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  1. After glueing hundreds of offended, attacking Koloss to the ceiling, the court room collapses and Kaladin is torn limb from limb.
  2. The problem is the way iron works in feruchemy. You store weight. Which means that if you take the metal minds off, you get your old weight back. They need not be 100% efficient. As soon as you can alter mass, you can create energy out of nothing. That is the next problem. This will need study There is no sensible way you can get to work while you are not under acceleration. If you are just standing around what momentum do you have? None, as you are just standing around? But the planet you are standing on is revolving. Do you feel coriolis force?
  3. As soon as you can manipulate mass, thermodynamics goes out of the window. Put yourself on a spring. Make yourself lighter and heavier again, Perpetual motion. The same can be done with mass manipulation and pushing/pulling. Use a Lurcher with mass manipulation. While you pull on the coin below you, you make yourself heavy. While it is above you, make yourself lighter. Both you and the coin will rise.
  4. There is always a frame of reference in which you are at rest. As soon as changing mass in an unaccelerated case changes speed, you kill relativity.
  5. If he is from Scadrial, why doesn't he look Shin? Dalinar suspected Shin ancestry in Felt. Shallan is an excellent observer. And why didn't he detect Shallan's lightweaving with bronze? Hoid did so. And would Kelsier display hemalurgic spikes?
  6. The idol would also experience a lot of strain. At a certain point you would either fail or rip the idol in two.
  7. How light do blue eyes need to be?
  8. Sorry for misunderstanding. Why would it reverse? In case of a repulsive force the parts of a pushed object closer to source of the effect than its center of gravity will experience a stronger push. And the parts of the object beyond the center of gravity will experience a weaker push. If you put your frame of reference into the center of gravity of the pushed object, the parts of the object beyond the center of gravity would indeed see a force towards the center of gravity. Is that the reversal you were refering to?
  9. And you would not find that lack of privacy that comes with a spren disturbing?
  10. But that is exactly the case we are talking about. If an object is deformed, it is clearly not rigid. Because the forces depend on the distance to the source, hence they are not equal on both sides and do not fully cancel. Yes, but what happens if he pushes on an object? Does he really push on everything equally, or do the pushes depend on distance, hence there will be tides? It does reverse. Consider the case of standing on a planet which does not rotate. You experience high tide at midsummer, which is also noon. And again at midwinter. By which time you are at midnight, so you are facing away from the sun. The same force now pushes the water away from the sun, because you are at the opposite point of your orbit. Hence a repulsive force does create a compresssing effect. Then what is this force they are feeling when they are between two heavy objects they push on? Clearly the force is not acting on every part of their body equally. Now we could assume that they are acting differently on the metals they push on, but why? Unfortunately we have never seen an Allomancer push on liquid metal. Why? In fact why do they feel anything at all when they push? If the acceleration were uniform across their bodies, they should feel nothing.
  11. Actually no, they should not. They should only if they act on the whole object equally. That forces can be treated as if they were acting on the center of gravity of an object to compute its trajectory is a mathematical simplification. We actually know that it is false. If it were absolutely correct, tides could not exist. And most people living on a coast will tell you that tides absolutely exist. And don't let them tell you that tides require three objects (Earth, Sun and Moon). That is a misconception . The Earth would still have purely solar tides without the Moon. So it does not take two Allomancers to generate tidal forces. The tides generated by gravity go by the inverse of distance cubed. To exactly answer this we are back at the allomantic force by distance question. So yes, a space ship between two objects would be stretched. But this is because we are talking about ab attractive force If you have a repulsive force, the objects would indeed be crushed instead.
  12. Kelsier did not care about guilt. Nor should he have. Nobles and skaa were enemies. That could not change while The Lord Ruler was alive. Kelsier was a partisan. Like any soldier he did not ask whether his enemies were guilty. The point was moot as long as they were enemies. As he was also a reasonably intelligent man, he knew that some were reprehensable yet others were outstanding people and yet another part yielded to the temptation they were put into. Like a pilot cannot ask whether the people in the city below him are guilty (clearly some are not) he fought for his people.
  13. That suggests that the cities were made by fabrials controlled with cymatics. Urithiru housed living Surgebinders. They could use a utilitarian mode of thought to control their own surges.
  14. The problem with that reasoning is that the stones break all the time and are exchanged. Where would the spren be packaged? Indeed it looks like the spiritual entity involved in soulcasting is the soul of the changed object, not a spren.
  15. That does not really help. It needs to be stronger, not heavier. Obviously there are mountains one kilometer high. The problem is that they are not hollow. Stone lacks in tensile strength. It would help if there were metal inside the rock.