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  1. Questions & Some Warbreaker SpoilerThis post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules

    I leave this where the masters of the cosmere-verse may find it @Life&Death After finishing Warbreaker, I have a question or two and some things I want to fangirl (for lack of a better verb) over. I realize they may be RAFO inquiries. Let's open with this-

    Denth legit has the royal locks. Is he apart of the Idris royal line? I realize he is one of the 5 scholars, but like a true Sanderson ending, Warbreaker wraps up it's story leaving me with more questions than it answers. *Dun dun dun duhhhh*

    Another question, Vivenna is Azure. Okay. In Oathbringer, Kaladin spends a lot of time pointing out that her sword is different from other shards. The sword she has as Azure we do not see in Warbreaker, correct? Did she get it from cultivation?

    Ah, last question. Is Nightblood so colors' huge because he was made and is bonded to a Returned (Vasher aka Kalad) and Denth's sister, Sarahah?

    Lightsong is so beautiful. His journey dehydrated me... because tears! When he gave up his breath- sniffs and snuffles... my heart hurt. It was so right. I loved that he lead a normal life before he was returned and the thing that made him a god was an act of returning something to wholeness; his niece to the ship. Pretty brilliant. The Returned return to return things to wholeness. I see what Sanderson did there.

    Also who else called Vasher being Kalad... but had no idea who Warbreaker was until the end? Just me?

    Let me be cliche- Warbreaker took my breath away ;-)

    Thanks for reading and discussing this gemheart of the cosmere! 

  2. Honestly it’s the children’s book authors who put us on the path to Sanderson!

    What books and authors most informed your love of storytelling when you were a kid? And which author did you most want to befriend? Finally, are you still pillow-fort making (pillow fort aka your book lair)?


    1. Girl with Red Hair

      Girl with Red Hair

      Treasure Island.  As to pillows, yes, and the covers as well.  Not ashamed to admit it.

    2. Anomalee


      @Girl with Red Hair Absolutely love that book! And I love your shameless love of pillow fortifications!

  3. I need this game you speak of! Also loved the topic title! Clearly you are one of the ‘creatives’ yay!
  4. Huzzah you found the realm of Sanderfandom! Welcome! I am curios, I remember my moment of cross connecting the books. What tipped you off to the cosmere
  5. Huzzah another Sanderfan is born! Welcome to the world of resolute sticks! Do you have a favorite part thus far in your reading?
  6. You're taking a walk/swim in Shadesmar and Captian Iko tells you not to eat his chicken. Do you:

    a. Soulcast the chicken into a taco

    b. Get the Fused to burn his ship and recover the nuggets

    c. Surgebind like mad through an oathgate with the chicken 

    d. Tell the BlackThorn and hope it 'Thrills' him

    e.  (other)

    *Disclaimer--->The chicken belonged to the Catian going east toward Cultivation's Perpendicularity, and his name escapes me. Since I was fond of Iko, I gave him the chicken. Forgive me Sanderfans for fudging the beautiful facts. B)


  7. @spontaneousspren Hello! Fair warnings!? What lovely people you are. Now I am perfectly delighted to be doomed to the mutual addiction! About the stick, I honestly have never trusted sticks, especially sticks that insist upon being sticks. So do I believe the stick was lying when it said, "I am a stick," yes! My vote is that the stick is a Horneater the went to the Nightwatcher and got the wrong end of the... stick. *pun alert* @Chocolatespren HIIIIIIIYYYYYAAAAA! CHOCOLATE. I love your question! I cannot resist friend's with chocolate. Here's a line from one of my 'almost' books: "Dragons eat sheep like ladies eat chocolate. Poor chocolate."
  8. @BitBitio Appreciat that! I can easily say Syl. I love Syl's playful semi serious suggestion that Kaladin worship her since she is a sliver of the almighty. She mocks and encourages. My kind of people. @Sunspren Thank you! My current favorite Words of Radiance followed closely by Hero of the Ages. Looking forward to the many other titles as well!
  9. First off I have to applaud Sanderson's love for the word ‘maladroitly.’ I can't think of Mistborn without the 'maladroit' word sprinkles. Let's be honest, Sanderson had me at ecological disasters and volcanos. At the height of their heists, banter, and coin shooting, I laughed maniacally at Breeze, registered as a Kelsier-phile, and began throwing coins with attempts at magical martial art skills. Vin hijacked my heart on this one. I came to care about professional thieves and was convinced that occasionally swallowing an earring could end in saving the world. Seriously top marks. This series was defiantly a windfall for me. When my kids start exploring their powers of secrecy, thanks to Kelsier I know now that there is always another secret. Did I just infer that epic fantasy is my choice parenting style? Absolutely. Since Mistborn I have read the Rithmatist, partly because I was waiting to get The Stormlight Series and partly because I like torturing myself with books whose sequels have not been written yet. It was very clever- the splicing up of America into Isles! My kids have no idea why I love chalk drawing with them so much or why I send unicorns to attack the hapless bystanding cat. As a mother of a curious, terribly awesome boy, I did find much to love in the relationship between Joel and his mother. Thoroughly engrossing tale of danger and suspense, just how I like it. Storms, I adore the Oathbringer! Just about done... with a Sanderson novel you spend more time being almost done- they are beautifully thick books! If you could bond a book like a spren, this is the saga I would choose. The lies so laid bare, the lives so contrasted between broken and whole, the depth of the sarcasm- I have found myself in the hundred faces of Shallan, in the sassy quips of Syl, in the need and in the vastly loyal heart of Kal, and in Dalinar's self discovery and soul erosion. I might just qualify for a Sanderson-phile! After this, it's onto the rest of the Cosmere! Count me delighted to read the books of an author who understands the depth of intuition and the landscape of worldbuilding thrust into the colors of godhood and magic. I fully expect that line to attract some glory spren, or some such nonsense. Having listened to Writing Excuses fairly obsessively for many years, it's about time that I picked up the books Sanderson wrote. His thoughts on everything from protagonist to creating magic systems on that podcast, shaped my own writing voice. I am completely crazy to have taken so long to discover that his books are as brilliant as he is! So hello to the others who know what I am going on about. This should be fun! Sincerely, A caustic catalyst, Anomalee Ps. I have taken to calling my daughter Gemma, 'Gemheart.'