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  1. Heal himself, but others? Or use the other features of Progression? True assuming he wants specifically Lightweaving, but why now? a spren, not a Honorblade or, if you go all in, why not Yelig-Nar? (assuming Ashyn magic is impossible for somebody with his healing factor) And why Lightweaving. Hoid is from Yolen, so he got Yolish Lightweaving first. But why improve on it specifically? Sentimentality?
  2. Actually, that is odd. He can already lightweave, albeit badly. Why does he prefer improving an existing ability over gaining a new ability? It seems he cannot fly or heal or soulcast. So why lightweaving?
  3. She would not need to. We are talking about a man who quietly awaited his killer because he deemed himself corrupted. If Jasnah saw a political need, so would Renarin.
  4. Imagine being in a poker tournament using emotional allomancy. Or how you could make money creating a speed bubble for quick reaction.
  5. The problem is aristocracy, not Vorinism. Dynastic marriages include a rather primal motivation. You get your grandchildren onto or near the throne.
  6. Let's face it. If the king had defend his homeland using human and sacrifice and won, he would be celebrated. And as for forcing people to become peasants, what other choice did he have? Without Elantris there would have been starvation.
  7. And here goes the trust Dalinar worked hard to build. You are not going to get allies for a fight against Parshendi while your leader is one of them. Just or not, but is the way people work.
  8. OK, I am afraid somebody has to be callous. They will want to marry him off quickly. Jasnah needs allies. And she will care little about what he wants. She was ready to kill him.
  9. That they can leave does not mean they will also arrive where they want to go. Well, not exactly. They all went after a brief period. If Waxillium is not a Cognitive Shadow now, the separation is not irreversible immediately. But your soul will not linger indefinitely. As Brandon said, the original soul is converted into Investiture. But what can they do?
  10. If you have to make them so that they withstand being fired from a cannon and even have to be accurate enough to hit, yes. But the enemy is nice enough to ram anything vaguely flying true into his vehicle at accelerated speeds.
  11. Of course there is. The enemy will switch to explosive shells and your Lurchers will make sure that every shot is a hit.
  12. That is the logical conclusion and Harmony very much confirms that there is a soul beside a body and a mind. That, however, informs us only about a corporal entity. Right. Yet we have never observed the death of a spren. We have observed the death of numerous Cognitive Shadows, albeit in the Physical Realm. They do not show the stretching. No, but the impact is on its ability to go there. A place does not cease to exist because some cannot go there. Investiture does not leave the Cosmere.
  13. Correct. And the same would apply to one's cognitive aspect. Because Investiture cannot be lost. If something goes to the beyond it is lost. Hence what goes to the Beyond cannot be made from Investiture. Well, we know nothing about the Beyond. But, yes, the spiritual part goes there. Bands of Mourning: A Cognitive Shadow is a mind that does not dissolve. So is the spirit held back. Brandon said: So they have replaced or reproduced the soul. But it is made of Investiture, which cannot be lost. It would be interesting to know what happened to the original soul, but that is tangential. Their new "fake/replacement soul" is made of Investiture, not whatever, presumably spiritual, stuff souls are made of. Hence they cannot go to the Beyond. That may just as well have been the feeling of beginning dissolution of the mind.
  14. Markets anticipate the future. So the spikes happen prematurely, but they happen for a reason.
  15. Going by the spikes in food prices after Paalm blew up the dam they do not. Stockpiles cost money.