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  1. Vin barely succeeded in killing the Lord Ruler, but something went wrong during the fight. The scene ended with Vin limping away, barely conscious and out of pewter. Eventually, she fell unconscious and died. Elend was unable to gather the support needed to ascend and rule Luthadel, so the Steel Ministry was able to clamp down its iron (or steel?) fist. As Ruin's influence grew, he wormed his way into the mind of an unlucky Inquisitor. That Inquisitor was tricked into releasing Ruin from his prison, and things only went downhill from there. After a rather dubious gap in logic and storytelling, all of the Inquisitors went mad and started killing everyone. Because that's just how life works. Welcome to LG59, lovely people. Housekeeping and General Notes: @Coop772 and I will be GMing this game, and @Alvron will be the IM. The game will start on Monday, September 2, 2019. Rollover will be at 12:30 PM PDT. Days are 48 hours long. Nights are 24 hours long. PM's are closed. There is a minimum requirement of 1 post per cycle, for each player. Less posting than that will result in death by the inactivity filter. The full game rules may also be accessed here. Game Rules: Basic rules Spike Rules Spike Roles Allomantic Roles Player List: Spectators: Quick Links:
  2. Tom was glad that he had a duty now, at least. Because otherwise, he would have spent the day brooding about his old job, and about how the world was sort of like, oh I don't know, ending? But then, he had discovered that he could burn atium. That instantly put him in the position of the village's bodyguard. That was pretty cool. Tom felt a small sense of accomplishment when he fought off the Inquisitor again, and again, and got closer each time to winning. This battle, though... something was wrong. Tom realized that his supply of atium was running out, and that there was no way he could kill the Inquisitor before that happened. And then. He sucked in the mists. Somehow, the mists gave Tom the power to continue and keep on fighting and... more atium? The more he would burn, the more it seemed he had remaining. When the Inquisitor lunged, Tom instinctively found the perfect parry and counterattack. They spun together in the mists, and finally, without quite knowing what was going on, Tom became the mists. Floating in the everywhere and nowhere at once, Tom knew... everything. He saw into the distance and into the far depths of time. More importantly, though, he knew exactly what he needed to do to put the Inquisitor's life to an end. In a deep, booming voice, Tom spoke as the wind in the Inquisitor's ear: "YOU ARE A STICK." "No!" The Inquisitor screamed. "I am the Inquisitor! And these are my spikes!" She waved her spikes menacingly toward the direction of the voice. "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A STICK." "YOU ARE A ST-" And just like that, the newly ascended Preservation realized his plan. A chunk of Investiture spontaneously appeared from Roshar, answering the call, and letting Tom harness the powers of Soulcasting. Don't ask me how that would realistically work. It probably wouldn't. But in this hypothetical universe, it somehow happened. The scary, powerful, menacing Inquisitor convinced herself that she was indeed a stick. LG59 is over! Thank you to everyone for playing, and congratulations to the village for their victory. I have so many people to thank. I'll start off with @Coop772 for his help with GMing and @Alvron for being the IM. @Elbereth, @Fifth Scholar, and @Devotary of Spontaneity were invaluable in helping me balance and edit the rules of my first game. @Haelbarde and @Burnt Spaghetti, among others in the Discord, came up with some awesome titles (some of which I used), and @Butt Ad Venture even wrote a writeup for me. In addition to that, every single one of you signed up despite this being an incredibly busy time of the year, and I'm so grateful for all of the people who played or spectated for taking the time to do so. @_Stick_, it was super fun having you in the elim doc. Despite not having converts, it never got lonely in there. @Snipexe, thank you for being lynched Day 1 and tolerating it @Cicada, I hope you enjoyed your first game and that you'll stick around. Now for the fun part: Dead doc Elim doc GM spreadsheet Rules Alright, I'll post GM thoughts and stuff on how I might change this game in a later post, as I have to get to class. Again, well played everyone!
  3. I think I won't be voting on anyone since nobody particularly strikes me as suspicious as of yet, and being a Noble, I can afford to do that.
  4. Darn, I was hoping to get elevated So I forgot to say this last turn (and people may have mentioned it before) but in probability terms, you have a slightly higher chance of being elevated if you distribute EP into many fields. Let's say that there is a total of 10 EP filed into Alchemy and 10 into Naming, not including whatever you file. (picking 2 fields at random here) You, aka Hypothetical Audience Person™, would enjoy being elevated in either of those fields about equally. You also happen to have 6 EP to file (to make the math a bit simpler, instead of 5). If you file all of your EP into Alchemy, you have a 6/(10+6) = 6/16 = 3/8 = 0.375 chance of being elevated. This one's pretty straightforward. However, if you file, say, 3 EP into Alchemy and 3 into Naming, the probability of being elevated becomes 1 - (the probability of both Masters elevating someone else) = 1 - (the chance of Master Alchemist not picking you ) * (the chance of Master Namer not picking you). That comes out to equal 1 - (10/13)*(10/13) = 0.408. Now, if you decide to file all of your EP into six different fields, each with 10 EP filed other than you, that brings you an elevation chance of 1 - (10/11)^6 = 0.435. I'll note that the math may work differently depending on variability in total numbers of EP filed in various fields. Y'all should check if what I did above is correct because it may very well turn out to be wrong. But I think this shows that if you care about getting elevated at all, it is in your interest to spread out EP as thin as possible. If you particularly want a certain field, though, then yes, feel free to go for that field.
  5. This. Year. Has. Been. Wild. On top of a difficult schedule and some complicated relationships, my self-diagnosed depression-ish stuff was worse this year than ever. And, y'know, I'm a teenager who is growing and changing and learning a lot about myself. I feel like this year hit me super hard with violently strong emotions of all kinds (good and bad) which I'm still learning to deal with. I do think that quarantine has been great for my mental health, though - I do get lonely, of course, but school was a big source of emotional stress, doubt, lethargy, and general bad things. So now I'm mostly free of that, but I still get to learn. Yay! I'm lurking somewhere in the 17S discord if anybody would like to talk - I'll listen to people vent, or it would be cool to just make friends and talk about whatever else! Everyone's mind is absolutely valid
  6. @Experience "Oh, uh, yeah," Caia said, adjusting her posture and belongings quickly. She stretched out a tiny pale hand toward the newcomer. "I'm Caia. What do you think you are going to study?" [she's asking the character, not the player] The man looked of a somewhat lower class, and Caia hoped he wouldn't judge her because of that. However, being somewhat poorer probably meant he had a real purpose in being here. That was a good sign. She remembered hearing about just how competitive access to the Archives seemed to be this year. It weighed on some of her hopes and dreams - somewhere surrounded by books was where she wanted to spend the rest of her life. Maybe, though, she would find something else to learn this year. It was a huge world.
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA THIS THREAD EXPLODED Anyways, hi! I exist. @Zillah, if you were voting because I hadn't posted, just letting you know I'm here. That creates quite a bit of an IKYK... I'm wondering if almost no one will go into the Archives because they're discouraged from getting in, or if more people will go because they think nobody will try except them. First of all, some notes about the Lodgings: I think it was Fura who mentioned that the Windy Tower is objectively the best lodging. I definitely agree, at least for the early game. The Horse and Four, being the most expensive and providing safety from sabotage and attacks, is most useful to those who would be a likely target for the Skindancers - so maybe villagers with powerful abilities. As of now in the game, there isn't much player analysis going on and thus not as much information yet to determine who is more likely to be killed. Also, with no offensive items bought or created, there are simply less kills going around. Until mid-game, when offensive items start being created, I would not expect Skindancers to stay in this lodging for longer than this cycle. The Golden Pony is cheaper but still the second most expensive Lodging. As for now, again, there's not a lot of player analysis yet and votes are pretty widely distributed - players who are highly suspected or already somewhat close to being expelled would benefit most from the Golden Pony (particularly nobles who would rather not be disciplined). I could see people of either alignment who value staying in the university (and have decent money) staying here. The Grey Man is highly situational - either people stay there when they're expelled, which means that they didn't really choose it, or they might be really interested in some aspects of Imre, which could be for many reasons. now, The Windy Tower is cheaper than all three of the above lodgings and provides an extra EP. That's right, shiny knowledge points. In the early game, when everybody is trying to come into their own, but nobody is being highly suspected yet and there aren't as many kills going around, the Horse and Four and the Golden Pony aren't as necessary, but the Windy Tower provides more opportunities for player advancement. All of the lodgings cheaper than the windy tower give disadvantages - hence, the Windy Tower is by far the best deal. If I have time later, I've also been thinking about the different fields. - - - Caia Irèn scampered across the hallway down to the door of the huge lecture hall. Before going in, she glanced one last time at her older brother. "You'll do just fine, Cai," he said, smiling reassuringly. "I know this place is huge but you'll love it here. And I'll always be around if you need me." Caia was carrying too many books to hug him goodbye, but she smiled and nodded with giddy anticipation. And then she opened the door - or, should I say, struggle to do so without all of her books falling out. As she gazed into the hall, her earlier fears came back. It was so big. And the people, there were so many of them! Clutching her books tightly to her chest, Caia tiptoed and took a random empty seat. She noticed that a few students were already shaking hands and smiling at each other. Often, before coming to the University, she would imagine herself in their places. Laughing, talking, becoming inseparable, flowing easily as water. Now, though, the sheer chaos of everything going on seemed insurmountable. Well, I've come here to learn, haven't I? she thought. If I learn, I should be happy. @Burnt Spaghetti, @Elandera, @Lord_Silberfarben, @Karnage, and whoever else was doing that RP - Caia is in the same classroom.
  8. @Elbereth Yay, El! I bestow upon you... cinnamon. So that your opponents will think that you're an innocent cinnamon roll. And totally not about to murder everyone.
  9. Despite her short, slight figure, it was easy to pick her out in the crowd - the sheer energy in her step, her wide open eyes, her ponytail barely containing a mane of unruly dark floof. She could barely pick out a building in the distance, but her heart thrummed with anticipation. The Archives. I'm going to the Archives and nobody can stop me. Signing up as Caia Irèn. Say goodbye to my sanity, everyone.
  10. I'll vote for Devotary. I'll also scan them. If they're in the lead and get majority-lynched, we'll learn their type. I know that I'm not evil, so if Devotary's Type is that of the lying alignment scanner, then that explains things. If Devotary has a truth-telling type, then there's likely some role that obfuscates or redirects scans. Also, just speculating here, it's possible that some people have types that make them always scan village, or elim, or a 50-50 chance of scanning either way.
  11. Oooooh I like that theory So uhhhhh.... any fellow Tineyes speak up if they see fit? For theories? If you have any role other than a Tineye, roleclaiming discouragement applies as usual. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait someone has to counterclaim if we were to disprove the Tineye theory. So if you're not a Tineye I guess say that you're not a Tineye? For SCIENCE and THEORIES?
  12. That is a quick bandwagon... I find Striker somewhat suspicious as stated before, and this might be an innocent attempt to make sure someone is lynched, but the bandwagoning (mainly by @Sart) looks a bit suspicious. Especially since Sart stated that the elims might vote manip against a C1 lynch. If people vote manip, I'm pretty sure people will notice and that'll make Striker look very suspicious anyways. I'll keep my vote on Striker, but Sart (and maybe @Straw, although his reason to vote doesn't look as suspicious to me), I have my eyes on you, especially if Striker flips village. (Edit: I seem to be vastly overusing the word "suspicious", sorry for the redundance XD)
  13. I wasn’t really advocating for a role claim this early. Just speculating about whether someone would be likely to. And what we would gain and lose by someone doing so. For what it’s worth, I slightly agree that role claims are generally a bad idea. Of course, I do have a bad habit of panicking and role claiming in the later stages of the game if I feel like I’m about to get lynched, so maybe I’m not the best authority to talk to about the strategy behind role claims. I think I'll throw in a vote on Striker, mostly for this statement. I don't think that Elandera was countering Striker's claim, merely stating her own viewpoint. Striker's response sounds unnecessarily defensive for C1. I can see it as a clarification of his earlier statement, but something in the tone sounds kind of like he's trying to please people and explain himself. This is still a C1 vote, so it is prone to changing. This is just one of the few leads I have so far, plus, Striker already has one vote on him (from Wonko, iirc). Let's just hope that we won't accidentally get rid of a powerful village role.
  14. I like the idea of variants of allomantic roles. I have an Allomantic role myself, although I wasn't informed of any variant or type other than the metal and what it does. At first glance, it may seem like a majority vote in the early cycles would benefit the elims, since they could choose a villager and bandwagon. However, if they do bandwagon, the village would have a quick source from which to draw suspicion. The knowledge of roles and types that would be revealed would benefit both factions, I think. In conclusion, I wouldn't be against a majority lynch, although if we end up doing so, I would suggest waiting a cycle or 2 to get at least a little information out there (through lynches, potential scan roles, discussion, whatever may happen).