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  1. Why are they keeping pigs? Food taboos can persist more or less forever, so there is no need to explain why pigs on Threnody are not eaten. But they do not keep them as pets. They don't ride them. They don't eat them. So why do they keep them? These people are living a hard life. They don't have resources to spare on useless animals. So the pigs must have or must have had until recently a use. That makes me wonder. If you can bond birds and worms inside them, why not pigs. Suinomancy, anyone?
  2. Because the Latin word for pig was 'sus'. Porcus means 'piglet'. The change to pork was a later development of the Romance languages. The shades already existed. And given the name they already adhered to the Simple Rules.
  3. In birds and insects. But not in crocodillians and turtles.
  4. Can you use Progression on animals in the same way it can be used on plants? Can you turn a tadpole into a frog or an alligator egg into a fully grown alligator? Do you have a choice among features depending on environment, like sex in alligators?
  5. We have indicators like this: Alethi pronunciation: [ˈdæ·lɪn·ar koˈlɪn] DA-lin-ar ko-LIN However we have this WoB: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/118-rfantasy-ama-2017/#e1847 According to it the kh is a fricative, not an obstruent as indicated there. So should this be changed to [xoˈlɪn] ?
  6. Theoretically true. However, you need to bring the Stormlight that turns into the blade together. That means that the same amount of heat is released by that work. In addition, it does not take Stormlight to summon a blade. That was the whole point that led to the discovery that shard blades are not fabrials. They work if their gem stones are dun. Furthermore, they need to displace the air that occupied the volume they now inhabit. That means that they compress air. The air would warm up from that.
  7. The problem with that is that condensation makes things warmer, not colder.
  8. If that were the case Stormlight would have to decay, as it loses energy. Also, the physical form of breath also shines light, as do Aons. It looks like Investiture in general does something to the structure of the universe which creates light. An extreme loss of Stormlight also causes cold. Szeth at one point formed frost. It would be odd for the blades to be cold for a different reason.
  9. But the egg literally has no sex and never had. We could conclude that you cannot do a sex change on a grown alligator, because it knows whether it is male or female, but that is not the use case we are looking at.
  10. Thank you. I interpret this to stand for /xolin/, as -leen usually represents a closed /i/ and an /o/ is closer to /u/ than an /ɔ/ The stress pattern in the Alethi language seem to be a question of class and/or region judging by how the stress on Kaladin's name was discussed, so I would not add stress. I am afraid there is another can of worms. The vowel system of Alethi. A language with a closed /o/ and /e/ only would be unusual. Can we assume that Brandon copied the vowel system of Alethi from Korean, resulting in 7 primary vowels? I really cannot fit a good Semitic system to the vowels in the names. So I would propose /dalinar xolin/. There is really no good reason to assume that Alethi has an /æ/ at all. And all syllables show full vowels. It would really be surprising to see a schwa in it. The names and words are just too long and show no signs of dropping vowels or syllables.
  11. Is it /xolin/ /xolɪn/ /xɔlin/ /xɔlɪn/ How is the stress? Does Alethi have phonemic vowel length?
  12. They already basically defeated both of them. Basically humans and shards will always be at best a shaky alliance. The tendency to use people as cannon fodder is too strong.
  13. The pages for Dalinar, Adolin, Renarin, Jasnah and Navani.
  14. So, does the coppermind need to be changed?
  15. Her name being Alethi I see no way this choice being defensible. Maybe they just were not ready to call a woman "Ken". Does your native language feature a /x/ ? That sound is indeed fricative in all varieties of Hebrew.
  16. The Sunmaker toppled the Hierocracy. So the Hierocracy must be older. The timing does not fit.
  17. Can we conclude that Shard Plate would not protect you from emotional allomancy from the effect that the Thrill had on people in Plate? Would it protect you from a Leecher or shield you against a Nicroburst?
  18. A rather famous amateur theologician from Scadrial wondered why you would pass on if you don't have to. For most people the question is academic. One world, however, inverts that. On Threnody everybody has to answer that question. So what do you have to lose? The old-fashioned answer a Threnodite would give is: your immortal soul. Shades wither away slowly and it looks like the dissolution of a Cognitive Shadow who has refused the call of the Beyond means annihilation. That would make becoming a Shadow a coward's choice. Yet Nazh reveres those who became Shadows. Why? And here speculation begins. Silence seems to form some sort of bond with her late grandmother. Shadows may have given Threnodites powers powered by their own substance. Sort of the ultimate sacrifice for family and country. Dare you imagine the horror they must have felt at the news of a continent full of Shades of people believed to be safely in the Beyond? Can we assume that the reaction would have been an epedemic of nihilism and neigh everybody elderly choosing to become a Shadow? And even more speculatively, what if those people turned Shadow refused to wither away and found a way to posses the living?
  19. Why? We do not know what shatters the plate. It could be energy or momentum or both. Nor do we know how this accumulates. Repeated hammerings work, hundreds of arrows do nothing. But there may be a lower limit below which damage does not accumulate. It looks like the effect of concentrating energy and momentum on a small area with a bullet does not work. I would try a large calber low velocity weapon to maximize momentum.
  20. Aons per urination in the sand? Apparently Aons need some depth, so you cannot just write them. But there is just too much opportunity to make them. They have no explicit external fuel. (Scadrial) (Roshar) The other magic systems are not different in their powers but in their source of fuel. It is impossible to imprison somebody with a full set of magic powers. It is strictly speaking not true that other magic systems of the Cosmere allows this. The difference is that they open up a way to turn a mage into a muggle at least temporarily, usually just by taking away the fuel. Anywhere where that possibility does not exist the problem arises. That is why we have a similar thread pertaining to Threnody.
  21. I think we should explore this also, because it poses even more unique challenges than the economy. First of all, will there be crime? Yes, we'd kidding ourselves if we assumed otherwise. They may be demigods, but they are not saints. Nor do they grow up without scarcity. Sure, no sane person would break into a house to steal food or money, but there is still conflict. And not everybody in Elantris can be an Elantrian. At a minimum there must be children. (Or parents - a fascinating topic of its own) unique objects, like original paintings can still be stolen personal dislikes sex crimes But will there be a police force? This is not obvious. Ancient Rome had none. They had a force of watchmen against fire and stuff, but no police force. Actually I doubt that there is a genuine police force, as there is a core issue for law enforcement among Elantrians. How do you arrest an Elantrian? Short of personal supervision 24/7 this looks pretty much impossible to me. A court system, however, looks totally doable by aonic means. They even have one that makes the guilty feel pain. But then comes the core issue. What do you do after that? How do you jail an Elantrian? What else would you do? Fine them - that works, but is probably inadequate for more serious stuff. And what if they have no money? You can go to systems like public shunning. But at some point, what if they just don't give a rust? The Shaod can take anybody, hence you will get some pretty hardened criminals eventually. You could execute them. But that is a bit excessive. Now that leads me to an ugly conclusion: corporal punishment. There is a whipping post somewhere in Elantris. Yes, I know, but what is the alternative?
  22. Right. But if you are a mosquito fighting a bird, you should not develop DDT.
  23. Eondel They got back sooner than a transfer by ship would explain. All indications are that it is unknown on Opelon. You would really make armor out of it, if it helped against Elantrians. And you could still melt it. Differently from ours. (Roshar) Yes, but the underlying causes will not change. Hence I proposed an alternative to prison: corporal punishment
  24. If there is, it isn't mentioned. And research into this would have been dangerous. You'd develop a weapon specifically against yourself for the enemy. He kept his position as a functionary of Elantris. They can use Aon Daa even in Teod and they can teleport, albeit not very well. Making a prison that can hold them for long does not look practical in Arelon. And why does there have to be a way? Because you do not like the consequences?
  25. If we accept the general chronology that puts 'Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell' within a few decades of 'Alloy of Law', then the encounter between Kelsier and Khrisella & Nazh must predate the discovery of the Forest of Hell by more than a century. Yet Nazh spoke about rituals for becoming a shadow. And the forces of Threnody are mentioned. Hence there were shadows on Threnody before shades were discovered. That is well possible, but shadows and shades are not identical. Kelsier