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  1. *laughs*
  2. You get green: Hank Green! Welcome to Crash Course Chemistry! Your bane is that there is a hungry crow that follows you always i wish for better air quality
  3. Music. You gain permanent tinnitus I wish for some cool flags of cosmere countries to be released
  4. Caesar Clown hand you a shiny new SMILE, when you bite into it, however, nothing happens (except for, of course something that is a spoiler) I wish for a tablecloth
  5. I have been a member of the Shard for 3 years (and 16 days). This place has been so fun, it seems like just yesterday that I joined, but it also feels like I’ve been here forever. Without further ado: appreciations!

    Mods, though none of you will read this (except Ene, who is listed separately), I would like to thank you for keeping this community one of the most inclusive, friendly, and wholesome ones I’ve seen.

    @AonEne, you were one of the first (if not *the* first) Shardbuddies I had. I’m soooo glad I got to meet you this summer. I can’t really words about how much your friendship means to me. I have yet to drink from the bottle of dubious soda.

    @Tesh, you’re too interesting and funny for your own good. No matter how tired I am, I will stay up to talk to you. Meeting you was awesome and it WILL happen again. Sneezing isn’t normal.

    @Butt Ad Venture, I would also stay up talking to you if it weren’t for the fact that both of us would just be yelling at each other to sleep :P.

    @xinoehp512, I love tLTing with you, looking at your pixel art, and just talking with you, though I don’t have much of an opportunity to do so.

    @Zephrun's Imperium, your art is SOO GOOD! I still need to find a place to put the piece you gave me on my wall, and I hope I can see you in person again, you’re just so nice to talk to.

    @Hen (Nna), [insert comment about our marriage here], but seriously, talking to you is so fun (and watching you freak out about aART, as well). The possibility of my meeting you is fluctuating, but you are one of the people who are at the top of my list to meet. DFTBA!

    @Mist, you are awesome. You always know the best thing to say. (Unlike me, as I have run out of things to say)

    Shortie (@Condensation), meeting you was fun, I could finally figure out how short you actually are.

    @Vapor, I love talking to you, and I can’t wait to see you in person again.

    @Emi, I haven’t been able to talk to you much, and I really miss it. I hope I can meet you this summer.

    @DramaQueen, your play was AWESOME!!!!!! (As are you). I want more geck pics.

    @Channelknight Fadran: your world building is really cool! (even though I still haven’t read anything of yours)

    @King of The Oreo: Your art is awesome and I wish I could join more of your drawing streams.

    I have run out of words, so I will give messages to people, then list those left on the list after my brain stoped languaging

    @Scarletfox: WE WILL PLAY SOON


    @Lecky Twig: Borsalino > Zoro :P

    Fritz, Truthie, KoI, Spock, Jessie, BoP, Salad, Frustie, Exp, Dark, Enter, Flaffle, Rev, and anyone I may have forgotten, I wish I had words to express how much your friendship means to me.

    I love y'all.

    (sorry for the double ping, formatting was atrocious on that one)

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    2. Scarletfox


      Happy Shardiversery!!! (Yes we WILL PLAY EVENTUALLY)

    3. AonEne




      I am not exaggerating 

    4. The Awakened Salad

      The Awakened Salad

      Hap Shardiversary!!!

  7. WoT trailer is out!!!!!!

    (My school blocks most of YouTube though:( )

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    2. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron

      Yes, WoT is Wheel of Time. I've read like 10% of the first book, but I might think about watching it. Live-action fantasy TV sounds fun.

    3. Experience


      It looks so good!

    4. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Oh heh. I read the first book and started the second but didn't follow through.

  8. meringue cookies: preheat oven to 250°F. whisk 2 egg whites until soft peaks form (adding lemon juice of cream of tartar at the beginning is recommended), add 100g (1/2 cup) of sugar in spoonfuls, whisking in thoroughly between additions (superfine sugar is the best, but any granulated sugar will work). add vanilla extract to taste (~1/2 tsp), whisk to stiff peaks. put spoonfuls onto a parchment-lined baking tray (wetting the spoon will help the meringue to not stick) and bake for infinity hours (actually just like 2). an electric mixer (or even one of those eggbeater things with the crank and the two interlocking whisks) is *highly* reccommended for this recipe, though it is possible (if a workout) without one. make custard (which I don't have a recipe for memorized) with the yolks or something (this one was for @revelryintheart)
  9. The pizza tasted horrible though
  10. Kansas
  11. I would like to thank school for distracting me from my 3 year shardiversary ten days ago.

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    2. Experience
    3. FictionSpren
    4. FictionSpren


      Its all good, Time is irrelevant in the spiritual realm.

  12. Since when were you Oreo?

    1. King of The Oreo

      King of The Oreo

      Eh fifth grade :P Its a long story

  13. Alethkar
  14. the Marvel crowd only wanted to marvel at Marvel though