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  1. Venli doing a complete back-flip. She is still a Singer. I cannot see her supporting a battle against Singers taking over kingdoms.
  2. By using half the quote and taking that one out of context First an assertion that no deities have any positive evidence. Hence you would need to prove a negative. So far so good. Then a possible explanation how the legends arose. The Allmighty could be a spren. A reasonable explanation, but proven wrong. The core concept of her believe has been falsified. Roshar is an artificial construction. By that standard she would be claiming that there cannot be a god by definition. That is no longer a scientific statement. She would be merely stating a tautology. And Jasnah is obviously to intelligent to overlook that problem in her attitude.
  3. It is complicated. The only thing we are reasonably sure of is that it is not subject to the inverse square law. Well, in a vacuum and with 100% efficiency. Both conditions are not met.Looking at allomancy in terms of energy does not make sense. Energy is added from outside. Wax does not rise in a ballistic arc. It is a powered ascent. In terms of physics he is a helicopter not a bullet.
  4. Yes. Feels like a cop out. Her original hypothesis was that he does not exist. It has been disproven. Jasnah is too rigid to react to this with an adaption. There has been new evidence, so believes have to be adjusted.
  5. She is a Knight Radiant with a Blade at least. Hence she has sworn at least the third oath. The oaths have been imposed by a Herald whom in turn Honor had created. I am sorry, but if that is the only criterium then Honor is a god. NOw considering the worshipping aspect, well that is of course entirely subjective. Her other attitudes are determined by science. Of course she considers the Allmighty unnecessary. Otherwise she would need to conclude that he exists. But you cannot conclude that something that does not need to exist does not exist. That is just not logical. Turning atheism into just another religion by imposing an unfalsifiable condition upon it. One may do so. But for a scientist to do so is distinctly odd.
  6. Moash must not die. And Shallan should stop this double dealing.
  7. It seems highly unlikely to me that she would make up her own definition. Why bother? She did not look at the Iri religion or something else. She looked at Vorinism primarily. Now Jasnah is a scholar. I doubt she would make an unfalsifiable hypothesis. It would seem to me that she would indeed consider her original hypothesis refuted and refusing to speak about this because then she would need to assert that they have to defeat a god. She is certainly ready to go to extremes.
  8. You forgot Ashyn and the World the Aethers come from. They have an organic material that weirdly interacts with magic. No. Sel is a high-gravity world. Running around there will be no fun for anybody from a different world. For Rosharans, it is likely near crippling. That raises a question. Do you really want to expose foreigners to pathogens who have adapted to living in such an environment? They live in a high-oxygen environment. There must be industrial processes for which that is bad. Do they have coal, oil or natural gas? And of course they need gem stones. Given how soulcasting works, it looks like you cannot build an automated soulcaster. Except for diamonds, gem stones are really not that difficult to make in an industrialized economy. Beaches. Imagine that waves on a world with a huge ocean, low gravity and frequent storms. Surfers' paradise. And medical tourism if they can get the healing fabrials to become common.
  9. Right. But again you value that ideal more than other possible ideals for reasons beyond rationality. So do I. She is not obedient. That really depends on what was first. If indeed something was first and we are not looking at a gradual adaption. We know that the oaths are a later adaption. So were the orders first or the oaths? All we do know is that powers and ideals and jobs are often in agreement, most obviously for the Edgedancers and the Bondsmiths. The Dustbringers have an ability that is based on destruction and they are named for it. So we may assume that they attract the type that will use such powers and that their oaths reflect that.
  10. Well, if they are truly indistinguishable yet not gods, then how would you falsify the hypothesis that there are no gods? It seems to me that if you take that position, atheism will become an article of faith, not reason.
  11. Suppose a Knight Radiant has an Aviar. If you are his squire, do you get the Aviar's abilities, too, or do you get only the Nahel Bond? Likewise, if you become Venli's squire, do you get to share the power of a Regal?
  12. That is no longer true. She has witnessed his recordings and spoken to eye witnesses. She does understand that unlike Spren, Honor did not live in Shadesmar. Yes. No. The power induces specific behavior and attitudes in the vessel. It is kind of like a parasite or a virus. It is not something like entropy or electromagnetism. Well, right, but Jasnah originally doubted the very existance of Honor, as opposed his worthiness.
  13. Able to create whole planets Immortal Existing beyond time and space Who then is a god?
  14. At the core loyalty is a form of discrimination. You prefer your own side to the other side. Spensa has this, as well as a readiness to endanger herself for the community. That is distinct from doing what you are told. That was about who becomes an Elsecaller. But how does that help. Stereotypes and oaths will be common to the whole order. If the order has no common preference it does not matter. But if it has, exceptions will not matter.
  15. That is when Khrissella writes about who becomes an Elantrian. That is not the same thing as saying who is in the pool of potential Elantrians. She states that that is determined by place of birth. But I cannot reconcile that with the ability to do ChayShan in a descendant of expates living in Arelon
  16. I am afraid not. It is explicitly stated as common knowledge, that Duladen people can be taken, but only those from the border lands.
  17. Why? We have all indications that the Connection one has to a land is unalterable by conscious decision. So no converts. That touches upon a core question. Is the Connection between a people and a land exclusive? Teod and Arelon have diverged and the Teod isles are not part of Aons. I would say that a connection to a distant homeland stays valid until that homeland is occupied anew by a different people. How? The other methods little to nothing in common.
  18. ChayShan works for people born and raised abroad. However, you need to have a land of origin. I am afraid minority nationalities would be without access to the Dor. Nomads can just as well have a land. In fact that is the usual case. They just don't use houses. I can see no reason that would preclude access to the Dor. But it very much looks like there is a strict one to one correspondence between area and system of access. That just does not work for ethnic minorities.
  19. I think we are in violent agreement. Well, it looks to me like a large majority of the Skybreakers are in law enforcement or support thereof. And oaths being similar for the whole order will need to be derived from typical role and attitudes. I don't see a split here. Form follows function.
  20. Genderless? I would say that is exactly what the Alethi are not. You are correct about the core values, but you left out duty, which they see as gendered. It seems to me that they just care little about sex in general. They also have no issue with sex outside marriage (as opposd to adultery) or prostitution. But if you wanted to be a transsexual or crossdresser, I don't see them being OK with that. Sex is just a recreational activity.
  21. In fairness, I guess we have to say that they are usually not alone. The idea that a Radiat mcan win comes from the notion that a Shard Blade will largely resist Allomancy. If that turns out to be wrong, the Mistborn will win. Right. In fact Mistborn are optimized to fight Allomancers. Yes, but they need specific beads. There is no doubt a Soulcaster has the ability to destroy metal reserves. The difficulty is in targeting. And the obvious assumption is that they are on Roshar. I does not just have a presence. It has a mode for operation there, which has been blocked. And it stands in teh middle of nowhere. And a malfunctioning transport strands you there and Elsecallers find it easier to transition than to outright teleport. It indicates to me that Elsecallers use the CR to teleport. Hence teleporting inside the CR will not work. Look at how fast Wyndle was when he was in a hurry. Not faster than Lift. It is a possible motivation for that combat. In other words it makes an extreme difference to know whether the intent to fight is one-sided or mutual. We are told that Stormlight gives you extreme endurance but not much more power. So a Radiant can keep running at human top speed. Kelsier and Vin did a pewter dash that would have killed a horse. Sorry for being unclear. The party which is faster can abandon a failing attack and retreat to retry. If he is much faster he can get around the other party and prepare the terrain. MIstborn can fly. Most Radiants cannot.
  22. Again, loyalty and obedience are different things. She will risk her life for her country. But she is the type who would frag a terrible officer. While this is true, it is so broad that it has little meaning. In particular how ready are you to sacrifice some for the good of the many. Remember the clash between Kaladin and Jsanah. It can be ridiculous. However, the orders of the Radiants are clearly specialised. In extreme cases they will all summon blade (safe for the Bondsmiths) and Plate and fight, but their approach will be very different. You can argue that a good offense is the best defense. After all a dead enemy won't harm yours anymore. You can also argue that hunting down an enemy who will be reborn really is stupid and you should let them bleed themselves to death attacking your forified positions. Roshar lost enough population in the desolations. You really cannot afford to let it become even worse.
  23. She isn't a traitor. She will not forsake her side for whatever reason, but she will not respect authority for the sake of authority. Jezrien is supposed to rule, yet the first oaths of the Windrunners are about protection. That connection is not tight. The Windrunners and the Dustbringers will come to your aid, while the Stonewards will die for you, but only in holding the walls. So I would guess something like: I will seek the enemy out, rather than hide behind walls and gates.
  24. While that is possible, the Mistborn will have multiple vials and a bead is not exactly easy to find. Surges probably not, but I am confident Navani is working on weaponizing fabrials. A painrial is likely. A halfshard shield. Some communication device. A greatbow. A warnrial. Then why do all the oath gates have a section in the CR? Not at the speed a Mistborn flies or can run. You can do that. Yet you tell your opponent where you are in a coarse sense. Again it depends on terrain? Is there metal? This leads us to an unspecified part of the scenario. Why do they fight? Personal hatred? Who has the choice of the battle field? Still much slower than a Mistborn. His gems still leak. As a Mistborn is faster (unless we are talking about the teleporting orders) he has fist access to the areas the Radiant will move in