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  1. Why? Deliberate and calculating for sure, but vengeful? She could have turned only the air around their legs to molten lead or find many more horrrible ways to kill them. Nor did she go there first chance she had to clean out the vermin. No, she did it on the occasion she had a lesson to teach. She cared little about those killed in the mean time. She shows just an incredible haughtiness even disdain for common people, not vengeance. (Scadrial) Most street criminals are men. Just a matter of statistics. This may simply be overinterpretation. And so were the Ghostbloods. Jasnah could not leave witnesses. The moment she entered that street these criminals were dead men walking. That raises the question whether they were observed anyway.
  2. Economic efficiency basically is the issue, not norms. They are Skaa anyway, so why care about norms? Norms are for people, they are property. No, training soldiers costs money. Soldiers rarely fight, but they often march. So you have to ask who is likelier to finish a training that involves regular marches of 30km with heavy loads? Also, you need your Skaa to make new Skaa. And based on that reasoning you will make a preselection. These considerations go away, as soon as pewter enters the game of course. But a woman often winning physical contests with men is supicious. They may have a seeker around. So Ham as a woman requires dropping her close connection to the guards.
  3. Yet, a declared allomancer has to be noble, don't they? A Pewterarm masquerading as an ordinary soldier works for a man, but a woman? Sure, the noble houses should have female guards in their allomantic component, but the janissaries?
  4. Not really. They are street bandits and presumably murderers. If they are arrested, tried and found guilty, they will be executed. Such is the law in that area. Or they will go free. Scaring them into changing their ways will hardly work.
  5. Trell is the vessel of the Shard of Abstract Reasoning.
  6. Almost certainly. They have plants with arcane powers. Only on Patji.
  7. She should not have made a lesson out of this. One does not kill people for teaching purposes. Yet, had she been in that situation for any other reason, surely yes, they deserved it.
  8. These religions do not exist independent of each other, obviously. Sazed was a member of Kelsier's crew and Kelsier held the Shard of Preservation for some time before Sazed took it up. That all is known to at least educated Scadrians of all religions. There are also religious texts, The Words of Founding, whose authorship is a matter of historical record. Socially their members intermarry and interact normally. So how do they do this, theologically? Kelsier - is it accurate to see his role in Pathianism like Chrisyians see Old Testament Prophets? Harmony - what exactly is Harmony to a Survivorist? An extremely powerful, immortal being, but not a god? SOmehow I cannot square that with the universal reaction to Kandra. SO what is Harmony? No terrestial equivalent? Words of Founding - are they holy to both religions, just fundamentally differently interpreted?
  9. It is mentioned that Harmony provided people wombs of rock, which they emerged out of in the park in the center of Elendel. Wax apparently believes that. The problem is that Harmony did no such thing. He moved the caves there, but Rashek, not Harmony had built them. So, don't they know the truth? That seems extremely unlikely, as they know the story of Spook and Sazed. So is that an inconvient fact, which theologists in principle would affirm, but not volunteer? "Best not mentioned"?
  10. (Roshar) Kelsier is likely to equate most powerful entities in the Cosmere with nobility and woud treat them accordingly.
  11. So Kelsier is kind of a prophet telling fundamental truths? Right, so let's touch the dicey subject. What is Ruin in their theology? Yes.
  12. Aviars are not new. Else the remark about nobody finding a new kind of Aviar in a long time makes no sense. They also have a university. So why haven't they found out that you can have multiple Aviars? I would propose that it is not quite so easy as Sixth of the Dusk makes it sound you must bond near the Eye of Patji the chick to be added must be really young it must recently have gotten the worm
  13. If the only thing Aviars did is hiding you from creatures that do not exist on the mainland, Aviars wouldn't sell except as novelty items.
  14. Yet Steris calls a kandra 'Holy One'. She is a Survivorist. So what is going on there?
  15. No. They would still got a sharp peak instead of a bell curve. They did not get the message anyway, as they had no idea that there are 16 metals. They just detected that there is a message.
  16. Yet they are soldiers. You cannot protect your enemy.
  17. It would not work. Kaladin will be frequently be able to save either side, but not both. Nor, frankly, could he effectively fight Odium's forces if he tries to save as many as possible.
  18. A bit of Scadrial or Threnody would be better. Won't we get enough Roshar this year?
  19. We know what starts a desolation: Heralds returning to Roshar or staying on Roshar for too long. We have no similar idea when it ends. Yet the heralds knew. The present desolation has one new feature in the form of the Everstorm. In past desolations killed Fused would return in the next desolation only. So who has which interests after it is sufficiently clear who will win? Let's look at the actors: The Heralds They really do not want a desolation to formally end. For them the best possible world would be one where they do little to no fighting, but are allowed to stay on Roshar. The distinctions is important. They want to win the war, but not end it. A bit like mercenaries. The living Fused That depends on patriotism. From an individual biew point being alive on Roshar looks better than ghosting around on Braize. They might continue some kind of guerilla. If you want the SIngers to prosper, the next Desolation cannot come soon enough. The dead Fused They want the next desolation. For that the Heralds have to break. For them to break they need to be tortured. For them to be tortured they must be forced to return to Braize. If there is no longer a realistic chance of winning, it is better to give up and try again. The sooner, the better. Odium His view is likely close to a dead Fused. As soon as his forces are defeated and have done all the damage they can reasonably do on Roshar, it is better to withdraw for the next round to come quickly . Where does this leave us in terms of strategy? I am afraid I now need to ask you to liberate your inner psychopath and drop all hints of ethics. Let me look at Odium. After the first few desolations he has understood that he is in a war of attrition. Hence he will shift his focus from the field forces of Honor's troops to the population, as soon as he is losing. While you are winning captured population is good. They will make your supplies, perhaps you can even press some of them into your service. But you lost all prior desolations. You need to prepare to lose this one and be ready to switch. First you want to destroy any institutions that keep civilization working: hospitals, places of learning, port facilities, ship yards, mines, mills, forges ... But at some point this runs into diminishing returns. Then your next target become the people itself. If there are fewer Rosharans, you will face fewer soldiers the next time. And they will have a harder time getting civilisation running again. So whom do you target? Women and children, especially older girls. The factor (food aside) that sets a limit to the growth of a mammalian population is the availability of fertile females. Hence women and older girls (younger girls is not so good, because child mortality, which will be high, as you are confiscating food, would render a part of your job futile). Disgusting, but wars are not nice. Your enemy will try to stop you by means of fortifications. Warfare is sieges and assaults on fortresses, followed by a dash to catch retreating forces, then surpressing the people of the area you took. And once you are being beaten back, you slaughter civillians. And once you are beaten so much that the damage you do is no longer worth the time you are giving the Heralds, you retreat to Braize to start over. So, what, mechanically speaking, ends a desolation and forces the Heralds back to Braize? I have three candidates: The number of Fused on Roshar is getting too low (It cannot be zero or the Heralds would have tried capturing some, bashing their heads in and keeping them alive in a coma with Progression - yes, war is gruesome.) Fused cease to come to Roshar (This is unlikely, as it would allow the Fused to come, keep running and make Heralds return, leaving the Rosharans alone to fight. And you are not going to catch all armies of flying Fused) Odium turns off the tap of Voidlight - I think that is really the end of a desolation (and I would speculate that that was the reason Gavilar acquired spheres of Voidlight for experiments) The most important conclusion I am drawing is that the Heralds don't end a desolation. Odium does so, forced but deliberately.
  20. If they are alive. If Jasnah got the idea, so would Gavilar. Just as selling them to his enemies. No preparations for that. Or, failing that, extermination. But why give them back the Regal forms?
  21. This has paralells. The Cryptics themselves are big into science and math, yet they seek the artistic types.
  22. Why in the Cosmere would he want to do that? He'd lower the value of his own slaves. The timing is implausible. He'd had learned of the Parshendi only a short time ago. Why not just go to the Horneater Peaks and send explorers through the perpendicularity? But he knew who Nale was. That really changes things.
  23. He hadn't surrendered, still a combatant, even if a failure as a fighter, too.
  24. On the face of it. the cultures of the Cosmere seem extremely varied, with their own pecularities, languages, religions, customs, institutions and laws. There is, however, a glaring exception: family structure For starters, no Cosmere culture we have seen is polygynous. That is odd. Nobody is paying a bride price. Everybody looks to be living in a western style core family. The Kholins are the closest to an exception. Is that to just keep it family friendly or just too hard to write, if we look at it from a meta level, or is that deep Yolish influence?
  25. I cannot make the timeline work on that. The Forescouts were second hand living memory in the time of SITFOH, which took place within a hundred years of Alloy of Law, which in turn took place 341 years after Kelsier met Nazh and Khrissalla. Silence's grandparents left the homeland. Even if they did that as older teenagers and generations are long on Threnody, 120 years since the Evil arrived is stretching it. And the Ire expected the forces of Threnody. Nazh must predate the Evil.