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  1. Then why has no Fjordell immigrant ever been taken? Surely some of them considered themselves Elantrian.
  2. That is nice for those people who provide their own entertainment. What if you'd like to see a play? The actors may play for the love of the art, but who sweeps the floor and cleans the toilets? The administration of Elantris may reimburse the healers. Or let them deduct the time from taxes. Make is an ambiguous verb in that regard. You can see in Raoden's masquerade that you can draw Aons you could never hope to understand or develop. Moreover, you can activate somebody else's Aon, if it is in material form, as the teleport plates tell us. Debateable. There may also be 'Aonic cooks' who make templates for full meals. It would be an interesting market. You might indeed eat something tasty. But with no variety. Good point. But you still lose the income from years of rising prices. Yes. Though that may be possible. If you can make grain, why would any plant as such be a problem? That is an interesting question. Is there an Aon for grain? What do you get if you just use that, without modifiers. (Roshar) Raoden needed the distance and the direction. And he encoded that directly into the Aon. At least for teleportation we know that it works strictly by relative coordinates in the simple case. If you put the teleport stations at regular places in the city. you can cover most of the jumps with mass produced plates.
  3. If you are referring to basic needs, that seems totally accurate. But what about entertainment? Were the Elantrians payed for healing though? Did the healers work because they were noble and nice or did they get some reward or recognition or both? This is well and good. But it eliminates most farmers. And New Elantris will need services. Armed forces, a geological service, spies ... These people need to be paid. Raoden makes grain with no training. They did not try it. Nor would you notice poisons on a Reod Elantrian. But yes, you need cooks. A plate any Elantrian can then use. AonDor turns everything into information, economically speaking. The development of a complex Aon can be arbitrarily hard. But once it is done, you can write it down or, even better, make molds. That is, it matters very little whether you make one copy of an object or thousands by use of Aons. Which opens up an obvious way of taxing Elantrians. Either you learn and perform some Aons useful to the public or you will be an activator for some hours per period.
  4. The Shaod takes Dulas in the north of their native country.
  5. Seons can either be splinters or creations of AonDor. How do you reconcile these hypotheses? If they arose from splintering Devotion they as a species must be as old as the Dor, even if individual Seons have a limited life span. Generalized birthday problem.
  6. Apparently there is no easy way to simply duplicate something. If AonDor were a programming language, I would say that its IO primitives are lacking in input capabilities.
  7. That is still not a lot. But we know at least that the variation among their aons is large enough to make using them as names practical. Yet you do necessarily learn that the aon exists, don't you? Hence, if the Seons predate AonDor, there is a basic stock of Aons known to exist. Indeed you can make some statistical conclusions even from that. You can conclude that the number o aons on Seons is not trivial. Right. So unless they were incredibly stupid, aons on Seons are known to them. Right, but what did the Elantrians think about the topic? Did they divide aons into Seonic and advanced aons?
  8. That is about cutting. Synthesis requires some chemistry. It is not difficult (except for diamond), but you need to understand what they are, chemically speaking. If you understad that, soulcasting the raw materials and heating by fabrial would give you an advantage.
  9. True. Yet at that point, the Singers were the underdogs. And the Windrunners kept fighting. The visions showed that they are sent on missions. It is unclear who picks them, but they do go on missions. The Knights Radiant had a central organization. A headquarter, leaders (the Bondsmiths), a centralized transport network, archives, training centers ... That was not an objection made on a whim. Whoever recorded that had to go to a deicated facility for recording and he chose to preserve these specific words for the records. That very much indicates a choice with care. the visions showed a Knight dedicated to fighting and finding fighters an association with ancient Alethela ( The "Windrunner River") a herald of leadership as a patronontrary, an abundance of squires subordinate to a knight I am sorry, but on the contrary, the Windrunners are closest to what we would call field-grade officers among the Knights Radiant. No. He had no problem fighting people even before he became Radiant. Sure, he prefered to fight the oathbreakers. Not the Parshendi as a species, but those who had killed his king by treachery. When Kaladin exercised moral judgement, he felt that Elhokar deserved death. The point can be reasonably made, even if it is contested. Kaladin was honest in his belief that Elhokar deserved death. Point is that Kaladin did not do this out of personal antipathy. A Windrunner will protect even the guilty if that is his mission. Promising to protect Elhokar, he had made it his mission. Elhokar had murdered his best friend's grandparents, yet he protected him. Yes, they protect. But nevertheless by protecting you pick a side. Not as obviously as a Skybreaker or a Dustbringer would, but you do. Hence it comes up only in the later oaths. This is precisely what they do not do. Look at his reaction to Jasnah's plans. And, again, Elhokar. Killing the bad king is taboo, even if that would reduce overall suffering. The Windrunners will offer an option to surrender. They will not drop incendiaries on a city just because it harbors enemy soldiers alongside civilians, but, yes, enemy combatants are to be killed. No. The Windrunners are the order with the most squires and emulate the herald of leadership.Nor is a dedication to mission not the same as a dedication to orders. The Windrunners kill enemy combatants because they are enemy combatants, as opposed because their orders tell them to do so. That would be Skybreakers. Besides, a Windrunner, if we are talking about a full Knight Radiant, is an officer: an abundance of squires and missions out of communication with HQ. A naval officer in the age of sail would be the best analogy. Clearly not somebody who just follows orders. Are the Fused evil? They are fighting to get their planet back. And if you wish we can discuss the ethics of Honor who was ready to throw a whole world into a cycle of eternal genocidal wars without asking its people. We would talk till 2020. It isn't the greatest. For that you would follow Jasnah's line of thought. But they still have to take a side and understand that you kill the enemy because he is the enemy. No further justification needed.
  10. Elantrians and their power are interesting. But it seems to me that Elantris cannot stay a city of Elantrians exclusively. There will be visitors, ambassadors and traders domestic servants (I have not seen an Aon for tidy up this room or clean this toilet) companions, not necessarily of the paid kind, although they will exist. Now that Elantris is fixed I doubt every married new Elantrian will seek a divorce. children. Elantrians can reproduce and their children will in general not be Elantrians How do these people live? They will have food and clothing provided to them. That much is clear. But how do they spend their days and how will they find a place in live? While we have seen a street sweeper becoming an Elantrian, I doubt he would keep working as such. Even a stupid person could copy Aons and activate them. It would be a waste to use Elantrians for mundane tasks. Yet, if you are an Elantrian and have been for centuries, would you really like to see your children go into domestic service? So what are the alternatives? They can leave Elantris and take up a normal job They can serve Elantris outside Arelon. The new king strikes me as somebody who would go exploring and sending out embassaries Elantris may create Janissaries. If you can create enchanted weapons, armor and other gear with Aons, Elantris will not be in a position to forgo the possibility. More so if they want a navy and marines. They may become artisans or artists or traders within Elantris. It is unclear to me how such a community will develop over many centuries. But in the short and medium term I see conflict. Parents will bury children and grand children. Repeatedly. Children will age and parents stay young (classical vampire tropes will be appropriate) Children will never be equal to their parent or parents Marriages will fray city born muggles will dislike newcomer Elantrians, but will be unable to do anything about it Elantrians may set up harems - the family is not the basic building block of society in Elantris. The immigrant is.
  11. Best for whom? At the risk of sounding like a broken parrot, people have conflicting interests. There are surely those who do not want to send away their children and those who would rather enjoy free food, housing and running hot water rather than a purpose in life. Yes, if we are talking about the first spouse. Given human, specifically male, nature, it would surprise me if there weren't a migration of young, nubile women to Elantris.
  12. Three Kholins out of a population of dozens(?) of millions is a statistical impossibility. It means that the spren chose by political power. That is kind of violation of the principle of going by moral qualities. Whether it bothers you is a quesyion of personal preference I suppose, but the point can be made.
  13. Depends on the armor. The holes necessary led to the late medieval/renaissance Swiss tactics of going for the groin, which in turn led to the development of the armored and decorated cod piece.
  14. But not necessarily an effect by itself. Sure something like 'south' has a meaning. It does the obvious if you combine with, for example, Tia. But on its own? But all of them? That is, is the set of Aons knowable by collecting all possible Seons, or are they a subset? If the latter, what does that mean? Is the set of Aons closed at all?
  15. They woud still make a triific dart. Plate still makes you strong and heavy. You could bear a 20mm hand cannon and wear a lot of ballistic armor over the plate.
  16. Mass issues. The arrow would be too light. You'd waste the increased strength stormlight gives you. An arrow has a fairly large surface area compared to a bullet. If you make it very fast, as you would, if you went to maximum draw weight, you will fire an extremely fast arrow. Friction goes up with the square of velocity. You'd end up with a missile that is extremely lethal at short range, which is useless because it pretty much cuts through everything anyway, but rather short range. Hence a javelin may be a better use of a live spren blade.
  17. At first glance the phenomenon seems limited to the Knights Radiant. But there is one clear case where a power was shared outside them: Sixth of the Dusk told Sak to share his power with Vathi. Was she his squire? And what about the Queen's Guard. Those soldiers did not really act like they were under the influence of Ashertmarn. So were they Aesudan's squires with Yelig-Nar?
  18. OK, so is this person a squire during that time?
  19. That would raise the question why Elantris does not have the teleport equivalent of an airport and a warehouse of stuff from potential destinations. Generally AonDor is 'stupider' and less perceptive than other usages of Investiture. You may notice that there is no (easy) way to say: heal him where he has been wounded. You have to say literally which part of the body you want to heal. Input of information is hard in AonDor.
  20. Use a solid fin like on an aircraft. Although I wonder whether with a spren which can change its shape you should not just go with a homing missile. Would you rather use a shard arrow or a shard javelin propelled with some kind of woomera?
  21. If you see elasticy as a constant of material. Which it usually is. For a monocrystalline material for example it is not; it depends on direction. You would need to use vectors to fully describe an object. If you have full control about these vectors, you should be able to make an object deform within the limits of elastic deformation. In other words, it moves.
  22. To whom? That explains that they bond people. But why stay in the family and which child do they go with?
  23. Very well, then the elephant in the room: Can you make it negative? This may seem a stupid question, but if you can it looks to me like you have a material that will move against external pressures, which under gravity and in air, means more or less that it can deform elastically at will. (Nalthis)
  24. Well, Moash's grandparents didn't need protection anymore. The other victims of a bad king still would need it. As would the new bridgeman in the Sadeas armies. And the Windrunners were fighting Singers in all the desolations. They helped execute the plan that lobotomized and enslaved them. You cannot just protect. People have conflicting interests. The idea of pre protection is a delusion. So the humans should now enjoy the fruits of their ancestors' betrayal and aggression? The discussion between Kaladin and the Singers is enlightening. People will not willingly share the land with the Parshendi. They are his enemies. They are fighting in the armies that occupy his homeland. They are taking humans as slaves. They are also good people fighting for their freedom. That all nice people will always be friends is fantasy. People have conflicting and incompatible interests. The only other order whose full ideals we know does exactly that. They dedicate themselves to 'the law', only to find out that law is not a uniform thing and you have to pick whose law to follow. As their ideals require an object, they find out that applying it universally is impossible. The same logic quandry Windrunners find themselves in. And we have the recording: 'not want to protect everybody' ... want, not try or seek. No, they make good policemen. The first virtue of a soldier, before obidience, is loyalty. Again, Windrunners do not care about crimes. Kaladin had to protect Elhokar, who was a murderer. Justice is for Skybreakers. Granted somebody like Jasnah is not fit for them. But nevertheless they are soldier. Sylphrena picked a soldier. The other spren pick soldiers, not clerks or Rock. Fighting soldiers. Well, which battle? This is a logical trap. The world does not neatkly divide into attackers and defenders.
  25. So why did Odium create him? He sure is creepy, but he is actually helpful to the Rosharans. The Diagram even is running a program to use him. Why help your enemies? Does that mean that he had no choice when he made the Unmade? Were they a package deal? Or did he not know what he would create?