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  1. But that goes the other way. Why then not become a shadow? Do you feel suicidal? It should be the obvious default. Even if you eventually go on, why throw away this stage? There must be something you give up by becoming a shadow. That was after the Evil arrived. The only witness for the era before that is Nazh. Right. But Nazh tells us that shadows are ancient. The people of the Ire suggest that shadows can fulfill certain tasks. So what did shadows do in the Homeland?
  2. The Simple Rules have more consequences. I do not see a way you could run a police service outside fortified cities. There is just no way you could forcibly arrest or threaten a suspect. "Stop or I shoot" is just not viable or even survivable. Which brings us to the question of penal systems. How do you run a prison? You cannot truly disarm anybody on Threnody. Everybody has a virtual suicide vest on. If I am willing to take you with me and there are Shades around, I just hit you hard enough to draw blood and here we go. I would say that Threnody knows no imprisonment as penalty. Fines, outlawry and death only. This goes further. The wards around a place are vital, presuming a place is even warded. Sabotage is far easier and deadlier. In a place without wards a thrown stone can mean mass suicide. Threnodites must have an extremely low tolerance of foolishness, petty delinquency and mental illness. I suspect that such people are driven out into the Forest essentially to die.
  3. How does the machine detecting aviars work? Aviars, at least the species carried by trappers, hide their minds. That is the key point of their abilities. So how do you build a machine that detects them? Does it simply burn through by sheer power? Or are the Aviars shielding against (Nalthis) only and do nothing against (Scadrial) But if so, how are those who are not currently using their abilities located? Is the machine using a combination?
  4. They were also policing the highways. So, you send them where exactly? If it is close, they still are very powerful. If you send them far enough, they will end up in Derethi lands. Do you really want to send people who know a lot into an enemy empire?
  5. There was a highway police outside Elantris. I think tjis pattern will hold. But not inside. I think Elantris have an internal and external system totally decoupled. And probably two justice systems inside Elantris. The idea of equality before the law is just anachronistic. Not really, at least not fully. A life of crime just makes less sense in Elantris. The wealth of an Elantrian is to a large extent in his social capital and the Aons he knows. You cannot steal that. Also the output of an Aon depends, all things being equal, on its size. That is easy to change. Giving away a lot of the same stuff is cheap. Yet even if their external benevolence extends to inside Elantris, there will still be conflict. Things like murdering your neighbor because he has an affair with your wife will happen and Elantris needs to deal with it. That is basically the point. Humiliation is the intended goal. How else do you punish an Elantrian? You cannot use the death penalty for lesser crime, like, if we stay in the example, a man just beating up his neighbor. You could declare them outlaw. That is a pretty bad idea. A band of outlaw Elantrians roaming Arelon is a nightmare. What else is there? You may note that in countries on Earth things like fines and community service is used. That falls short. For fines you need to have money. For community service and even jail terms, you need to be able to keep people imprisoned. Long term imprisonment is impractical for Elantrians. So what do you do?
  6. I am afraid I have to disagree. The reason is best eplained quoting Adolin: 'A Shardbearer cannot hold ground.' Of course TLR is not literally one of them. But he is stll one man. He cannot be everywhere. Thus I would say that this battle is far from certain. But the Rodharans have an advantage in leaderhip aerial combat logistic combat engineering These factors together should allow them to win after many years by attrition alone. They will burn fields and collapse mines until the Scadrians run out of supplies, mainly food and metals. It doesn't have them. You need to look at the center of mass. You'd better emulate Syl and go for a spear. It can be wielded better with two hands and be thrown.
  7. I always assumed that he was the aristocratic reaction to the Hierocracy. If they needed to be subordinate to somebody at all, better one of their own and a fighting man rather than a council of priests. And after conquering all the Vorin lands to get those troublesome priests, he had grown to like the idea of empire and conquest. So he kept going on. Plus conquest allows you to hand out lands to loyal followers. Possible, but without evidence. The claim itself can just as well, in fact even be better, explained as a weapon in a war of propaganda.
  8. Yes. However, the number of Bondsmiths is still very small. They can do this a few times on special occasions. In the big scheme Radiants are limited by the fuel they can practically carry. And by leakage of Stormlight. It barely lasts across a Weeping in the biggest gems. They cannot stockpile fuel. Do we have an idea how high the practile operating radius of a Windrunner is? It looks to me to be on the order of a thousand kilometers to me. That is, to cross major oceans, you need ships or elsecalling.
  9. Why then are spanreeds blocked by being in an aluminium cage? And why can you not lash through Plate? They likely have as many seekers as the Radiants have Lightweavers. Now the Lightweavers can pick their targets. But for planning they need to know whether they can be detected. Very risky. Their utility is much diminished. May I point out that neither of them had a few centuries of experience at directing them? No. You can still take parts of example one crossbow to repair others because they are standardized and measured. It depends on whether the Scadrians find a way to counter Cohesion. Unknown. And on the Rosharans finding the enemy bases. A planet is a big place. If all goes well. The Rosharans are better under adverse conditions. And they are able to use infrastructure. Radiants navigate visually - on an alien planet, without maps If they were aircraft, we'd say they have leaky tanks. They can land and wait for a few days, but not weeks Coinshots can use prepositioned anchors. In that case navigation is provided for. Conviniently Radiants glow and Coinshots can sense each other and the weapons of their oponents At night or bad weather the Coinshots are ahead. Neither gravitaion nor elsecalling If we are taking about taking a planet, he will need ships. That takes time. Who will win on the high seas depends on storage. If the Radiants can recharge spheres on a ship, they will win in a fleet engagement. If not, the Scadrians will win, due to superior technology and allomancy, whose fuel keeps indenfinitely. Another can of worms. Spren cannot wear a helmet. What will emotional allomancy do to them?
  10. Opening open questions in serial. If you use Cohesion (or Soulcasting for that matter), how do your commands get to their target? And what does a coppercloud do to that transmission? Highstorms? Officers in TLR's army will be noble, hence there will be a lot of allomancers among them. Inquisitors will have importance. They are allomancers. Arrow, crossbows, javelins, slings - preferrably with poisoned missiles? By themselves yes. WIth allomantic officers the story may be different. It also gets you interchangeable parts. That is exactly what he may do. If your enemy has Cohesion that may be a bad idea, but the Scadrians do not necessarily know that. Yes. That comes with air superiority. The Scadrians will be forced to go to night operations. You cannot have a high rate of losses if this is to make sense. Hence you build combat teams. That is already the Scadrian style. We are quite sure Pewterarms are stronger than mere Radiants. Against people in Plate the situation is unclear. Yes. Marching over wet ground. That will be fun to a people only knowing wet rock. For all we know Regals did it. They can definitly pool powers. Radiants can combine their different powers. It may require a Bondsmith.
  11. Pain? Dryness? Warning? Heat?
  12. As far as we know Division can not be used at range. They are not used to soil. Or dense forests. Or swamps. How would a neutral planet look like? Earth in the precambrian? Then both sides are likely to die from starvation before they find the other side. And the air would be barely or not at all breathable. Either you have Highstorms or not. If not, the planet won't look like Roshar. Indeed the numbers conflict. You can disguise your features. What does that buy you? Do you want to impersonate somebody? Then a perfect mask will not solve your problems. Now Rosharans look differently from Scadrians. A personal disguise will solve that issue. But there is still language: He is a Bondsmith. He cannot create illusions. At best he can teach languages. Do you know how hard it is to get rid of a foreign accent? It takes years of total immersion at a minimum. Granted, that is for human learners. Spren are better. No. He can then repeat the phrases perfectly. Does he know how to form a plural? Does he know syntax? Declensions or conjugations? The layout of the city he was supposed to be stationed in? Vocabulary? How to eat like a Scadrian? How to bind his shoe laces? How to curse when he stubs his toes or drops his canteen? How to greet a superior officer? That would take years of study. With a tiny number of teachers. There must be two kinds of lines. Otherwise every Coinshot or Lurcher would have steelsight. Hence you need to get the right kind of stuff into your illusions. While you have no way of looking at your own work. This will fail. No Tineyes, no Seekers, no Electrum. Fewer large cities to train in. No forests with immobile trees to train in. Their main weapon they train with is a huge sword. But they can put them in storage and they will be good for decades. Not so Stormlight. Except for a small number of perfect gems, they run dry after two weeks or so. There are three of them. And how long does a supercharge last? A week? No. Fighting during the night. Literally. The period the sun is on the other side of a planet. Knights Radiant are radiant. Their bodies shine. Their armor shines. Their fuel shines. You are visible from far You ruin the night vision of verybody on your side Again, no equivalent of tin No equivalent of bronze Will they know the passwords? All the other Knights will. And even an illusionist is not immune from a Tineye. mass production superior metalurgy canned food Guns are far from their only technical edge. A million crossbow bolts. Ten thousand cross bows. All doable. Not so easy with Rosharan technology.
  13. That has opened another can of worms. How does a coppercloud look in the CR? Can they see at all? Unknown I'd say. They have a year to prepare. ANd Rosharan troops will find themselves in a totally alien environment. Hence they won't send them out in adverse conditions after the first few defeats. And the likelihood of having a Coinshot or Lurcher increases with the importance of the base you want to infiltrate. Seekers. An Inquisitor has to use allomancy permanently. If he does not pulse, he is fake (or under copper - but they'd ask him to drop it). And there is still the issue of speech. Limits (typo) Leaving out morphology, syntax, intonation ... Now, a Cryptic may eventually learn all this. But that still gives you no way to impersonate an allomancer in the presence of Seekers or Mistborn. It has to stand up to an Inquisitor's extended steel sight and to normal steelsight. If they show the same result, you have found an impostor. Badly. Now, while Roshar has some advantages, which I would judge decisive, there are still things Scadrial can try. They do have advantages, too. They are much better at fighting in close quarters. Their Investiture does not decay. They are better at night fighting They are very hard to surprise They have a technological edge. If the Scadrians tried to mount a campaign based on them, it may work. And we know too little on how the magics interact. What do the blue lines mean? Does Gravitation actually work on something that is touched by allomantic power? What is the effect of copperclouds on the various powers and their range?
  14. No vials. No weapons. No body armor. Does not use allomancy. Instantly obvious to any Seeker. Yes. But that liits tactical options enormously. EDIT: Yes. But that limits tactical options enormously. (A typo where it really matters) Bondsmiths are not Lightweavers. He could teach them how to say a few pass phrases without an accent to give them away. But not a whole conversation. But not taught. Not without an accent and with the implicit cultural knowledge associated. Yes, it would give them metal lines. Even to a conventional Coinshot or Lurcher. Instant give away. Lightweaving gives them both options. They are all problematic but to different degrees. Prisoners have to be interrogated. It has to be determined what allomancy can do. The enemy's technology has to be understood. A new world has to be understood. Convince Skaa that there are other options than fighting. They do not yet exist. This the Final Emipre. No Ferrings. You have full Feruchemists, Inquisitors and TLR himself. That's it for Feruchemy.
  15. How else but with Fortune can you explain the hit job on Hrathen in Teod? If Wyrn had known the reason, why would he have sent a single man? It just seem like a mission based on foreknowledge without understanding.
  16. Can they supply them? The raw population numbers are interesting but not all that helpful. The troops need to eat. Koloss probably can eat the local vegetation. The rest of the troops cannot without agriculture. And here the Scadrians have an advantage. The environment of a terrestial planet is utterly alien to Rosharans. They need to import all their food or use Investiture (Soulcasting and Progression) to produce it. Also their techniques for food preservation are more primitive. The Scadrians in principle could try farming. At least they know what soil is. Again, the most crucial information of the scenario is missing. Is there a local population to take away supplies from?
  17. That won't work. Everybody they are likely to simulate would be wearing a helmet and some kind of weapon. The metal lines would be missing or wrong. They can disguise themselves or other people as Scadrians. That, however, creates a problem. They do not speak their language. They can hide themselves or others under illusions of inanimate objects. That also creates an issue with metal lines. Nobody of them could be wearing anything metallic. Doable for a KR with at least his blade. But not for anybody else. Even then they depend on no Tineye hearing or smelling them. Good luck with that after a few days in the field. But the most basic question remains open. What constitutes winning? If the Scadrians hold a single base with TLR in it and the KRs the rest of the planet, who do you consider the winner?
  18. New Elantris will have to be different from Classical Elantris. And the world has changed during the Reod. The leadership of Elantris is operating under certain constraints. Shu-Dereth is an overt enemy now There are no experienced Elantrians (But presumably Seons of such people) Elantris has a known vulnerability now some people will remember the massacre of the Elantrians So some questions: Is Eventeo still a viable king? What is to be done about the Duladen Republic? Support the rebels? Trade - that is a tough one. Whom do you trade with, if not the Derethi lands? The failure quota during the battle of Teoras was unacceptable. Does Elantris need a militia with regular training? How does Elantris organize itself? Raoden does not fit the mold of an absolute monarch. Does Arelon need a secret police? Raoden may not think so, but some of his people will remember how the Elantrians were killed.
  19. Unless you meet a new problem. If events are independent. Which they are usually not. Take crime. It is concentrated. The best predictor of future crime is past convictions. That helps you against pirates and other threats at sea. That is good, but insufficient. On Opelon/Sycla, there are only two actors left basically. Teoden and Arelon can trade between each other, if the Derethi lands do not wish to trade. Does Teod produce a lot that Arelon will buy? Ships presumably. The basic consideration that drove the alliance between Teod and Arelon still exists. Very soon people will point out that Elantris was saved by serendipity and Sarene's policies would have doomed the people. Try selling that to teenagers and people who very living dead for months.
  20. Why gravitation specifically? That is true.
  21. That is not entirely true. We have Zane Venture. He was bred intentionally. Straff Venture was many things, but not an idiot. There was a realistic chance of success. That breeding programm was dangerous. In theory it was a capital crime. Hence the ratio must be somewhere between roughly 1:50 to 1:500.
  22. How long? For their life time. The 16% tell us nothing about the population of Scadrial. The allomancy came from the Mist only, or you would get a bell curve. They allow no conclusion for Scadrial during TLR. After that it depends on how much they breed true. Unknown.
  23. Because he was at that point crazy. And obsessed with finding a constant number. Occupational hazard. It makes sense given his personality and shard, but it is still false. You cannot send a signal with a number a recipient does not know. The signal was in the sharpness of the peak. If the mists had acted like an infection or a poison, you would still get an average number of casualties, who fall ill. Yet it would be an average. Plotting the actual cases you would get the classical bell curve. But they got a sharp peak. That would be the same whatever sensible number Leras had picked. It just tells us that Leras speaks a language that uses a number system based on ten.
  24. No. It was for everybody exposed to the mists at that specific time. And Leras is not thinking clearly at that time anymore. 16% is not a set number. It depends on the number base. We count by base ten. Apparently so does Scadrial. But this is not universal. The really telling data point they noticed was the absolutely fixed ratio per incident. The number of afflicted people did not follow a normal distribution. Any constant number would have done the job.
  25. He could pay them. So let's assume it was all atium all along. Yet still TLR has used up 500 000 years of youth. Marsh as a worst case about 50 000 years. Probably much less. At Marsh's age it still matters how young you make yourself most of them time.