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  1. Dayne Saw what Tena was doing and decided this was his chance, he rapidly took his earings and swallod them, and when the Blade was pushed he burned the earings getting lots of velocity and used it to run to Araha, he get low and with a knive he stabbed the chaos sorcerer on his arm that was grabbing the sword and with that done he grabbed Araha and took her out of the circle of soldiers just in time as his velocity had burned all up"you okay?"he said as he leaved Araha on the ground and turned back to see the chaos soldiers.
  2. Dayne standed there considering the situation, there were too many, they could not fight all of them,less with Araha in the middle,but if they could release her"waste their time,I have a plan, but I need some time to recharge" he said to Damaya in a low voice so only her could hear him, and with that said he started to save all his velocity on his mental minds, and he stopped moving @Sorana
  3. "hey, are you okay?" Dayne quickly get off the floor and got close to Araha when she fell to the wall"were you hurt?" In that moment he reallized she was crying, so he kneel beside here, and give her a hug"it's okay, let it flow" he remembered when he felt like that, some thing ago, when he first escaped dead, and he first killed.
  4. "we did..."just in that moment the stormlight stoped working and dayne fell to the floor"woah!!!" And with that dayne hit the floor with all his body
  5. "well, lets do this!"said dayne with enthusiasm and put himself in position
  6. Claus arrived with ambrosía to the oval world"What does this have of special?"
  7. "sounds like a good plan, here" dayne gives Araha 2 of his daggers"and I can give you more help with those daggers, if you make me Weight more, and in the end change mi direction upside down, rather than just weightless(asuming there's a roof) and then..."he looked at Damaya with a smile on his face"we might need a bait"
  8. "okay here we go" dayne took out his knives and started walking next to Araha while still burning his steel"I'm not sure if he knows where we are, do you know what he can do?"
  9. "said and done" dayne started to burn steel and and looked for the man, when he saw some lines that were moving just as..."I think he's fighting with someone or something" @Cyanic @Sorana
  10. Dayne stoped to think for a second remembering what has happened, there was any blue line? Yes,there were. So he turned to Araha"yes, it's spikes were Made of metal, and his sword" he then checked his steel, he didnt have too much left so he took another vial of it before turning to damaya"don't worry I steal... I took some of it from the training grounds, also I got some of this" he took out of his pocket 2 infused spheres he had retrieved from the floor"you will be needing it more than I do"
  11. Dayne was waiting for something ti happen, he hated just being able to wait, but he knew there was nothing he could do. He closed his eyes and heared the battle outside, but instead he heared Damaya talking and stand up inmediatly and got close to her" are you okay?" He said with preocupation on his voice
  12. "sure thing" said dayne after that he put on his belt the knives and sat in front of the door, he started to save velocity, he has used some to get here and he was almost empty.
  13. "so any ideas were we can find this... Safe place?" Said dayne to araha will running beside here" all this place is destroyed" he took a look at Damaya" and she seems to need help... Soon, really soon" @Cyanic