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  1. Hello, I blinked out, and now I'm back. It should be very easy to guess my role now, I think. Go at it if you like, and I'll do the whole not-confirm-or-deny thing
  2. Oof. I'll have to... um... actually closely read the thread now... welp... uhhhhhh @Furamirionind Have a few sentences for now Elandera's defense of Striker seems pretty village. I imagine an elim would have tried to tunnel on somebody else (assuming Striker was elim), for instance, voting for me when Hael posted my "scan" results. Alvron: I'm definitely liking that he has a lot of content, and I'd say I agree with his argument about lynching players rather than constables, especially if there are a lot of strong suspects at the moment. As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of PM's and definitely wouldn't want to lose them. I'd be somewhat more ok with losing the black market, but I'd definitely prefer to keep that for now. However, he's being pretty forceful with his arguments... I'd expect such from either a player under a lot of pressure: either a suspected player, which he isn't, or a player who has a lot of motivation to not have one of the constables lynched. This makes sense, because even if we lynched a village constable today, we would know which constable is corrupt the next day, so it would benefit elim!Alvron to really drive in his argument. Also, Alvron has said a lot of other things which I haven't really looked into as much; that part just happened to stand out to me as I was skimming the thread XD
  3. Alright now, Striker, please tell me why you decided to frame me. Was it because you regretted your posts and knew suspicion was going to come onto you? With your voting on yourself to make sure Snipexe wouldn't be lynched, I assumed you would be less willing to deflect attention away from yourself onto another villager. (edit: @StrikerEZ)
  4. Hello, checking in. I've only skimmed the thread so far, but I'm here. I feel like it would benefit the elims more if PM's were closed (which would prevent village cooperation, pooling of resources, etc), so I'm a bit reluctant to lynch Wilson. It could definitely be the case that Wilson is corrupt and the fact that lynching her closes PM's is meant to dissuade us from doing that. If there's any constable I would suggest lynching today, it would... probably be Joe? Lynching Gaea today would be a waste of her ability, since there's no one in jail right now. Although not being able to buy items would not be fun, I think it's a better alternative than losing PM's. Besides, the elims would better be able to pool their resources and coordinate which items for everyone to use. So, as much as I don't like the idea of not being able to buy items, I think that it'll probably be of more benefit to the village. If anyone thinks otherwise, I would love to hear their explanations
  5. Wait, I just realized I never actually voted on Rand in my last post... there we go
  6. Alright, so we now know that Rand is pretty much confirmed elim... and although I might be skeptical in other cases, my gut kinda suspects Rand, especially because the third Tineye message N1 didn't really sound like Rand's writing style. This makes me trust Doc slightly more. It's been said that the people in the chain shouldn't be revealed or cleared in any way, and I'd say I agree, but I think an elim would probably keep passing on the information or alter it or something, instead of posting it in the thread. Doc could be making a false claim to frame Rand, and there might have been someone in the chain who changed the information that they sent. However, the original seeker or someone else in the chain before Doc probably would have counterclaimed in this case. So, the only case that would involve an elim!doc is if there was no PM chain in the first place and Doc was fabricating this information. Again, this is purely hypothetical, and I am inclined to trust Doc on this post.
  7. Hmmmm, I didn't think of it that way. That could definitely be true.
  8. The third Tineye message says that its poster had PM'd everyone, and Stink is the only player who has PM'd me. I am very well aware, of course, that someone could be imitating Stink, or maybe they PM'd everyone except me and forgot about me
  9. Well, the third Tineye message implies that Stink is Mistborn, and it definitely seemed a lot more like Stink's style of writing than Rand's; however, it could definitely be someone else. So I feel like Rand is probably not the mistborn, judging only by gut feeling. And I think it's quite unlikely that there's more than one mistborn.
  10. Alright, a few thoughts I guess: I honestly don't find Bard's vote on me to be suspicious. Although I don't agree with it, I've generally noticed that Bard often votes on me for reasons that I disagree with Besides, he's backed off and admitted that he had misread a part of what I posted, and that makes him less suspicious. As for Araris, he's being a bit aggressive with his votes... I think it's perfectly reasonable if someone takes their time to vote. It's better if people take their time and think things out, even in the early cycles, than if they rush in and just vote for Someoneā„¢. A late but well-thought-out vote gives us more insight into players' reasoning and motives, which gives us more information at the end. @Araris Valerian, please correct me if I'm misinterpreting your intent behind your vote on Devotary. Again, though, Araris has acted like this in LG55 (for example) as a villager, and I'd say that these quick, aggressive votes are just an Araris thing, village or no. So no vote here either.
  11. Alright, I'm going to just assume here for a bit that Aman is telling the truth about being a Soother. If Aman is actually a Soother, then it'll give the elims some vote manip, which is a powerful asset for them later in the game. However, I'm assuming the village still has a Rioter, so the loss of vote manip shouldn't be too bad. It could be a lot worse. So, Aman. Let's get some leads as to who the Inquisitor's gonna convert. Some Mistings that I imagine the Inquisitor would want to kill (and thus transfer their roles): Coinshots - A convenient chance to kill another Misting. And, hey, vig kills can be pretty scary for the elims. Seekers - Best for the early game, to figure out which people to get rid of, which people to convert, etc. And, seekers are more useful to the village in the late game, since anyone with a duplicate role becomes a suspected convert (i.e. if a Soother dies, and then someone else is scanned as a Soother). Smokers - Better protect the team from those darn seekers scanning their duplicate roles, and from that storming village vote manip. Soothers and Rioters - Vote manip is always useful, but those would really be a lot more useful late game than early game, and I feel like a Coinshot, Lurcher, or Seeker would be more crucial to the elims in the early turns. I'll also take note that if/when a village!Thug dies, we should suspect ANYONE else who survives a lynch. And if a village!Lurcher dies, we should suspect ANYONE who survives a night kill. Which actually creates an IKYK... huh... because if the elims do get a lurcher, they can't use the lurcher to protect one of their own people because that person would be suspected... But then, all they really have to protect themselves from is coinshot kills. Some Mistings that I imagine the Inquisitor will want to convert (and thus probably should not claim): Tineyes - Tineyes are pretty much only useful to the village. The lack of PM's gives the elims an advantage because they can communicate to each other privately but the village can't, so the elims will want to get rid of tineyes. Lurchers - Lurchers have relatively little use to the elims. The only thing they can protect from is the coinshot kill. I imagine the elims wouldn't want pesky village lurchers protecting those juicy villager targets. Mistborn - Mistborn also have a much higher value to the village than the elims. While they potentially have access to every Allomantic ability at some point as villagers, converts from Mistborn only get one randomly chosen Allomantic power. Although Mistborn would make decent kills, the main purpose of converting or killing a Mistborn would probably be to rid the village of a powerful role.
  12. Hello, checking in! Like Fifth said, it is quite likely that the Inquisitor starts out with 2 (or maybe 3, although that's a bit less likely) extra lives and some sort of ability to protect from bronze scans. The way he jumped right into detail about the Inquisitor's likely abilities seems... a *bit* sketchy? Like he might know too much and be trying to give us alternate ideas? But I don't really have much information to go off of, and his guesses as to what abilities the Inquisitor would have seem quite reasonable. So, NAI for now. As for whether we should lynch a Misting... It would definitely depend on the *type* of Misting lynched. For example, lynching a Tineye (especially if there's only 1, although I find that less likely) might make us lose PM's early on in the game, and lynching a Thug seems kind of pointless, since it won't give us any converts and the Thug will essentially become vanilla for the rest of the game, except for conversion purposes. I'll expand on the different Mistings later, and the pros and cons of lynching them early on, because I have to go to bed soon.
  13. EL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Signing up. Not sure about an RP character yet
  14. Alright, after thinking for a while about whether this is worth it, I guess I'll confirm the claim that I'm the Navigator. There isn't really anything much I can do with the role at this point XD
  15. Ok. I'll be away for a week in mid-August, so I guess I'll have to either take a spec doc or potentially be gone for a few cycles towards the end. Maybe I'll just get killed off early
  16. Signing up! Teraval is back, because the knife used to kill him was secretly a spike... ... or maybe because I just feel like RPing him again even though he's dead. I'll likely have to request a pinch-hitter mid game, though.
  17. What do you think my role is?
  18. Sorry for my inactivity everyone. I requested a pinch hitter but turns out it was too late Anyways, good job elims! And thank you Sart! I love how all the Rithmatist games were wrapped up and combined in this one
  19. I'm here! And like I've said, my action D2 was to request an aviar. My D1 action was to use my role, which I'm hesitant about claiming in thread.
  20. I requested an aviar and I got ... an "elephant bird" that apparently does nothing
  21. Last night, I tried to grab the Book of the Sentry, whereas Shqueeves grabbed it instead. I think this makes Shqueeves look more village, unless an elim is trying to prevent villagers from learning to defend the camp better. In either case, it would be useful to keep an eye on Shqueeves and see if he's really casting lines of warding.
  22. I called first dibs And neither of us seems to have a lantern, so.... hmmmmm I'll stay with my action for now.
  23. I'll RP as Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty-Ninth of the Just a Smidge After Twilight ... or, I guess, Twi for short