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  1. This isn’t right
  2. I just won though
  3. This thread has lost all point, goodbye nr stick is close to relinquishing his title
  4. Sounds like a product of a COSMIC BATTLE TO SAVE THE THREAD, right?
  5. I’m not saying that we end the current plot, I just think that it needs to be more accessible, less about the COSMIC BATTLE TO SAVE THE THREAD, but more about the characters that we all love. There really isn’t any other choice, so much happens in the COSMIC BATTLE TO SAVE THE THREAD plots that any silliness is drowned
  6. The best solution, imo, would be to have plot less frequently and have it be more digestible, more like the Finite Stones adventure, more about characters anyone can control, so we aren’t held up by one person who can’t access the shard
  7. Also @Shard of Thought, people who have voted already can’t vote on the new thread poll
  8. Pleas don’t, that would completely destroy the idea of tLT, we worked so hard for it to become its namesake, the longest thread, and having a tlta would completely undermine all of the work we did.
  9. Are you saying that tLT hasn’t turned into an RP?
  10. My biggest complaint is the perpetuation of the plot, there should be plot, but it shouldn’t be plot after plot for 50+ pages also I don’t like existing characters being dragged in (ie Butt), I’m fine with people making new ones, but not ones forged in Anarchy
  11. I just won
  12. I think that this plot should end, and then we can go back to our anarchical activities for a bit, then plot can come back, but the plot should be more easy to follow
  13. I just won
  14. Anarchy*! with occasional easier to follow plots
  15. I just won
  16. I could argue that the anarchy is the plot, seeing as when this thread was created, there was only anarchy
  17. You did capitalize Gin
  18. Uncle Gin didn’t like BoS drinking him
  19. Granted, you also get a key lime pie i wish the nightwatcher gave out passionfruit tarts out as banes
  20. Nr. Stick feels pompous
  21. The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear, ‘tis a very silly book
  22. 'tis a quote from my previous favorite book
  23. “Don’t touch please, very electrical.”
  24. Clearly not
  25. I am a stick! happy birthday!