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  1. you exist!!!!

    but is it just one visit?


    1. Dreamer


      Kandra and their taste for rotten corpses! 

    2. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      Yes... but I’ll need some pure crystal bones in return

    3. Ghanderflaffle


      I just read through Star's and Luna's heartfelt posts, then I come and read this. Never change Stick. :D

  3. I certainly hope so

    or more mocking


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    2. AonEne


      None of that, now! 

      ...why did I say that in like a super old-fashioned way? 

    3. DoomStick


      ...Because you're super old fashioned?

    4. AonEne


      Am I though? I don’t think I am. 

  4. “You smell of death and destiny. Heroics and heartbreak.”

    ”It’s onion.”

  5. Happy (late) birthday!

  6. Im a twinborn! F-Brass and A-gold! YAY

  7. You should have been ookla the mentioned

    1. Ark1002


      i still could be at some point...

  8. I’ll be back on WiFi Monday night but will likely be on the shard again on Tuesday! Bye!

    1. Shard of Thought

      Shard of Thought

      *salutes* Farewell, our Sticky friend! 

    2. Ookla the very snazzy

      Ookla the very snazzy

      Fare thee well.  Fare thee well.

  9. Next year I’m going to be something really scary

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    2. Silva


      And most of the Shard community trying to kill you. :P

    3. Tesh


      I'd pay to see that. (Just be careful with the viola).

    4. DoomStick


      no viola, just a case and




  10. i just realized that i have 31 followers... wow

    1. Lunamor


      And you’re a Scadrian Waffle Cook!

    2. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      Coincidence? I think not!!

  11. Does concrete count as stone, if so.....


  13. look at my post count!

  14. im an honorspren!

    *drinks Rock's offering*

  15. When your profile pic is in just slightly a different position 

  16. As of this minute (if I remember correctly) I have been part of this wonderful community known as the 17th Shard for one year, three hundred sixty five days, eight thousand seven hundred sixty hours, five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, or thirty one million five hundred thirty six thousand seconds*. During those tens of millions of seconds, I have posted two thousand nine hundred and forty eight times. As those hundreds of thousands of minutes have passed, people have indepenently expressed that something I said was worthy of a slight reward known as reputation nine hundred and fifty six times. Whilst those thousands of hours went by, I have posted eighty six status updates before this. Throughout those three hundred and sixty five days, twenty five people have expressed that they care enough about what I say enough to follow me. In that one year that I have been here, I have been given the most reputation in one day a total of three times.


    in the time I have been here four(?) people I knew left the shard.

    Apollyon: you left at an inopportune time, but we had fun planning the wedding that never happened. thank you for that.

    Bean: we had some fun times at tHI, you always kept us on our toes never knowing when we would have to pull Benson our of the drink. Thank you.

    Ink: You might come back, if/when you do, I am sorry for all the time you’ll spend combing through notifications. You created a vessel where people could lose The Game without derailing anything. Thank you.

    Gancho: we had fun in the Mission Flight, Leviathan. Thank you for that.


    For those mentioned here:

    @AonEne you have been with me every step of the path that brought me here, from me asking about Red Winged Blackbird Years In your AMA to the fiery Nomic election that only recently ended. You are an amazing friend.

    @Blessing of Potency you have spurred so much of my love for RWBY and have participated in endless debates about ships. Don’t stop being you.

    @Lunamor your ability to come up with randomness amazes me. You give so much to tLT and tLPW. Never stop the random addition of *channel switches* “learning to use a special rat toilet”

    @RayOfSunshine you hath been mentioned!

    @Shard of Thought your drawings never cease to amaze me and you seem to always have another. Even though I fought against it the whole time, the tLT Plot was fun to read. I do hope you win the Cosmic Battle and Save the Thread.

    @Truthless of Shinovar you are the other main randomness factor in tLT and you sure do love to *wins*. Please infinitivize more third person singular verbs!

     Bit, Fire, Sora, Hoid, Ash, Ax, Rebecca, and anyone else I forgot, you guys are all awesome and it means so much to be able to call you friends. Thank you.

    I just can’t believe it’s been one year already and at the same time it feels like so much longer. I thank all of you who read this from the bottom of my heart for enriching this community.

    -DoomStick The Last Post


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    2. DoomStick


      Glad to be with all of you too

      very large status updates :P

      *doesn’t raise pint of sweat that happened at fencing camp because is too tired* “I’m too tired to get ice water”

    3. AonEne


      *pours icewater over you*

    4. DoomStick
  17. I am Sebarial now!

  18. Bye all! Leaving in 15 min until Monday, I might get some time in though

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    2. ElendVenture


      I saw this and didn't see the "show other comments" bar and just saw Lunamor's post that said YAYYYYY, and Bye all! Leaving in 15 min until Monday, I might get some time in though.

    3. Lunamor


      :lol: That’s hilarious! But I’d never be happy about Stick leaving, he’s great :P

    4. DoomStick
  19. Where are you?! You’be been gone a long time!