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  1. I think we should explore this also, because it poses even more unique challenges than the economy. First of all, will there be crime? Yes, we'd kidding ourselves if we assumed otherwise. They may be demigods, but they are not saints. Nor do they grow up without scarcity. Sure, no sane person would break into a house to steal food or money, but there is still conflict. And not everybody in Elantris can be an Elantrian. At a minimum there must be children. (Or parents - a fascinating topic of its own) unique objects, like original paintings can still be stolen personal dislikes sex crimes But will there be a police force? This is not obvious. Ancient Rome had none. They had a force of watchmen against fire and stuff, but no police force. Actually I doubt that there is a genuine police force, as there is a core issue for law enforcement among Elantrians. How do you arrest an Elantrian? Short of personal supervision 24/7 this looks pretty much impossible to me. A court system, however, looks totally doable by aonic means. They even have one that makes the guilty feel pain. But then comes the core issue. What do you do after that? How do you jail an Elantrian? What else would you do? Fine them - that works, but is probably inadequate for more serious stuff. And what if they have no money? You can go to systems like public shunning. But at some point, what if they just don't give a rust? The Shaod can take anybody, hence you will get some pretty hardened criminals eventually. You could execute them. But that is a bit excessive. Now that leads me to an ugly conclusion: corporal punishment. There is a whipping post somewhere in Elantris. Yes, I know, but what is the alternative?
  2. Kaladin is not comfortable with a lot of things in Alethkar. Taking that as an indication of how things are done in the Vorin lands is daring.
  3. Or alternatively Terris people fled The Lord Ruler and established a colony somewhere off world.
  4. There the difference was about 40 years and the bride not really past puberty. And it was his personal opinion. Apparently not scandalous enough that he dared say no. According to the coppermind Shallan is born 1156. She married on Nanishah 1174. That is exactly at the 20% mark of that year. That gives us a 80% likelihood that she was 17 years old when she married. In fact her birthday is not mentioned in Oathbringer. The preponderance of evidence was on her being 17. Her bethrotal was earlier, obviously, giving us a good chance that she was bethroated at age 16. And nobody mentioned that the bride is young. So, no, it does not look like Alethi think that an early marriage is a bad idea. EDIT: Adolin is born in 1150. THat makes him 23 at marriage, giving a 6 year difference to his wife. Kaladin is born in late 1153. Meaning that in Rhythm of War he is 21. That would give him about 7 years to Venli. I still think this is fanciful, but not due to age.
  5. How? And why? Leshwi is basically immortal while the Everstorm blows. You need to report her to Odium to cancel her immortality. That is a tall assumption. We know nothing about Alethi customs in that regard, other than nobody thinking Shallan is at a normal age to wed and she was most likely 17 (Rosharan years) when bethroated. We are talking about another species, which does not do long-term pair bonding.
  6. This seems to be unproductive. How about we guess the next three chapter in terms of content, independent of the order of that content and check back on the hit rate?
  7. Unless that willshaper is an idiot he will explain to Navani what exactly she is doing wrong.Navani is not some kind of hedge witch. She is working in Urithiru for the Knights Radiant, led by a Bondsmith.Just making a claim that she is doing something wrong without details, proof or credentials is not going to work. Unless you are very far removed from average human psychology who will know that.
  8. So, you do not want to be observed using two powers at once, at least not by people whom you cannot kill to silence. That means that you should pick a power that is hard to hide and useful. If you wanted to be underestimated you wouldn't admit to being an allomancer at all, rather than something like an augur. So what would you be? I cannot decide between Seeker - you can't burn copper while seeking, so you cannot hide seeking from Seekers Coinshot - you will need to explain the speed you displayed getting hither thence on occasion, even if you wear a mask or disguise while flying around What do you think?
  9. Hoid apparently detected Shallan. So he was better at it than the Screamers. Granted he was closer, but the general answer must be positive.
  10. Why does that unknown Willshaper not provide further evidence?
  11. Yes, but was in an official report. If gold or copper were unknown materials to make fabrials with she would report it. That is not something you just ignore. Nor would Navani or other artifabrians let that just pass. And if you made an official report your High Prince may hear, would you not check that such a claim is plausible? Yes, but is not the simplest explanation that in allomancy and feruchemy the human spiritweb takes the place of the spren? Technically the source of Investiture is not important. You can do feruchemy with Preservation/Harmony or even Ruin supplying the Investiture.
  12. Kalami in Oathbringer already talked about copper and gold. Why? Well, of course you can take it as axiomatic, but there is no connection between fabrial types and the Surges so far. In fact fabrials can do things impossible with the Surges, like detecting people. What is the difference between augmenters/diminishers versus rioters/soothers? Is there any evidence for concealers? Well, no. They do have cages. A Soulcaster has a housing for its gemstones and it is extremely important. Jasnah told Shallan that the alignment needs to be correct. Yey Kalami noted gold and copper she suspected to be part of a fabrial. Well, no. I am sorry, but no, this clashes horribly with the effects Soulcasters have on their users. The user has to talk to the cognitive aspect of the object he soulcasts, sees Shadesmar and is slowly transformed. The closest thing to a Soulcaster would be a Scadrian medaillion. The Soulcaster gives the user an arcane power, it does not perform an arcane act. She must have read the reports on the Screamer spren and how to shield a soulcaster with aluminium. In fact, what if not those reports made the Azish experiment with aluminium? The gem on the spear did not glow. There is no indication that there's a spren in it. Why can you store allomanic ability and feruchemical ability in nicrosil if that is the case? That strongly suggests that they are the same Yes, that allows a much better understanding of pewter/tin.
  13. But can you use it? These are distinct questions.Presumably steel, iron, zinc and brass would work only within the Plate. There is also Amaram. He used the Surges only after bursting his sabatons.
  14. This chapter's annotations rule out the Horneater Peaks as a theater of action we are going to see for now. This means that the Knights Radiant are not making an effort to retake them. So why did Odium occupy them in Shadesmar? A mistake because he thought it was the only perpendicularity his enemies could use? Is he expecting an external intervention?
  15. Elendel has coal plants, coal fired locomotives and cars running on gasoline. Either Harmony or Leras and Ati have been thinking ahead and created coal beds and oil reservoirs when they created and/or remade Scadrial. But to which lengths did they go? Does Scadrial have fossils? If not, can they ever hope to come up with a theory of evolution? What will that do to the sciences of biology and geology on Scadrial?
  16. The ashmounts were not old enough. They spewed for 1024 years and yjay started less than 1400 years ago. They'd have a small layer with subfossilized remains and that's it.
  17. So what caused the agony? How strictly in chronological order are the chapters? Must we conclude that something happened that caused Leshwi agony and changed the war, but nobody in Urithiru noticed anything?
  18. There must be methods that do not require Metallic Arts, as the Ire feared Threnodite shadows far outside the Threnodite system in Secret History. However, that does not rule out that there are multiple methods. For once we know that Hoid was in Terris. The conclusion that he wanted Feruchemy is plausible. It looks like Connectors can make new connections between third parties. He would just spend time on Scadrial, store Connection to it, compound and apply it to his spren.
  19. What? This is still the first day. Fourth Bridge is over a thousand kilometers away picking up Herdazians.
  20. You can't be an effective con-artist without some realism in that department, nor a visual artist.
  21. At the risk of appearing callous, Evi was a traitor. Dalinar could have had her executed for what she did. And she died due to an accident and had intentionally endangered herself.
  22. Tall by Alethi standards and a world hopper? Just Iri ancestry by any chance? Well, no. If it were unique or nearly so Adolin woud not complain about the uniforms. The expectation would be unreasonable.
  23. Cultivation. That would be monumental.
  24. If a Ferring were to take a bead of Lerasium, the presumable result would be a Mistborn with one feruchemical power. We recently had a thread on how to call such people.
  25. Why then are there sixteen metals? That is his number specifically. True. Yet we have not seen a metal whose effect is limited to one place so far.