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I love Brandon's books, i like history, spent ten years honing my English. I sing and write songs. made a mess from every story i ever wrote. And I'm a scholar and a jew. 

Mass cook at times, and good at it! 

Alleyverse chararacter.


Name: Luwadan Mariatel


Investiture: zinc ferring, second ideal Elsecaller. ,(Spren: Senhav)

Special skills and weapons: soulcasting, (pretty good with organics, not so much with the other stuff, moderately strong). awesome cognitive capacity, (deu to zinc metal mind). Two handed sword, (long, curved, single edged, four foot blade.) favors windstance. Fair at grappling. A gold mine of useless information. Theoretical knowledge of mining (but is rather a hopeless miner). Has gems from urithiru for stormlight.

Weakness: has very little social capacity, gets anxious when around women (except his mother), fear of loud noises. (To the point he can't fight in a  group without ear stoppers). Depends metal mind way to much. Tend to float towards the closet interesting thing. obsessed with finding his crush to the level of leaving whatever he is doing and go search for her. Fills his metal minds almost constantly, except when studying or fighting.

Physical characteristics: Golden iri locks and eyes, six feet tall, dark tan skin. Lean build. Prominent cheekbones. Wears mostly Buttoned shirt and dark trousers.

Family: Terris father named Laaden. Iriali mother named ila. Has a younger sister he's fond of. And two older brothers he doesn't talk to. 

Home planet: roshar, Scadrial.

History/Biography: born and raised on Roshar until he was 16, he has a truma from highstorms and fears loud noises. He is a bookish fellow. When he discovered that he is a ferring his brothers got jealous and so he left Roshar in favor of Scadrial (Era 2). He traveled to the peaks and made use of cultivation pool to worldhop. he immediately fell in love with the place, he lived for a year in The Village, he ventured to the university of Elendel,  but for lack of money he could not enroll. So he moved to the roughs as a miner, it took his Inkspren (whom he encountered on his way to the horneater peaks and had been with ever since) most of that year to convince him to return to Roshar and go to Urithiru to train with the other Elsecallers. He spent another four years in Urithiru ascending two the second ideal and training in combat both armed and bare handed. Then he ventured out of Roshar again in search of more knowledge and truths, and so he came to Alleyverse, from where he could not move on because of The Girl...

Personality: quite and shy, tend to lurk in the background listening and learning and analysing whatever he hears.
Usually mentally steady, but can fall to depression after an unsuccessful hunt for The Girl. (See bio)

Senhav: the little inquisitive spren is small woman made out of ink with a mother-of-pearl seen to her skin. Her face are angular, and she wears a blouse and wide skirt with long overcoat.

Very contemplative, slightly weird speech take things rather literally (for example, if some thing is considered harmless but is not, he will not name it harmful, but harm-more.)