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  1. Arithmetic mean
  2. Well I'll start again... im on audiobook, so can we do like 3-7 chapters per session? Also we should start from where @Kidpen is, where are you @Kidpen?
  3. Ene is bad, she says she doesn’t like it
  4. The all new Hemalurgic table? Bad grammar?
  5. @Nathrangking, I give up.
  6. I’ll just discuss my memory (of light) of the book that y’all’re on, unless I join you with the rest of them. Audiobook speed gas been turned from 1.75-1.25.
  7. #1: this place has tables
  8. My reread is on book 4, can I join?
  9. The one in Arelon with the plantations of tii and kaa bordering it, it was the cause of the reod. @Blessed peace
  10. The trust
  11. Adonalsium ati’s shardpool
  12. You got future sight right? trustwarren? realmatic theory? allomantic atium? spiritual Feruchemy? god metals? lerasium?
  13. Shards
  14. Butt was mistaken and ate the ganderwaffles, the most delicious thing known