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  1. Aha! as @AonEne has never had a meaningful multiple of 1000th post, this is to remind her that it can be done but ask me things pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?
  2. YKYASW the most Ta'veren way to find a sanderfan happens to you
  3. national
  4. Tireless 500th reply!
  5. I got rickrolled during a chamber music concert
  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOO Candy canes for chicks Don’t mind me, I’m just going to steal your grocery stores
  7. Paaaaaaaaaasta
  8. Terrible
  9. You’re
  10. Dictionary is where you find an obscure word in the dictionary, everyone gets 5ush min. to write a fake definition (except the dictionary holder, they write the real one) and everyone votes on what they think the definition is.
  11. TLT is back! but what nobody realized was that it was a type V BioChromatic entity, which was...
  12. Vin pronounced as Latin is win
  13. Choosing neither is perfectly fine
  14. Oh I thought you were playing dictionary
  15. Are you referencing Ash (cutting things apART)?
  16. Arrested
  17. Minime. Luna non est lusor