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  1. Nope. This person is (as far as we know) not a magic user.
  2. Okay then... This character is a woman
  3. Do you mean Mare, kelsiers wife? Evi Also we'll take that clue
  4. I just think its cool that the latin participle Detritus means "Having been worn away"
  5. Im pretty sure enough time has passed for Mistborn era 1 to not be spoilers anymore
  6. Are you "sewing" it with a blowtorch?
  7. Obviously you hitch a perpendicularity train to the cognitive realm, lasso up some Seons, and pull 'em back with ya. Boom Shardblades.
  8. Check. Station 9 3/4. All in.
  9. Challenge Accepted. Check.
  10. I can say it in 10 seconds if nobody is verifying. Jaque!
  11. Welcome to the shard! If you haven't read all of Brandon's "Cosmere" books, I recommend staying away from a lot of this, as this website is heavily spoiler-filled. P.S., thanks for the informative title, I had no idea that you had joined
  12. Czech, mate