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  1. Snapshot is thoroughly horrifying. Imagine seeing the medal and knowing that you are a doomed simulation. Switching that machine off is basically genocide.
  2. How real is the illumination in Shadesmar? The sun is described as cold. Does that mean that the ability to see in Shadesmar is a cognitive process, not a physical one, that is the light does not carry energy? Could you run photovoltaics in Shadesmar do photosynthesis run a solar destillery operate a film camera operate a CCD camera
  3. Moreover the question may not have an objective answer. It is true that in the Cosmere, living beings have a part that goes to the Beyond upon the second death, but equating this to personal identity is as far as we know arbitrary.
  4. On a related note, let's call on the great theoretician @Argent on the question of Identity. Feruchemical iron is used differently in Southern Scadrian technology in that Investiture isn't tapped but stored. That raises a questions. Whose Identity is Investiture equivalent to the stored mass*time keyed to, if a machine stores it? Obvious possibilities the Feruchemist who made the machine the Feruchemist who started it for the first time it changes on every restart nobody, it is anonymous What do you think?
  5. I am afraid I have to point out that ship carry passengers.
  6. But they do their job by tapping them. Ironminds are different. You use them by filling them while you are flying in an airship.
  7. The map says "Canton of Cartography". This sounds very much like the Final Empire's terminology. It is safe to assume that it predates the discovey of all metals. Scadrial is not in an ice age and the poles at least the north pole are free ocean. You can expect temperate climate far further north. Using base-16 we should expect 256 degrees in a Scadrian circle.
  8. Identity. The current user woukd surely be able to tap his or her stored mass, but nobody else's.
  9. The medaillions the South Scadrians are using to lighten themselves while riding an airship convey normal iron feruchemy, don't they? People apparently do not need an extrametalmind when using them. So presumably the mass is stored in the medaillion. So a simple question. What do they do once those parts of medaillions are full? They can't just tap them, as they don't have the correct Identity. Can the medaillions easily be taken apart, the iron parts be replaced and melted down? Have they found a way to selectively wipe a metalmind? Or is the feruchemy granted by a medaillion different and generates an unkeyed metalmind?
  10. That is, are they immortal in the same sense as the Heralds or will they age and eventually succumb to that and become disembodied spirits?
  11. Uli Da was Sho-Del. Cultivation apparently is a dragon. I am afraid that is a fundamental mistake. Kelsier showed that the requirements for taking and holding are different things.
  12. Brandon has stated that the "o" in Kholin is a closed vowel. So I pronounce Moash /moaŹƒ/. I am unsure about the stress.
  13. But not every Investiture. Somebody got Nightblood, the Returned and Seons through the CR. There clearly is an unknown factor, presumably Identity and/or Connection.
  14. the rest of his conversation with Nale. Szeth is not the type who would want to slaughter proto-Radiants at that point. He must be given a reason the incident that made him believe that the Voidbringers are returning. That is a big taboo and Szeth was pretty level-headed. No voice, however persuasive, will make him believe something outrageous. This needs evidence, that he dared bring up in public. Szeth is, however, convinced by Kaladin. So it cannot be irrefutable. We have never seen why they are trained with Honorblades. Do the shamans know that the heralds lied after Aharietiam?
  15. 10 mm is a gigantic spearpoint. In fact ridiculously huge. A blade in terms of physics is to concentrate force on a small area. It needs to be thin.