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  1. #1 is incorrect, I did make 37ish desserts, but l was at a cooking camp with eight other students, one teacher, and 3ish cits


    I knew 800 digits for a few days

    A few years ago, some friends and my grandmother had to evacuate from fires, so we had 2 guinea pigs, 1 cat, 1 dog, 2 chinchillas, and 2 rats all at once 


  2. In the morning, it seems as if you were transported to a completely new place, you are on a sandy, barren island in the middle of the ocean, a small stream runs from the mouth of the cornucopia to the sea.


  3. but they got lost in the mail because...

    2 hours ago, xinoehp512 said:

    "You joined on page 1110. Melody was created on page 1111. X's avatar - the first one - was named for the first time on that page as well. But I wasn't created until 1135."

    "WE GET IT!! YOU'RE YOUNG!! Now get off my lawn! I've had this for longer than you've been alive! How, you may ask? well I may not look it, but I am 1181 Pages old! Go bother someone your own age like my grandfather!" yells Stick in his best crotchety old man voice.