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  1. They were not ripe yet, however
  2. *wins with 2 morceaux pour contrebasse et piano op. 9 by Reinhold Gliere*
  3. As are “duke” and “reduce” your point?
  4. Hatham
  5. Granted, the first time you walk outside for the day, the days newspaper is thrown at your head and you cannot dodge i wish to know why i’m lying on the floor
  6. Ummmmmmmm 826
  7. Successful and successive are different words *disapproval*
  8. Granted, you can never get which way to turn something right on your first try (This includes keys, lids, doorknobs (the circular kind), screwdrivers, and many other objects) even if someone tells you the right direction to twist i wish people would stop twisting peoples words as their bane and reread that (baxyl?) interlude in WoK where someone is helping Ash and talking about the Nightwatcher EDIT: Ninja’d but it doesn’t matter because the bane is unrelated to the boon
  9. I just get tons of bloody noses
  10. 1.366655596147e−21 mol posts have been posted
  11. Iatyl (or however it’s spelled)
  12. I, DoomStick, will bring 2 morceaux pour contrebasse et piano op. 9 by Reinhold Glière to the party.
  13. I would tell a periodic table joke, but the good ones Argon
  14. I dunno, blood is nice and salty