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  1. Darkside magic. Whatever is keeping Skathan alive.
  2. theory

    In that case I must ask the obvious questions If microkinesis comes from Dawnshards only, why does Khrissalla know a lot about it? Why does she compare it to Cohesion rather than Soulcasting or Division?
  3. Risk. All eggs in one basket Capacity. Urithiru is large for a city. Compared to a continent, it is small. Practice. The range of activities you can have in Urithiru is limited. No mining, no ship building, your farming is odd ... Ishar had his Blade and a custom-made body. And they needed to win every time.
  4. Raeth. D'naa, let's face it, she is the beta version of Vivenna. Right. The magic system is the strongest point. These are two seperate things. The shards are untenable. But they really don't matter all that much. You just need two entities who are in a kind of competition. Many shards could provide the background. The aethers themselves are basically fine, what would you change about them?
  5. With which metals? The Final Empire had not big supplies, likelier none at all, of bendalloy for him to burn. It may be something he is doing in Era 2 (provided he has the spikes) , but what about the decades or even centuries between that and the Catacendre?
  6. Honor lived for a long time after Aharietiam. The gem stone archive shows that the Knights Radiant were in contact with him. So to put it into simple words, how did the Heralds get away with their story for thousands of years? That opens up two possibilities: They did not get away with it. The Knights Radiant knew, but kept it secret from the common people. Honor wanted them to believe the story. If so, why?
  7. I keep reading speculation about who will pick up the Shard of Honor. However, it looks to me like nobody bothers to first address the greatshell in the room: Does it even exist in a unified manner anymore? If so. why did Odium leave it unsplintered? And the Day of Recreance happened a long time ago. Tanavast died before that. Why hasn't Honor become sentient?
  8. So Awakening is just like AonDor, but hampered by a need for verbal Commands and much rarer fuel?
  9. What about the Words of the Founding? If Kelsier had written anything I am quite sure Sazed would have transmitted it. Maybe he would have written a comment, but he wouldn't outright surpress an eyewitness's accout. In fact, how else do the Scadrians know the story about Kelsier's and Vin's ascensions? Is there a Kelsieriad? What doctrines does it have? Apart from the Survivor's Mandate, what do we know? Well, I guess if you turn the other cheek to Kelsier you'll get a dagger into your guts, but other than that? I guess survival is a rather complex topic. How literally do you take it? Are there Survivorists who think that creating archives or museums is a religious duty? I guess Survivorism and pacifism are incompatible, but still, do Survivorist temples run classes on unarmed and armed combat? What is their stance on community versus individual? Kelsier died for his people. Does the need of the many take precedence?
  10. That would mean that atium can be used to measure individual life expectancy.
  11. Let us introduce the Nalthian Unit of Investiture: NUI Standard Normal Nalthians: 1.5 NUI Standard Offworlders: 1.0 NUI Standard Drabs: 0.5 NUI That is basically what this boils down to. Normal people are at some point between Drabs and Nalthians. Details are still undetermined.
  12. Awakening is often seen as just giving animation to objects. In the form it is used in Hallandren that is usually true. But what else is possible and what exactly does animating an object mean? sensing: awakened objects are able to process sensory input, hence they must get it. As far as we know they can react to pressure, sight and balance processing: to a limit extent they can act according to goals. You tell an object to fetch you something and it propels itself towards that object deformation: the object changes its shape and rigidity - this is basically what the Surge of Tension does We have also seen healing, but that is not the normal healing. It is able to heal somebody who has not spoken a single word in his life. That is not simple restoration to a remembered state And there is the destructive power displayed by some weapons. Is that the power of Threnodian Shades?
  13. How cool is Marsh with that? Does he really want regular contact with an organization founded by an obligator? Yes they certainly venerate Marsh, but is the relationship mutual? So are there people who have regular contact to him? Which of Scadrial's religions is monastic? Monks dedicated to martial arts does sound Survivorist. Is that what the monks of Baz-Kor are?
  14. If he doesn't tap, eventually he cannot store anymore, because the storage volume will have been used up. It just does not matter how efficiently he taps.
  15. I mean in a purely practical sense, not the atium compounding. Does he hide in a cave somewhere? Does he do his own laundry? What does he eat? Whence does he get his metal? He is death incarnate. He cannot hold a 9 to 5 job and just go shopping for groceries without causing a mass panic. Does he have an investment fond, a remote manor house and a few dedicated servants with a network of safe places? Does he control some coloss? Does he rob a bank every few years? Does he run a soothing parlor?