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  1. Status: done with Oathbringer... again

    1. Aspiring Writer

      Aspiring Writer

      mine is still on hold.

    2. Scout_Fox


      Nicely done! Better or worse or the same as the first read?

  2. She was also good at sound stuff.
  3. halloween

    I’ve heard that it’s the best of them
  4. #1 is incorrect, I did make 37ish desserts, but l was at a cooking camp with eight other students, one teacher, and 3ish cits I knew 800 digits for a few days A few years ago, some friends and my grandmother had to evacuate from fires, so we had 2 guinea pigs, 1 cat, 1 dog, 2 chinchillas, and 2 rats all at once
  5. halloween

    I changed my pfp to include voidbringer Pattern. I’m going to play Curse of Strahd over discord
  7. they were a dangerous foe, and Butt Venture was their greatest ally against them.
  8. He was so powerful, he was the only being ever to have the title of Charrator!
  9. 1: I made 37 different types of desserts with 7 other people in two weeks and served them all in one day 2: I have memorized 800 digits of pi 3: 8 pets have lived in my house at once
  10. I never got my meme
  11. In the morning, it seems as if you were transported to a completely new place, you are on a sandy, barren island in the middle of the ocean, a small stream runs from the mouth of the cornucopia to the sea.
  12. the zebra thing promptly toppled over
  13. I exist outdside of tLT, you know.
  14. may I have a meme?
  15. Yes you do
  16. That is why my grandfather can be younger than me
  17. but they got lost in the mail because... "WE GET IT!! YOU'RE YOUNG!! Now get off my lawn! I've had this for longer than you've been alive! How, you may ask? well I may not look it, but I am 1181 Pages old! Go bother someone your own age like my grandfather!" yells Stick in his best crotchety old man voice.
  18. im guessing 1, it seems too likely