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  1. Vax

    Right, but it is consistent. Ati may have assumed that he is dead. So we cannot just compare physical worlds. And we have to consider that Ati referred to a place that may be thousands of years in the past and changed since. I am afraid this line of reasoning is not very productive. The only solid thing we have is Khris in the Ars Arcanum. It is also quite short.
  2. "I will protect those who cannot protect themselves" You are basically restating the second ideal. And it is supposed to be about not wanting to protect people, not concentrating your efforts.
  3. They won't be on the battlefield, as in WW2. You are thinking of army on army clashing in open combat. That will be vanishingly rare. They lack that modern level of mobility and they have no firearms. They will target civilian populations, supply lines and force the enemy to take a Highstorm out in the open. They fight repeated battles in a total war on known terrain. War on Roshar will be fortresses, fortifications, breastworks, moats and trenches. On a planet which makes sieges extremely hard to conduct, fortifications are the gold standard. Make them die on your walls. Burn or take their grain. A desolation will be raids against civilians, counter raids, skirmishes, attacks on supply lines, hunting out magically disguised infiltrators. Major battles will either involve a fortress on one side or will be delaying actions against a pursuit while your forces are going back to a fortress. The other key factor are the magical forces of the other side. We haven't seen most Forms of Power. Raiders and especially counterraiders. Also air supply and scouts. Every Shard Bearer with Plate and Blade can fulfill the role of a cavalry charge. The older roles of scouts and raiders still need to be fulfilled. Dalinar's vision of the village attacked by the Midnight Mother's monsters were likely typical. Air defense and internal security. Sappers. Bring down the enemy's walls. Exactly. Also counter biowarfare. Spreading disease is an obvious tactic. Somebody has to be counter intelligence and interrogators. Unless the Skybreakers are doing the torturing. Deep raids and strategic scouting. Fortifications are the key to war on Roshar. Hence the Stonewards are the key to war. Build the battlements and then hold them.
  4. How would that help? The fourth oath is a riddle only for the first time. The problem is meaning it, not knowing what to say.
  5. emperors soul

    It makes clear what they think. Their understanding is not necessarily entirely correct.
  6. Well, the question makes more sense if we treated them as forces discovered in another universe or in another region. Do they break existing physics? Allomancy is remarkably nice in that regard. Steel and iron add energy to a system, but in exchange fuel vanishes. The same effect sort of applies to the other metals. In theory you couls swallow metals at a higher place, gain the energy from going down, burn off the metals (or use a metal to do so) and let the lighter you be transported back using less energy. Aside from that, which we also sort of have if we use nuclear reactions, we are good. Even bendalloy and cadmium are nice in avoiding a redshift meaning that you cannot use them to violate the second law of thermodynamics. The real physics breaking stuff is in feruchemy, iron and bronze foremost. If you have them you have a perpeutual motion machine or can break the second law of thermodynamics. Gold is also bad as it allows you to create matter.
  7. No. That would not be Brandon Sanderson anymore. Well, Brandon tries to get away from good vs. evil. A story ending in the defeat of the protagonist would be cool, though. And I must say, Vasher is not a good guy. Let's face it, he is a murderer advocating censorship of scientific research. The Blackthorn is a tyrannical, racist aristocrat.
  8. No, as it was impossible to predict which or how many metals Kelsier would test. She would have to be a Mistborn. How? If the Inquisition knew where to put such aplant, why not just arrest? Again, no way to predict which metals Kelsier would use.
  9. You cannot pretend to be a Mistborn. The only thing Vin was not, was from the ministry. Why would they use a precious and rare Mistborn, if they could just strike and torture information out of people?
  10. By that logic he has already broken his word. That nobody born in Kharbranth died during the battles of Thaylen Fields and Kholinar alone is statistically implausible. It seems to me tht the deal applies to the people residing in Kharbranth.
  11. We still need to find out why he gets away with that and why he thinks that he can get away with it.
  12. arrogance to whom exactly would she betray Kelsier? No Skaa allomancer can risk contact with the ministry she had an inquisitor chasing her. She needed protection and information. what would a rival group do with the information? If it were a heist, sure, but a revolution? If he is to fail, he'd rather fail early before much money is spent
  13. IIRC he had been training her for weeks when he offered an exit and the money.
  14. Why is that a problem? The Thrill is allomantic zinc essentially. Different systems can overlap.
  15. Selish magic can access at least Fortune, as seen by the Dakhor assassin in Teod. AonDor can do a lot of physical things and also has mental and corporal capabilities. But what about spiritual stuff? Can it tap into Fortune or manipulate Identity? Given that it is built on geographic constraints, Connection seems to be taboo. What do you think?