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  1. The rest of the coalition is not going to love her for that. The Azish already had to draft citizens to keep agriculture going. Real estate without the people to farm it is useless. Calculate how many carts you could pull with all those chulls.
  2. We have a confirmation about Roshar's ecology. Even major rivers are not permanent.
  3. There really is no reason to associate them with a specific ethnic group rather than a commercial or political group. For now the only organizations we know to know about First of The Sun are Silverlight and the Ghostbloods.
  4. I didn't. I merely mentioned them first. Quoting myself: That depends. Are there Breaths that are that puny? That makes me wonder how they do this. Do shops on Taldaine close individually? Do they have set market hours? Roshar's atmosphere is different, too. Denser and more oxygen. That really makes me wonder whether people can go to another world. Crushing gravity, less air and less oxygen in that air and you'd lose your regular boosts of Stormlight. If you want to be pedantic, some Scadrians must have seen moons. The star has several gas giants. You can see moons with a telescope, just not around your own planet.
  5. No, they have a sun, it's just not very bright.
  6. The worlds of the Cosmere have some physical and social constraints on travel. So who could go where? Strictly speaking this question would have to be asked with reference to special abilities and non-human populations, but that would make it extremely complicated. So let's look at ordinary people Roshar -> basically nowhere without serious discomfort or even danger. Most places have about 40% more gravity and a third less oxygen in the atmosphere. They'd need a lot of training. Sel is likely forever out of reach. Nalthis -> everywhere but Sel. Sel would require acclimatisation and training Sel -> everywhere, but they would be extraordinarily strong. And Nalthis would be odd. To anybody with life sense, they must stick out. Too much to be a drab and too little for one Breath. Some of their ethnicities, however, look unmistakably alien Scadrial, First of the Sun, Threnody, Taldaine's Dark Side -> no unusual issues, everybody sticks out on Nalthis Taldaine's Light Side -> nowhere without extensive training. They'd freak out at sunset.
  7. That is a much better suggestion than intended. However, it cannot be the whole truth, as it cannot account for Riino.
  8. Yes, but for the right price he would do just that. Gavilar is not working for anybody. He had allies and partners. Well, there seems to be a tendency to view a Bondsmith as a sort of saintly figure and to see anything that is not as pure as Albert Schweitzer, Henri Dunant of Florence Nightingale as an Unmade at work. A vassal or a slave are also bound. There is nothing in the mission statements of the Bondsmiths that would strictly require the bonds to be between equals or them to be based on liberty or honesty.
  9. How? Gavilar surely did not design and assemble his machinery himself by hand. He must have had technicians.
  10. As a control group Yelig-Nar went into that stone voluntarily. Concluding that a stone that can house him could also trap him is daring.
  11. The Unmade are too well accounted for that. There may be another level of "void god spren" between them and the Fused, but there is no evidence for that. Unless you are proposing that an Unmade has been splintered? Gavilar may also have caught some ordinary spren. In fact, if his expeditions to Braize involved some kind of trap he is likely to have tested it on ordinary spren first. Venli got impressions from the voidspren making her a Regal and those are subsentient. Possibly the quality of the gem is needed for the intended use of whatever is trapped inside it, not for the storage of the content.
  12. Has this chapter planted the seed for Dalinar totally freaking out? Security around his wife was so shoddy that somebody secretly planted a gem stone in her travel capsule without her telling anybody?
  13. In a box in the hold. It is not unknown, but it is rare. I may point out that long-range aircraft carry an emergency coffin. It costs him next to nothing to carry that thing. Yes, but then the personnel will change. That is at a minimum, pack animals (lifeless ?) carry stuff through the void until the first port on the pseudo-oceans of the subastral. There the cargo will be transferred to ships. The caravaneers going through the void between worlds will never see the final destination. In fact they may not know where it even is. Possibly there are waystops where personnel changes in between the worlds and only passengers go the full way. So if the spren part were to vanish, the whole route would collapse.
  14. How old is good gun technology on Scadrial? About 50 years? Maybe just a function of insufficient time.
  15. optics: they have telescopic glasses barometric height formula: ardents can tell how high Urithiru is based on ambient pressure ecology: Shallan has a clear grasp of apex predators and their biology metallurgy: steel linguistics: they get how the Dawnchant was used architecture ceramics map making abundant steel factories extensives canals multistory buildings quite advanced medicine (Sazed was a good surgeon) limelights A gas turbine or steam engine would work just fine provided you use an existing flame to light them. Any place where that was not so before 1880? OK, Venice, but that is cheating. Kharbranth? The ardentia? Azish science?