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  1. I need Dalinar to ask Hoid, "Adonalsium... Have you ever heard the term, Hoid?"
  2. That was also an amazing scene. My personal theory is that he will realize that his dream was actually a vision of the future and that he will spend the next book trying to stop his brother's assassination, and that the book will end up with him being put in prison because seeing the future is of the enemy.
  3. How are none of you talking about the best scene? When it was revealed that Shallan's next oath was, "I killed my husband." I freaked out. I had to stop reading for a few days when I learned that he had been killed in between Oathbringer and RoW and that he had been an Illusion the whole book. I guess Maya is going to have to revive him now.
  4. I should be able to as well, I shouldn't having anything else to do besides reading RoW.
  5. Welcome! What is your favorite character so far?
  6. Welcome! If anyone offers you a cookie politely decline.
  7. When you are watching a TV show and you see a villain orchestrating everything behind the scenes and your first thought is that it is Mr. Suit.
  8. Hello Neighbor
  9. Could I join?
  10. Stick takes control of the world and turns Shallan into fire.
  11. When I first saw sanctum that's what I thought too.
  12. If you had the power to go into a book, and leave whenever you want, which book would you choose. I would go into the Stormlight Archive, and maybe bond a spren, or join bridge 4.