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  1. Whoever produced it must have the technology for canning. That leaves: South Scadrial North Scadrial Threnody The Dark Side of Taldain Silverlight And five possible candidates: Nalthis (during Warbreaker they lacked the technology - but that is quite some time in the past) The Light Side of Taldain Elantris Vax the Aether planet That i almost the whole known Cosmere. Yet they must have an open perpendicularity. That reduces the field to: South Scadrial Nalthis Elantris Vax the Aether planet So who delivered it? I would tentatively suggest South Scadrial or Nalthis, with Nalthis being likelier.
  2. Aesudan must have bonded him for weeks at least.
  3. So, when Harmony redid the people of Scadrial during the Catacendre, he probably did not touch every Scadrian everywhere in the Cosmere. That means that anybody offworld would still be a Noble respectively Skaa. Scadrial had two perpendicularities, one of which was used for trade. So during hundreds of years, did nobody ever venture through it and went away? In particular, where did the exchange of goods happen? On Scadrial or in the Expanse of Vapors? If the latter, what did the Scadrian crews do when Kelsier cut them off? I suppose they joined the next group of traders, exhanging their goods for passage. Where did they go?
  4. If Odium's champion bonds Yelig-Nar and gets a few weeks to train, who exactly does stand a chance? Hoid? A Herald with multiple Honorblades? Sja-Anat plus her knight after switching sides?
  5. Yes, in the case of a straight confrontation. But it raises the question why the Mistborn not just drops a coin, flies away and waits for a good ambush?
  6. You likely can, but it would take too much time. Malata is the best example. Of course you could replicate this via Aons. But you'd have to include the design.
  7. @Hoidonalsium raised the question whether Elantrians would turn themselves into Radiants for combat using Aonic equipment. I suppose the answer is negative. AonDor is extremely flexible and powerful. Several users have noticed that it is slower to draw. That can be fixed by drawing Aons onto your equipment. There is, however, a second flaw of AonDor. In computer terms the UI is horrible. Some Aons have a basic UI, but the rest is basically CLI. A Mistborn basically only has to think to use steel or iron. The same seems to be true for users of Cohesion. Stormlight can heal you even if you are unconcious. So you have to use some more engineering and adapt your tactics. Let's talk about offence - Daa and Sheo Drawing it into the air is just horrible. You want something for aiming. You would basically build an Aonic ray gun. Sheo goes onto your bladed weapons. Defense - Dao and Edo You don't want to get into melee combat against somebody using pewter or wearing Shard Plate, if you can help it. Exactly replicating Plate is a fall back option. I propose using Aon Dao on armor but using Aon Edo for your main defense in the manner of a SF energy shield. Support - Ene and Ien Aon Ene goes onto your helmet. Ien onto your undergarments and a ring or bracer. Here we see a weakness of AonDor. If you can draw the right modifiers it is probably better than Progression. But this is hard to do if your are screaming in pain because somebody crushed one of your arms. You can try to compensate with specialised beacers on your limbs, but this has limits. Yet there is no good Aonic replacement for tin, pewter and electrum. Hence Elantrians would depend on ranged weapons and defenses.
  8. OK, then let's ask the ultimate question. Something goes horribly wrong. Amaram drops the gem of Yelig-Nar. It drops into a small crevice. You watch how he screws up. You are a soldier on burial duty and pull it out of the crevice. Do you swallow it?
  9. He wouldn't really draw them if he were to prepare seriously for arcane combat. Elantrians and Awakeners are pretty unique in the Cosmere by having access to objects with arcane powers. He'd make a suit of Aonic armor, attack Aons on rings, Aonic spears and swords, Aonic grenades and so on. Maybe even Aonic homing missiles.
  10. He needs somebody who will win. Nor is it clear which weapons they will be fighting with. If Kaladin fails to proceed to the 4th oath gaining him Plate, somebody who does may well be a better choice.
  11. Well, no. Whether your head is cut off with a conventional sword or your eyes burned out, will make no difference in the end result. The Blades are so devastating in a war situation because they nullify the enemy's weapons and armor as defensive equipment. In combat between two individuals with arcane powers, they are overkill. The real extreme advantage the Radiant may have is Plate. It renders him quite invulnerable and physically much stronger. Yes. Again the largest advantage is Plate. A Radiant without Plate has a very serious problem fighting a Mistborn.
  12. What happens if you turn your malatium at a Forged person? Do you see the original? Would that be a corpse in Ashravan's case?
  13. It opens up a question. Where the other ratios equal? Did you get the same number of each type of Misting? Secondly, when is your metal determined? Before you snap, what would an analysis of your spirit web yield: unsnapped Misting or unsnapped Misting of metal X?
  14. You left out mobility, emotional allomancy and short-changed the sensory department by leaving out elctrum. You are comparing an assassin/paramillitarty to a soldier.
  15. Actually as far as we know the Misting types are not equally common. Coinshots were mentioned to be more common. WoB on replaced metals It looks like Leras or his agent replaced aluminium. The question of who can burn alloys of atium (save for Mistborn) is so far unanswered I am afraid.
  16. It seems to me that many see Venli as a villain in the Frankenstein mold. I wonder why, or in other words, what else could she have done or proposed? Let me concentrate on the late war, close to the battle at Narak. Surrender Fight to the death Introducing Forms of Power Flee Now let me look at these options, though not in that order Flee A group of civilians cannot outmarch the Alethi armies. That would have meant sacrificing a large group as a delaying force. And after that a weakened, homeless Listener tribe with little supplies would have found itself in a wilderness. Likely they would have eventually been found only to face another assault in a much weakened state. Fight to the death Well, it is fatal. They would have lost. Surrender To the Blackthorn and the man whose father you killed? Who has sworn a pact of vengeance? To a man who burned a human city to the ground? To people who hold your species in slavery? Introducing Forms of Power Yes, I will admit it. Venli did the right thing. She had no other choice. Eshonai, though she was personally brave and clever, was a failure as a strategist. She just looked on as her people were slowly bled white. It seems to me that the Listeners doomed themselves as they murdered Gavilar and Eshonai bears a part of the blame for that, while Venli did basically the right thing. Though in execution they should have used a part of their forces to evacuated the civilians and the Stormform should have moved further away to force the Alethi to first attack them or face getting between two groups.
  17. We have Hoid in Oathbringer and in Bands of Mourning. There is at most 10 years between the books. If there is temporal compression, it has to be optional.
  18. A Herald, Szeth, Jasnah, Renarin, The Mink, ... The Stormfather knows that the future is unpredictable.
  19. You would get a Kandra of questionble mental health. MeLaan kept her memories in her leg, not in her spikes.
  20. The problems with that theory are manyfold: The other animals know that Aviars block telepathy It would require the Aviars to have another origin than the other animals with arcane powers Mraize was suspected to have carried an aviar, hence the timing is impossible We have the information that no new Aviar have been discovered in centuries. When did that program begin? Mainland birds develop new powers Why multiple species with the same ability?
  21. Suppose I make a cloth figure by sewing together gloves. socks, a shirt and trousers. I awaken it and give it a command like "stand there and scare birds waving your arms". Now I undo the seams. I suppose at some point the Breath in the object no longer supports the command. Where is the Breath at that time? Is some Breath in the parts I detached before rendering the object inoperable? Is it split between the the parts I last separated? What happens if I separate further? Is Breath lost?
  22. Well, you do not want your troops to be surrounded. If you strike deeply into enemy territory, it is for hit and run. Not really to a flying enemy with access to Shadesmar. You can isolate each peak and attack them from two sides and the air. They will fall easily. Look at a map and consider what each side needs to do to join its forces.
  23. So, you do not want to be observed using two powers at once, at least not by people whom you cannot kill to silence. That means that you should pick a power that is hard to hide and useful. If you wanted to be underestimated you wouldn't admit to being an allomancer at all, rather than something like an augur. So what would you be? I cannot decide between Seeker - you can't burn copper while seeking, so you cannot hide seeking from Seekers Coinshot - you will need to explain the speed you displayed getting hither thence on occasion, even if you wear a mask or disguise while flying around What do you think?
  24. "Except" is misleading. Urithiru can house tens of thousands. In a neolithic culture, which Roshar regressed to multiple times, that is an incredible number of people. It was the largest city on the planet, rivalling a small country in population. And they had an enormous political potential, as they could block trade. Right, but they were also a military organization to a larger extent than a normal country would be. Well, they most likely did not have an organized programme to do so. But look at Edgedancers, Skybreakers and Windrunners. They cannot just go for non-intervention. As an Edgedancer you cannot look at the other way if there is an epidemic or a famine. And then you will do what essentially are miracles. If people ask, would you then deny that your mission ultimately meets Honor's aims? And that is supposed to not stoke proto-Vorinism? Yes, the question what they considered for politics and what they left to the individual Radiant is open. Yet they must have had some kind of administration. At a minimum Urithiru needs law, a budget and the oath gates need to be operated. And I really doubt the KRs cleaned the corridors themselves or did laundry with their own hands. It leads to the question whether they had representation by order or per capita or both. That is, if they had representation. Yet somebody has to be commander-in-chief.
  25. It is highly unlikely that the KRs left civillian, religious and military leadership undivided. The requirements are too different. In particular politics, as you say, requires representation. While military strategy requires one leader, who must be easily replacable in case of a failure. While the realmatic and religious significance of the Bondsmiths cannot be changed.