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  1. I don't think Aman is the SK. Him and Devotary are elims. I think so because in our PM, Devotary seemed to subtly be rooting for Sart to be lynched. If Aman is elim, Fifth might be as well... although if that were the case, Fifth probably wouldn't have included Aman in so many of his PM's. But basically they had a disagreement at first and might have made it look like distancing, when they really they agreed, and made it look very long and very genuine when it was just elims trying to distance. I find that rather unlikely though, as I think that Aman was pocketing both myself and Fifth.
  2. I'm going to vote for Sart. Aman has privately claimed to me early in the game, which I think is more village than straight up claiming in thread mid-game. Also, I don't remember much content and analysis that Sart has been providing this game - mostly, it's been RP with short conclusions. This could be a sign of an elim trying to lay low and go unnoticed. It is of note that there are indeed vanilla roles in this game, which makes duplicate roles much less likely to exist. So, if Aman is indeed a village Lurcher, that'll make Sart less likely to be a Lurcher, let alone a village one. Aman could be lying, but at this point in the game, Aman's claim seems more trustworthy to me. I'll also note that if Aman is elim, Fifth very likely is as well.
  3. It's not uncommon for Xino to play like that. He doesn't do it in every game, but in some games. I'm not sure whether it has any connection to his alignment.
  4. "Tanky Boi has many many more pocketfuls of ammunition! This is only the beginning!"
  5. "EAT THIS!!" Tanky boi displays his fistful of ammunition threateningly, a grin plastered onto his round face as always.
  6. Tanky Boi reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out a generous handful of ammunition, passing it around to the people shooting. (Yes. I agree that we should shoot the zombies. Is that what I am supposed to say? XD)
  7. @Amanuensis, so your reads are completely NAI or Village (just by skimming through this), and yet you still voted on Devotary. That's interesting.
  8. "Look. There's trees here, which means plenty of sticks!" Tanky Boi announced. "How about we try to build some kinda fort around us? Or if not, then we can all fight back!"
  9. "Don't worry, my friends, Tanky Boi is here by your side!" With a big grin and bulky arms spread out, Tanky Boi walked up to the man... Friedrich? That was his name? "Friedrich! You, my friend, look like you can use someone to protect you! Any of them zombies that dare approach you... well they gotta deal with me first!" ( @Fifth Scholar )
  10. Alright, at least this makes Ventyl and Drake look very good...
  11. Pocketing is when an elim is trusting and friendly toward a villager in an effort to gain trust and defense in return.
  12. I said that I have reasons to believe that Aman's survival was not due to elim protection. I specifically chose this wording because I don't have any concrete evidence to believe that, I just see a lot of plausible options that don't involve a WGG. A village Lurcher could have protected Aman. Aman might be a Thug. Something less likely is that an elim Lurcher might have protected Village!Aman to gain trust, and I find that less likely because no one has openly claimed Lurcher here.
  13. Furamirionind has just made too many posts that seem elim. Asking Mistborn to claim to them in PM's. Then asking other roles not to? Starting off by saying that tonight's kill was definitely not a WGG. Instead of listing the options and analyzing each one, Fura straight-up said (I'm paraphrasing) "This was definitely not a WGG because [Fura's reasoning]". Although I have reasons to believe that tonight's kill was likely not a WGG, and I tentatively trust Aman, this sounds... too much like a cover-up? People have argued that Fura is sounding TWTBAW, but why? If someone's village, why couldn't they just sound village? If someone is sounding suspicious, I'll still find them suspicious even if it seems like "too much".
  14. If anyone wants to swap roles, they may PM me. I have already used up my PM for today.
  15. I PMed Aman last turn, @Amanuensis can confirm. @Furamirionind, why are you expecting a mistborn to claim to you if it's been stated that they're likely elim or kandra?
  16. Good game everyone! Although I wasn't as involved as I hoped to be, I'm glad I got to be a part of this game and it was really fun stepping in
  17. Alright. @Devotary of Spontaneity's posts feel a bit off to me... I'm not sure why, and I can't really pinpoint it. But there's not really something that particularly sticks out or warrants a vote. So you're staying neutral for now, and I'm keeping an eye on you. @Amanuensis has had some good points that he's explained really well. I'm especially interested in the idea of not having a lynch D1. Honestly, I think that's a pretty good idea (although I haven't been in any games where no D1 lynch happened, so I don't have the experience to back that up). I wholeheartedly support voting on players for whatever reason, "genuine" or not, because voting always has a function. Even if votes are retracted at the end of the day, votes can still be analyzed and patterns can be looked at later in the game (who tends to listen to what players and which players vote for which people for which reasons, etc). If a villager is lynched D1, though, we lose a villager, which is not good. If an elim is lynched D1, then obviously the good news is that an elim is lynched but since it's D1, there just aren't any clues that the elim can leave behind to connect themselves to other elims. On the other hand, the elims are always going to kill a villager (or possibly the kandra, but that is much less likely), and the kandra is going to target both the village and the elims but is more likely to choose a villager D1 because there are more villagers and not that many clues. So lynching someone D1 can at least possibly remove an elim or the kandra, and if a villager is lynched, then at least the kandra might have more clues as to who the elims might be (and if a villager is both lynched and elim-killed, I would assume that the kandra would try to target an elim if their goal is to balance targeting elims and villagers). So, back to Aman. He's sounded really defensive when Fifth voted on him, even when Fifth said that a lot of it was just paranoia. That raises a bit of an alarm, because there's really no need to get that defensive D1 unless someone is particularly vulnerable. I think his analysis is quite solid and I agree with much of what he says about the game, though his whole tangent about not wanting to kill villagers because of not liking to kill people and him being empathetic was... kinda off? Yeah, I think it's pretty normal to feel at least slightly bad about killing a villager. That is not really a legitimate argument against friendly fire or vigilante kills, though. Killing is going to have to happen, and the important part is about whether it's a good strategy for the game, as opposed to how it makes you feel.
  18. Hello, I am checking in. Poke-voting on me this round is now no longer justified.
  19. I don't really know if I have that many thoughts about this game other than, yay, I won ALSO MAILL I KNEW IT I KNEW YOU HAD TINEYE 2 THE FIRST CYCLE AND YOU VOTED ON STEEL TO SCAN HIM I KNEW IT I want to shout out @Elandera and @STINK for being people that I trusted, and @Mailliw73 for another incredibly fun PM conversation I also wrote a few really long analysis posts that I'm proud of and will certainly look back upon and be like oh, hey, this was when I sorta started to be good (even though @Furamirionind apparently disagrees ) @Coop772, thank you for actually posting sometimes Also, this was probably my last game with @Steeldancer? I think? Well I was also in MR35 for a bit. But I'll miss you, and it was definitely fun having you around in the game (even if we did have to lynch you at one point) @Fifth Scholar and @A Joe in the Bush, I was never around for LG41 but thank you for giving me a chance to play a similar game! I really enjoyed the writeups this game, too. ... I think that's about it
  21. Submitting a kill onto anyone would have proven that I'm village, since if I were elim and sumbitted a kill and you redirected the kill onto me, I would have died. I only really started to consider the possibility of you being elim a couple days ago, and since I was away yesterday, I could only take the time to formulate my suspicions today. My vote on you D3 was mostly out of paranoia rather than real suspicion. Did you just... out yourself? Implying that a lynch on me would be a mislynch?
  22. This does not make you more village in any way. Elims have just as much motivation to go after Mistborn as the village. Exactly. You need to keep me suspected, but you also need to keep me around, which is why you didn't kill either me or anyone. Not killing anyone is the only choice for you, since it's the only option that both keeps me alive and suspected. As for pushing for someone who "won't immediately get lynched", how would you go about that? Would you, then, try to vote for someone who's been cleared? That would only make you more suspicious. As someone who's currently leading discussion, people will at least consider suspecting those who you suspect. Your arguments against me make sense. I don't think there's a way to cause suspicion on someone and just guarantee that people will keep them around nonetheless, unless the person you suspect is a cleared villager.