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  1. I second the above post’s guess, though I am indifferent to mozzarella sticks
  2. *sigh*Efine.nNobodyewill know
  3. you know what happened
  4. she also said "Schrodinger is back."
  5. It had started falling when Butt made his tea, and the tea was ice cold by now.
  6. it had been falling for long enough and accelerating fast enough that it was approaching the speed of light, so to its inhabitants, it hadn't fallen for very long
  7. Because Butt Venture's tea was cold.
  8. "have you discovered my meaning yet? Also, has your summoning worked?"
  9. "tell them to remember the day no-mic's name changed"
  10. "they should know, did you mention the adjective?"
  11. [Redacted] dismissed his Character disguise, and adopted his Narrator disguise, everything passed right through him. Continuing his conversation with [censored], he said, "ask your kin about the events of no-mic on 10/18/2020."
  12. [Redacted] urged remembered that [censored] wasn't in the right channel
  13. so did Butt's crazy uncle, Uncle Brandy
  14. [Redacted] wondered if [censored] knew why he used that particular word, but to say it vaguely if she did
  15. realize is real+ize re-al-ize do you say it like reelize?
  16. that is 8 syllables in the middle line also *realize