ethers of the first generation actually look like and how are they propagated?
  2. Markets anticipate the future. So the spikes happen prematurely, but they happen for a reason.
  3. Going by the spikes in food prices after Paalm blew up the dam they do not. Stockpiles cost money.
  4. Raw materials and food. Having most of the Basin's industrial capacity is extremely useful, if and only if you get the raw materials to run those factories. This means Elendel needs to take control of some areas with fields and mines outside Elendel keep the canals and railways open Hence Elendel needs to actually attack. If they sit there and just defend themselves they will starve to death (or submission). It gets worse Elendel's attack options are rather limited. The Basin is at best at a nineteentwenties levels of motorization. They cannot supply a major army over roads. Elendel needs to attack along the railway lines or canals. Or at sea. This is actually key. If the outer Basin does not control the ocean, they have already lost. Hence the Pewternauts. Thus the Outer Basin will always enjoy the advantage of defense and they will move towards their supplies and Elendel will move away from, needing to always fix the railways or unclog and demine the canals. In addition Elendel needs to keep considerable troops behind, as they absolutely cannot risk their front line troops being cut off. The Outer Basin has the luxury of choosing where to counterattack. It gets worse. Elendel will need to guard the fields they have conquered. Here allomancy is very much on teh side of the Outer Basin. Guarding all fields against raids by coinshots with incendiaries is infeasible. And the Outer Basin will surely collapse or flood any mines Elendel conquers. Yes, Elendel will win any battle they concentrate on. But they need to win most and quickly, before they run out of food. You do not besiege a major city like a medieval castle. The ring is much wider. Elendel may break through but without a way to supply the forces counterattacking you end up with a WW1 situation. The defender has intact supply lines, the attacker has not.
  5. What happens when a Cognitve Shadow is extnguished at last? Khrisella considers the question whether a CS is identical to the original individual to be philosophical and debatable. So if a CS is wholly made up of Investiture, does it still have a soul? As it refuses to go into the Beyond, is the soul replaced? If so, silver really annikilates a CS.
  6. Upon a reread that stuck me in my eye, virtually speaking. How and whence? I would have assumed people on Threnody being mostly vegetarian, just for reasons of safety. Eating animals may happen in larger settlements. Silence serving meat is odd enough. But venison? Would they really keep deer? That seems like an unthinkable luxury under the circumstances. So do they hunt? That, frankly, looks like outright suicide. I suppose in theory you could use a gun or crossbow and a lot of silver, but that would make venison a luxury good, not something you serve in a simple waystop. How is this possible?
  7. The Basin's railway lines are few and badly interconnected. There is only one major river. The commercial advantage is a military disadvantage. The next thing you'd do is spoiling attacks on the rivers and railways. Telegraphy, however, was essentially enough to coordinate WW1. Cool need not mean cautious. In a Civil War time would work against Elendel. They must strike soon.
  8. The band of Terrismen Rashek was a part of were Feruchemists. We have incidents from the logs describing Feruchemy, not just in Rashek. Feruchemy was common among he Terrispeople in Rashek's time. TLR could not give them Lerasium. He would have created Fullborn. Hence he turned them into Mistwaraiths. What would we get if you turn a Mistwraith back into a human? If the process were fully reversable, a Feruchemist. It is true that Kandra weren't Feruchemists, not even the first generation. But why is that, because they were turned into Mistwraiths or spiked into Kandra?
  9. How would you use aircraft and tanks on a battlefield filled with Coinshots and Lurchers? And with speed bubbles (both ways) you have even more defences against aimed gun fire than a simple trench would offer. Yet they are immobile. This points to an even harder stalemate than WW1. Hence they would not try to meet them in open battle. We have been given one crucial piece of information: Elendel cannot feed itself. Even a single dam breaking causes supply issues. That offers a clear strategy to the outer Basin: Blockade and starvation. If the Elendel armies advance, as they must, you use the advantage defence has and slowly give ground using scorched earth tactics. Elendel would be in the situation of the WW1 Central Powers.
  10. Wasn't that the whole point he did not just give them Lerasium like his other allies, that they were Feruchemists? They cannot use Feruchemy as Kandra. But Kandra are spiked constructs. Their spiritweb is altered. Concluding that reversing the process that turned them into mistwraiths would gain the same results in terms of metallic arts as spiking them into Kandra is daring. Kandra do not have eye spikes. Possible, but which body is a cognitive influence most likely on? And would Spook readily cooperate with a plan of just spiking somebody?
  11. Kandra are not Feruchemists (unless they get it by hemalurgy from a feruchemist). Yet the change from the original Terrispeople to Kandra has two steps, turning them into mistwraiths and spiking them into Kandra. We do not know when Feruchemy is lost. Feruchemy as such was not a problem. Mixing it with Allomancy needed to be prevented. So feruchemy in a population of mistwraiths, who are stupid and do not breed with humans, is not a problem. Yet Kelsier got his face back. So he is in a mistwraith or a Kandra. Finding a mistwraith was far easier an option and removes the problem of dealing with an occupied body. And he gets Feruchemical powers but from a stock of Feruchemists. And he apparently being able to build the bands has all the powers not just those know during his life time. Hence he would have to have spiked a full Feruchemist. This is too large a coincidence.
  12. I suppose he has full Feruchemy because he stapled himself into a Mistwraith. They were Terris in origin. He got it from them.
  13. Well, the same WoB: How does operating on all realms (which everything does) tell us what happens after death. If they are made out of something that cannot be destroyed their substance will be recycled.
  14. fused

    Maybe. Maybe not. There are very good practical reasons to choose Dalinar Given his position in the succession and his behavior, there was a very good chance getting Dalinar would also give you Alethkar Dalinar is the only Bondsmith. The Stormfather had already sent visions. His criteria could be deduced, plus Odium has futuresight. And getting the sole bondsmith, who can speak for Honor's side, would be the jackpot He has a reputation like no other living Rosharan. For all we know he had chosen Gavilar.
  15. By which medium does a Soulcaster talk to the soul of the object in the CR? Is it the same way Cognitive Shadows and travellers in the CR talk to each other? Can it be blocked? In particular can you Soulcast inside a Coppercloud or near a concealing Aviar?
  16. A death rattle. This sounds poetic, even biblical, Abraham and Isaac kind of stuff. And it pushes us to some kind of mystical interpretation. But could this be the literal truth? If Odium cannot have Dalinar, how about forcing Dalinar into fighting for and protecting his champion? Could Odium's new champion be Adolin's and Shallan's first child? Assuming Navani is beyond child-bearing years. It looks like a plan that uses Odium's professed goal, passion, and combines it with the enemy's weakness, honor, and combines them into one weapon. We might see Jasnah and Zahel vs. Shallan, Adolin and Dalinar going at each other in full shard plate. And Adolin has to go for the noble third option. He takes his child, walks into the light and keeps walking through Shadesmar.
  17. Nale is mad, but honest. He does know that his quest does not find universal approvement. The Diagramm are fearful of being discovered and they do not like their job.
  18. There have been discussions how fabrials arose and what gemhearts do. As fabrials use gems to trap spren and Singers house spren in their gemhearts, the assumption that Rosharan animals are doing the same is natural. It would require that Yolish and Rosharan life forms are distinct, for Ryshadiums being from Ashyn do not have a gemheart, but it is otherwise easy and straightforward. Unfortunately it collides with observations. The spren are not trapped inside the gemhearts, as they can be seen around live animals (the skies of Roshar are not filled with skyeel corpses). Kaladin even saw them around greatshells. For a greatshell the loss of its spren's effect would be fatal. Hence the spren are continously working even when they are only in the vincinity of the animal as opposed to inside it or its gemheart. Those animals have a primitive Nahel bond, Given the unnatural agility of chasmfiends we can conclude that the bond allows them to lower their mass. So why do they have gemhearts? They use them for the same reason Rosharan humans use gems. They need to store stormlight in order to keep using their bond between storms. Greatshells have a large gemheart because it must last for a full Weeping. The spren inside Singers' gemhearts are an innovation of their line, which allows them to change forms without a chrysalis stage.
  19. Well, yes. Things like poisoning somebody's drink. Though yes, the evidence on that is meagre. I am afraid I need to point out that the Stormfather, who is closest to a remainder of Honor, favored destroying a rebellious conquered city. Put himself under Kaladin's command. Hence Moash asked for permission and got it. If somebody broke his word there, it was Kaladin.
  20. At the risk of repeating myself, honor is not ethics. Killing per se is not dishonorable. Killing by trickery, or killing somebody who has surrendered or killing somebody you owe loyalty to, that is dishonorable. But killing your enemies in open combat. Not a problem. In fact it is usually mandatory, as you have sworn an oath joining an army. Honor will recognise ownership by conquest. How else could he side with the humans?
  21. Technically true, but we now have two phenomena to explain Rhyshadiums (they spontaneously developed a completely new form of symbiosis?) attracting a spren is exactly what evolution works against. You are a predator wanting to stalk prey and you attract those shiny yellow spren? Maladaptive? We also see that Parshendi aare less likely than humans to attract spren. This makes sense.
  22. Exactly. Therefore nobody would do that willingly. You'd lie in ambush and use a ranged weapon. If your are clever, you will use a less than obvious place. Atium or electrum would help against that. Zinc won't.
  23. You would be marginally faster in reaching the conclusion that you don't know enough to make a good prediction.
  24. Elhokar died in combat, as a combatant. Now we could discuss whether Moash is a traitor switching sides. You can make the point that you have to fight on the side of your species in any case. But Moash just took revenge and he did so in open combat. While Elhokar did kill helpless old people and did not face his enemies. And needed his uncle to shield him from the rust he was doing.
  25. How does the machine detecting aviars work? Aviars, at least the species carried by trappers, hide their minds. That is the key point of their abilities. So how do you build a machine that detects them? Does it simply burn through by sheer power? Or are the Aviars shielding against (Nalthis) only and do nothing against (Scadrial) But if so, how are those who are not currently using their abilities located? Is the machine using a combination?