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  1. Stick takes control of the world ant turns Shallan into fire.
  2. Though Odium did cheat.
  3. When I first saw sanctum that's what I thought too.
  4. If you had the power to go into a book, and leave whenever you want, which book would you choose. I would go into the Stormlight Archive, and maybe bond a spren, or join bridge 4.
  5. "There's always another secret." David's metaphors.
  6. @Truthless of Shinovar You truly are Stick.
  7. Inkheart Inkspell Inkdeath
  8. Was that a portal 2 reference?
  9. This method of healing has always interested me, because of the ramifications of using it on someone who has gone insane and views themselves in a very different way.
  10. Aluminum, random complex combinations of magic, Nightblood apocalypse theories, and of course Hoid.
  11. I wan't what the Shardcast predicted to happen, and have his spren act as his angel and nightblood his demon. We could have scenes where nightblood is shouting to destroy evil, his spren is saying that it is against the law, and Szeth is just done with it.
  12. We would need to know all the oaths and we would need to know a lot more about so many of the orders.
  13. Does anyone know if Brandon is intending to release a Stormlight roleplaying game. You could level up using oaths. And there could be 10 classes, one for each order of radiants.
  14. If you value your soul under no circumstances should you take that cookie or any other assorted baked goods.