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  1. Here's a fun thing! On a whim, I decided to pull up my old Alleyverse scripts. They're.... baaaaaaad. Well, I mean, they're not terrible. Some of them are downright better than they have any right to be. Most of them are just plain half-baked or full of exposition or slightly nonsensical. Given it was my first set of scripts that I ever attempted, though, I guess they're good? They tend to get better over time, too, with the first three or so being really rough. Then 6 is actually pretty decent, though 7 lapses a bit into melodrama at a point. Don't ever get too cute, kids. I didn't finish the series for a few reasons. One was some real-life obligations that ended up interrupting me; other projects became relatively more important, and I really didn't just have the time or mental energy. The series was also somewhat ballooning; my original plan of 10 episodes had already been extended to 12, and I was definitely thinking about needing to split it down further into 13. Given how I write, it probably would've just gotten longer and longer as I found my voice and the complexity of the whole thing had to be covered more and more. The show was also coming head-on to some pretty thorny questions that were... rather beyond the scope of a sequence of 20-page scripts. (The question of theology is trivial and is therefore left as an exercise to the reader. No, probably not.) I wasn't comfortable talking about those, at least not without a lot more discussion and being a much better writer. Finally, I knew the whole thing would need to get rewritten from the ground-up if I wanted it to be any good. So, bleh. The adaptation also significantly altered a few characters in a way that I later was less okay with; Drako in particular was significantly changed which I'm really no longer happy about. Mace was too, but Archer gave me the okay for that. (They're the best.) And Stenson was weird but I guess technically in the scope of creative liberty? Still! There's some really good moments in here. I'm basically still a fan of all of Episode 6 (a slightly off-base reference notwithstanding... young me, you are an idiot). Plus some other moments... where Stenson gets taken to the center of the city... and some I never got round to writing, where Caer [spoilers]. So, not entirely unsalvageable if someone is pretty brave. I'm going to try, at least, to find my plans for the future episodes. Or attempt to remember them. I remember some of it actually being pretty nice in my head. The whole thing is, basically, a very very loose adaptation of the first era. Emphasis on very. And loose. And adaptation. In addition, I took out all the explicitly fanfictiony stuff that is just 'here is thing from another work!' I always felt that the cool bits of the Alleyverse weren't the stolen magic systems or whatever, but the entirely original stuff; the 'lore', if you will. Some of it translated really well (some of the magic systems, for instance), and some of it didn't. The Warhammer issue kind of plagues Drako's character in a way that I still can't quite deal with in my head. I'm linking the whole sequence, warts and all. I didn't do anything to correct any mistakes (of which there are several, some I'm pretty sure were added by other people). Spelling or vocab or otherwise. Plus there's an alternate version of the first episode that I think I wrote to send to someone. All seven episodes. I had plans for a second series, too, based on the second era, with a very weird structure to accommodate the... scattered source material. But that was always more tentative. In the case you don't have time to read everything, here's a particularly interesting bit I found at the bottom of the very first doc. Modern comments in []. This is the bit where I talk about what I did, what’s been changed, etc. My priorities for the adaptation go as follows (from most to least important): Take out anything derivative Tell a good story Be faithful to the original Meta’s Three Laws of FFRP Adaptation. As a result, things have been changed. The most obvious: all the Sanderson stuff is taken out. Aons aren’t called aons, Elsecalling is a little different, all sorts of things. The Ghostbloods are called the Gilded Rose instead. Things like that. (Anything in bold still needs to be changed.) Rashan and Caer are actually two different characters. (Hopefully that was obvious.) [This was for Plot reasons, as I recall. The original character does feel like two people shoved into one.] Mace and Caer are friends. (Mace and Rashan will have a relationship closer to what happened during SDW.) [Don't quite remember why I worked it out like this but I'm pretty sure it was just so everything engineered together properly. Same as for previous.] Drako and Storm are very different to their original counterparts. [You don't say.] The Ghostblood split will be legitimate. [Because, uh, the plot literally makes no sense otherwise. I'm serious. What actually happened was mental.] Beyond that, all the major events will still take place. (Some actually happened in the pilot, or at least [sic] referred to briefly.) I’m thinking about moving Rhaizen’s assassination scene ahead of the meeting. It would start in media res, and all the other scenes would remain where they are. Thoughts? Is the worldbuilding set up well? Is it accessible enough? Obviously there is still a big learning curve. I still don’t think the characters are distinct enough. Not a problem for Traceria, or Kalmar - with 16 (!) speaking roles it’s impossible to have everyone distinct - but it is something that needs to be tooled. [Did I really think you couldn't write 16 distinct characters? Like, at all? Hmmm.] The music reference is just a reference. Best-case scenario, someone would compose original music for the series. [Past me, you are an idiot.] Anyway. This was fun-slash-painful-slash-interesting to look at. Hopefully you enjoy reading! More content plausibly coming whenever, and implausibly coming soon.
  2. It’s been a while, hey. So I’m good! But also I need to keep updating this thing, because saying you’re going to do something and then ghosting it for months at a time is one of my bad habits. I think it’s an open secret that I have terrible work-life balance so I’m going to let you into an open secret: I’m gonna only update this thing when I want to, and I’m not gonna promise that I’m going to update it every x days or weeks or whatever. It might be never. And I’m gonna update it with smaller stuff or whatever if I want to so don’t expect, like, massive posts like I’ve started out doing. But don’t tell anybody, okay? This is between us, you and the Only Person Who Reads This Blog. That said, a big post about Potluck is fully written up, and I just need to put photos to it and stuff like that. Visual content to go with the images and all that. Might get to that soon. Might not. Man, talking about the future is fun, isn’t it? And I might just post stuff like neat songs I’ve found or thoughts I had or stuff like that. You know, life stuff. Stuff. For example: did you know that if a bus has a broken payment system in my city, they let you just ride it for free? Learnt that today. The mind boggles. (Bloggles?) So, you know. That’s where I’m at. Might do some smaller stuff on here if I’m in the mood. Post some old bad scripts or whatever. And puzzle stuff, too, when I get round to it. But maybe not. We’ll see!
  3. Sorry for late notice (and the double-post!) but I actually probably can’t make the doc. Would somebody else be able to do that?
  4. I’ll make a new doc and link it for Null, though for some reason I have editing perms for the old one now? Maybe xino changed it.
  5. Both of their join numbers is smaller than Truth’s, so it’s still Gear’s turn next. But that’s a good point.
  6. Yup. After that, then it’s Gear’s turn. I really think @The_Truthwatcher or @Gears should implement the items rule. (Also bring the number of rule changes down again, please, 15 is too much.) Then we can start making items.
  7. This is continuing from where we left off from. We’ve got a structure here that I think we could benefit from (plus some fun silly rules that we would probably just waste time re-implementing). The only benefit to starting over would be attracting new players, but I think most people interested in playing have already joined. I’ll check that the Nomic doc has all the rules correctly implemented tonight. Eggs I’ll also do my best to keep track. Who’s turn is it? Also, welcome to @Negative_Null and @Channelknight Fadran!
  8. [ends inactivity to give pieces of insightful wisdom] I think no matter which ruleset we choose, we will flounder in the opening stages. The old rule set also has the issues we discovered in the initial game - no way to deal with disagreements, rules are unclear about many things and doesn’t stand up to rules lawyering, quickly leads to chaos without turns. I think the people here should endeavour to get out of the opening stages. This happens by proposing an actual game, which we can then start to modify. Here’s an idea. Proposed proposal: the items rule. - players can possess items which can either ‘grant’ a certain number of points (ie that number of points are gained when you get the item, and are lost when you lose the item, so having that number of points is tied to having that item), or grant abilities outlined when the items are created (like stealing points, stealing items, secret effects, etc - probably once per turn), or both - items can be in ‘sets’ such that having all members of the set gives you a reward - you can trade the item for either points or other items, as long as the terms are agreed upon by both players and the trade is confirmed by both players And most importantly: - when an item is created by the rules, the item is given at random to a player who has posted in the last 24 hours. Now, we can start creating items, sets, abilities. We could make a Wandering Merchant role which has a special power over items. NPCs which dispense items which you can ‘purchase’. How does this sound? EDIT: whoever’s turn it is, you’ll need to propose this rule if you want it voted on.
  9. I think a reward would be better than a punishment. I also make an informal suggestion: each person should make at least one key ‘game’ rule (ie setting up an actual game with a competition, or altering a game already set up) each turn. That way we’re not limited just to random rules but we also get development going as well.
  10. I’m fine to either start again or continue this one - if it were my decision and all things left aside I’d probably go for the second one, but it’s not just up to me. Sorry, I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to be online for a few days. I’m back now. Personally, I think it would be better for Truth to make a few proposals that set up some game mechanics (beyond weird stipulations, like actual mechanics with difficulty and competition - maybe look at other forum games for ideas? we could maybe just straight up copy one of those!) so we can, essentially, ‘start over’ without abandoning the work we’ve built up to start. Then once we have a game going we can then start altering that base game so the Nomic part starts being more fun. Basically: let’s get out of the weeds and into the game part! Off the top of my head, maybe Codenames, but really any game might work. 308 passed, 307 didn’t. I support 309. Also also: we lost xino, but it appears all the players are back and interested in continuing, so we could definitely revitalise this one!
  11. No rule says all proposals must be simultaneous. Indeed, this rule actually implies otherwise. And it still encompasses one turn, since in one turn you can propose up to three rules - not ’you have to propose up to three rules all at the same time’, but presumably ‘over the course of your turn’.
  12. I still think all the additions are natural outgrowths of the original rule, and it serves no purpose excluding them. Emphases mine. The amendments specifically deal with those two parts, both part of the same original rule. They are all amendments to a single rule. Of a mutable rule, singular. If we insist, then I have no problems with it; but it's well within what the rules allow and I would not have any issue supporting it. If I was Judge, I would say it were a single rule. There's no difference, functionally, of starting the vote over again without the zero thing, except to delay the game further, and it will be added back in (to this rule, probably) later.
  13. Doesn't pass, I think. Needs a majority.
  14. Can you not suggest? I’m able to but xino has to approve my changes.
  15. Think Truth is correct. Votes for 303 and 304 opened after the vote for 302 closed. Rules take effect the moment the vote is finished (205), meaning 302 is in effect right now. Even if 303 and 304 were being voted on before 302 took effect, 302 still would apply to the current vote (if the vote was still ongoing. If it was finished, tough luck.) EDIT: also, xino votes, right?