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  1. 14 minutes ago, Dreamer said:

    Normally, if something is visible, that means it interacts with light to some degree. One should be able to photograph them, though they wouldn't get clear pictures, I imagine. That's my two cents on it.

    The problem with that is the shining red eyes. How would you see anything with them? Having a lamp in your eyes usually really prevents vision.
    To me that suggests that the image arises in the mind of the observer.


  2. On 03/03/2020 at 11:42 AM, Eternal Khol said:

    1)what about all the other CS's that aren't related to Ambition?

    They are rare. Vanishingly rare. There must be millions of Shades on that continent of Threnody alone for people to run into them so often. In other worlds you have maybe a few thousand on a whole planet. Most Shards have made none to single digits of Cognitive Shadows.
    That said, all Shards are operating on the same metaphysics. The underlying mechanism is likely to be the same. The only other example which makes CSes regularly can be seen as the ultimate gift.

    On 03/03/2020 at 11:42 AM, Eternal Khol said:

    2) wasn't talking about withering

    Well, they have very little other physical effects.

    1. they wither living beings
    2. they interact with silver (and is that themselves or the metal acting?)
    3. maybe they produce an image. That is even doubtful. The only observers have been living beings. Would a Shade show on a photograph?

    They surely get more active and change eye color when the Simple Rules are broken. But where is the physicality? There is just no evidence.


  3. 41 minutes ago, Dreamer said:

    Oh yeah, the Aether of Night is older than the Liar of Partinel. He tried to put Aethers in LoP. Before that he wanted to write about Aethers of Lor. Now with Stormlight, he's canonized the Aethers. I wonder why the Aethers magic would be such an important part of the Cosmere?

    • Because they are non-locational, transferable and require no exotic fuel.
    • Verdant is optimally adapted to crossing the CR on vehicles made with Ferrous
    • A band of teleporters in invested armor is a terrifying opponent

    We have no seen trading bands or mercenaries. That I would guess to be the reason.



  4. On 13/03/2020 at 11:45 PM, Halyo_Alex said:

    Well so are Spren, and yet [SA Spoiler]

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    Hoid manages to come to Scadrial even after bonding a Cryptic on Roshar. So maybe he accidentally led the Fused into figuring out how to leave, and that's why Trell is even a problem for Era 2 in the first place.



    Strictly speaking we cannot know whether the bond persisted until then.



  5. 23 hours ago, DiePie said:

    first and foremost it would be pretty easy to make it weightless (just adding 2 opposing lashes), but that won't be needed.

    Well, no. That works for a person, because people are active. Unfortunately, if you actively eliminate gravity, buoyancy is still there. Hence if you do this to a sufficiently large structure, you have built an airship.

    23 hours ago, DiePie said:

    second, the entire fortification (which isn't just a wall or a platform, most likely a combination of both so people can stand on it) would be falling for a few seconds to accelerate it in its entire length. This isn't something pulling from the middle, the force is coming from the entire length of the fort.

    Right, but that does not matter. Normal gravity also works on everything. Yet things inevitably orient with the center of gravity down, whatever be down. You have people on these fortifications they move. The platform will shake.

    23 hours ago, DiePie said:

    We would use abrasion to make the bottom of the fort completely slick, no friction whatsoever. So once the fort is up to speed, extra weight won't slow it down since it will have no friction to the ground.

    Again, no. Your ground will hardly be level. You'll need to correct course.

    23 hours ago, DiePie said:

    So that means that extra people on one side or another will only matter during accelerations, when they are not falling forward. It would be so easy to use basic lashings to rotate it back, so long as its not spinning like 45 degrees in either direction, which, again, won't happen because as you pointed out, the fort is so much more massive than the people on top of it, so they proportionally weigh almost nothing compared to the structure (which is the thing accelerating here, since gravitation accelerates entire bodies evenly)

    Gravity is not the point. Besides that not being true. Tides prove the exact opposite.


  6. 18 hours ago, DiePie said:

    The Idea is that we're always on the ground, but using Abrasion to slide while periodic lashings pull us along. So long as the lashing doesn't affect the people on the 'mobile fortification', they will have enough weight to push it into the ground

    That does not safe you. You have an armored platform. That is a lot heavier than a few people. Even dozens of people.
    If the platform itself were weightless, you would be right. But it isn't, the vector is just altered. Suppose your platform is heavier on a side off the center line with respect to your gravity vector, and it will be. Your mobile platform will immediately start spinning, if you are lucky. If you are unlucky, it will flip over. That will happen if you ever get top heavy. That can happen if you hit a bump or a ditch.


  7. 4 hours ago, Karger said:

    That is workable.  Although I think we should stop calling them tanks and think of them more like mobile fortifications.  We could have a low wall and an overhanging one with a gap for pikemen or archers.

    It would not be stable under a much altered vector of gravity. The center of gravity would shift to the new "down". And then you land. Not a nice prospect.


  8. 1 hour ago, cometaryorbit said:

    However -- we know Nightblood is considered a Shardblade, and it has a somewhat different effect. Aluminum Hemalurgy apparently destroys powers rather than stealing them.

    Nightblood does not destroy powers, it destroys everything. You could use it to clear a forest. Not a good idea, but possible. An aluminiummind will definitely not do that.

    1 hour ago, cometaryorbit said:

    Could this be the source of a Scadrian "other-Realm destruction" effect? Get an aluminum sword, have an Aluminum Compounder Twinborn make it into a metalmind just short of being "too full" to be usable as a Hemalurgic spike, then get both the benefits of high Investiture and the power-destruction effect?

    Nightblood got a specific command to destroy. Why would that be necessary if you could just put enough Breath into an object? In fact, why can't Susebron destroy you with a touch or a scratch?

    Even more, shard blades don't destroy by touching. The handle and even the sides are perfectly safe and living shard blades can form into objects without a cutting edge. The edges have a separate magical effect.


  9. On 06/03/2020 at 4:32 AM, Karger said:

    Why not a trebuchet?

    Aiming, mobility, rate of fire, lack of novelty.

    On 06/03/2020 at 4:32 AM, Karger said:

    Since we are working with renaissance tec humankind's best option is usually massed pike men.

    AFAICT pike formations were geared to repulsing cavalry. A Thunderclast may be seen as a Rosharan equivalent, but pikes won't work against them. Against massed infantry they are unlikely to work as well.

    On 06/03/2020 at 4:32 AM, Karger said:

      Fused  and thunderclasts break this rule.  They are going to need specially trained individuals and methods to fight these.  For fused your best options is probably more radiants who can kill on sight.  For thunderclasts train your soldiers to scatter and reform in an orderly way and have mobile siege weapons that shoot some kind of explosive.

    Again mobility. You won't have them in many cases. The method with ropes and hammers actually looks quite sensible as long as grenades are not an option.

    On 06/03/2020 at 4:32 AM, Karger said:

      For surge weapon combinations you can make air pressure cannons which I discuss below are a good option

    These will work, but again mobility. Any gun requires materials withstanding high pressures. So building a light cannon is hard.


  10. 9 hours ago, SwordNimiForPresident said:

    So to be clear, you’re going to invent a device that will tell exactly where all of the burnable metal on the planet is, and the nuke those places. Good plan, though it does have the small snag of being completely and comically impossible.

    It is not just any metal. That would be impractical. They have specialised manufacturers of extremely pure alloys and pure metals. You cannot use a village blacksmith, except maybe for some steel, iron & copper. Hence targeting everything urban is a viable tactic.


  11. 9 minutes ago, SwordNimiForPresident said:

    There aren’t enough nukes in existence to “burn a continent”. The “vaporization zone” of even our most powerful nukes aren’t all that big when talking on planetary scale. Most of the deaths happen from radiation poisoning and internal thermal burns. Neither of those things presents a problem to a gold compounder.

    Ehm. A Fullborn is awesome with a supply of metals. Without metals he is a feruchemist. And he is not going to carry a steel mill on his back. Hence at some point he has to go to a small (and reducible) number of places. I will go for those. If the continent has forests it will burn, literally. Otherwise I am reduced to devastating a continent.

    And we are talking a war situation here. At the peak of the arms race we made thousands of warheads per year. Now it depends on how much time you give our Earth, but if it is more than a few years, the arsenal will be horrible.

    11 minutes ago, SwordNimiForPresident said:

    At most that would create a crater. Even if that did alter the shape of Aons, it would be a simple matter of adding a dot.

    First you need to locate that dot. Then add it. Before you die.


  12. 6 minutes ago, SwordNimiForPresident said:

    How exactly are you planing on targeting this person with your weapons? They move faster than sight and might even be able to move faster than your hypothetical hypersonic nukes. Additionally, those nukes have metal components and could easy be ripped to shreds by a Fullborn.

    I don't target. Saturation bombardment and traps. I may have to burn a continent. So be it.


  13. 3 minutes ago, SwordNimiForPresident said:

    or a massive change in the shape of Arelon

    Good suggestion. A few thousand megatons of TNT equivalent should do that.

    The true power of a whole planet with nuclear knowledge if it were really turned towards destruction is horrifying.


  14. 2 hours ago, SwordNimiForPresident said:

    I see no reason that Aon Edo wouldn’t block a nuke. Additionally, nuking Elantris wouldn’t break the Aon or kill the Elantrians, only civilians would die.

    It lets through light. Infrared radiation is light. Use a aufficiently large warhead. Now, it is possible that the Elantrians know an Aon for darkness or reflection. But it is not plausible that they would deploy it before the first few examples of being hit by such weapons.

    2 hours ago, SwordNimiForPresident said:

    As for a Fullborn, they could kill tirelessly, basically forever, at the speed of compounded steel. They could probably kill everyone on the planet in less that a year.

    He is also vulnerable to extreme heat. You cannot freeze to death a compounder with enough metals. Vaporizing, however, still works. He can cool himself only until his metalminds are filled.


  15. 15 hours ago, king of nowhere said:

    we can get some good comparison if we assume that the rest of the continent was unchanged over the time of the final empire (which seems likely). Because if you compare the maps of the elendel basin and of the final empire, you may notice that a bit of coastline is the same: the peninsula of Bilming is identical to the peninsula west of mount Doriel in the final empire; the rest of the coastline matches, for all of the map. from this, you can get a good idea of how the basin fits over the rest of the continent.


    Under this assumption whence comes the Irongate river and what has happened to the Channerell River?


  16. 9 hours ago, Gilphon said:

    So, weird things about Lift:

    • She can't breath in Stormlight
    • She can turn nutrition into Investiture
    • She can see into the cognitive realm, and touch spren
    • She can invade the Stormfather vision

    The first two and last two can probably be unified in single affects, but neither looks like a great fit for what she asked for.

    If you look at it from the right angle, it is what she asked for. Stormlight is not hers, it is the Stormfather's or Honor's. So it cannot get into her. Thus she stays herself unchanged to something else. One way to misunderstand her is to say that her Identity is unchangable.



    I would suggest that if you tried to Forge her, nothing would happen.


    9 hours ago, Gilphon said:

    She's aging; she's going through puberty, and she's been forced to admit that to herself.

    She is maturing. Cultivation would not, indeed probably cannot, make something or somebody who cannot reproduce. But after that stage will have been reached, all bets are open. Indeed Lift may be quite an investment. To lose her just because your timing is off by a few decades would be inconvinient.

    9 hours ago, Gilphon said:

    So she mostly certainly did not get the kind of immortality she wanted; she's not ageless. I guess theoretically she could have some other form of immortality- certainly as a Radiant with Regrowth killing her would be difficult- but it's even more of a stretch for Cultivation to have interpreted her wish like that.

    Interpreting her wish is probably to nicely put. Finding an interpretaton useful to Cultivation and interpretable to be compatible with the wish as seen under the aspect of cultivating somebody is likely to come closer.

    7 hours ago, Karger said:

    Rock is not yet a full Windrunner.  If he has something he needs to do and has not bonded a spren he will have to do it has a human with no powers.

    He is still Bridge 4 and they need their cook. There is a war going on. They are on the front lines or, worse, behind them. They are taking casualties. Rock's absence need not be explained with a reason that is centered on Rock.


  17. 4 hours ago, PrinceGenocide said:

    Khriss says they can't be visited due to lack of perpendicularities and I guess they don't have any magic systems either. 

    The ecology of Roshar presupposes magical powers. Yolen had the Sho Del and dragons.

    4 hours ago, PrinceGenocide said:

    We don't know enough about Yolen to speculate.

    Well, we have a crucial hint. People got from Yolen to worlds without perpendicularities. How?

    4 hours ago, PrinceGenocide said:

    There are dozens more. I wonder if any one of them could eventually rival a shardworld.

    In the end Investiture allows you to break the laws of conventional physics. As far as we understand them. A mundane world can of course be more advanced then an invested world at some point in time. However not in the end state after contact. Now, whether a Shard in residence has anything to with it is a totally different question. At least the Metallic Arts and Awakening work everywhere.


  18. 18 hours ago, Q10fanatic said:

    What does it even mean to "not change" realmatically?

    Whatever has suited Cultivation. Well, almost anything. The wish is too vague.

    18 hours ago, Q10fanatic said:

    Yoour spiritual self already doesn't change, right? Kaladin is good with a spear because he will be good with a spear. So maybe Cultivation took her spiritual self and hardened it?

    Unless you wanted to test it by soulcasting her, we don't know. For all we know Cultivation intends her to be a weapon to capture Yelig-Nar by making her immune to being converted to a gem.


  19. 13 hours ago, Gilphon said:

    Also- I don't blame Cultivation for not interpreting what Lift asked for as 'I want immortality'.

    For all we know Lift may be immortal.

    10 hours ago, Karger said:

    Something else could be going on but it does seem like the obvious implication.  King Overlooked Stone FTW!

    There is a war going on. Bridge 4 is the core of the Windrunners. Special reasons for absences of soldiers during a war are not needed.

    21 hours ago, Isilel said:

    So, what's her "curse"?

    The inability to breathe in Stormlight coupled with the necessity to make it metabolically.


  20. On 04/03/2020 at 8:57 PM, Lump-wing said:
    • The reaction when the first Kandra is revealed on Roshar - considering how characters have reacted in the Wax & Wayne books, on a world where Kandra are a known thing, I expect that anyone on Roshar will be pretty stunned.

    Why? Is it more miraculous than a Soulcasting or a Lightweaver?

    On 04/03/2020 at 8:57 PM, Lump-wing said:
    • Any of our main characters on Roshar going to Aimia and actually getting ashore - what they will find, and what the story will be that they are permitted to land

    The Surge of Transportation?