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  1. They may still chain Odium to the Rosharan system. So, yes, there must be a reason, but it need not be strictly limited to the Fused. How useful is the limited number of sane Fused anyway, compared to potentially unlimited numbers of sane Regals, voidspren as spies and Thunderclasts? The Fused are trained and experienced, but in that regard time will help team Odium train a sane cadre of officers and soldiers. He still has some experienced fighters who had served under Eshonai.
  2. Neigh impossible for a Radiant. Give her enough Stormlight and you could cut the child out with a dull knife. Not that I would wish her that, but it would work. If you want her dead it has to be an accident with soulcasting or extreme violence. Knights Radiant just don't fall ill and die. From a story viewpoint we need her for the Ghostblood plot to advance.
  3. So what are the Knights to do? Build up an army of Listeners in Stormform to kill the Everstorm?
  4. There are many Parshmen and comparatively few Fused. You would need to be incredibly persuasive to be successful. And there aere still the Forms of Power to be considered. And mankind didn't fare that well in the last Desolations without an Everstorm. And they had a full corps of Knights Radiant and sane Heralds.
  5. Not entirely. Allomancy has no problem burning atium, which does provide its own fuel. Nor is this limited to pure atium. The alloys also work. We are not sure whether allomancy really requires you to use either Preservation or Ruin. In fact if anything that is hemalurgically active also works allomantically, Trellium must be burnable. Without having metals, yes. But using them up?
  6. Well, that raises questions. Why not keep a sigle Fused captive to technically draw out a Desolation? Why does the Everstorm work? So they got one trip per violation?
  7. Immortality, sort of. For the same reason Kelsier became one.
  8. She is making the fuel not the focus. Her metals would potentially never burn up, rather than her producing metals. The really interesting case would be for her to become a feruchemist.
  9. True. It however would then cease to be Sand Mastery. So why Sand Mastery? Presumably because it works only on Taldain (sanely - yes you could ship a dozen tons of sand offworld). And it works best if you are alone, so you don't have to share sand. A quote depending, however, on Kenton's assumption that he knows all strange powers of Sand Mastery. If the HQ was made with Sand Mastery, he does not. (Elantris spoiler)
  10. Arthropods use a kind of adhesive bag on their feet. Generally increased friction gives you a better grip. But that helps only if your problem is grip. However, if you are on a wall you will also act as a wedge and their will be a force component away from the wall. If you rip your handhold out of the wall, you will also fall down.
  11. Except that apparently they did also seal them while they were on Roshar. Why coud the Fused make one and only one trip from Braize to Roshar per Desolation?
  12. How do we know that? Breaking the Oathpact gave each Fused a trip from Braize to Roshar. We do not actually know whether the Oathpact or the lack of an Everstorm prevented further returns. If the Everstorm keeps working even with Heralds on Braize, we need to wonder how to ever end this Desolation. How many Fused are there? Will they ever run out of Singers?
  13. Lift has a tendency to use evasive actions. And possibly the Dustbringers are like Skybreakers, they learn to use their second surge later.
  14. Yes, it would mean that. It also needs Stormlight to strengthen the wearer. For all we know the gems are simply containers. If you stood outside in a Highstorm, you could presumably use it without gems.
  15. In Dalinar's visions they were hunting corrupted spren. So they considered those dangerous enough to send a full Radiant of at least the 4th ideal after one of them. Isn't that reason enough? The other Unmade can only be in one region at a time, but Sja-Anat has minions.