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  1. Nale told Lift that he would have welcomed her among the Knights Radiant under different circumstances. So you are doing something unprecedented you know to be dangerous and you just ignore knew facts? What was so dangerous and urgent, that they could not release Ba-Ado-Mishram? Are you implying that the capture addled their minds, too? During the years immediately after the Recreance those Knights were mostly also alive. The only difference can therefore be only in the rebonding. And Pattern acts very much like a new spren in Kharbranth. If the damage done is so hideous, why isn't it obvious? And why no warning?
  2. Now, this may be a stupid question, but would you really cut gems intended to shine by themselves like we cut gems on Earth?
  3. I would say that this indicated that you could have one or two generations with Breaths off planet based on inheritance. You can get a Breath by inheritance. But the people who got a Breath that way cannot pass that on to their children. Basically on an abstract level this is how the Royal Locks work. You, who fullfil a condition, can pass it on unconditionally. But those who got it that way have to fulfill a condition again to pass it on.
  4. This does not require days. It requires hours, possibly minutes. Or, even more frightingly, something that was important enough to go on even then. And the Skybreakers would not talk to the rest of the Spren? Respectively the Highspren? Did the other Radiants not talk to the Skybreakers? 1) So were at that time the other Radiants who had dropped their Shards 2) So you are saying that Pattern bonded her immediately? But why? I am sorry, we have to make up our collective minds here now. Was the Recreance a product of fears or was there a concrete issue that needed to be addressed immediately and radically? So there is an extreme danger, they do something radical, yet they appoint nobody to check on the results?
  5. Wait! Are we seeing her safehand ?!?
  6. Yes, but you are giving meaning to which voice they hear and which exact words. That's a related but different concept. Ishar forged the Oathpact. He can restrict a Shard, but not Spren? That means that what you hear needs to come from the method the oaths were implemented. It tells you nothing about Surgebinding. In other words, those messages have meaning, but not for this topic. Venli most likely had more of an idea than almost all Rosharans. Neshua Kadal tells us that they knew Knights Radiant and what they do. Venli most likely has a general idea how a divine voice should sound. Again message and means are different. We got a POV from Venli as she picked up a language. Her Arcane powers did not make her understand the foreign words, but she perceived them as native. In other words cognitve concepts are not coded in a specific language or voice. Spren in bonds with Singers and animals or in fabrials show powers they do not exhibit on their own. In fact in the case of Radiants the spren explicitely cannot use the Surge. Sylphrena could not lash the Pursuer; Pattern cannot use Illumination. The only exception are that Windspren can use a bit of Adhesion. The fish grant those powers after their death. And a gravity spren certainly transforms nothing else into a worker. These powers cannot be explained by spren powers.
  7. The oaths are not fundamental to Surgebinding. They come from Ishar. You can use Surges without oaths. In fact, that is the original way. We know of other Arcane Arts, where the outcome is determined by the perception of the user. In fact when Venli uses her Regal power she stops hearing the foreign stuff. They are throwing lightning or using Connection to speak languages.
  8. Our database is thin. We have no idea what a Knight Radiant can do after 30 years of training under a qualified trainer at the fifth oath. Basing conclusion on what people hear in their heads is dangerous. How can we know that this is not what she considered a divine voice? You won't get it down to three even by the most conservative of counts X-Binding Regals and Forms Aimians Horneater temporary stuff Purelake fish Animals bonding spren
  9. It still seems to me that it is unlikely that we have seen all the mixing that has occured. So I still wonder what the capture of B-A-M did to the more parshlike members of those mixed ethnicities. And unless they were actively selected against, which admittedly is perfectly possible, some of them must have found their way to membership of the Knights Radiant.
  10. Melishi seemed to know a lot about how Singers bond. How much closer to Parshendi were Horneaters and Herdazians at that time? It's a rather long time in the past. Do we have any idea what happened to Aimians?
  11. OK, this may be an extremly odd suggestion. Are we sure Melishi was human? Is it possible that by capturing Ba-Ado-Mishram he broke his own mind?
  12. I am afraid I don't see the temporal sequence on this working. The pants were cleaned a considerable time after Shallan saw the Amberite on display. At that time a war was going on. When and where would Mraize meet a Corpate under those circumstances?
  13. It is hard to see how people with the mental faculties of Parshmen would survive more than a few days on Roshar on their own. It is not exactly a benign environment, even if they were aware enough to shelter from the Highstorms. The humans must already have had prisoners. It was a war going on. And they surely made them work. And that comes back to the duration of the Recreance. And again, I must say anything longer than a few days is implausible Either the phenomenon of dead Blades was entirely new. Then surely somebody during an extended process picked one up and heard the scream. Or some form of "crippled" spren existed even before. Then somebody would have to ask where they are if the Recreance lasted for weeks. You see this as convoluted only under the assumption that the False Desolation and Honor's decline were unrelated. And that strikes me as unlikely. Was there ever a better time to try such an attack? And you also assume that Odium did not forsee the capture of Ba-Ado-Mishram and wasn't ready to sacrifice her. I am afraid, there are three major problems with this line of reasoning The Scream Testament. Nobody affixed a gem to her, yet she moved around in Shadesmar Nobody notices all the missing Spren? If it was slow why didn't the Spren record it and the reason? Or send messages to the Skybreakers? I find that extremely unlikely. There must have been a significant group who considered this an acceptable permanent solution to the Parshendi problem, that is a grim, but ultimately beneficially accident. Humans are just not that unanimous. They had all sorts of ancient spren around. The Stormfather knew all along. How could they not have been knowing for basically all the time? In fact they had access to Shadesmar. They could have observed Ashyn. They must have met offworld traders. They could interrogate parshendi prisoners.
  14. Shards themselves have Futuresight. I am sure this is theologically awkward for the Ardents. But still, as Futuresight is forbidden, it must exist and is not a capability of the Knights Radiant. No, for Navani has looked at the results and they are identical. As far as experiences are concerned, for all we know Adolin may have an active imagination and had gotten a hard hit on the head. Now, being healed as a quasiƕeligious experience to a Rosaran, as long as they don't deny any strange experiences, we know noothing. They'd shatter from inertia, not weight. Weight is the issue, if you need to walk or stand upright. As soon as the issue is change speed or direction, you'll need to deal with inertia, too. * Not healed by their brother * not bonded to a Blade hardly conclusive. And they are healed. We may be seeing a resonance. Or Adolin is just more sensitive than average. For this discussion Honor matters more than Cultivation, as Odium does not grant Honor's truest Surge to his Surgebinders and it keeps working with Stormlight. We just cannot claim that Cultivation gets the same distinction. Presumably they can all glue chairs to walls and make cloth rigid. Adhesion is not fundamentally different for a Bondsmith. There is nothing Kaladin can do with Adhesion, that Dalinar cannot do. Bondsmiths just get extra capabilities.
  15. That is highly debtable, as we have never gotten a viewpoint from anybody but Adolin while being healed. No, look at how Chasmfiends go around corners. Their legs would shatter. They really reduce mass. Again, no. You can heal by Fabrial. You can use Soulcasting by Fabrial as Melishi used it. Fabrials are just not tied to any system.