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  1. I'm guessing that this part of the writeup was posted not by Kelsier himself, but by one of the dead, almost certainly Araris. If that's true, then I'm assuming Kelsier would then be responsible for the mist whispers in the PM's.
  2. To clarify further: My whisper from the mist said, more specifically, that Coop is a servant of Lekal. That doesn't sound like some neutral kandra-esque role, although it might potentially be a secret role. Edit: ninja'd by Steel. Sure, I'll vote Coop for now, as a scan to see if there's anything secret going on with him, and it'll also help me determine the credibility of the mist whispers. Another edit: Wait, I won't find out his alignment, nevermind. So that won't really help prove credibility unless he comes up as some sort of secret role that sounds blatantly [evil/good].
  3. Was it the same whisper? Mine said that Coop is evil. Which makes Kelsier either village-aligned or lying.
  4. WOAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I got a message, in PM's, sent by Fifth, that was obviously conveyed by someone else, kind of like a Tineye writeup but in my role PM. My theory is that it's from Araris, through Kelsier somehow. It might just be a secret role trying to screw with me. It might be a player lying. BUT THIS IS SUPER FREAKING IMPORTANT GUYS. DID ANYONE ELSE GET THE MESSAGE OR WAS IT JUST ME? Edit: By the way, I'm not Vin or Zane or anything like that. I have absolutely no roles that I know about other than Tineye 2. So I'm assuming that either those messages are sent to everyone, or that people can just choose 1 person to send it to.
  5. WOAH. WAIT. Is this implying what I think this might be implying? That Kelsier can allow the dead to somehow communicate with us? Obviously said communication would have to be very indirect in order to not break the game.
  6. I've thought a bit about Bard's actions last cycle, and although I don't like him voting on me just because I roleclaimed and his effort to lynch Joe, those behaviors don't seem evil. An elim wouldn't lynch someone who roleclaims a powerful role, they'd kill them. Besides, lynching someone who reveals an important role makes the people who do it immediately suspicious. For now, I'll refrain from telling in thread what Joe's role is, but I have PMed it to several people.
  7. I'd like to say that although I'll still vote for Joe to try to scan him, I would support a lynch on Araris. The reasons have mostly been already stated - it's mostly him keeping his vote on Ark even after being told that he was lynched D1 recently, and then him voting on me with what looked to be a... clarifying question about my argument, rather than a counterargument.
  8. There are a few gaps in this logic. First of all, I suggested that we seek out to eliminate Mistborn in response to Rand's suggestion about PM's. Secondly, Joe was getting votes on him and, along with my vote, it made him have the most votes of any player. Without me openly trying to find out his role and discouraging others to vote for him, Joe might be lynched this round. I'd want to find out a role that we can interact with, rather than one that it's already too late to interact with.
  9. Alright, first roleclaim of the game I believe? So. I would like to vote on Joe. That is because I am a Tineye 2, and can find out his role if I vote for him. However, with 2 people already voting on him, he might be lynched. I would encourage at least one of you two ( @Mailliw73 @Young Bard) to move your vote off Joe. I'd like to scan him and find out what kind of secret he is, instead of just killing him because he exists. Rand (for now). Joe. Edit: @Fifth Scholar, if someone scans someone with a secret role, are they told what the secret role does, or just its name?
  10. Oops, I meant the 20% rule Not syre why I typed 50%
  11. That's a good point. So you're saying that PM's are a better choice in this game because they tend to benefit the village, rather than benefiting the elims as in QF37?
  12. Vote count: Rand (3) - CadCom, Lumgol, Ark Lumgol (2) - Araris, Fura CadCom (2) - Adavantos, Young Bard Mailliw (1) - Rand Stick (1) - Straw HH (1) - Steel Straw (1) - HH These are still pretty spread out. For now, I'd advise trying to make sure to have at least 4 votes on a player to avoid elim hammers on Elend. This is still D1, so there isn't really that much to analyze, but we're starting to make more constructive posts instead of just RP and checking in, so people should have at least a little player evidence to think about.
  13. I'm not sure. Role scanning or other role based methods might work, but other than that, I haven't played many games with this kind of faction so I'm unfamiliar with how those players might think or act. Regardless, I was merely proposing an alternate method to Randuir's suggestion of keeping our trusts and suspicions mostly in PM's, and acting on the assumption that avoiding a Mistborn win by not letting them quickly kill the elims to end the game is a priority. I still think that killing anyone who isn't village, especially early on in the game, needs to be prioritized over killing the elims too quickly - which was another part of why Rand's post felt off to me.
  14. Aname stared back at the forming line, with seemingly half of Luthadel pining for her scissors. Although her mood had been lightened by the fact that she now possessed a beautiful, cutting-edge (get it?) weapon, her head was now returning to a dull thump. This couldn't be. The scissors were meant to be hers. Her scissors. Not everyone's scissors. Otherwise, how could Aname ever be special? She stormed away in a huff, almost forgetting to check for her owl. She cautiously peeked into the back room of the shop, dismayed at the fact that Heer Kilyal had flown away somewhere. ( @Coop772 poke poke) - - - Rand. Although I see your logic here, and you've stated in your defense that you forgot about the fact that PM's are night only, it's just not sitting very well with me right now. This could be because in previous games (notably QF37), you seemed very concerned about PM safety and revealing relatively little information in them, and now you're advocating for us to rely heavily on PM's to share our trusts and suspicions? Personally, I think that although it is important to not let the Unstable Mistborn kill the elims too fast, one way in which we can try to avert this by focusing more on trying to eliminate the Unstable Mistborn. As important as finding and killing the elims is, killing the Mistborn won't end the game for the village like killing the elims but letting the Mistborn survive will. Am I saying we should ignore our suspicions for the elims? Absolutely not. If there's any players who are clearly suspected, we should definitely say so and keep an eye on them, and lynch them unless there's only 1 or 2 elims left and the Mistborn are still alive. I would like to reiterate and agree with the fact that we should definitely try to accumulate more votes on at least one player than the supposed number of elims. My best guess would be either 3 or 4 elims, probably 4 (including Senn Conrad and the Assassin). 4 elims follows the 50% rule most closely, but the number of elims might have been lowered to 3 because of the 2 Mistborn and any secret roles that might exist. My gut says 4 is more likely, and we have a bit over 20 players so 4 elims + 2 neutral serial-killer type people out of... 22? players seems reasonable.
  15. @Araris Valerian, I'd like to point out that Ark was lynched D1 last game, so if your motivation is just to kill somebody, I'd suggest someone who wasn't recently killed early on.
  16. What's wrong with outing myself if it means I get to win before the game even starts? Fifth Scholar.
  17. ... I've already told the owl to fly into the back room by itself but maybe I can go investigate there too, because why not
  18. "No, Heer, these scissors aren't for you, it's okay," Aname sighed, breath misting onto the shop window. She exited Snip's shop and wove through the gathering crowd, gait still sharp and hurried despite her lightened mood. Aname held out her fingers for the fluffy owl to land on. She smiled faintly as she scratched Heer Kilyal's head. Softly, Aname spoke: "Look, I'd love to crash home today and I know you do too. It's cold, I get it. You must be real tired from flying around all day. But could you do me a favor and listen in on what's going on in the back room, with the shop owner?" @Coop772
  19. Aname held the scissors in her hands as if it were a child. She was almost afraid to touch the serrated obsidian edges, sharp on both sides rather than just in the middle. The scissors' grip was balanced just like a sword. "... It's wonderful." @Snipexe
  20. "I heard a rumor going across about obsidian scissors, and you seem to be the one to talk to about that." @Snipexe
  21. Aname Plees banged on the shop's door for the third, fourth time. Sigh. "Someone's got to be in there, right? It says the shop is open..." Sigh. Just as Aname was about to scamper away in frustration, a man came to open the door. "FINALLY," Aname scoffed. "Lord Ruler, what took you so long to open that door? Anyways, I'll be needing those obsidian scissors." Obsidian scissors. With those, Aname could finally be free. She closed her eyes and began to fantasize, like she so often did, about koloss falling like logs, sheared from the battlefield with a snip powerful as the mists themselves. Finally. After months, years, of saving up her meager earnings, of training to punch harder and run faster. Aname Plees was going to crush that koloss army and no one could stop her. @Cadmium Compounder @Snipexe
  22. Woah, I was certain my WTCC submission would be ignored forever... XD but it was actually in this one! Thanks guys! I will note that one of the clues I sent was, different from what you guys said here, but now that I think about it, the one you guys used works just as well (or maybe better). Anyways, it was awesome seeing if you would guess my character.