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  1. Welcome! What is your favorite character so far?
  2. Welcome! If anyone offers you a cookie politely decline.
  3. When you are watching a TV show and you see a villain orchestrating everything behind the scenes and your first thought is that it is Mr. Suit.
  4. Hello Neighbor
  5. Could I join?
  6. Stick takes control of the world and turns Shallan into fire.
  7. When I first saw sanctum that's what I thought too.
  8. If you had the power to go into a book, and leave whenever you want, which book would you choose. I would go into the Stormlight Archive, and maybe bond a spren, or join bridge 4.
  9. "There's always another secret." David's metaphors.
  10. @Truthless of Shinovar You truly are Stick.
  11. Inkheart Inkspell Inkdeath