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  1. What’s the difference between a viola and a trampoline?
  2. But they mispronounced ee-LAIN-triss and TIE-ay *has never actually read through the book completely, only with breaks to listen to the audiobook*
  3. Yes incorrect
  4. But in Elantris Raoden mentions that there are tons of aons.
  5. I’m almost certain that Een is a different Aon
  6. Well at least you got a giant treasure chest!
  7. I paid a lot of gold He’s a Kalashtar shadow sorcerer
  8. Ancients oath protector aasimar (named tom Joebob) basically fight evil (he also has nightblood)
  9. Granted it’s so thick that when it falls on you you are immediately crushed to death i wish for [REDACTED]
  10. *meanwhile with the level 11 aasimar paladin*
  11. Oops, missed that
  12. You forgot WB
  13. Funny, Aons
  14. *agrees*
  15. Starsight sneak peek spoilers
  16. Auctor Deus facit pontem e Longissimum Filo Subtegminis ad Cosmicam Proelium Servare Filo Subtegminis
  17. You are just a Character! Not even a Narrator! What hope do you have against three Authors?!?!?!?!
  18. *hasnt read martin*
  19. I started that series recently, and I agree