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  1. You should make those riddles again!
  2. But it really wasn’t
  3. Except it wasn’t
  4. not really...
  5. i wouldn't say that...
  6. I know, right!
  7. There is something different about me...
  8. Like you...
  9. It’s new, but old of design
  10. Are there any roast battle tutors?
  11. As Butt Venture set off for the planet Tedronai to find Stone 1, Uncoe Brandy split the off to find the third on Ginajo.
  12. *points out that it isn't obscure*
  13. no, this character is female
  14. no
  15. I have a plan
  16. I was there
  17. tell me when it's over
  18. i'm not even going to try to understand what happened
  19. um, wasn't the split supposed to stay on S?
  20. well now there are two Butts...
  21. ok, that makes sense
  22. Are you saying that he wouldn’t be chubby now?
  23. Now what if there was a spammy forum games sub-subforum where post count doesn’t increase but in the main section it did...
  24. @I think I am here. posts don’t count here
  25. I love it