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  1. No vials. No weapons. No body armor. Does not use allomancy. Instantly obvious to any Seeker. Yes. But that liits tactical options enormously. Bondsmiths are not Lightweavers. He could teach them how to say a few pass phrases without an accent to give them away. But not a whole conversation. But not taught. Not without an accent and with the implicit cultural knowledge associated. Yes, it would give them metal lines. Even to a conventional Coinshot or Lurcher. Instant give away. Lightweaving gives them both options. They are all problematic but to different degrees. Prisoners have to be interrogated. It has to be determined what allomancy can do. The enemy's technology has to be understood. A new world has to be understood. Convince Skaa that there are other options than fighting. They do not yet exist. This the Final Emipre. No Ferrings. You have full Feruchemists, Inquisitors and TLR himself. That's it for Feruchemy.
  2. Can they supply them? The raw population numbers are interesting but not all that helpful. The troops need to eat. Koloss probably can eat the local vegetation. The rest of the troops cannot without agriculture. And here the Scadrians have an advantage. The environment of a terrestial planet is utterly alien to Rosharans. They need to import all their food or use Investiture (Soulcasting and Progression) to produce it. Also their techniques for food preservation are more primitive. The Scadrians in principle could try farming. At least they know what soil is. Again, the most crucial information of the scenario is missing. Is there a local population to take away supplies from?
  3. That won't work. Everybody they are likely to simulate would be wearing a helmet and some kind of weapon. The metal lines would be missing or wrong. They can disguise themselves or other people as Scadrians. That, however, creates a problem. They do not speak their language. They can hide themselves or others under illusions of inanimate objects. That also creates an issue with metal lines. Nobody of them could be wearing anything metallic. Doable for a KR with at least his blade. But not for anybody else. Even then they depend on no Tineye hearing or smelling them. Good luck with that after a few days in the field. But the most basic question remains open. What constitutes winning? If the Scadrians hold a single base with TLR in it and the KRs the rest of the planet, who do you consider the winner?
  4. How else but with Fortune can you explain the hit job on Hrathen in Teod? If Wyrn had known the reason, why would he have sent a single man? It just seem like a mission based on foreknowledge without understanding.
  5. Unless you meet a new problem. If events are independent. Which they are usually not. Take crime. It is concentrated. The best predictor of future crime is past convictions. That helps you against pirates and other threats at sea. That is good, but insufficient. On Opelon/Sycla, there are only two actors left basically. Teoden and Arelon can trade between each other, if the Derethi lands do not wish to trade. Does Teod produce a lot that Arelon will buy? Ships presumably. The basic consideration that drove the alliance between Teod and Arelon still exists. Very soon people will point out that Elantris was saved by serendipity and Sarene's policies would have doomed the people. Try selling that to teenagers and people who very living dead for months.
  6. Why gravitation specifically? That is true.
  7. That is not entirely true. We have Zane Venture. He was bred intentionally. Straff Venture was many things, but not an idiot. There was a realistic chance of success. That breeding programm was dangerous. In theory it was a capital crime. Hence the ratio must be somewhere between roughly 1:50 to 1:500.
  8. How long? For their life time. The 16% tell us nothing about the population of Scadrial. The allomancy came from the Mist only, or you would get a bell curve. They allow no conclusion for Scadrial during TLR. After that it depends on how much they breed true. Unknown.
  9. Because he was at that point crazy. And obsessed with finding a constant number. Occupational hazard. It makes sense given his personality and shard, but it is still false. You cannot send a signal with a number a recipient does not know. The signal was in the sharpness of the peak. If the mists had acted like an infection or a poison, you would still get an average number of casualties, who fall ill. Yet it would be an average. Plotting the actual cases you would get the classical bell curve. But they got a sharp peak. That would be the same whatever sensible number Leras had picked. It just tells us that Leras speaks a language that uses a number system based on ten.
  10. No. It was for everybody exposed to the mists at that specific time. And Leras is not thinking clearly at that time anymore. 16% is not a set number. It depends on the number base. We count by base ten. Apparently so does Scadrial. But this is not universal. The really telling data point they noticed was the absolutely fixed ratio per incident. The number of afflicted people did not follow a normal distribution. Any constant number would have done the job.
  11. He could pay them. So let's assume it was all atium all along. Yet still TLR has used up 500 000 years of youth. Marsh as a worst case about 50 000 years. Probably much less. At Marsh's age it still matters how young you make yourself most of them time.
  12. We do not know how much Marsh stored up while he was young. If he was ready to spend half his time at age 85, assuming he was 35 when he started, that gives him 675 stored years How many of his years did he gain by using cadmium?
  13. TLR is much older. His fuel requirements have gone up. Do they go up proportionally?
  14. location - he has to know where they are navigation - he has to find them, without maps on an alien planet larger bodies of water and if they really wanted to, they could have bases in the CR range. He can compound, but that sows him down and he needs to carry the metal. He will certainly outrun his supply train Remember if you are TLR and get lost, you live only as long as your atium lasts
  15. To an extent. If there is no Stormlight, the KRs will be doomed. If there is an easy source, things reverse. The Radiants are much more self-contained. The metalborn are perfect assassins and paramilitaries. They have no facilities for supporting themselves. The KRs are almost a technicologically advanced civilization upon themselves. They have logistics (soulcasters, progression = farmers), sappers, combat engineers, field medics, transportation (much better than steelpushing) and intelligence specialists. Metalborn need somebody and something to make their metals. In the very long run that means mines and smelters. And not just primitive ones. Their metals must be pure and the alloys precisely mixed. Hence they need fixed installations. Or long supply routes. TLR can defend at most one of them at a time. And if you include him, the supplies must work. He needs his atium. They still have the advantage of a fuel supply that does not spoil. Meaning naval aviation and troops. WIth them, the Rosharans rule the oceans. Frictionless ships with air support and control over the wind. Unbeatable. Unless he is willing the reveal the secret and actually make the stuff (chromium is harder to refine than preindustrial metals), it matters relatively little. TLR himself is chained to his atium supply. On very short distances. They have maybe two dozen steelrunners who can compound and we are talking about a planet. And it is limited to land. No, he wouldn't, as they would fail. The Radiants dominate the sky dominate the ocean (no way for coinshots or mistborn to fly over water except with extreme limitations) can change bases more quickly have global range (elsecalling) have better communication (spanreeds) have more reliable troops (Skaa in small unsupervised groups on a habitable planet - interesting concept) have supply routes out of enemy reach - everything flying at a few kilometers height is basically untouchable to anything but maybe emotional allomancy) The Metalborn have advantages, but they are basically immobile on an operational level their fuel supply does not spoil for decades they benefit much more from a prepared battlefield (preinstalled metal anchors) they have a true strength in urban combat (better sensors and speed on a short scale) no good magic means of transportation They won't beat an enemy who can teleport at guerilla. Where would you store them if you were a Radiant? On islands within easy flight range of your targets. That is the strange point within the original premise. Whence to get Stormlight? And the obvious one, if your battlefield is a planet, how will you find each other? Build ships and go sailing around the world? The advantage here depends on context. The larger and emptier of people the battlefield the better for the KRs. Provided they have enough Stormlight. Correct. Hence we must conclude that the Singers were more numerous or we haven't seen what Forms of Power in large numbers and with training can do. And the Unmade have shown only a small part of their full power.