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  1. Are we really sure about Trell? (Elantris spoilers)
  2. They need to own at least as many as are discharged between highstorms to power your transformations. A dun gem is useless for soulcasting. Stormlight is free in terms of running cost, but it still has a cost in terms of capital. Secondly, your ardents eat even while you have no need for soulcasters. Worse, they eat in training. Lastly, for marble your quality requirements are much lower. If a block is bad, you throw it away. If some grain is poisonous, soldiers get sick or die. Furthermore, you are doing stone into stone. That looks like an easy transformation.
  3. Why not an Elantrian then? Your spren will bind you to a solar system anyway. And you are master of your own decisions.
  4. Do they have to? Does Forgery use MaiPon as a symbol because it happened to be developed there or is there an internal connection? That is could you forge with Aons while in Arelon and consequently develop a MaiPonDor working best in MaiPon as an Elantrian?
  5. awakening

    Likely part of their own image of self and connected to a hair folicle, so it would be the same as awakening a living body. Very hard to do as investiture resists investiture. Cut hair would work, though.
  6. Taravangian would require exactly that what he did in "Inglorious Basterds". You need somebody who can credibly do the well-intentioned mass murderer. Michael Fassbender might also do it. Odium does not need creepiness. He needs passion and understanding, a man with fire and compassion. Waltz could do it, but so could others. How about Sean Bean? He would even survive. Sadeas needs somebody who can give the role an afterglow of glorious times and a certain physicality: Hugh Jackman
  7. Increased body mass and the ability to vary it can be an advantage in battle.
  8. "I love my mommy more than anything else" - The truth has to be true and fundamental, not fascinating to anybody else.
  9. The Fused are not doing as they were doing in life, though. They are becoming demigods effectively and are reborn, as opposed doing this in an afterlife.
  10. Nor would the other highprinces stand for that. At the very least it would take an official inquiry and so on. Either they were victims of the Thrill or not.
  11. There is no need for that. The people reading his report will try to find it out. Kaladin did notice the military significance. Now of course the metal could come from an unknown source for all the Rosharans know. But then it might not. Finding out is easy and they have research teams. Taln was in custody for many days. How could the wardens fail to notice that? Hoid technically. The Nightwatcher, in contrast to most spren, already is sentient in the Physical Realm. While that is true, there is also a need for logical consistency in the plot. Hence I see no way they haven't discovered aluminium. Though the idea of cutting it with a Shard Blade may or may not have occured. The same is true about perfect gems. If this is truly a matter of geometry only, they should have done it by now. They have a large team of dedicated scholars. That is plausible looking at the Knights Radiant themselves. It is not plausible for the supporting forces. If you have a team of researchers they won't sit on their hands for a year. If they have been disbanded, you need to find a reason for that. Dalinar saw the need for research in Oathbringer. He more or less ordered it to be done. He won't change his mind without a good reason. That raises another point. Even if Shallan hasn't talked, Amaram's connections to shady organizations will be investigated. Are the Sons of Honor on the run?
  12. They have soulcasters. Enough of them to dispose of feces. And Kaladin noticed that the metal is not steel. And Shallan's jewelery shows that they can make alumium. They are led by a man who faced an Unmade with just a gem stone and a book. All of them, no way. Some of them, most likely. Some Radiants will be ignorant or want to hide, but not all of them, especially the Azish. Seeing no new Radiants would mean that nobody makes it to Urithiru. There are not that many silvery metals that are not steel and are known to Rosharan science. They can test with a spanreed. The tests can even be done by ardents and scholars. No Radiant needed. Not really available for capture A whole year? And not die? In a preindustrial civilization? Post signs in the major cities. Some Skybreakers will want to talk to Dalinar. They are Knights Radiant. There must be a faction that wants to stand with the other knights. Some must be sworn to the law codes of nations in the coalition and want to defend Roshar's human population while considering themselves bound by human law.
  13. Exactly. It may have failed. But why did they not try? These people forged a coalition in a few months, figured out the gem archive, found mythical figures and drove off an Unmade. And then, a year of just routine activity Why? Theologically you may see it that way. And the map is cool. But compare that to the ability to switch Urithiru back on. The Sibling is quite important. They woud have to trickle in. Or can you give a reason they would all arrive only after a year has elapsed? And now thw cat is out of the bag. Governments will actively search for them. And so will the Fused with even less benign intentions. They must flee. And a few things more: Kaladin has reported that aluminium has magic properties. Has someone tried to hit it with a Shard Blade? They know that Odium's forces corrupt spren. Have they caught any? Odium's forces have an edge in investiture detection. Any counter research? Or at least an attempt to level the field? Aluminium suits and helmets for Radiants? How far have they debriefed/interrogated the Heralds? Has there been a mission to contact the Skybreakers? Now I could accept that the military situation has made many of this options infeasible. But then something dire must have happened on the battle field. I just cannot see so little happening in a year during a Desolation.
  14. That begs the question what would happen if you healed somebody high on magic mushrooms or LSD.
  15. They would most likely try to study it. If they found a way to mass produce Shard Weapons, that could be victory. He can summon a living Shard Blade. He is a Knight Radiant. They know about the oath stone from Taravangian If he hadn't shown up, Odium would have won Then they could send him on a dangerous mission to a remote place. But putting a Radiant into jail is a gigantic waste. Even sending him to a lab for scholars to study Division would make more sense.
  16. Well, while this is true, it is turning into a rote answer. A whole group of highly competent and active people have been sitting on their thumbs for a whole year. Why? So leaving the Stump just out there? He could, but where is the point? You have a whole order of Knights Radiant against you and you jail the first of their members on your side? Moreover, Szeth wields the only weapon they know to permanently kill Fused yet Dalinar puts him into jail? Where is Nightblood?
  17. Sorry for coming back to this, but there other references: Flies that soemtimes appear around rotting fruit - looks like fruit flies to me Weevilwax in Oathbringer, chapter 4 - earth weevils do not make wax in large quantities This looks to me like we have two kinds of insects on Roshar. Imported ones like fruit flies and native products of convergent evolution. And possibly a third batch related to Aimians. Depending on what a Larkin is.
  18. "Dalinar doesn't know of the Diagram." Adrotagia countered. "Or that we brought the singers to Urithiru. He only knows that Kharbranth controlled the assassin - Malata has kept her head. Dalinar does not know who opened the gate. In fact he does not know that the gate was opened by a traitor. For all he knows Odium has some limited ability to override the blocks. That is a severe tactical problem.
  19. How sly is Brandon? Is he an inmate or a jailer? Did they pick Szeth to run a PoW camp? Or is he an infiltrator because he looks alien and harmless and has a Spren for spying?
  20. I don't see how the heretic middle position is tenable. Nevertheless the human tendency to shoot the messenger is strong. Many will blame him. And many will blame him for giving up on the vengeance pact.
  21. Why not? Is a perfect gem something else but a set of proportions? If so, what? That raises three points. Aren't they actively searching for Radiats and taking them to Urithiru? Won't they flee from occupied territories? A whole year and nobody has sent an expedition to bond the Nightwatcher? They still haven't found the Sibling? If she does not come clear ,we will see Jasnah and Navani probe into how come her whole family showed up exactly on her wedding day. If you have a whole team of artefabrians? How? I can sort of see that one might not want to have the Assassin in White running around. But how do you jail a man who can summon a Shard Blade? Why do you even try? What has happened to Vorinism theologically?
  22. Inconclusive. He most likely was not naked. Hence we cannot be sure what was awakened.
  23. The reverse is also true. The Fused never met a population that was just recently awakened. Though that would call for striking quickly. Which is not necessarily a contradiction. You can remain on the defensive in a strategic sense, while doing some local attacks at key points. I would suggest to strike on the ocean and to occupy key fortresses while you can. The latter is questionable. Parshmen were mostly a luxury and specialized item. Human slaves were cheaper. In fact it may be risky to abolish slavery just as Parshendi would have a chance to turn the table. The Fused are nice enough to demonstrate the need for such an alliance to the Spren. Torching ships and buildings is bad PR. There must be a reason for the Fused to take the perpendicularity. To just let them seems to be a bad idea. And to walk up to the Horneater peaks looks like a bad idea, too. You do the expected and the enemy has the higher ground, literally. Exactly. And it provides employment to the refugees. He isn't. A Windrunner I'd say, if we go by natural inclination. But you could not implement the method. Would you go and confiscate Shard Blades? If you want Alethi nobles to switch to Odium, that is the way to go. And the rest of Roshar would see yet another Alethi plot to take away their weapons. They won. I cannot see the Radiants just giving away that weapon unused. Good suggestion. Poison would likely be cheaper in the short run, though. Not on the defensive. You concentrate your forces on random locations. Then you let the flying Fused pass and hit them on the return leg. And you create fuel depots. Radiants can transfer Stormlight. The way squires work requires local concentration anyway. They can confiscate only on their own territory. This is a nice way to plan an ambush though. Lure them in with a fabrial. Still years. And in the Russian case, the result wasn't all that good.
  24. Right. This is counterintuitive. But they have the Windrunners. They could drown them in squires. Ugly strategy though. That raises a point. Why would Odium use corporal leaders? He has Voidspren. How many would Nale find? And more importantly, Nale may be crazy, but he has quite some integrity. He will not force trainees to choose his side. Honor did use him. The Stormfather outright said so. . There is one more point. Navani has a sphere and a trapped Unmade to research.
  25. You lose the blade and the plate as they have to progress through the oaths. That is possible. But when will you run out of volunteers? You cannot draft squires. That works both ways. The Singers are gaining trained people. It will be interesting to see how many Radiants will arise. And that leaves out another question. How many Skybreakers will fight on the Singers' side? And in which operations will they participate? Do independent Singers have an even older claim that superseeds Odium's Singers' claim? And once a Skybreaker dies, will their spren retrn to fight on Odium's side?