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  1. Mission Two; Callsign: El Dragoon. Confirmed.
  2. I mean, Beard doesn't actually have a beard. On the other hand, Noro has a "Beard" in his squad...
  3. Nah, Cobb has to be Viggo Mortenson. And Andy Serkis for Doomslug
  4. Somehow nobody put a hold on skyward at my library so I got it 2 days after publishing. Also I won.
  5. Not "Whoosh" *Ahem* Woosh
  6. Are you thinking of when Shalash was posing as a maid?
  7. game

    @I am a STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you ever confirm or deny the Shai/Bloodsealer guess that Scion made earlier?
  8. I believe his name is Thresh-son-Esan @I am a STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Leave the goat, take the cannoli. From “The Goatfather”
  10. That's a valid point. This may be an unhealthy instinct, but I'm inclined to keep throwing time-bubbles at this until the problems go away. As far as I can tell, Cadmium bubbles would be a valid solution to this problem. If a chamber were to be created out of many ettmetal panels, it should be able to create 10+ cadmium bubbles, negating and/or exceeding the effects of the bendalloy. At this point the vessel would be moving from point A to B incredibly quickly due to the bendalloy, and to the people inside the chamber the time would appear to pass more or less in a blink of an eye. Furthermore, the inhabitants would be able to give themselves more or less time to prepare for their end destination by adding more or less cadmium bubbles. Not an arcanist, but aluminum and time bubbles don't seem to work too well together:
  11. There's a decent chance this had been done before but here goes anyway: Facts: 1.) Bendalloy time bubbles make time pass more quickly for the inhabitants of the bubble. 2.) Bendalloy can compress 2 min into 15 seconds or 8x speed (I've heard it argued sliders can create bubbles going greater than 1000x speed. 3.) When multiple bubbles occur in the same place, their effects are multiplied. Source below: 4.) A Bendalloy savant could anchor the time bubble to themselves. Source: 5.) When an object leaves a time bubble, it's kinetic energy is stripped to that of the speed it would be going if it had never been in the time bubble. Source: FTL using allomancy should be possible using only Bendalloy. Given that the average human can can typically run a mile in 7-10 minutes, and an allomancer has other advantages such as Pewter, I'll be assuming for simplicity purposes that a mistborn can run a mile in five minutes. Therefore, in 15 seconds a mistborn could run roughly 40% of a mile (2112 ft) in 2 minutes, or 15 seconds outside a time-bubble that was anchored to themselves using bendalloy savantism. Since the use of several time-bubbles multiply their effects, if an allomancer was to be within two time bubbles, they could run 16896 ft in 15 seconds of out of the bubble time. (OTBT) The acquiring of multiple time bubbles could be done through the use of Ettmetal, (more likely) or by attempting to cram multiple bendalloy savants into the same time bubble. (less likely, albeit more fun) The multiplication of time bubbles for an increase in distance over the same amount of time could feasibly increase until an allomancers was inside of 10 individual overlapping time bubbles. At this point, the allomancer would be running at a speed of 1889785610 or 1.88*10^10 feet per second in OTBT, which is marginally greater than 9.836*10^8 ft per second, which is roughly equivalent to the speed of light. Now that the allomancer has attained the speed of light relative to the people outside the bubble, they simply need to leave the bubble and they would be stripped of kinetic energy, returning them to the speed of 2112 ft per 2 minutes. (Assuming the noise the bubble makes when you leave it that fast doesn't kill you outright) Edit: 300th post apparently