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  1. 11 hours ago, Hoid's secret? said:

    So from the conversation between Syl and the stormfather, we see that she wants or at least hopes Kal to be Honor's champion or play a major role in the future. But the stormfather isn't convinced. Does he already have someone else in mind?

    A Herald, Szeth, Jasnah, Renarin, The Mink, ...
    The Stormfather knows that the future is unpredictable.



  2. 4 hours ago, Elend Venture said:

         So I am curious, if say, a live mistwraith were spiked with the deceased Paalm's spikes (or those of any other deceased kandra), what does anyone imagine would happen? I would expect nothing at all, however I could not find any information upon the topic and was curious about anyone elses theories. Is there any chance of resurrection of the Kandra in question's soul?

    You would get a Kandra of questionble mental health. MeLaan kept her memories in her leg, not in her spikes.


  3. 14 hours ago, Danex said:

    What if the Scadrians (assuming the Ones Above are Scadrians) aren’t interested in the Aviar, what if they created them? The 2 types of Aviar we see both seem to be related to Allomancy. Copperclouds and Atium shadows. Maybe there are 14 other Aviar species that each kinda correlate to Allomantic powers. The Aviar and the symbiotic worms  could be some sort of experiment in creating synthetic biological Allomancy. 

    The problems with that theory are manyfold:

    1. The other animals know that Aviars block telepathy
    2. It would require the Aviars to have another origin than the other animals with arcane powers
    3. Mraize was suspected to have carried an aviar, hence the timing is impossible
    4. We have the information that no new Aviar have been discovered in centuries. When did that program begin?
    5. Mainland birds develop new powers
    6. Why multiple species with the same ability?

  4. On 06/07/2020 at 6:17 AM, Spren of Kindness said:
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    Windrunners as advance forces - how would that work?  My first thought would be send a Windrunner with Blade (and Plate if possible), and squires/other top-notch fighters in, have them clear out a path/secure an area.  However, Shardbearers can't hold ground, so I'll assume Radiants might have a problem with that too.  So they would need to have back up nearby.  

    And here's where the other orders come in:  Namely Lightweavers and Truthwatchers.  Could they hide ordinary soldiers with Lightweaving?  The answer is probably yes, but how many?  Or could Willshapers and Elsecallers move people through Shadesmar?  

    To summarize: Windrunners to clear a path, Illumination and/or Transportation to get everyone else there.

    This is most likely wrong, but I like it.


    Well, you do not want your troops to be surrounded. If you strike deeply into enemy territory, it is for hit and run.

    On 06/07/2020 at 6:17 AM, Spren of Kindness said:

    I'd also like to see how the environments play a role.  Obviously, Urithiru's in the mountains so it would be pretty tricky to assault it.  Any attack would probably be seen from a good distance and again - Windrunner strike teams.  Though some of the Fused can fly, but not all of them, if I recall correctly.  Then there's the Horneater peaks, which again, would probably be hard to attack.

    Not really to a flying enemy with access to Shadesmar. You can isolate each peak and attack them from two sides and the air. They will fall easily.

    On 06/07/2020 at 6:17 AM, Spren of Kindness said:

    What about the other nations?  What do y'all think?

    Look at a map and consider what each side needs to do to join its forces.



  5. 35 minutes ago, thejopen27 said:

    The knights didn't rule over civilians except those who lived in Urithiru,

    "Except" is misleading. Urithiru can house tens of thousands. In a neolithic culture, which Roshar regressed to multiple times, that is an incredible number of people. It was the largest city on the planet, rivalling a small country in population. And they had an enormous political potential, as they could block trade.

    35 minutes ago, thejopen27 said:

    nor were they purely a military organization,

    Right, but they were also a military organization to a larger extent than a normal country would be.

    35 minutes ago, thejopen27 said:

    nor is it clear they did anything to meddle in the religious affairs of anyone outside of their order.

    Well, they most likely did not have an organized programme to do so. But look at Edgedancers, Skybreakers and Windrunners. They cannot just go for non-intervention. As an Edgedancer you cannot look at the other way if there is an epidemic or a famine. And then you will do what essentially are miracles. If people ask, would you then deny that your mission ultimately meets Honor's aims? And that is supposed to not stoke proto-Vorinism?

    35 minutes ago, thejopen27 said:

    I'm sure their primary concern when meeting between themselves was preparation for desolations, confronting the Singers and Fused, and inter-order relations. Just because one is a windrunner doesn't mean one is solely concerned with military matters, nor is being a Elsecaller mean one is content to be a scholar and give council.

    Yes, the question what they considered for politics and what they left to the individual Radiant is open. Yet they must have had some kind of administration. At a minimum Urithiru needs law, a budget and the oath gates need to be operated. And I really doubt the KRs cleaned the corridors themselves or did laundry with their own hands.

    35 minutes ago, thejopen27 said:

    I doubt the knights consented to completely confine themselves to "their area" and I'm sure each order had individual knights with different interests and styles. The different relative sizes of the orders also likely played a part in their dynamic.

    It leads to the question whether they had representation by order or per capita or both. That is, if they had representation.

    35 minutes ago, thejopen27 said:

    I get the sense that there weren't very many Truthwatchers while there were a significant number of Stonewards and Windrunners. I'm sure giving out military commands to various knights was highly contentious and several orders pressed their own members forward to be given precedence. I'm sure depending on the situation that Stonewards, Willshapers, Elsecallers, Windrunners, Dustbringers, or Skybreakers demanded the command of various missions.

    Yet somebody has to be commander-in-chief.



  6. 3 hours ago, thejopen27 said:

    They are an order of knights, all magical, all great individual powers. I imagine the more martial orders don't just stand aside and let the "scholars" do the leading. I imagine the Windrunners who trace their lineage to the herald of kings and the Honorspren don't just stand aside for the cold, brutal logic of the Elsecallers and I doubt the Skybreakers could let the freedom loving, order breaking Willshapers have access to the levers of government without Skybreaker input. The passages in WoR from "Words of Radiance" imply the Truthwatchers are mostly aloof and mysterious and keep their own council while the Willshapers are absent from tower politics. The Lightweavers are artists, that leaves only the Elsecallers as scholarly Radiants inclined to seek leadership and play at inter-radiant Politics. 

    I bet there was likely a council of a leader or representative from all ten orders who met in the top room. Some orders likely voted for a rep, some sent their leader, some their oldest or wisest member, some their most politically inclined... maybe all three bondsmiths were invited. We see the top room in Words of Radiance that has ten thrones and ten pedestals for the spren of the Radiants. Some orders likely cared more for inter-radiant politics than others.

    It is highly unlikely that the KRs left civillian, religious and military leadership undivided. The requirements are too different. In particular politics, as you say, requires representation. While military strategy requires one leader, who must be easily replacable in case of a failure. While the realmatic and religious significance of the Bondsmiths cannot be changed.


  7. Suppose I make a cloth figure by sewing together gloves. socks, a shirt and trousers. I awaken it and give it a command like "stand there and scare birds waving your arms".

    Now I undo the seams. I suppose at some point the Breath in the object no longer supports the command. Where is the Breath at that time? Is some Breath in the parts I detached before rendering the object inoperable? Is it split between the the parts I last separated? What happens if I separate further? Is Breath lost?


  8. 5 minutes ago, The_Truthwatcher said:

    In the Hemalurgic table, it is written that aluminium "removes all powers", so I doubt that the bullets would be invested.

    Hemalurgy is editing the spirit web with a charged spike. All spikes must be Invested by a prior killing. The table pertains to the second step of changing the recipient whose spirit web is to be changed.

    6 minutes ago, Bzhydack said:

    Is another question. Can Hemalurgist, if he is metalborn, steal his own powers? Used spike on himself and charge? If can do so, aluminium spike could be interesting for someone with trauma related with using powers.

    He'd kill himself. The charging means death.


  9. 13 minutes ago, The_Truthwatcher said:

    If I take a bullet of aluminium, put it into a gun, and then fire it, all the while with the Intent to use it in Hemalurgy, it will work, won't it?

    Work in what sense? Of course you will make a hemalurgic spike, if you shoot the target through the heart. But you will not do hemalurgy by that. Hemalurgy is a two-step process. You would have to recover your bullets and test them. Then you could do hemalurgy with them.

    13 minutes ago, The_Truthwatcher said:

    So, it doesn't really matter, right? If I hit a misting with an aluminium bullet, it will remove their power(Or maybe remove something else? I don't know)

    Yes, by killing them. That is the point of hemalurgy. You get an Invested spike by killing somebody.


  10. 55 minutes ago, The_Truthwatcher said:

    I was not talking about transfer of powers. Aluminium simply removes powers in Hemalurgy.

    An aluminium hemalurgic spike does so. A simple, sharp piece of aluminium will not.

    Hemalurgy edits a spirit web by adding, modifying and taking away parts. All these modifications require an invested, intentionally made spike. Now, it is highly likely that to most practioners the options of adding parts to a spirit web is much more useful than removing parts of a spirit web, but that does not change the theoretical significance and method.


  11. 4 hours ago, The_Truthwatcher said:

    The question is that, if you have an spray machine gun with aluminium bullets, can you complete destroy another persons spiritweb, ripping it in parts, each bullet removing different things depending upon where they pierce the person. This might en easily stop a knight radiant.

    No. The spike still needs to be charged and then to be put into the right bind point. Unless your bullet hits two people after one another just the right way, that will not happen.

    Remember that a simple transfer of arcane powers is the very basic usage of hemalurgy. You can do almost  anything to a spirit web.


  12. 7 minutes ago, The_Truthwatcher said:

    What is all? Do you also remove Physical strength, Connections, Identity? Does an aluminium spike leave someone a soulless husk by removing their very spiriteb? Or does this change with respect to where you put the spike?

    Presumably that depends on where you stick the spike.


  13. 16 hours ago, Negative_Null said:

    I've just reread Way of Kings in preparation for RoW, and I had an interesting thought. 
    During the Tower Battle, oddly enough, the option of surrendering never comes up. Eshonai would most likely allow for a surrender

    No. She would not. She would have slaughtered every single Alethi. The battle on the Shattered Plains was a war of attrition about gem hearts. They are a source of food.

    A captured Alethi, however, has to be fed and guarded. The guards have to be fed and are missing on the front lines. Worse, you now have Alethi who know where your bases are and the way to them. If you take a few prisoners, they are for intelligence and you hand them over for destructive questioning. To the Parshendi the only good Alethi soldiers on the Shattered Plains are the dead ones. And the Alethi are not stupid. They know that..

    16 hours ago, Negative_Null said:

    , since she wants peace with the Alethi, and the Warforms would obey their commander.

    Taking an army prisoners wouldn't get her peace. Hence you better strike as hard a blow as you can.



  14. On 12/06/2020 at 9:30 PM, Spren of Kindness said:

    How will air travel have changed?

    It will get faster. There is no technical reason you could not add a turbine engine to a craft lifted by weight reduction. In fact leaving out the wings will reduce drag.


  15. He would point out to the enemy that these people are important. The Fused have highly mobile forces. Such a resettlement would be a dreadful mistake as he cannot let himself be tied down defending that territory and his squires cease to be Surgebinders when he is gone.

    At the risk of repeating myself, the KRs need to establish a project for dealing with the families of members. Them being in occupied lands is a huge security risk in terms of giving the enemy hostages. Not every Radiant will be willing to change his or her name and never visit home again. That is one of the likely functions of Urithiru.


  16. On 16/06/2020 at 5:24 PM, Dunkum said:

    that a windrunner would need 36 lashings or so to break the sound barrier

    Yes, but he'd enter a transsonic regime and experience extreme buffeting. A human body is definitely not made for breaking the sound barrier at sea level.

    On 16/06/2020 at 5:24 PM, Dunkum said:

    - probably more in fact, and definitely enough to kill them (bodies really can't handle that level of acceleration).

    Technically he is in free fall. He should not feel acceleration (safe from friction) at all.



  17. 1 hour ago, Karger said:

    Eshonai should have sued for peace earlier.  It would have cost her nothing to ask for terms.

    Well, no. If you ask for terms, your opponent will assume that you are exhausted. Any chance of him considering the costs too high and withdrawing is lost.

    1 hour ago, Karger said:

      She also should have put more effort into intelligence gathering.  She had the method.  If Rlain had reported in a few months earlier she could have countered Sadeas's tactics with ease and would even have understood some of Alethi politics.

    Yes. In fact she should have offered deserting bridgemen sanctuary. Yet, this is unlikely to work in the end. The war is economically advantageous to the Alethi. They won't give up.

    1 hour ago, GoWibble said:

    Eshonai shouldn't have taken the form of power and should have gone through with the parley with Dalinar. Venli shouldn't have been listening to a strange spren

    And then? Dalinar is not the king. It is not his to grant mild terms. Even if he can get Elhokar to agree to them, he cannot publically forgo fulfilling the oath of vengeance. Elhokar has to keep face in front of the High Princes. I am sorry, unleashing the Everstorm was in the Listeners' interest at that point. They should have picked it in full knowledge of the consequences.


  18. 3 hours ago, Debarra said:

    Not convert the majority of their population into soldiers. To my recollection the Alethi only ever did or mention wanting to kill the enemies soldiers so they would surrender.

    And then? Give the fate of the Singer people into the hands of the Alethi? Would they keep political independance? If not what would prevent the Alethi from enslaving the rest of their species? What would happen if they did not allow young Singers out into the Highstorm?


  19. 18 hours ago, Quantus said:

    Indeed, you'd pretty much have to pick just one thing and drop your cloud when you are burning just that metal.  Steel as one of the Overt metals would probably make the most sense to be your cover Misting type, since all the rest are theoretically easier to hide. 

    Except Bronze. It cannot be hidden fro other Seekers at all.


  20. 5 minutes ago, PrinceGenocide said:

    Lift doesn't really have balence. She has to do a lot of practice yet.

    Using Lift is dangerous. She has peculiar abilities being cursed and booned. That may extinguish the resonance.


  21. 19 hours ago, PrinceGenocide said:

    I also wonder if abrasion is used differently by Edgedancers and ashbringers  , since nale doesn't consider them to be too graceful.

    Possibly an enhanced sense of balance is the Edgedancer resonance.


  22. Just now, R J said:

    I think they thought the humans remembered enough

    Well, then they should have sent the assassin a few weeks later. Gavilar surely had enemies. There would have been multiple suspects.

    But this was a stupid thing to do. What reason did they have to think that the next king would not pursue Gavilar's plans? They had no idea where the spheres would end up. They screwed up in a major way. They should have negotiated and stalled.


  23. It seems to me that many see Venli as a villain in the Frankenstein mold. I wonder why, or in other words, what else could she have done or proposed? Let me concentrate on the late war, close to the battle at Narak.

    • Surrender
    • Fight to the death
    • Introducing Forms of Power
    • Flee

    Now let me look at these options, though not in that order


    A group of civilians cannot outmarch the Alethi armies. That would have meant sacrificing a large group as a delaying force. And after that a weakened, homeless Listener tribe with little supplies would have found itself in a wilderness. Likely they would have eventually been found only to face another assault in a much weakened state.

    Fight to the death

    Well, it is fatal. They would have lost.


    To the Blackthorn and the man whose father you killed? Who has sworn a pact of vengeance? To a man who burned a human city to the ground? To people who hold your species in slavery?

    Introducing Forms of Power

    Yes, I will admit it. Venli did the right thing. She had no other choice.


    Eshonai, though she was personally brave and clever, was a failure as a strategist. She just looked on as her people were slowly bled white. It seems to me that the Listeners doomed themselves as they murdered Gavilar and Eshonai bears a part of the blame for that, while Venli did basically the right thing.
    Though in execution they should have used a part of their forces to evacuated the civilians and the Stormform should have moved further away to force the Alethi to first attack them or face getting between two groups.