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  1. On 8/10/2019 at 0:02 AM, Smokestone said:

    Dalinar dies. Crisis of leadership ensues among the Radiants, just as Odium makes his next move. Cue Rlain stepping up to fill his new role as Bondsmith.

    And here goes the trust Dalinar worked hard to build. You are not going to get allies for a fight against Parshendi while your leader is one of them. Just or not, but is the way people work.


  2. 12 hours ago, Singer said:

    I didn't know about the Rock and Lopen short stories! Sweet. I want all the Stormlight short stories. Reading the comments just tripled the  number of things to be excited about.

    Why? Roshar certainly gets a lot of volume. If we get short stories, why not some of the smaller worlds? And if Threnody and Nalthis are going to get full novels, First of the Sun is a pretty good choice.


  3. I would challenge that Venli failed her people. Had she not done what she did, the Parshendi would be dead or enslaved and the Parshmen would have stayed slaves. She did the right thing, albeit at a terrible cost.
    So she cannot simply repent. And would a scholar of Jasnah's calibre not find out now which organization Gavilar was a member of? Unless Narvani is quicker.


  4. 5 hours ago, Ookla the Gray said:

    The only pronunciations that I'm passionate about are

    Moash (I say the oa like in in boat or moat)

    Shai (I say it like Shay, not Shy. I associated it with pain or gain or Taldain, you know?)

    The name is Alethi. The Alethi have their own script. It features 5 vowels. It has no indication of length, nasality or diphthongs. It would seems that the vowel system of that language is the basic five vowels without length distinction.
    Whoever transliterated it into the latin alphabet was not American or English (the J like /j/ thing).

    It also shows no sign of vowel reduction in unstressed syllables. Like Spanish in short.
    Hence the most likely answer to a question of how two vowels meeting each other are to be pronounced would be:

    • separately
    • in two syllables
    • uninfluenced by each other

  5. 23 hours ago, Messydesk said:

    Sadeas [sɑdeɑs]

    As with Jasnah's case, I always thought my way of reading this name was wrong too and switched it to [seɪdɪɪs] which I thought was the intended way but now I'm back to [sɑdeɑs]. Good thing he's dead though, like Eric mentioned!

    That is one of the Alethi almost symmetrical names. The Alethi have their own script. For them to write ambiguously in the same way English is apperently ambiguous would take a miracle. Thus the symmetry has to be there in pronounciation.

    That means that [seɪdɪɪs] is flat out impossible. Either [sɑdeɑs] or, as a remote possibility [seɪdɪeɪs]

    And Torol is dead; the family still exists. There will be a next Sadeas.