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  1. Yeah, I'm thinking I was probably soothed. I haven't considered that. Assuming I was Soothed, that leaves a few possible conclusions: 1) Maill is elim/mistborn, and he or one of his teammates soothed me to cover for him showing up as a special role or something. 2) Coop is elim/mistborn, and he or one of his teammates didn't notice me switch my vote and kept their soothing action on me. 3) Someone might be trying to discredit my role and then frame me? I think that's less likely. There are many many other possibilities, these are just a few that stick out to me.
  2. If there's roleless people in the game, the whole point is to make the powerful elims look like roleless people, so that there would be uncertainty as to their role. If this game is Role Madness, however, you're right; pretty much the only thing that 4th point would achieve is obfuscating exactly which powerful elim they are. And that would get them lynched regardless.
  3. My scan on Maill returned no result. This could mean a few things. 1) Maill is roleless. 2) My scan was roleblocked or someone Smoked Maill, but judging from the rules, that doesn't seem possible. @Fifth Scholar could you clarify? 3) Someone holds some kind of a secret role that can obfuscate my scan results. I find this rather unlikely but theoretically possible. 4) Some roles (presumably Senn Conrad, and/or the Mistborn) don't show up in scans for balance reasons - they would automatically be outed as elim or Mistborn. Again, Fifth, could you provide some clarification on this? But yeah. I find the first option the most likely, or maybe the 4th. What do people think?
  4. In my scenario, it would be a waste of a vote if I vote for the same person who is lynched. So I'll stick to voting Maill; however, I do agree with this and I encourage anyone who hasn't voted or has voted for someone with just 1 or 2 votes on them to consolidate onto someone with more votes on them.
  5. Guys. Coop isn't evil. Or if he is, then Kelsier (or whoever is sending the mist whispers) doesn't know that. Look. The mistwhisper told me that Coop serves Jastes Lekal. The mistwhisper told Coop that I serve Jastes Lekal. I'll assume that Coop told the truth about what the mistwhisper said. If we were both evil, we wouldn't have stated our mistwhispers in thread because there's no reason for us to frame each other. If Coop is evil and I'm not: This is a somewhat more plausible situation. By stating the contents of his mistwhisper, Coop makes the claim against him seem less legitimate and more like something that intends to troll us and turn us against each other. However, stating that I'm evil is a very weak counterclaim for the same exact reason. If Kelsier knows both of our alignments, there's no way he'd send those mistwhispers to both of us, since at least one of us would know the other's alignment in that situation. So, here are my conclusions: 1) The mistwhispers cannot be trusted 2) Kelsier probably doesn't know our alignments, and if he knew our alignments, the most likely situation in that scenario is that Coop and I are both village 3) Since we've both shared our mistwhispers, at least one of us has to be village. I kind of want to vote for Maill, since I definitely find his behavior kind of off, but then, one does not simply predict Maill. So I'm not sure. I haven't really thought much about CadCom, but the reasoning against him makes sense, so I might vote for him. Stink and Rath both seem village to me, Fura is probably neutral-village (solid analysis, and seems reasonably village in our PM but I'm not particularly confident either way). I need to take a closer look at HH, Rae, and Stick - both have been contributing a lot but I have pretty much no read on them. I think I'm going to vote Maill for now, but it's more of a scan-vote than an I-actually-want-this-person-lynched-now vote.
  6. Yes. I can confirm that Joe's role is Kelsier. I have been told nothing about what it does, though.
  7. @Coop772 what did your mist whisper say?
  8. I'm guessing that this part of the writeup was posted not by Kelsier himself, but by one of the dead, almost certainly Araris. If that's true, then I'm assuming Kelsier would then be responsible for the mist whispers in the PM's.
  9. To clarify further: My whisper from the mist said, more specifically, that Coop is a servant of Lekal. That doesn't sound like some neutral kandra-esque role, although it might potentially be a secret role. Edit: ninja'd by Steel. Sure, I'll vote Coop for now, as a scan to see if there's anything secret going on with him, and it'll also help me determine the credibility of the mist whispers. Another edit: Wait, I won't find out his alignment, nevermind. So that won't really help prove credibility unless he comes up as some sort of secret role that sounds blatantly [evil/good].
  10. Was it the same whisper? Mine said that Coop is evil. Which makes Kelsier either village-aligned or lying.
  11. WOAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I got a message, in PM's, sent by Fifth, that was obviously conveyed by someone else, kind of like a Tineye writeup but in my role PM. My theory is that it's from Araris, through Kelsier somehow. It might just be a secret role trying to screw with me. It might be a player lying. BUT THIS IS SUPER FREAKING IMPORTANT GUYS. DID ANYONE ELSE GET THE MESSAGE OR WAS IT JUST ME? Edit: By the way, I'm not Vin or Zane or anything like that. I have absolutely no roles that I know about other than Tineye 2. So I'm assuming that either those messages are sent to everyone, or that people can just choose 1 person to send it to.
  12. WOAH. WAIT. Is this implying what I think this might be implying? That Kelsier can allow the dead to somehow communicate with us? Obviously said communication would have to be very indirect in order to not break the game.
  13. I've thought a bit about Bard's actions last cycle, and although I don't like him voting on me just because I roleclaimed and his effort to lynch Joe, those behaviors don't seem evil. An elim wouldn't lynch someone who roleclaims a powerful role, they'd kill them. Besides, lynching someone who reveals an important role makes the people who do it immediately suspicious. For now, I'll refrain from telling in thread what Joe's role is, but I have PMed it to several people.
  14. I'd like to say that although I'll still vote for Joe to try to scan him, I would support a lynch on Araris. The reasons have mostly been already stated - it's mostly him keeping his vote on Ark even after being told that he was lynched D1 recently, and then him voting on me with what looked to be a... clarifying question about my argument, rather than a counterargument.