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  1. game

    I think this one is probably "Old Magic". @Rhapsody
  2. game

    Sounds good. Calmseer, Leshwi, Beldre.
  3. *unlit
  4. game

    Ignore this. Didn't see new page had been added.
  5. game

    I think the other's most likely going to be Pits of Eltania.
  6. game

    I feel like this one is almost certainly Elantris. @Ashspren @Babilarian Darkeyes @Turtle373
  7. game

    I’ll join a team
  8. game

    Sorry about the shadows clue, blue team. I meant it to mean Cognitive Shadows (Battar, Ambition, and Lifeblesser)
  9. game

    Marsh is an innocent bystander. Red teams turn @Turtle373 @MistCLOAKed Mountains @Scion of the Mists @luckat @The Last Post
  10. How many people have asked about the color of the wall behind you for that to become a "common" question?
  11. game

    Reincarnation - 2 @Rhapsody @Totally_Not_A_Worldhopper @Mr Mafia @Ashspren