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  1. You got Jasnah. If she deemed surrender a reasonable option, she would consider it. Taravangian is a traitor. There is no way around that. In fact he admits that. It is very difficult to be a bit of a traitor. The choice is quite binary.
  2. You are looking at this like a romantic affair. It isn't. A 17th century royal marriage would come closer. Neither is she. Of course she is ready to use him and use him up, if need be. We are talking about a woman ready to eliminate family members, kill demigods and use genocide. Jasnah is a spinster. She would tell you so - in private. Unless you are talking about in comparison to Hoid. Yet that is almost meaningless. In fact whether Hoid classifies as human still is dubious. You could doubt that even in Jasnah's case. She is an organism in symbiosis with something very unhuman, if you wish to look at it in extremely technical terms. Real strength is the ability to deal with a situation of disadvantage and overcome it. Understanding and valuation. He is the only man on Roshar (and person save for Cultivation) who has a chance to truly get her. The need to be valued and understood is a deeply human trait. Jasnah is an extremely lonely woman. understanding the world power - the hard kind, the ability to make heads roll and eyes burn guarding what is hers I suspect that what determines Jasnah is not inner conflict, but fear. I'd say you are correct but for the "just", if you mean it in the sense of "only". We cannot even imagine how lonely Hoid is. Either would sacrifice the other if they absolutely deemed it necessary. But it would break their heart.
  3. Raising the point for which reason exactly Odium would obey Honor. Or why actually if Honor enjoyed such an authority over Odium why he diod not forbid Odium to kill him.
  4. But what is the benefit to Sazed? I mean, getting rid of Paalm is an obvious benefit, but almost breaking Waxillium and turning him away from the Path is clearly not. To an enemy or victim. That is something Kelsier would not do to one of his people. Remember how he treated Vin. If he thought that your wife needed killing he would tell you.so. He may kill you, too, just to be thorough, but he will always treat you like somebody who deserves his own choices - or kill you. That is what somebody who is doing what Thaidakar does and needs to be done, must be ready to do.
  5. If you are on team Harmony, you'll be a tool, not a subordinate member. Honor demanded that you do your duty. Odium wants to have ruthless henchmen. Even Endowment at least lets you know that you are a tool. Not so Harmony, he lets you shoot your wife without telling you. He has a tendency to work for your interest, but not your wishes. He decides when it is time to go to the vet.
  6. Why? It is a team that does something. It is the only team you can join without ethnic prejudices, unless you want to serve a Shard. Sure, you may like the Elantrians, but if you are not one of them, you'll never be, no way around that.
  7. It is an idea Jasnah calls obvious. How? That the Knights Radiant would listen is imaginable. But every king?
  8. Defeated their attack. There is no indication that they counterattacked and devastated the lands of the Singers. I think we are underestimating how far the balance between attack and defense is shifted on Heraldic Roshar compared to our time. You cannot do long sieges You cannot do earthen siege works You have no Shard Blades without the Knights Radiant You have no stable major waterways to supply your armies - no Soulcasters without the Knights Radiant You cannot undermine walls without the Knights Radiant - it's solid rock A good fortress or walled city is basically invulnerable
  9. There you have your answer. Make it the law of the land. Even something as seemingly benign as "The needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few, or the one" can get you there.
  10. We just do not know that. For all we know Odium supplied them, respectively their Voidspren with Voidlight. All we know is that they did not put Voidlight into gems or took it out of gems.
  11. I guess it is an Elantriann, just based on the baldness, but I may just as well be wrong.
  12. Her base is off world. And would Kalak really transfer a Voidspren? Him being Restares seems to show that hthe Sons of Honor were a front. It really looks like there is a group of Terrispeople in a colony somewhere that is not Scadrial to me. Why did he have multiple rings? Are we looking at a full Feruchemist?
  13. Well, obvious questions Why did he let his son ruin the kingdom for years? Why would he fight for his kingdom to be handed over to Parshendi? Sure, Gavilar was no saint. But why this battle? Just so that he can be really evil?
  14. A Kandra who has centuries of experience letting himself be surprised by an amateur? And why would a Kandra draw attention to his arcane powers? And why would a Kandra look foreign? Or alternatively, if the Kandra is an avatar of Kelsier, why does he look like an old, bald man? And if Kelsier wants an agent in Lasting Integrity why does he not send a trader or an official delegation? The problem with Sixteen is not only that you have to find somebody who is capable of this feat, but also somebody who does not care or must disregard that his feat is blowing his cover. I mean sure, this could be Cultivation's youngest son, who has a drug problem, waiting for mommy to bail him out, but why the disguise? Is he so broke that he cannot afford food? But why let Shallan surprise him?
  15. That makes an extreme amount of sense. Writing reports? They could have one in every city. Surprised by an amater assassin and then running away?