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  1. Because people can have mutually exclusive opinions. Either there is a large island in the middle of the Atlantic called Atlantis or there is not. Either there is an oceanic passage between North and South America or there is not. Either California is an island or it is not. Either the eastern edge of the world is in the Atlantic or in the Pacific ocean. There is no middle ground. Now it is possible that the CR is different for individuals. But if not, it needs to decide at some point.
  2. Obviously people like to discuss what honor actually is. On Roshar the point is to a large extent moot, because there is an authority that has defined honor: the Shard Honor And there we get a clear message: oaths are the core concept. They must be kept, no matter what. You can apparently disagree on what your oath means, but you must act according to your convictions. Hence, if you accept somebody's loyalty in exchange for yours, the deal is done. You must protect them, or, if it is too late, avenge them. Mercy is not an option. Odium states that he is bound by the spirit of an agreement rather than the letter like Honor, so we could discuss what exactly constitutes an agreement, but it is clear that a promise is a promise. Likewise it is unclear whether a threat counts as an oath (unless formally declared so), as you don't make it to somebody. That raises the interesting question on what happens if you make a promise that conflicts with another promise, for example you promise two people the same thing. Swearing loyalty to somebody, however, is an oath. There is just no way around this. The letter of the promise counts. There is just no way Honor would ever blame you for insisting a promise be kept or inflict the customary punishment if it is not. In fact, if you see a threat as an oath, revenge is no longer optional. In no case could it be dishonorable.
  3. Frankly, I doubt you need Intent to make an Aon. Only to activate it. Otherwise you would need to know what the Aon does.
  4. Given that mistings are not original in the final empire, we can be pretty sure that, for a few generations at least, mistborn of the first generation breed true.
  5. And the difference being? This looks like a question of merely naming. Yes, but their spren yield unique abilities like the forms and we have seen an example of a spren that cannot leave.
  6. Sure absolutely. Just ask the Stormfather. It was cruel and excessive. Not dishonorable. This is the whole point of splitting Adonalsium. Honor is not good. Revenge is very close to the core of honor. If you reject revenge, you reject honor.
  7. Brandon said that there are two incompatible plot lines. And he finds no way to join them. I would suggest a more radical remedy. Give up the attempt and make it two separate books. The first really would make a YA novella. The second one would e a solid war novella. The plots of TFE and the later two books in Mistborn are thematically very different, too.
  8. There is nothing to forgive. You rebel, I burn your city. You kill my grandparents, I kill you. That is just what honor demands. There is nothing warped here. There is nothing to forgive in the first place. It is dishonorable not to avenge relatives. His comrades, in fact his best friend, spurned him for just doing the honorable thing. And well, if the Alethi as a whole defend your enemy, then you attack them as a whole in form of their capital. Evi took away a weapon of their people for her personal benefit. She is praised for being a peacenik. People here are very much measured with two different rules.
  9. They still need a working larynx and tongue. Some teeth also help. And they do use at least the general knowledge of the talker. If it were literally just an unmade speaking, the majority of the death rattles would have to be in a foreign language, or, assuming they are using the language of the location foreign visitors would have to start speaking a language they do not know or lose their accent. Yet not everybody would wish for the knife to slip. Everybody on Roshar being OK with predicting the future is very much against Vorinism. And why use a child or agree to that? Even the Diagramm uses the terminally ill or beggars or criminals. The general public would insist on such a selection. Odium can see at least partially the future. As can Renarin. He does not need his champion to already have agreed. Granted, his plans can fail, but he may learn from failure.
  10. a suckling child - you need to be able to speak to get a death rattle a knife at the throat - that is the very place you must not cut if you want a death rattle "all who live wish me to let the blade slip" - that does not fit. The Diagramm are hiding what they do fearing an outrage or, bluntly, a lynching
  11. Why do so many people turn into aristocrats or monarchists regarding Moash? His grandparents were killed. Their civil rights ignored and subverted. The guy he tried to kill was deemed a failure by his own uncle and everybody else. He asked Kaladin for permission and got it. Why the loathing? Because Saint Kaladin did change his mind?
  12. Bonds without oaths happen between Ryshadiums and their spren dead spren and humans and Singers Yelig-Nar and his host (granted, he comes in a gem) possibly Aesudan's guards and voidspren Furthermore the epigraphs can be interpreted so that the Heralds forced the oaths upon the spren after they have developed the first bonds and the Eila stele implies that humans had surges and spren while still adhering to Odium. Of course calling it a symbiosis is safer, but it is uninformative. Yes. Listeners are different from Rosharan animals. In more than that way. Where are their antennas? Why only four limbs? Why only one voice box? Why a conventional (relatively speaking) mouth? You may note that Rosharan animals do not have multiple forms like Singers.
  13. Can you make Aons that make Aons?
  14. It goes through stone like a normal sword through butter. A normal sword that can be summoned and dismissed is a gimmick, not a treasure. Hence the defining characteristic of a shard blade is the preternatural edge. Azure demonstrated that in battle. Why make it sentient?
  15. Why would Moash assume that Odium has a champion at all or that he is higher in the pecking order than the magical Fused? He, as an alien among SIngers? No. he knows that they need somebody to do the dirty and dangerous work. But at least they are honest. Kaladin did renege on his word to him and he had a fully valid point when he avenged his grandparents or tried to.
  16. Possible, but I would doubt it given the continuation That just not matches Nale. What he did remained hidden. People had no idea the Knights Radiant were returning.
  17. Demoux. There must be quite a tale behind his mission. If not him then Felt. I suppose Zahel would also be interesting, but I don't like him.
  18. Been there, done that. It led to Moash almost killing Elhokar for the first time. Kaladin is not good at this. He is a very good leader of men and a gifted tactitian and a soldier. But not a great thinker. Give that man a break. He is in his early twenties and his education was limited and specialised.
  19. Venli did what was necessary. By the time the Parshendi unleashed Stormform, there was no other option. They would have been massacred and/or driven into slavery. Eshonai was in the end too sane and too obedient to save her people. Not only did she not want her role, she was unable to fulfill it. Strategically she failed to provide for the case of her peace plans failing. A good plane would have been something like accepting Stormform for enough people to wake the Everstorm, evacuate the civilans and send a part of her troops out for delaying actions at night.
  20. Exactly. But I am still wondering how the map of a world with two continents, whose people don't know that the other continent exists. looks like. Even the location of the perpendicularity does not really help, because there can be more than one. Is Shadesmar the same for everybody?
  21. Why do people spend a lot of money on aviars? That may seem like a trivial question at first. They are magic and give you powers. But let's look at the details. First, exclusivity: As far as mainlanders know the rule is one aviar per person at a time. Hence if you get one aviar you cannot just add to your powers, but you choose that power closing off the other possibilities. Second, the masking birds sell. Mating feathers from Kokerlii would attract a trapper. Why would you buy an aviar hiding your mind on the mainland? The predators of the Pantheon are limited to it and the waters near it. There are only a few hundred trappers. Every one of them already has a masking aviar. The Ones Above can detect aviar with a machine. Hence the masking ability is useless to them. So they want another aviar which conveys a power not found on other worlds. There must be something on the mainland that you need to hide your mind from. What could that be? It seems to me that the likeliest answer to that is other aviar. Now what is an ability we have seen on First of the Sun, not seen elsewhere? The most striking is outright telepathy. I conclude that there is an aviar that enables you to read minds.
  22. Yes, if and only if you sell them on the mainland. If you sell to other trappers, you have millions of aviars compared to hundreds of trappers. Remember also that on the mainland they believe that one aviar is the maximum, hence the values of useless aviars are negative in a certain market segment.
  23. Does Elantris have an economy? What do they have to sell? That is pretty clear - mostly AonDor. But what do they buy? It could be argued that AonDor creates a kind of subsistence economy. It can feed you and Elantris itself provides housing and public infrastructure. So what could you want that AonDor cannot give you? exotic stuff - travel is costly for Elantrians travel knowledge services - AonDor can make your dinner, fix your clothes and heat your home, but not easily put your room in order sex fame fashion Anything else?
  24. People have been asking how magic system would impact technology and social life. We have looked at that question from a positive angle. But there is obviously a world with a very negative angle: Threnody No fast movement: How do you run a railroad at night? Road traffic at night is also neigh impossible No kindling fire: percussion caps are impossible - you could do these ancient guns that actually use a burning match a flame thrower should, however, be tolerated - you have a pilot fire. You could build a gun based on that internal combustion engines are right out - no cars, no diesel railway engines / steam engines and jets should be possible, though if sparks count as kindling fire, even electricity is impossible you need controls for stuff that could make sparks - 'my home is my castle' is not possible on Threnody No shedding blood of another forget modern surgery forget modern dentistry even a syringe is playing with death road traffic is impossible. You would not survive many accidents. It looks to me like you'd have a stark contrast between country and city with a highly regimented society.
  25. In exchange for what? Things like open source software show that respect works, but you have to have something they pay respect for? What could that be? Again I arrive at arts and science. Sports?