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  1. Except Francium is way worse than sodium, as it is much more reactive, as it is 5 periods down in the alkali metal group, and it’s stablest isotope lasts for has a half life of 22 minutes, a macroscopic amount of it would vaporize itself because of decay. Oganesson has a half life of .89 milliseconds so BOOM
  2. At least it wasn’t Oganesson
  3. They decided to create a visible amount of francium
  4. No, the theory of relativity is a giant conspiracy!
  5. When if that were happening they would all be my copies
  6. It was a bunk bed is that the joke?
  7. Ok whenever, I still win though
  8. “Luna’s not a staff!”
  9. Incorrect
  10. Stick starts fixing the duct win a giant roll of duct tape
  11. “Seriously?! I repaired that yesterday!”
  12. I got 1 like a year before 2&3
  13. plot

    Emther! Emther! Emther! Whispers a voice out of nowhere which promptly silenced itself and leaves
  14. “Catch!” Shouts Stick as a mug of Horneater moonshine that stays in the mug only because of the stormlight glowing around it, manipulating its adhesion to the glass and the cohesion of the liquid
  15. Ah, negative incentive
  16. I have no idea
  17. He made a lot of money selling those things back to their owners and was the last sponsor of the Orchestra mentioned previously
  18. From the Latin veritas
  19. Granted. Your bane is that the world spins every 5 375.218 of your heartbeats i wish for an antidote for that poison