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  1. Mallet
  2. A very nice piece
  3. yours is quite long
  4. Nah, I did
  5. We didn't do it? 100,001
  6. Good Yom tov everyone 

    1. Nathrangking


      Chag Sameach!!

    2. Silva


      חג שמח!

  7. And a very interesting experience Wins
  8. Was that explanation enough @AonEne?
  9. There is an old story of a Rebbe's son that weded into a different khatzer and his father in law exacted a promise from his that he will always be in a minyan, and after the wedding he didn't show up for the first nor second or third minyan, and his father in law went to his home to find him putting on talis at noon, and of course he was furious with him and demanded what of the promise? And the son in law said that he did keep the promise for he prayed with the ten powers of the soul.
  10. On the first night of passover we have a feast commemorating our beginning when God took us out of Egypt, that is seder (literally order), outside Israel we do it two nights in a row, its usually long and includes for cups of wine and a whole bunch of questions which is the point "to bewilder the the kids" so that we can explain to them what it's all about just like you asked
  11. About the same, one thing though we have a balconies minyan
  12. You know that even the longest thread is just over 23k posts?
  13. How was first Yom tov?
  14. A kosher and happy pesach

    פסח כשר ושמח

    1. Nathrangking
    2. Silva


      חג שמח! 

      It's going to be a weird one this year. No shul...

    3. Nathrangking


      No tal. 

  15. two are many for they are not single *not winning by choice*