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  1. The problem with that is the regular solar eclipse we saw. That requires a geostationary orbit, or they are not in orbit and indeed hover.
  2. Well, no. I am sorry, but I am afraid I need to pick nits. It will keep them evenly spaced, but not around the planet. They would hover at the height where the repulsion from the other moons outweighs the attraction from the planet's gravity. And they would aim for maximum distance from each other, so they go to the vortices of a polyhedron. We agree on that don't we? But what keeps the planet at the center of the arrangement? As soon as the planet is shifted a bit off center, the attraction to the moon now next to it increases and decreases to the others. One moon crashes onto the surface, the others escape into space. You found a metastable solution for the system. You can correct that with the spores on the planet's surface, but they weren't there initially.
  3. The distinct oceans exist because the spores are always dropped on the same places. Hence the condition required to form them and allowing them to exist would be the same. They cannot cause themselves. What kept the system stable while the oceans were beginning to form?
  4. Somebody having grown up in the world of ash would not even recognize an edible plant. That would change with time, but the attitudes set in the formative years last. And economically speaking, unless you have land close to rivers you will not be competitive in the market. You would be a really poor subsistance farmer.
  5. Simple population pressure. They can make enough food with fewer people. The surplus will not get agricultural jobs at decent pay. Yes, but not in that way. With labour good specialists have the reverse effect. Their numbers go down. Well, no. Scadrial was urbanized before it was industrialized after the Catacendre. Scadrial is an analogue to Earth, but not to the Western World. In fact, the closest analogue would probably be South America. An economic model of individual ownership of land to be worked mostly by the owners and their close family without much hired labor is by no means universal on Earth. And no other cultures means no export. You cannot sustain an agricultural sector larger than domestically needed by exporting the surplus. Hence whenever you raise the productivity of agricultural workers, either you lower their living standards, as the surplus won't be sold, or you reduce their numbers. in practice the latter will happen. And it means no immigration. You cannot use the surplus to boost your population by immigration. Suppose you walk out of your bunker after the Catacendre. You have stored food. But it won't last forever. You have to get this right. Whom do you give the tools and stuff to build efficient farms to? The few farmers you have, but they will then tell other people how to work the land, not do it themselves, because you need to get large harvests in, and to the people used to organizing large numbers of people, that is: nobles The Basin is politically decentralized. There will be no Corn Laws or agricultural subsidies. Nor will a national government help small towns. To have a US style frontier, you need unclaimed land. Can you imagine what the views of an allomancer lord on squatters' rights are? Let alone squatters from another city/political entity, again decentralization. The emotional connection to the land is not there. If you talk about the soil the ashes of our forefathers are buried in, a Scadrian would either laugh or refer you to a Zinc counselor. Harmony made it a comparatively short time ago and they all know it. Owning rural land lacks emotional and social value. Suppose you walk out of your bunker after the Catacendre. Would you rather stay with the supplies and the last vestiges of the familiar or would you go out into an alien environment to do a job you are not familiar with? The Lord Mistborn probably had to force people into farming. In terms of products/labor ratio a large farm on the best land closest to the market will win. There was never a good economic incentive to go solo farming. Nor is their experience for that available. Even plantation Skaa come from, well, plantations. They are not used to small scale farming, let alone in an alien environment. And this has to work the first time. Remember that many of the Skaa you are talking about most likely didn't even know how to cook. The Lord Mistborn needed the nobles. You cannot run a whole land with illiterates. Hence they have kept part of the economics of the Final Empire.
  6. Inconclusive. He may just be a pessimist and assume that he would soon arrive at a shore and he certainly won't outswim a sunrise. It probably wouldn't. The storms would be devastating. And that really is the problem. He should experience hurricane force winds so near the terminator. And that raises a question: Is the destruction really a purely physical effect, or do you get an overdose of Investiture and that is the deeper reason nobody started digging bunkers?
  7. Not at all boring. Put Dalinar to the choice of posessing Gavilor, Navani, Renarin or Adolin as a Fused or to break his word.
  8. True. The crucial part is in Secret History, where Nazriloff confirms that Threnodites have a ritual for properly creating Cognitive Shadows. It looks to me like Shades are the result of something going wrong. Yet Nomad was almost eaten by a Shade, so we can assume that some exist in his time.
  9. Assuming There is only one script Honor did not put clear conditions on what you can mention For example, would you have wanted to mention that the Dawnshards are real to Gavilar? The Stormfather is required to send those messages and had decided to destroy the Everstorm. There is nothing to say that he liked the bond. The mystery is why the Stormfather did not know the reason for the Recreance. Presumably because he was bondless. Still, at least The Sibling should know. Yes, the oathpact was not a wise choice. Fundamentally we do not understand the reasoning behind it. For example Honor equipped the Heralds so suspiciously well for war that I have a hard time believing that he thought that the Heralds would keep their word.
  10. Roshar being cast back into the stone age multiple times total collapse on Painter's world The Evil Roughly half of that was mesolithic. Yet the Cosmere had something at 18th century levels when The Lord Ruler took over. Yet they are not all that advanced in that either. Fabrials on Roshar a few hundred years old at best. It does not have to be. The problem in the Cosmere is keeping worlds with perpendicularities isolated. As soon as you have a world with observation aircraft and stuff you are not going to hide it any longer. And you need them to be kept hidden on all such worlds. On Roshar it has happened. Do you see any way to keep Navani's Ardents from asking what'll happen if you walked off the map of Roshar?
  11. I would guess the very opposite. It delivers enough Investiture to turn them into full Cognitive Shadows with memories and everything. Indeed, unexpected. But do you see a way around that conclusion? That I doubt. We have never seen what the Old Threnodites could do with their Shadows.
  12. Unless Virtuosity has already splintered herself, SP#3 will need to take place at least 1700 years in the future. 1700 years is a looong time. The western Roman Empire still existed. Whole civilizations rose and fell in that time. I must voice doubt that Era 4 can be more than a few hundred years after SA. The Cosmere already needs countless genocidal catastrophes and atrocities to explain its duration and slow technological development. SP#1 could be no later than 350 years after SA 5. But SP#3 has a very good chance of being the very latest book of the Cosmere.
  13. Surely you do have a Connection to the ground of the planet you have lived and walked on your entire life?
  14. Is he talking about Aharietiam or the Recreance? That is the big question. Yes. And finally the Recreance makes sense. They could not release her because that would have been even worse. Yet it leaves an even bigger question. Why did they not document that and leave a big, fat warning with the Spren in Shadesmar? Because the humans betrayed Odium. He was their god. Because Jezrien did not go to Braize. All you need to do is watch the Honorblades. Jezrien's Blade did not dematerialize. Taln's did. So the Blade of the Herald dieing that day vanished.
  15. Art only attracted the spirits. It took a clear command to make them change. That is not different from Awakening or Soulcasting. While Painter simply depicted the form to be reached. You could argue that it just was a visual Command, but other than the medium not different from Awakening.