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  1. No, that is a bias particular to the era of the Stormlight Archive. We know at least five methods to use Surges Honorblades Being a Fused Yelig-Nar Fabrials (counting Soulcasters among them - probably not correct) a Nahel bond with a spren And even in the case of the Nahel bond, the oaths are secondary. Ishar imposed them on existing Surgebinders. That you can use oaths to create arcane effects under certain circumstances. The ability is not limited to Honor. Gavilar was researching it when he was murdered. Oathbringer: That makes little sense, if Dalinar could not set Odium free. And it would take Intent to free him, as we also learn. It implies that there is an arcane system requiring Intent at work.
  2. He does recognise the results of the Everstorm immediately as voidbringers. He is a Herald. He knows what a Voidbringer is. I am beginning to suspect that there is a magic system based on oaths and that the oathpact is not a singular act of Honor's intervention but based on wider principles.
  3. Yet you cannot discuss Christian theology without "hell" or "damnation". And nobody seriously says: A domesticated canine is defecating onto the grassy decoration anterior to your domicile. Some words do remain in dual use.
  4. Well, yes, but that was not what he feared: Edgedancer: He never feared the Nahel Bond itself. He thought that it was the prerequisite to another development that needed to be feared. And Gavilar seems to have discovered that the oathpact can indeed be (ab)used for other purposes.
  5. In hindsight Nale has failed. Taln broke and a desolation has started. It would be easy to conclude that he was a fool and needlessly slaughtered people. However, would that be correct? The interaction of Odium and Dalinar strongly suggested that Dalinar could rescind the oathpact. There is also Gavilar's experimentation with the black spheres. Is it possible that Radiants could actually trigger a desolation?
  6. The same Elhokar who made his High Princes compete on gem hearts alone, thus rewarding Torol Sadeas for treating bridge men as consumables? You are literally correct. To you. It is a matter of personal philosophy. Elhokar did not shoot the arrows. Yet, do you blame them for defending their home in a war? Torol Sadeas only then? If we were to judge Elhokar he'd end up in the category of aiding and abetting. All that as a philosophical discussion, hardly. As a "Hey Kal, how does it feel to have switched sides? Who made that uniform you wear, a slave maybe ?" Yes, he did. Moash is capable of complex, abstract thought and tends to use that capability from time to time. You cannot explain Moash to read Kaladin's mind. Or care about it, really. Yes. But then you need to be aware that you end up with a world view of a 19th century imperialist, not what we would see as the dominant view of the late 20th and early 21st century. Which is fine. You just cannot expect different people on a different world in a different epoch to perfectly share your world view. But then they will act accordingly. Well, no. I have to dispute that. If it were the answer, Bridge Four would have marched away and left the Kholin army to the Parshendi to wipe out.
  7. To a certain degree Kaladin has betrayed Bridge 4. All the men Bridge 4 lost were lost in the name of revenge for Elhokar's father. They were killed under Elhokar's rule and laws. And Kaladin keeps killing the Parshendi who are an equivalent of Bridge 4. If the Alethi were to retake Kholinar, the slaves would go back to being slaves. This pure admiration for Kaladin and condemnation of Moash is not rational. Moash made very valid points. Kaladin's actions can be justified by the actions of Dalinar Kholin. But that is not an obvious conclusion. It is a matter of personal preferences. A Windrunner's perspective. Not even a Radiant's perspective. A Skybreaker would see it differently.
  8. It is. But bonding two of them is not a crazy wish. They consider it impossible, but why? They have the money. They have the money for funding a whole expedition of dozens of people. But not basic research? Centuries and nobody ever tried to bond two on the whole mainland? This is straining credibility.
  9. This has two possible meanings. It is possible that Honor thought that the cycle of desolations would be eternal. It is not possible that he thought that they would stay on Braize forever. He took too many preparations for combat on Roshar for that. The Heralds have a set program to teach the people, they have their Honorblades. New bodies are arranged for as soon as they go to Roshar. Is is possible that the Stormfather was too alien to understand, but not Tanavast.
  10. Tanavast was human. He remembered not holding a Shard. Either carrying a Shard does something very bad to one's memory, or this is a dubious assumption.
  11. You'd need a boat.
  12. But those are methods, not ideals. Reason and logic are often mixed up with customs and hidden assumptions. I am afraid this is going into philosophy. Generally speaking, for example, there is nothing illogical about selling people who cannot pay their debts into slavery. So far so good, a Skybreaker sworn to the law of the Roman Republic would uphold such laws. So Elsecallers and Skybreakers are more compatible than Edgedancers and Elsecallers. But the idea of law itself is not fully based on logic. Elsecallers look quite utilitarian, at least Jasnah does. Statistics on n = 1 is dangerous, but we know that utilitarianism is compatible with the Elsecallers. Unfortunately it does not fit with the Skybreakers. To a Skybreaker, rules are rules. If you were leaving a room on the sinking Titanic and a sign said "the last person leaving this room must switch off the electric lights", a Skybreaker having accepted the rules by making a contract to buy a ticket would have to switch it off. Jasnah wouldn't hit the switch, for it serves no purpose. The problem with Cryptics is that you would have to discover the internal inconsistencies in your order, like rules making no sense in some circumstances. Likewise if you were an Edgedancer and a Lightweaver you would have to admit that some of the downtrodden are just lazy and stupid losers who deserve the lot they have gotten. I suppose if you really want to look for the best combination under the orders we know something about, it would be Elsecallers and Bondsmiths. Somebody like Taravangian actually.
  13. The problem with this option is that Odium wants to get out. How else would you explain his conversation with Dalinar? If he changed his mind, why did his future sight not warn him? That in turn raises the question why the Heralds agreed. This options mean that they either willingly consigned their descendant to a cycle of genocidal wars or Honor tricked them. Why and how?
  14. That raises the big question? Why the Oathpact? Honor and Cultivation wanted to keep Odium in the Rosharan system. Why? If you cannot answer that question, I see no point in speculating about their strategy.
  15. Aviars are not new. Else the remark about nobody finding a new kind of Aviar in a long time makes no sense. They also have a university. So why haven't they found out that you can have multiple Aviars? I would propose that it is not quite so easy as Sixth of the Dusk makes it sound you must bond near the Eye of Patji the chick to be added must be really young it must recently have gotten the worm