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  1. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    Trying out clip studio while drawing SA characters. I'll probably take a break from drawing and get some reading done. Idk how accurate this is but hey artistic freedom
  2. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    I redid my Kaladin. This one focuses more on his time in Sadeas’ warcamp on the Shattered Plains (which is supposed to be the background, sorry but I suck at backgrounds).
  3. Thanks for following me! ^_^

  4. I like your style! It's really cute.
  5. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    I ended up drawing Adolin AND I redid my Renarin for coloring practice.
  6. thanks! My twin is also a Renarin freak, haha, so I know that you can't please everyone. I'm also rushing though all these sketches before my twin wants her drawing tablet back, which I'm borrowing.
  7. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    Hehe, I feel like I'm spamming with fanart... Oops, I did it again. I'm getting the hang on drawing digitally, but I still got a lot to learn... I hope you think this SA portrait series is kinda fun, because I'm having a blast.
  8. Hehe, it’s okay, I can take criticism. After all, I only did these to practice my drawing skills, so I thought why not just post them for fun? Part of the problem with the female characters was also because I at the time didn’t know how to use the stabilization tool (it helps making smoother and softer edges) in my drawing program, and I would avoid it by drawing straight lines. I have just started painting digitally, so the portraits are mostly work in progress. Even though I kind of like Jasnah to have more stronger features to make her look more intimidating, I honestly just think it’s mostly because my proportions were not that good in that drawing to begin with. And I do agree on the Shallan drawing, I’m actually planning on redoing it in the future.
  9. From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    My take on Sylphrena (aka little trickster) from the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. Instead of adding her to my drawing of Kaladin, I believe Syl deserves her own portrait, thank you very much.
  10. My take on Kaladin Stormblessed from the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. This is when Kaladin was enslaved. Not gonna lie, I almost made myself cry by drawing all that rain and remembering… THAT SCENE IN WAY OF KINGS ;( ( I ended up spamming the gallery with empty posts because the file was too big but hopefully it works now, I'm really sorry...)
  11. Jasnah Kholin, my bae uwu I have always imagined her looking a little intimidating, idk, but I kind of like it… still not very good at drawing digitally, so practicing with cosmere characters really motivates me… ;p
  12. I made a Shallan. Will maybe redo the coloring part when I get better at clip studio paint. Just started painting digitally two weeks ago and it's pretty hard uwu