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  1. 30 minutes later, and it happens. Team 5 have solved Wayneisms, giving them a full score of 145 and first place. Second place is still open, everyone! EDIT: Team Voidapple have now solved every puzzle, and are working on the meta. Good luck to them!
  2. I’m thinking we’ll get the first meta solve today, if teams continue their rate of progress. It’s neck and neck between the three teams right now, which should lead to a tight race this afternoon/evening. The ordering of the clues for Wayneisms has been updated - the third and fourth pairs have been swapped. EDIT: And congratulations to Team 5, who got the first solve of Makes The Man! EDIT 2: And to Team Voidapple, who solves Wayneisms! Every puzzle has now been solved by at least one team. It’s a race to the meta, everyone. EDIT 3: Team 5 just solved the meta, with only Wayneisms between them and a full score. It’s going to be soon, everyone.
  3. You did indeed. I will add you to your team shortly. EDIT: I’m a little bit behind on updating on all the puzzle solves, but all teams have now solved puzzles! Well done, everyone! EDIT 2: And Team Voidapple pulls ahead with a solve of Relativity! EDIT 3: The final puzzle, Family Trees, is now live. It’s not much compared to what was originally in for that slot, but it’s better than nothing. Happy solving, everyone. EDIT 4: Family Trees was solved by Team 5, putting them in first place. EDIT 5: A second solve on Family Trees puts Team Voidapple into second place!
  4. Things MetaTerminal Can’t Do: Read Count Spell Basic Mathematics The measurements in the second room for Relativity have been changed - the puzzle is now solvable. Apologies.
  5. Beware the infamous triple post! Ahem. The second wave will be going live shortly. However, due to the fact that I have been unable the puzzle that broke just before the first wave, it will have only three puzzles in it for now. I shall see if I can get a replacement to work in a short amount of time. It won't be anything compared to what I had in there originally, but it will be something. The new puzzles will be edited into the original post, so keep an eye out for that. EDIT: The puzzles are now live.
  6. Oh, and add counting to the ‘list of things that Meta can’t do’. I am updating the numbering for Puzzle #1: Day 1. Very sorry. Congratulations to Team 5, who solved Inscriptions. EDIT: And to Team 5 again, who solved Travelling Blues! The second wave is now eligible to go up - however, due to an issues with one of the puzzles, it will not be going up immediately. Apologies. EDIT 2: And to Team 4, who also solved Travelling Blues.
  7. In the interests of moving things along for all teams, here is a hint for Travelling Blues: Every day is missing one entry.
  8. One person got the reference. I am fulfilled. I’d give it two weeks after this round ends - maybe more. By the beginning of March, or just after. I will, however, add you to the spec doc when I get around to making it.
  9. Well done to Voidapple, who is the first to solve two puzzles: they completed Gossipers. As a general clue for Puzzle #5: printing the puzzle may be easier than doing it digitally.
  10. Leaderboard Congratulations to Bridge 4, who solved Gossipers. A clarification on Inscriptions: adjectives don’t count; neither do titles, colloquialisms or descriptions. They have to be specifically referring to the word in particular, and not a possible alternate definition. This should have been made clearer. Also, I apparently can’t read, so the symbols for the final segment will be updated shortly. Apologies. EDIT: Congratulations to Team 5 and Voidapple, who completed two puzzles almost simultaneously! They solved Gossipers and Astronomy respectively.
  11. Sanderson Puzzlehunt: Scadrial Round Ash falls from the sky, and ruins your perfectly good jacket. "Damnation," says the white-haired man. "Not where I wanted to end up at all. We need to get out of here. And fast. I'd use a perpendicularity, but..." He turns to you. "I have no idea how I'll get all of us through. I hate to say this, but I'm out of ideas. You got anything?" "Maybe," you say, "these puzzles can help us." "Oh, of course. How utterly convenient." A Note On Indexing Several of the puzzles in this round use a method of solving known as indexing: where you are given a list of words (or, more likely, the words are hinted at) and a list of numbers (call them n), and you take the nth letter of each word to spell the answer. Sometimes, however, you will need to rearrange the words somehow. A Note On Puzzle Order Originally, the puzzles were going to be released by era: the four Era 1 puzzles would come first, followed by the four Era 2 puzzles. However, given that one of the Era 1 puzzles has produced some alarming last-minute issues, I've pulled forward one of the Era 2 puzzles to serve in its place while I attempt to fix it. Thank you for your time. Scadrial Meta "How do we get off of Scadrial?" says the white-haired man. "Do you have any ideas?" Puzzle #1: Travelling Blues Puzzle #2: Inscriptions [View this puzzle as a Google Doc.] Puzzle #3: Family Trees Puzzle #4: Relativity Puzzle #5: Astronomy In Ancient Texts [View this puzzle as a spreadsheet.] Puzzle #6: Makes The Man Puzzle #7: Wayneisms (Wayneism (n): The act of misinterpreting something, usually through malapropisms, use of similar words, misunderstanding the definition, or occasionally just really bad puns.) Puzzle #8: Gossipers Good luck to all teams.
  12. I love the rank! Keep calm and go with the flow! 

    Anyone else get that?

  13. Signups are now closed. All Team PMs and Google Docs have been made and sent - if you haven't received one, and you think you should have, then let me know. (The spec doc will go up with the rest of the puzzles.) Due to some issues the release of the first wave of puzzles will occur at a slightly later time: four hours from now, at 2am EST. (Sorry, America.)
  14. Signups are still open for now. Here are preliminary teams. Team Voidapple * RShara * Turtle373 * xinoehp * MistCLOAKed Mountains * Devotary of Spontaneity Team 2/SNIRS * Karnatheon * Invocation * Rhapsody * NotarySojac Team 4 * Xavier Iriate * luckat * Nohadon * Shqueeves * MiToRo Team 5 * ExaltedDungeonMaster * Rebecca * beantheboy12 * Barbilarian Darkeyes Team Shash Gesheh/Puzzler * DoomStick * Snipexe * MountainKing * Rasarr * ElephantEarwax If you have an issue with your team, or are concerned with balance, be sure to contact me.
  15. Sure thing. Signups will continue to be open for another day or so.