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  1. (Scadrial)
  2. Probably anybody without Plate. Turning your Blade into a shield is nice, but you are disarming yourself. Only Windrunners and Skybreakers won't do it. Imagine how hard it would be to hold a shield of any size against the wind while flying at such speeds. You likely need both hands to just hold your lance.
  3. Vasher is a treasonous man of little personal value, who does not deserve any admiration. A man who advocates censorship as a scholar and murders his wife and best friends is despicable.
  4. Or a simple copy from the US cover of The Way of Kings.
  5. Thinking of these things as contradictory is exectly the problem of anachronism. The best way to win a war is to make sure the chains of command are clearly defined and the order of succession is settled. They will not think of this as wanting and a highly desirable but basically optional possibility. Having an heir is a duty.
  6. No, there is a point where planning for an exceptional problem under exceptional circumstances just becomes a waste.
  7. These two are aristocrats trained from early childhood to think in dynastic terms. Every lighteyes will think that way. Rosharans are not Western individualist sharing western attitudes to marriage and romantic relations.
  8. Or the spear uses the technology of half-shards .At this point we lack information. Change the gem or exchange the spear. A weapon does not need to be perfect. Good enough will do.
  9. This is not the way a Rosharan aristocrat would think. You need an heir. Your brother known to be bonded to a corrupted spren is not an ideal fallback.
  10. Why? To be blunt, that statement looks false to me. It depends on the possible acceleration and the speed with which you can change your vector. But they change gravity. Your acceleration if you do a single lashing is uniform.
  11. I am afraid we have seen such technology on Roshar already twice when Elhokar had a fabrial developed to partially drain spheres for his party the weapon that killed Jezrien And it really isn't that advanced. You need to ram it into your victim (Scadrial)
  12. They are not flying. They are falling. In fact they would be a bit denser with armor, hence their terminal velocity increases. Are you suggesting that Windrunners lash only their bodies, not their equipment?
  13. By impaling themselves? I suppose this is theoretically possile, but not a long term viable tactic. How many Windrunners will one Fused kill? One ot two?
  14. They can shape stone. Build subways.
  15. Hence the option of nicrosil, which allows other forms of storing Investiture. The Investiture ends up in the gem. Why else would it light up when the spear is in actual use? In that sense it is like the weapon Jezrien was killed with. That was yellow, but we might be looking at an alloy, even only just to save on a precious resource.