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  1. That is not a necessary assumption. It depends on the area we are talking about. If we are talking about a Mistborn arising in or after the Wax & Wayne era, such a Mistborn would presumably be equipped to fight allomancers, if he or she were equipped in any way at all. Obsidian knives are quite quaint. Aluminium daggers make a lot of sense. As would aluminium containers for their metals.
  2. Unlikely outside Shinovar, as ducks would need permanent bodies of water.
  3. And here we enter the area of unknowns. What does a coppercloud do to a spren's powers of observation? Are spren vulnerable to emotional allomancy? Can you use chrome against a spren? Can you sense a spren with bronze? What do zinc and brass do to a Knight Radiant? Can you make them not care enough to resummon their Plate? Actually I would leave the hilt on. It may stop the Radiant from summoning his helmet. Notch some hooks into your blade. But those are details. That is indeed the basic tactic. If the Radiant is disabled more than a few seconds, he will die. If the Radiant gets a good strike with his Blade in, the Mistborn is dead. That means the Radiant could try to use a trap. This really boils down the unknowns and individual capabilities, not arcane powers. For that you would need clearer differences. A Radiant without a Blade would die, unless he simply runs far away. I would bet on the Mistborn, if the Radiant had no Plate, but this is not a sure thing. If the Radiant has Plate and Blade, all bets will be of.
  4. Radiants are selected. Mistborn come out of a roulette. So, yes, the average KR of a martial order is likely better than a randomly picked Mistborn. Whether you like to pit random picks against each other or equal skills is a matter of preference. I just have to point out that Shan Elarial against the Stump or Ym may have ended again differently. And in fact, Shan would have retreated in most cases. And then she would have struck from an ambush. The question who beats whom in hand to hand combat is really not all that relevant. How long can a Radiant keep his Plate on? They still have to eat and drink. And the other end of metabolism imposes some limitations. Can you sleep in it? Hence the question of how well a Radiant can fortify himself is highly relevant. As well as how 'loud' a Radiant with armor summoned is to a user of bronze. And what does a coppercloud do to a spren?
  5. The Parshendi may not have used them as pets. Or pets in general for that matter. And the relations between the proto-Vorins and the Singers may have been quite hostile. They just may not have wanted to use their word. Worldhoppers live longer. The future heralds may just have been Ashynite worldhoppers. That raises a question. Were the heralds originally traitors? That is, did they go over to Honor's side before mankind on Roshar did in general? Did Honor strike first and Odium reacted?
  6. Well, Kaladin has only Blade, not Plate. A Mistborn who is evaded in that matter would seek to hide himself while observing the Windrunner. While a Mistborn would likely run out of Atium before Kaladin runs out of Stormlight, Kaladin likely runs out of Stormlight before a Mistborn runs out of tin. Then this turns into a game of hide and seek.
  7. Lost. The history of Roshar is long enough for that. It is entirely possible that we can reconstruct only back to the Silver Kingdoms. Again using the assumption that the settlers spoke one language. I give you another scenario. The Ashynites arrived, could not speak to each other, needed a trade language and took over Dawnese as a trade language among each other, as they needed it for trade anyway.. How long did users of Ashin magic live? And we are talking about a place name. They live longer than languages. They moved out in ethnically distinct groups keeping their language. The mixed group in the old country abandoned their plethora of languages in favor of a trade language. Emmigrants are usually more conservative.
  8. One thing more, unless the Mistborn is surprised or in a desperate hurry, the fight will be at night. That is the time Mistborn operature and where tin and bronze give them the largest advantage. Especially against a glowing enemy. A question that was neglected in this thread is the mobility and sensory of the Radiant's spren. Also the assumption that an exchange of blows would come quickly and would last. That is highly unlikely. People wish to live. What you would rather see is a game of hide and seek, where one party strikes at a perceived clear advantage, the other party setting traps and the attacker quickly retreating and the attacked fleeing, unless at a clear advantage. Such a fight would last for days. Also some orders of Radiants have a capacity to construct fortifications and weapons. They will use it..
  9. The unspoken assumption behind that is that Shinovar never suffered a language shift. This need not be true. For all we know it may have been occupied by Singers, who imposed their language at one period. The history of Roshar is long. Secondly the assumption that Ashyn was linguistically uniform at the time of the exodus is questionable. In fact if they ruined their world in a war, the possibility that they spoke multiple languages looks more plausible to me.
  10. Yes, let it last an hour. And it spoils in storage. That is why mission is the necessary parameter. If the Mistborn can wait a week until the Radiant runs dry, he has an advantage. Again context. Again, that depends on the environment. The Mistborn is more agile but slower in most environments. How well can he hide? Not in a convincing manner. The Radiant while he is invested and using his powers will be detectable (maybe not Lightweavers or Truthwatchers). And tin and electrum will still work. A surprise attack at night would be the easiest option. Yes the Radiant has overkill. But dead is dead. The Mistborn has an advantage in that he has tin and bronze and does not glow at night. But it is not absolute. Yet there is the problem. This turns into a contest of tactics and skill of the fighters, not their powers. And of course it again depends on the environment. How easily can you hide?
  11. While it lasts. And it will last minutes. Metals in a vial will last years and inside the Mistborn all day long. If the Radiant can force a quick confrontation he will win. If. And again that depends on the environment. If the Mistborn can just fly away, he has an advantage. Well, no. Hoid detected Shallan. THe Radiant has no equivalent of tin and bronze and that will hurt. Againto an extent that is dependent to an extreme degree on environment. Yes. A straight exchange of blows ends with a Radiant win. But can the Radiant force that situation. Either can potentially kill the other. A squashed head will end a Radiant. A sufficiently deep fall will also end him. While in Plate. It won't be worn 24/7.
  12. That is the civilian term for what military people call an ambush or a surprise attack. If you are in range and the KR has Plate and Blade out, of course he will win. If. For the Mistborn to let this happen would be a mistake. So would he? Depends on the environment. In an open desert I would bet on the Radiant, in an abandoned modern city full of metal I bet on the Mistborn. The best you can do is give advantages: Armor, close distance attack, healing: Radiant is better Senses, stealth, endurance, agility: the Mistborn is better Mobility: undecided, depends on specifics
  13. If he finds his opponent. And that is not a trivial problem. Combat cannot be reduced to a single number. You have attack, defense, sensors, stealth, endurance ... All these factors have an importance that is defined by environment and mission. THere is no universal answer unless the match is totally disproportionate. All these comparisons are meaningless unless you at least give an environment.
  14. The problem with that is the shining red eyes. How would you see anything with them? Having a lamp in your eyes usually really prevents vision. To me that suggests that the image arises in the mind of the observer.
  15. But so is a soulcasting. And it can do more than a Kandra, specifically make a greater range of materials.