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  1. Spensa (and her Dad) were doing Gran Gran's exercises to hear the stars for their entire lives. This informal training made it easier for them to hear the FTL communications. Jorgen never opened his mind in that way, so he wouldn't hear this without more practice.
  2. So the clues were worldhopper, no name, is a kandra, and the answer was "The worldhopping kandra"
  3. You could store breaths with a specific intent and get a metalmind with a personality like night blood, but bonded to you by the feruchemy. Maybe become something like a Nahel bond
  4. Essentially creating a spren. Imagine if the Lord Ruler went to Roshar and became a Knight Radiant, stopping by Nalthis on the way to get some Breaths, he could fill a nicrosilmind with different types of investiture and create unique spren already keyed to his identity.
  5. Dalinar used adhesion to stick the broken statue pieces together, then used tension to take their loose connections and make them solid.
  6. A sleepless with a large horde could be two different people at the same time. Imagine visiting a town and slowly figuring out that everyone there is the same sleepless.
  7. Why does Ironsides refer to Chaser and Spensa as cowards in her internal monologue, when they are clearly not cowards. Potential traitors susceptible to Krell taking advantage of their defect, sure, but not cowards
  8. The downfall of the aspects did seem pretty fast, but I think contacting Sandra was the catalyst for that. We get a bunch of hints, mostly from Ivy, that meeting Ivy would doom the aspects. Ivy seems to blame the loss of Ignacio and the other guy on Sandra, implying that meeting up with her would cause more aspects to go away. Stephen was already getting worse and subconsciously created Jenny to prepare for this downfall, but Armando doesn't go nightmare until after contact with Sandra. Once Sandra texts, Stephen's subconscious knocks the first domino down, starting the downward spiral. Also, the cosmere is a Virtual Reality that Stephen's aspects inserted into the code. Leeds is Adonalsium and 16 aspects took over control from him. Hoid is J.C's interdimensional time ranger aspect trying to wake Leeds back up in that [redacted] wareshouse.
  9. Well instead of making the Koloss go extinct he gave them reproductive abilities and they spike consenting adults to turn them into full Koloss. Just can't make any new Koloss spikes, need to find old ones hidden in a well to increase the Koloss population.
  10. I feel like Shards stress passion because they are so passionate about their shard's Intent. Ruin is very passionate about Ruining things, and Odium is very passionate about being odious. When Brandon says some Shards will stress passion and others not, it seems to be an indicator of how much the shard's Intent is influencing them. The ones corrupted by their Intent are super passionate about enforcing their Intent upon the cosmere. Ones that don't have this passion still retain their humanity (or dragonity) and aren't blinded by their Intent.