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  1. Nay, he is Turtle.
  2. I mean the whole duralumin thing worked out pretty well for Vin. However, the first people to burn cadmium and bendalloy must’ve freaked out.
  3. *Cough* The Lord Ruler *Cough*
  4. When you discover another sanderfan by referring to your ruler (the measuring instrument) as Rashek.
  5. I believe it says in SA somewhere that Rock was originally born to be a soldier, and only with the death of his brother(s) did he become cook. This is why his wife was shocked to find him as a cook when traveling in the shattered plains.
  6. game

    I’ll second that if I can get a link to the timer
  7. you get a "Big RAFO".
  8. Although Eru/The Valar are unable to physically partake in this fight, are they able to revive Gandalf whenever he “dies”?
  9. As long as Carcharoth isn’t a factor, Huan vs. literally anyone goes to Huan.
  10. @AxeliustheGreat Should I take the red pill, the blue pill, or continue to insist on water? Edit: And how’s the road to Tinuë?
  11. How would gold healing “kill them at literal lightspeed”?
  12. How so? Compounding only works so far. This is even assuming he is aware of the threat and has time to react. A silent elf assassin shooting him through the neck with a wooden arrow from behind would probably prove fatal.
  13. 1.) Vin meets both those requirements and he couldn’t counter her. 2.) Many of the characters in LOTR could easily kill TLR, such as Ancalagon the Black, Glaurung, Morgoths’ wolf (possibly), any of the Istarii, Ungoliant, or an elvish archer using wooden arrows.
  14. It is now Wednesday, December 19th in New Zealand and parts of Russia. Let the head-munching festivities begin!
  15. YKYASF when your parent, who’s reading his first Sanderson novel (success!), describes Jasnah’s movements as “Worldhopping” and you do a double take.