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  1. OK, how about the ruler dies a few weeks into his reign, unwed and childlessly, so the monk has to be reactivated, as he happens to be the second son? If you see his brides as sent to the king/emperor as an institution, not the person of the ruler, everything can just proceed more or less as depicted. The mixup really does not add that much to the story. Aether of Night is a comedy of confusion, a war novel and a mystery novel and a kind of relevation piece with the back story being discovered. These pieces are ill joined, but I think necessary to make the whole thing work. But the mixup is bogus. Just kill the oldest son, who just inherited during the sacrifice at the Black Pool and transfer the crown to his monk brother and the crisis can unfold.
  2. Hemalurgy is editing the spirit web with a charged spike. All spikes must be Invested by a prior killing. The table pertains to the second step of changing the recipient whose spirit web is to be changed. He'd kill himself. The charging means death.
  3. Work in what sense? Of course you will make a hemalurgic spike, if you shoot the target through the heart. But you will not do hemalurgy by that. Hemalurgy is a two-step process. You would have to recover your bullets and test them. Then you could do hemalurgy with them. Yes, by killing them. That is the point of hemalurgy. You get an Invested spike by killing somebody.
  4. An aluminium hemalurgic spike does so. A simple, sharp piece of aluminium will not. Hemalurgy edits a spirit web by adding, modifying and taking away parts. All these modifications require an invested, intentionally made spike. Now, it is highly likely that to most practioners the options of adding parts to a spirit web is much more useful than removing parts of a spirit web, but that does not change the theoretical significance and method.
  5. No. The spike still needs to be charged and then to be put into the right bind point. Unless your bullet hits two people after one another just the right way, that will not happen. Remember that a simple transfer of arcane powers is the very basic usage of hemalurgy. You can do almost anything to a spirit web.
  6. Presumably that depends on where you stick the spike.
  7. Stonewards and Willshapers can bury you alive. The Willshaper can simply teleport into your base and make the ground swallow you.
  8. Is there a scenario which would make burning bronze and copper sensible? Would you always block your own perception? Or is it possible to sense pulses coming from outside the coppercloud? Can you make a coppercloud shaped liked a donut, excluding yourself?
  9. If Kelsier is any guide a Sliver retains or regains old powers. But what about a vessel? The point may be moot, but in theory, is Sazed still a feruchemist?
  10. No. She would not. She would have slaughtered every single Alethi. The battle on the Shattered Plains was a war of attrition about gem hearts. They are a source of food. A captured Alethi, however, has to be fed and guarded. The guards have to be fed and are missing on the front lines. Worse, you now have Alethi who know where your bases are and the way to them. If you take a few prisoners, they are for intelligence and you hand them over for destructive questioning. To the Parshendi the only good Alethi soldiers on the Shattered Plains are the dead ones. And the Alethi are not stupid. They know that.. Taking an army prisoners wouldn't get her peace. Hence you better strike as hard a blow as you can.
  11. It will get faster. There is no technical reason you could not add a turbine engine to a craft lifted by weight reduction. In fact leaving out the wings will reduce drag.
  12. He would point out to the enemy that these people are important. The Fused have highly mobile forces. Such a resettlement would be a dreadful mistake as he cannot let himself be tied down defending that territory and his squires cease to be Surgebinders when he is gone. At the risk of repeating myself, the KRs need to establish a project for dealing with the families of members. Them being in occupied lands is a huge security risk in terms of giving the enemy hostages. Not every Radiant will be willing to change his or her name and never visit home again. That is one of the likely functions of Urithiru.
  13. Yes, but he'd enter a transsonic regime and experience extreme buffeting. A human body is definitely not made for breaking the sound barrier at sea level. Technically he is in free fall. He should not feel acceleration (safe from friction) at all.
  14. Well, no. If you ask for terms, your opponent will assume that you are exhausted. Any chance of him considering the costs too high and withdrawing is lost. Yes. In fact she should have offered deserting bridgemen sanctuary. Yet, this is unlikely to work in the end. The war is economically advantageous to the Alethi. They won't give up. And then? Dalinar is not the king. It is not his to grant mild terms. Even if he can get Elhokar to agree to them, he cannot publically forgo fulfilling the oath of vengeance. Elhokar has to keep face in front of the High Princes. I am sorry, unleashing the Everstorm was in the Listeners' interest at that point. They should have picked it in full knowledge of the consequences.
  15. And then? Give the fate of the Singer people into the hands of the Alethi? Would they keep political independance? If not what would prevent the Alethi from enslaving the rest of their species? What would happen if they did not allow young Singers out into the Highstorm?
  16. Except Bronze. It cannot be hidden fro other Seekers at all.
  17. Using Lift is dangerous. She has peculiar abilities being cursed and booned. That may extinguish the resonance.
  18. Possibly an enhanced sense of balance is the Edgedancer resonance.
  19. Well, then they should have sent the assassin a few weeks later. Gavilar surely had enemies. There would have been multiple suspects. But this was a stupid thing to do. What reason did they have to think that the next king would not pursue Gavilar's plans? They had no idea where the spheres would end up. They screwed up in a major way. They should have negotiated and stalled.
  20. Yes, they are politicians. But not generals. Nor is there a reason you should expect somebody who is good at politics to be good at military matters. In addition, if you have a council making war plans, you can dissolve it and find a new one. That is not possible with your bondsmiths. Right. So when they did so, those teams were special forces. They would never form an ordinary infantry company. The KRs do not need to attack much. Gavilar wanted to change the status quo. The KRs intend to keep it. Humans were established on Roshar when they were formed. Their overriding goal in the Desolations was not to lose. Secondly not to win a pyrrhic victory. That points to conserving your forces and let the other side bleed attacking fortified positions and fortresses. If possible you always counterattack. Yet that does not change the strategy. Nor can we make the assumption that the most numerous Knights were the most important or best at their tasks. On the contrary, there is a paradox you can observe in social insects with physical castes. The better specialists become at their task the fewer they can be in numbers. Hence, yes the Windrunners were many, as they needed to be to have a realistic chance of even detecting a raid against a village. But the ones who build and hold key fortresses are essential.
  21. spoiler

    We have no idea how serious he was about that offer. He may have hoped for an entirely different reaction. If the Heralds were in on it, we can be quite sure that he did not want the desolations to restart. Gavilar being a member of an organization does not allow us to assume that he shared that organization's goals. Rather sensible. I think it is most plausible to assume that he was abusing the Sons of Honor for his own ends, which did involve rekindling bonds and oaths but presumably not the desolations.
  22. Vax

    Arelon, specifically Elantris has a method of initiation different from the rest of Sel. A country would be possible though not be the most obvious option. Patji on First of the Sun?
  23. I can look, but isn't that the point of F-copper? Brandon isn't wordy about Identity. WOB on Identity Why can't it? Alterable attributes can be stored, obviously, again: copper.. That is a religious question, I am afraid.
  24. But they weren't. KRs were like Shardbearers on today's Roshar. Forces consisting only of them were rare exceptions. They were few in number. Well, those who build the walls, gates and battlements are not necessarily those who hold them in battle. In fact, should they need to be repaired, spending the lives of those suited to that is unwise. I am afraid the assumption that the main martial activity is attacking is wrong. On a planet where fortresses still are main components of warfare, attacking is extremely rare. You skirmish and raid. Unlikely. Too expensive in gems. Stonewards and Willshapers are better. Willshapers are sent to outlying towns because they can teleport. Well, you see a distinction that is artificial. If you have fortifications in great numbers, they are the main targets of artillery. Yes. But there are the moments when the enemy is at the gates and everybody who can hold a sword or spear will need to fight. What roles will the orders fulfill?
  25. Very interesting. I would rather say High Priests. The actual leadership may come from a council of intellectually inclined orders. I doubt that they had so many ground troops. Roshar does not have artillery. The dominance of fortifications wouldn't break. Warfare has a much greater component of siegecraft, sapping and assaults against fortresses rather than infantry against infantry action. I would say: Stonewards - fortress defense and infantry Dustbringers - sappers and attacks on fortresses Windrunners - paratroopers and scouts Willshapers - combat engineers