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  1. @Silva Yes, I know about that. Apologies for forgetting to wish you Shanah Tovah Umetukah before you had to unplug to celebrate Rosh Hashanah.
  2. @Silva It is gratifying to know that there is such interest in some of my proposed scrolls. Thing is, I am a full-time MBA student, on top of being the President of Moshe's Can Club: Here is whatever I have that is Jewish/Judaism-related, some of which I am still drafting, and some which are complete: Judaism through the lens of popular culture: How Naomi Novik's Spinning Silver Unravels Rumpelstiltskin's Anti-Semitism Sharon Shinn's Samaria Series: When Angels Sing to Spaceships Moshe: The Man In The Coppermind. Scroll 1: Fun Facts Moshe: The Man in the Coppermind. Scroll 6. What Is In A Moshe Feder? Please note that the only thing remotely Jewish about me is my name, with its Hebrew root that means fertile plain. This means that while I do know more about Judaism than the average Gentile, I would absolutely have to do a lot more research than you, an Orthodox Jew (who has been steeped in all things Jewish since you were born) in order to make sure that all my information is kosher, so to speak. It involves a lot of double-checking and cross-checking to make sure that I got my facts straight. It is not easy trying to pretend to be an authority on all things Jewish, when you are an Indonesian-Chinese gal like me. =P Many of the proposed scrolls are actually contingent on me getting the needed information from Moshe in the first place, on top of me finding time to scribe them, so unfortunately, I don't have any time estimates for any of them that I can give you. I will however take note of which people have expressed more interest in, like a behind-the-scenes look at how Scroll 2 came to be, Judaism in The Stormlight Archive and Shahshouka, and try to work on those first, but again I can't make any promises. While all this is far more fun and gratifying to work on, my MBA class readings and assignments have to come first, in the grand scheme of things. =P In the meantime, have a look here: And if you are inclined to, you can just randomly type in names you think may be Hebrew-related and then see if you get a search result or something. Hope that answers your question. If not, please let me know and I will do my best to clarify. =D And thank you so much for taking the time to read my scrolls! I hope they were an enjoyable read! =D
  3. @Toaster Retribution Yes, it is:
  4. @Toaster Retribution Correction: We are now about 30+ strong although that might change over the next few days. =D
  5. @Toaster Retribution It's fine. Come check us out when you feel like it. We are 17 members strong right now and growing. Moshe is a member of the club too. =D
  6. @Zellyia It is an invitation, not an order LOL. You are more than welcome to decline the invitation if you are not really into Facebook. We probably wouldn't be doing much more than discussing Cosmere stuff, be an informal writing group maybe and sort of a foodie club. =P
  7. Dear moderator, I can't seem to delete this post, so please don't come after me. Thanks!
  8. @Toaster Retribution Ah, what types of substances do you imbibe instead? =P Dear @Toaster Retribution and @Zellyia As the "shoo-in candidate for presidency of Moshe Feder's Can Club", I am hereby issuing you both a membership invitation to that aforementioned club. You can apply for membership here if you are interested:[0]=68.ARA-Zcn2Mnb-F9m6lnQx6zIhSzlsNSCFILWzJTrG5YxT7qa0BeK9l8j_SQTHegxq-SPrkTc4z8mPIVvc1TQXrRnQ-Rw0I2oMHFqFBItmAS16850XCVvMTfaWwCro2rn1sRgnIB6OZ0Q3P-EZ9P6EwfeP-egqCrz-9bd-h6vacvLgwqhjgdijiuk&__tn__=C-R
  9. @Zellyia @Zellyia @Toaster Retribution Feel free to send me a Facebook request if you want to be updated in near real-time about my addiction to Shakshouka. =P