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  1. sorry, school and my brain are both kicking my chull rn, I'm trying to post and thanks for poking me (edit: omg the swear filter is hilarious I love it)
  2. I'll vote for Devotary. I'll also scan them. If they're in the lead and get majority-lynched, we'll learn their type. I know that I'm not evil, so if Devotary's Type is that of the lying alignment scanner, then that explains things. If Devotary has a truth-telling type, then there's likely some role that obfuscates or redirects scans. Also, just speculating here, it's possible that some people have types that make them always scan village, or elim, or a 50-50 chance of scanning either way.
  3. what if there's a rolescan ability and the theory holds true then it would literally just scan everyone as a tineye Lord Ruler that would be hilarious
  4. Oooooh I like that theory So uhhhhh.... any fellow Tineyes speak up if they see fit? For theories? If you have any role other than a Tineye, roleclaiming discouragement applies as usual. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait someone has to counterclaim if we were to disprove the Tineye theory. So if you're not a Tineye I guess say that you're not a Tineye? For SCIENCE and THEORIES?
  5. Alright, @Sart, you're pretty much cleared for now. It's gotta be a serious act of bussing to push the vote forward away from a tie. Trust. Wonko could theoretically be bussing, but his vote sounds genuine to me, tone-wise. @Wonko the Sane Slight trust.
  6. That is a quick bandwagon... I find Striker somewhat suspicious as stated before, and this might be an innocent attempt to make sure someone is lynched, but the bandwagoning (mainly by @Sart) looks a bit suspicious. Especially since Sart stated that the elims might vote manip against a C1 lynch. If people vote manip, I'm pretty sure people will notice and that'll make Striker look very suspicious anyways. I'll keep my vote on Striker, but Sart (and maybe @Straw, although his reason to vote doesn't look as suspicious to me), I have my eyes on you, especially if Striker flips village. (Edit: I seem to be vastly overusing the word "suspicious", sorry for the redundance XD)
  7. I wasn’t really advocating for a role claim this early. Just speculating about whether someone would be likely to. And what we would gain and lose by someone doing so. For what it’s worth, I slightly agree that role claims are generally a bad idea. Of course, I do have a bad habit of panicking and role claiming in the later stages of the game if I feel like I’m about to get lynched, so maybe I’m not the best authority to talk to about the strategy behind role claims. I think I'll throw in a vote on Striker, mostly for this statement. I don't think that Elandera was countering Striker's claim, merely stating her own viewpoint. Striker's response sounds unnecessarily defensive for C1. I can see it as a clarification of his earlier statement, but something in the tone sounds kind of like he's trying to please people and explain himself. This is still a C1 vote, so it is prone to changing. This is just one of the few leads I have so far, plus, Striker already has one vote on him (from Wonko, iirc). Let's just hope that we won't accidentally get rid of a powerful village role.
  8. I like the idea of variants of allomantic roles. I have an Allomantic role myself, although I wasn't informed of any variant or type other than the metal and what it does. At first glance, it may seem like a majority vote in the early cycles would benefit the elims, since they could choose a villager and bandwagon. However, if they do bandwagon, the village would have a quick source from which to draw suspicion. The knowledge of roles and types that would be revealed would benefit both factions, I think. In conclusion, I wouldn't be against a majority lynch, although if we end up doing so, I would suggest waiting a cycle or 2 to get at least a little information out there (through lynches, potential scan roles, discussion, whatever may happen).