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  1. Why do they have those specific colors? I'd say the moons are the aethers.
  2. Welll, the simple explanation is that you are ramming a square peg into a round hole. There just is no connection between Rosharan essences and aethers.
  3. Though if this is the last major magic system, what about Mercy, Whimsy and Valour as sources of systems?
  4. With local impunity. First of the Sun may just not be worth triggering the Shardic equivalent of WW3. That is iffy. Nalthis having a customs agency suggests that Endowment has the capability but lacks the desire. And what Kelsier demands from Harmony implies that Shards can give away technological knowledge.
  5. They have suffered brain damage or its equivalent. This tells us very little of the capabilities of the bond. Again, no. I am sorry, but a Knight Radiant can still summon his or her spren as a blade after having run out of Stormlight. We saw that with Kaladin and Sylphrena in Oathbringer. Well, that a bond grants a certain capability, does not mean that it will ever be used by the bonded. My phone can transmit video if I call somebody. I rarely use that feature. Nevertheless, it is the same kind of connection whether I use it or not. That is just not true. Those of the Husk demonstrate that. So yes, they are very efficient with their Surge in general. But why does that tell us anything? A solar powered vehicle may be able to run forever. Nevertheless, it still needs power. Threnody argues for the oposite.
  6. As weapons, no. If you want to summon them, they are. You need a bond for that. And it works completely without Stormlight. Nevertheless the users of a Honorblade do have a bond with it. That is certain because Szeth was able to sever it and ceased to be a Surgebinder thereby. That was not merely the act of dropping it. Honorblades can be dismissed and summoned and the bearer remains a Surgebinder in either state. Again, no. Heavenly Ones who are forced to use up their Voidlight for healing fall from the sky. They are using fuel. They are just so lucky that their supply is large enough to sustain continous ordinary use of their abilities.
  7. No, it does not a power source. I am sorry, but that is just not right. Surgebinding needs a fuel source. But it does so even if the Fused do it. But the Nahel bond itself does not. In fact that is the very point that told the Rosharans that Shardblades are not fabrials. You can summon and use them without Stormlight.
  8. He determined much of his rule during a few minutes in the Well of Ascension, during which he at first had to fix the Deepness and deal with fundamental relevations about the nature of the universe During later times he had the advantage of enormous experience and zinc compounding
  9. The problem is not Silverlight. The problem is the caravans. And yes, we know their level of technology based on travel times through the CR. If they chose to process it on site they need power plants electrical equipment to make it DC at the correct voltage factories for graphite electrodes factories for kryolithe ore processing plants and the factories you need to make those in turn. There is a reason aluminium became cheap only at the end of the 19th century.
  10. Then he would have just said "under Thanasmia itself"
  11. Trouble obtaining it? No. Trouble transporting it over land via a non-mechanized caravan and still make it at cheaper cost than processing the ore on site? Yes, they would. In fact they would fail. People just forget how expensive land transport was in preindustrial times.
  12. Rabional physically handled the silver chain she had gotten from Mraize.
  13. A list we would now have to add to: Dragons (surely) Sho-Del (surely) Sleepless (likely) The Messenger MeLann met (likely) maybe really old Cognitive Shadows, some spren and so on ... At this point it is time to face the drums. Shardic magic is important, yet it is a minority case in the Cosmere.
  14. It may also mean equidistant between edge and lunagree. And that is a factor of 2. And we need that kind of accuracy for such a claculation.
  15. Yes, the moons are not in orbit. They are hovering. How they manage that feat is unclear. And here I am afraid we are reaching the first hard roadblock. The oceans are pentagons. That means the surface of the planet is kind of a deformed dodecahedron (projected onto a sphere). That means that the moons form an icosahedron, with a moon right in the center of the pentagon. In other words, if you are in the exact middle of an ocean, you are at the lunargree and thereby dead. Hence the "middle" here is taken too literally. Ixthos did it. Honor to those who deserve it. Note that while the distribution of the moons has to be as depicted here, the actual position is arbitrary. We can only know that Diggen's Point must be located polewards of the Emerald Moon for the sun to be in line with its center.