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  1. Hi, I'm Blessed Peace. If you want to know about Hebrew and/or Jewish stuff (history, traditions, names, really everything) and/or the Middle East. Feel free to PM me.
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  7. Annoyed at narrator lunamor, shaenanigans gave him a dry willy to show him how unpleasant it was
  8. @Brightness Warrior what's up?
  9. That account is honorary, he probably does have however.
  10. The locking of the thrill
  11. Not morrow yet, just afternoon.
  12. Good morning friend @Nathrangking
  13. Good morning friend @Nathrangking
  14. Luwadan fallowed Loanin and Amon to the store, drawing a handspan of his two-hander and ready to tap his zinc. "I have a feeling this would and badly." He said to Senhav. the spren sat on his shoulder looking backwards. "Do not worry, they seem to be good folks" Senhav was an optimist. Luwadan not so much. "Whach my back, Sen." Luwadan drew his blade free of its sheath.
  15. Are we talking Scadrial?