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  1. I would argue we've already seen some evidence that would support a different version which should conveniently support the concerns around resurrections etc. Fortune/other foresight abilities are only showing a probabilistic version of what could happen. Not what will. However the act of making a particular decision, collapses that probabilistic future into the decision we see being made. For instance Renarin saw Jasnah killing him. And Dalinar becoming the champion of Odium. Jasnah decided not to, and that decision collapses the futures into that one thread period. Sort of like a conservation of history, so once something has happened, it will always happen that way. But until that decision has been made, anything is indeed possible. The very very loose evidence I have of this is spren and how measuring them fixed them in place in that one chapter. Basically the act of defining/recording one possible version, fixes it to that particular version. I appreciate how much of a stretch this is, but from what little I understand of the physics of Many worlds theory etc, this would be a plausible and consistent behaviour with the model I propose where a decision on timelines sets it in stone and nothing can change that going forward, and only that one universe exists. Fwiw, I'm not a physicist and any knowledge I have in this subject is purely from listening to people talk about it in science podcasts (like the infinite monkey cage) so I could be significantly wrong on the subject.
  2. I've a pet theory on this one actually (or speculation). I don't think he's healing her. I think he's creating something new with her. She's got her own investiture. She's lost the part that formed her bond with her previous radiant. And we've got Adolin in there, not necessarily broken in any fashion anyway. And we've got Sja-anat. With some excess investiture from Odium. I think instead of healing her, when Ado and Shallan find Sja-anat, she'll form a bond between what's left of Maya and Adolin with her own investiture, making something brand new. Anywho.
  3. I quite like the way you think yourself friend. I'm a sucker for circumnavigating Roshar tbh so I love your theory!
  4. Well that was helpful...
  5. Has there been a WOB about the age of the spren? When it shows up would be a great way to figure out what if anything led to it?
  6. Almost missed that interlude the first time around but went to check it when I saw this post. To me, that interlude is actually continuing a different story that's been around in the books. When hoid tells Kal a story in the first book he mentioned some people who set sail to find the origin on the wandersail (derethil if I remember correctly)... My guess on this interlude is that that's where they left from with a story of coming back from the origin. That story cascaded down the generations to what we see as Pulli's belief/prophesy. And indeed it could be that that ships crew did find the origin. And found something there that's not been talked about yet. I'm very curious to learn more about that one myself tbh. And maybe now they're headed back with some new magic (or old relearnt) to save mankind in some way?
  7. Just cuz the dominant deity in a region is not cultivation, does it mean no one worships cultivation? Maybe in all those regions cultivation isn't the dominant force, but is worshipped by a significant minority (whereas in the East it's an insignificant minority)...
  8. Sadeas definitely had a certain je ne sais quoi about him. Amaram was a solid villain too but could've gotten more build up in OB, without which it frankly felt a bit convenient. But honestly if I had to pick one it would have to be Bluefingers. IMHO,warbreaker is by far one of the best books I've ever read, and i love how many times it subverts my expectations until I finally realised that Bluefingers was behind it all, along with his pahn kahl friends!!
  9. If by black hole we mean a gravitational singularity, then here's another question - aren't perpendicularities really just investiture singularities? A shard, Like H has enough investiture to form a singularity from even a fraction of its power and a conscious mind behind it like at the end of OB. so technically I would imagine a shard should have enough ability to not be impacted by black holes. Would a black holes gravity pull in investiture the way it would mass? Is there a pub nearby I can go to get smashed cuz this is hurting my head? *Where's the restaurant at the end of the universe when you need it*
  10. Here's one cosmere question that keeps me up at night. Can the entire structure of the cosmere be described mathematically (that is the PR, CR, and SR physical structure). If that is possible, and I imagine it is though I'm not nearly good enough at math to do so, is it possible that the cosmere exists as a computer simulation running on a computer capable of ancestry simulations. And if that is the case, is it possible for anyone within the simulation to break the rules of the system, not cheat them but outright break them. If all that is true and possible, can someone figure out how to bring back Ati and freaking explain Vax for a bit.
  11. This approach is perfectly fine for the geometry between two different worlds and conceptually I can wrap my head around it. But if we go back to just looking at one world. Let's say Roshar for simplicity. In the PR, if I pick a random point and start walking in a random direction, and I'm a windrunner with infinite stormlight so I can walk underwater. And I keep walking in this one direction, I'll eventually wrap back to where I started. This is undeniable. After doing one lap of the world in this fashion, I then switch over into the CR with the help of my elsecaller friend.i pick the same direction and start walking, and I've an elsecaller to ensure I don't get stuck in the beads or some such. From everything I know, I'll never circle back to that point, but drift off Roshar. That's the part I can't seem to wrap my head around. Not without assuming there is some axis along which the sphere of Roshar is divided so that it can be flat in this fashion. No evidence for any of that obviously, but a great question for a WOB I would think... Any mathematical structure that might allow this? The only other explanation I can think of is that Rosharans are presently all flatearthers... They believe Roshar is flat and not a sphere. Therefore it behaves as a flat structure in the CR and not a sphere of any sort. This raises other issues that don't have any solutions I can think of. I'm not sure why this bothers me so much but it sure is confusing me...
  12. Let's say it is locally flat, how does that work with the spherical nature of a planet still? You still have the issue of a sphere on which you can get back to point A by walking all around, which wouldn't be the case with a flat CR. no?
  13. Kelsier didn't really have the intent to go off world but he didn't end up walking spherically in secret history. That does suggest that's not possible... Also thanks for the correction. I meant to say flat not necessarily two dimensional. Though that raises another excellent point. What if I pick a random point on land in CR and start digging... ?
  14. Has any one asked Brandon about how the three dimensional sphere of a planet gets converted to a two dimensional space in the cognitive realm. With a sphere, if I start walking in a straight line along any direction, logically, at some point I have to get back to that point (assuming I swim when there's water etc). From what we've seen and the WOBs I've read on the subject that doesn't sound like it's the case with the cognitive realm, because in the CR you just reach off world at some point instead of circling back to where you started. This suggests there is some kind of axis along which the sphere gets divided. So if you're exactly one step on one side of said axis, you're at one end of the cognitive realm, and if you're exactly one step on the other side of the axis you're at the other end of the cognitive realm of said planet. How exactly does this work. Is there a WOB about that? I tried searching but haven't found anything.... The clear implications of this I can think of happen on places like Roshar where its just one continent, that is entirely in the southern hemisphere (if I remember correctly) and so if that axis is the equator, doesn't really matter. If that axis is a prime meridian passing through Urithiru on the other hand, that could be really really bad. Cuz half of Urithiru in the cognitive realm would be one end of whatever is the boundary of shadesmar before you're no longer on Roshar, and the other half would be the other end. Clearly from the maps we have of the Roshar cognitive realm this isn't the case, but I was using it as an example to illustrate where the issues might be most prominent (I.e. in cases of a super continent). Any who, any thoughts on this subject?
  15. If I remember correctly he's talking about the fact that Drehy and Skar hadn't returned. Dru, I believe, was with Drehy. That said a while back someone proposed Kal+Lopen and while there's little evidence for that it sounds so amazing to me that I really want that to be canon now.