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  1. Exactly. But I am still wondering how the map of a world with two continents, whose people don't know that the other continent exists. looks like. Even the location of the perpendicularity does not really help, because there can be more than one. Is Shadesmar the same for everybody?
  2. Yes, if and only if you sell them on the mainland. If you sell to other trappers, you have millions of aviars compared to hundreds of trappers. Remember also that on the mainland they believe that one aviar is the maximum, hence the values of useless aviars are negative in a certain market segment.
  3. In exchange for what? Things like open source software show that respect works, but you have to have something they pay respect for? What could that be? Again I arrive at arts and science. Sports?
  4. The sensible scenario for that is a captured herald strapped to a table with a funnel down his or her throat.
  5. That makes sense when we talk about commerce between Elantrians. It breaks down when we talk about the rest of Arelon and Sel. And what can Elantrians give to Elantrians? Art, exotic stuff and knowledge come to my mind.
  6. Does Elantris have an economy? What do they have to sell? That is pretty clear - mostly AonDor. But what do they buy? It could be argued that AonDor creates a kind of subsistence economy. It can feed you and Elantris itself provides housing and public infrastructure. So what could you want that AonDor cannot give you? exotic stuff - travel is costly for Elantrians travel knowledge services - AonDor can make your dinner, fix your clothes and heat your home, but not easily put your room in order sex fame fashion Anything else?
  7. Why ? Is there a reason you couldn't run a buisiness stamping Aons into metal and selling them? That is a connection that is not necessary. You may spend time in a library and learn for entirely different reasons. That leads us to the question what would motivate an Elantrian in general. For some people boredom would be a factor driving them to research Aons. Fame is another thing that they cannot create by AonDor. Sure they would also go for sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, but for decades? Especially as I don't think Elantrians can do drugs.
  8. What for? A spare aviar? If they have money for spares, why would you risk your life for such aviars? The birds are nevertheless valuable. While that is true, it would diminish his market value. They can be bred on the mainland. They have no magic, but they look like aviars. This is irrelevant. Not invaluable. Merely somewhat valuable. They already have a cloaking aviar. Perhaps it is a bit worse, but it is perfectly workable. And it is available on less dangerous islands. We could make that assumption. The text is ambiguous. But if we assume that it is another species, we need to ask why Dusk does not use his own products. More, he goes to the trouble of importing a mainland chick. They know aviars raised on the mainland are powerless. They could not know that unless they had something that can test those abilities.
  9. It is an admission of weakness. How do you do justice, if the crooked make the law? The Skybreakers are aware that just following the law causes problems.
  10. There are a few hundred trappers, who all have access to the source. If there is a market for them at all, it is on the mainland. If there is no market, then you can't set a trap with their feathers. A cloaking aviar makes only sense if there is something to cloak against. And if your belief is that you cannot have more than one aviar, then you are prizing the one you pick over all others. Obviously they can raise birds on the mainland. The birds are not rare. The abilities they grant are rare. Hence they can test the abilities.
  11. Why would the user as opposed to a specialised developer need to do that? I can see no reason Elantrians could not have spell libraries and be trained in them.
  12. While that is possible, it still collides with Nazh. The living know about the dcision. Hence people make that decision while they are still alive.
  13. How do we know this? (Nalthis)
  14. Technically that is true. But neither do the people who would become shades and shades don't talk. Nor do they act with visible intelligence. So the people making that choice would have to go by appearances. Thus the question is: Would you like to become a deadly monster enforcing, with extreme violence, some stupid rules, while floating around aimlessly and slowly falling apart? Add to that the religious implication. You might argue that a shade is a soul, so what happens to your soul once the shade loses all form? Are you throwing away heaven? I am afraid the answer would be overwhelmingly negative and the positive cases might need an evaluation of mental health. Nazh spoke with some reverance of Cognitive Shadows and called it an important decision. Hence there must have been a trade off likely involving an altruistic act.
  15. But you can imagine a place beyond which there is nothing to you. Like for Europeans probably the southeast coast of New Zealand. There is nothing worth mentioning or thinking about beyond it.