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  1. Night!
  2. Mwahaha!!!!!
  5. Luna, bold italics is how authors talk
  6. I know ‘Tis sad
  7. Well I’m on mobile most of the time!
  8. The cringe of browser YouTube though
  9. “Hi TVG!” Says Author Tree “how are you?”
  10. Okay! eleventh fool: netep he builds things out of highly radioactive stuff so that it is constantly decaying!
  11. Very szeth 7/10
  12. You wouldn’t even have a pound by the time it gets to the ocean, and you would get exposed to all the radiation
  13. She continued, " a silent room for two years!"
  14. Astatine is the best element
  15. Stick’s friend did, Stick just had a pdf
  16. Little did he know, he was only created so Stick could have a good triton name for D&D
  17. Astathes Wovadith liked to swim