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  1. there can be only one lord of the west, I name myself Ar-Adûnakhôr
  2. ask me anything about everything and i will do my best to answer. i am slightly bored so fill free to ping at any time, not on Saturday. i sleep on Saturday
  3. time is a stream haha
  4. thank you
  5. this November
  6. well, kind of david eddings. but not really it's a joke about Jewish noses, and my tendency to tell stories whenever you talk with me for more then 5 minutes.
  7. the second, unless you meet me online. My fiancée.
  8. underwhelming isn't it?
  9. as much as it should never, more then likely a real headache for Khriss, squared
  10. oathbringer followed closely by mistborn era 2 possibly, but that depends on your definition of "met" my real name, and its elvish runes for my initials
  11. Dear sharder friends I, just got engaged :D

    1. Nathrangking
    2. Silva


      מזל טוב!

    3. Blessed peace

      Blessed peace

      thank you, and he who bless will be blessed from the source of all blessings

  12. צום קל, שיבנה בית המקדש במהרה בימינו

  13. Mallet
  14. A very nice piece
  15. yours is quite long
  16. Nah, I did
  17. We didn't do it? 100,001
  18. Good Yom tov everyone 

  19. And a very interesting experience Wins
  20. Was that explanation enough @AonEne?
  21. There is an old story of a Rebbe's son that weded into a different khatzer and his father in law exacted a promise from his that he will always be in a minyan, and after the wedding he didn't show up for the first nor second or third minyan, and his father in law went to his home to find him putting on talis at noon, and of course he was furious with him and demanded what of the promise? And the son in law said that he did keep the promise for he prayed with the ten powers of the soul.
  22. On the first night of passover we have a feast commemorating our beginning when God took us out of Egypt, that is seder (literally order), outside Israel we do it two nights in a row, its usually long and includes for cups of wine and a whole bunch of questions which is the point "to bewilder the the kids" so that we can explain to them what it's all about just like you asked
  23. About the same, one thing though we have a balconies minyan
  24. You know that even the longest thread is just over 23k posts?
  25. How was first Yom tov?