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  1. What do you think my role is?
  2. Sorry for my inactivity everyone. I requested a pinch hitter but turns out it was too late Anyways, good job elims! And thank you Sart! I love how all the Rithmatist games were wrapped up and combined in this one
  3. I'm here! And like I've said, my action D2 was to request an aviar. My D1 action was to use my role, which I'm hesitant about claiming in thread.
  4. I requested an aviar and I got ... an "elephant bird" that apparently does nothing
  5. Last night, I tried to grab the Book of the Sentry, whereas Shqueeves grabbed it instead. I think this makes Shqueeves look more village, unless an elim is trying to prevent villagers from learning to defend the camp better. In either case, it would be useful to keep an eye on Shqueeves and see if he's really casting lines of warding.
  6. I called first dibs And neither of us seems to have a lantern, so.... hmmmmm I'll stay with my action for now.
  7. I'll RP as Eight Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty-Ninth of the Just a Smidge After Twilight ... or, I guess, Twi for short
  8. I forgot to submit an action. I was caught up in things other than SE and forgot that rollover and the thread were a thing. As for making night actions public, I think that will ultimately benefit both the elims and village. The elims will learn what villagers are up to, which will let them make better decisions about who to target (kill, roleblock, etc), but the village will also notice if there are any discrepancies between stated actions and missing items/action scans/etc. This makes action-tracking items more important in the game, so that if someone is reluctant to share what their action will be, someone can scan them. Thus, for today, I'll try to grab a Book of Artistry, which I'm assuming corresponds to the Lines of Making.
  9. I already submitted an action other than protecting the camp, but I can switch it if no one else protects the camp.
  10. Crem, I forgot that the game had started until now. Checking in. I still need to reread everything and look at the thread. Hi.
  11. Eyyyyyyyyy Signing up. Logmul of Sdrawkcab died, so I'll have to make up a new character. Hmmmmmm.
  12. Good game everyone! I will say that I wasn't as committed to this game as I would have liked to be, and I generally could have played a lot better, but it was quite fun nonetheless. It was kind of disappointing that I was never killed, for some reason? Because I could have actually used my protection ability? And yeah, I was basically wrong about everyone's alignment in this game... Yeah. Great job elims, and thank you @Aonar for taking out half of the elim team. Thank you @StrikerEZ and @Mailliw73 for GMing! @Ventyl, thank you so much for coming out and playing with us for the first time. It was really fun seeing you break the game and being... probably the one person whose alignment I was right about XD
  13. I have some ideas about this kind of game, although they aren't very fleshed out at all and are just random vague ideas that I think would be fun. I was thinking about a mechanic where everyone starts off with a certain amount of silver, which acts as a one-use shield against a Shade attack, and instead of an elim kill, each elim has the ability to steal one unit of silver from a villager. Either dead players gain the Shade role (which restricts them from posting in thread or finding out living players' alignments, etc) and are given the ability to attack any player they choose (unless blood is drawn or someone runs at night, which causes a few random Shades to be drawn toward the person) and thus burn away a unit of silver or Players don't actually behave as Shades, but the number of Shades increases in proportion to the number of dead players or The number of Shades is randomly generated some other way and they act as NPC's (for lack of a better term) I would make it so there's a limited number of players with a kill. Their kill overrides any protection from Silver, but they are guaranteed to draw blood when they kill unless they have a one-use item (poison, a garrote, something like that) that lets them kill without drawing blood. I really like the idea of having interconnected networks of Shade attacks. I'm also intrigued by the idea of placing a restriction on changing votes too many times. I like that. I would definitely have some sort of Bounty Hunter role that gains silver if the person they vote on is lynched and has at least 1 silver. Anyways yeah here's my weird idea dump
  14. . . . First of all, Devotary is probably going to be lynched anyway. Regardless of whether I voted on them. Secondly, there's 6 remaining players and 2 elims down. By the 20% rule, there may have been 3 or 4 elims total by the start of the game. So there are, at most, 2 remaining. If we lynch a villager today, it'll bring it to 3-2 and I'm assuming the night kill will bring it down to 2-2, which will cause LyLo. A mislynch will put us in a very risky near-losing situation, but it won't make us lose.
  15. I find Devotary to be suspicious right now, and Fifth is probably suspicious if Devotary flips village.
  16. @Ventyl, why is it poke voting if you express suspicion of me?
  17. Whoops. I should keep better track of who I roleclaim to. XD Darn it, I meant Sart. *facepalm* It was mostly your tone. I felt like you were pushing for me to vote Sart, even though that was already what I was going to do. ... I was clearly not braining when I wrote that post. Sorry.
  18. I still believe that Devotary is likely to be Aman's teammate, mostly because of Devotary's support for Aman's lynch in our PM and Aman's failure to write up an analysis of Devotary explaining why Aman voted on them. And yes, I have roleclaimed to Aman the same role that I claimed to Devotary and Fifth, which I will now claim in thread. I'm a Thug. @Fifth Scholar: I was wrong about Aman. You, of all people, should know that being wrong about someone's alignment is a thing that can happen. I trusted his claim as the SK because earlier in the game, he tried to discourage me from voting on Fura by claiming that the Kandra likely had a Jester-type role - which he later claimed for himself as Kandra.
  19. Tanky ZomBoi shuffled towards... the nameless combat medic? and tried to push his stick out of his way. He was still working on his coordination, so instead of grabbing Nameless Combat Medic's head in pursuit of brrraaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssssssssss, Tanky ZomBoi grabbed ahold of the combat medic's arm and started voraciously chewing on it. nomNomnoMnOmNoMnOmNOMnomBRAINSSSSSSSSSSnoMnOmNoMnOmn0mn0mNOM
  20. Tanky ZomBoi tore open his traveling pack in search of braaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssssssssssssss. However, instead of tasty delicious human flesh, he just found... a stash of granola bars. Frustrated, he threw the bars all around the human campsite. Alright, Tanky ZomBoi thought. I guess I gotta actually kill people now. He stood up, moaned, and began shuffling toward the first human he could think of. "BRAINS!"
  22. I don't think we should spend too long on building a structure, since we're supposed to be moving each night. I would focus on making reusable tools and supplies instead.