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  1. As the Dakhor sprinted towards him and went to grab his leg, Alum summoned Pyrus again in his left hand and swung it at the monk’s arms. Sixty-four. @Ark1002
  2. Alum barely crested the monk, and as he began to fall the shotgun fired again, close to his stomach. Very close. The spray punched though his chest, and the last of his Stormlight went to heal the wounds, spitting out the lead and closing his arteries. They could not do much more. With almost supernatural speed, fueled by the Light, he cocked the gun and aimed. The tempest inside him stilled, and Alum hit the ground without the agility of a Surgebinder, and staggered, bringing the gun off slightly. The impact against his legs jolted upwards through his wounded stomach and Alum fell to his knees, feeling an acid pain curl up inside of him, a cold knife inside his warm flesh. For a moment, he lost the count. He brought the barrel back, squarely at the monk’s neck, and pulled the trigger. Sixty-five.
  3. Shrapnel flew past Alum’s face as the wall broke, and he moved away from it with a few staggering steps. A scream from the other side from the Dakhor. Wind began to tug at his sleeve from the approaching storm in the distance. The time of seventy-three told him that he needed to end this quickly. He was running out of time. Alum grabbed his gun again, and cocked it, ready to fire. He was no expert, but Tuare had been a stationary target at close range. Easy to hit, if you had a little bit of experience. Aim at the target, brace and adjust, squeeze the trigger. The target slammed through the wall in front of him, and rocks cascaded against the ground. He growled something indistinct, and pointed the large gun towards him. No, further down - at the legs. An odd choice for aiming, since you usually went for centre-of-mass, or the head to end things quickly. The legs were for pain, and immobilisation. Instinct. The gun was off to the side. Too far. Alum sucked in Stormlight with a deep breath, draining the last of his spheres, and leapt over the monk, hearing the bang of the gun, and fired wildly at the monk while midair. @Ark1002
  4. I mean, you don’t appear to be holding back so far. But don’t prevent him from opening the barrier. Or you can make one very squishy character with the full awareness that you’ll probably have to make another one before the end of the era.
  5. I haven’t got around to reevaluating Alum yet, although he will take a backseat in the new Era and focus on his scholarship (if he survives). My new one is rather sparse on history, but I’ve got a voice and a concept. Basicallly, he’s a nonmagical-noir-cop-antivaxxer (sort of - I wouldn’t stoop that low) with perma-injury. If you punch his arm, he’s going to have a sore arm for the rest of the era. A note on intelligence - I’ll be RPing him about the same as Alum, although without his comprehensive knowledge - I’m not sure whether you’d count that as “intelligent” or “genius”, as the ranking system is a little fuzzy on that.
  6. Alum was on his feet when he saw the barrel rise in his periphery. A shotgun of some kind, with a larger barrel - designed for spread and close-range lethality, but not distance. The monk’s finger was hard against the trigger. He couldn’t dive out of the way. Last time he had tried that, he’d ended up picking birdshot out of his back for the rest of the year. And he couldn’t move the barrel - it was heavy, and the monk was strong, already braced against the kick that would send most flying backwards. Alum wasn’t going anywhere, and neither was the gun. So. So he really only had three options, and those were to use his blade to block the shot, except he couldn’t guarantee that a stray bullet would hit a nearby Forger, or cut the tendons in his leg, and the cause-effect of the impact would send him flying backwards. He could transport back into Shadesmar, but he had just left it, and that would mean reverting and losing progress. An antidote would only be here. So Alum really only had one option, and as the gun climbed the final few inches he took that option, and focused on the air between him and the gun, treating it not as a collection of gas but a segment, like a wall of air, connected together. He held out a hand, almost involuntarily, and just before the monk pulled the trigger a wall of stone formed between him and the gun. One foot thick and as tall as him. @Ark1002
  7. As the clock ticked over eighty, several things happened at once. He cut the monk, who dropped him, which was good, and Alum’s arm broke free from the ice, which was also good. But the monk didn’t die, which was unexpected, and the monk hit him with a stray slap that sent him flying, and Alum felt his nose snap and crunch, which was all things considered fairly bad. Alum hit the ground and rolled across the cobblestones. He tried to suck in some Stormlight through his nose as a reflex, but instead got a throatful of blood, sending him into a coughing fit. He recovered at seventy-five, and hauled in air through his lungs, but only a trickle of light fueled him. Alum hadn’t expected combat, so he hadn’t brought spheres. An oversight. He doubted he would make it again, one way or another. The light stopped the bleeding and cleared his head, and Alum tried to stand. @Ark1002
  8. You’re looking for the Turnpike. slinks back into shadows
  9. Alum felt the ice wrap around his arm with the tick of the eighty five, and the squeeze of hard bone against his neck. Pyrus vanished from his frozen hand, sending ice crystals flying and mixing with the dark spots swimming in his vision. He was now positioned with one arm lying against the ground, his neck firmly in the grasp of the monk, and his other arm... His other arm was free. He jabbed it towards the monk’s chest, between the third and fourth rib, and started to summon his Blade. @Ark1002
  10. Eighty six. The monk had grabbed Alum by the neck again, the warped bone rubbing against his skin, and squeezed. Hard. He stopped thinking about the poison and started thinking about his neck - he couldn’t get his gun up in time, not without dropping Pyrus and drawing, pulling back the hammer, by which time his throat would be crushed. Alum couldn’t punch him, either - he had no training, and it was very likely he’d just break his hand as well as his neck. Then another fact came to him, very quickly, which was that he was still holding Pyrus, and that Shardblades were many things, including unwieldy, dangerous, and hard to use; but they were also much longer than a person’s reach, and the monk’s arm in particular. Alum swung the blade, one-handed, towards the monk’s abdomen. @Ark1002
  11. Alum swept the blade up at the monk’s arm, trying to slice it. @2001Kra
  12. I think as long as you don’t use them aggressively (starting a conflict) and discuss it with others before introducing them to a battle, it should be fine.
  13. Alum suffered bruising on his shin where Fred had kicked him, but managed to get into a fighting position regardless. @2001Kra @erbiL ohcnaG