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  1. Of course; but much like how we decided to stop using Aon Tia cards, we can decide to limit certain aspects of the RP if everyone agrees. (Or not, as we decided with the DA. We’ll see.) The fact that it keeps coming up means that there is still contention around it. There’s no reason to artificially restrict conversation just because we talked about it last time.
  2. I vaguely remember something like this, but I would appreciate a link regardless.
  3. Argh. Out of time. My schedule has not improved in the slightest, unfortunately, and shows no signs of doing so. As in, I have no free time to work on this. I thought I would be able to, but that turned out not to be the case... Is it possible to forfeit? I know that’s not really in the spirit of things, but unless I put out something spectacularly sub-par based on the few brief notes I have then I don’t see anything good being produced. If I am allowed to forfeit, Snip might be saved from this round and having to put out something quickly. (Though of course they are free to do so.)
  4. Wow, that timing was and is really unfortunate for me. Could I get another day or so? I don’t mind if Snip gets extra time as well.
  5. Chime in. Chime in as much as possible. My toes are step-proof. Anything helps.
  6. @RayOfSunshine @Grey Knight @Invocation If you’ve promised to do something, make sure to get onto it! I understand everyone is busy (I am, too) but we were making good progress and I’d like to see that continue.
  7. Would you rather read a book with one long extended chapter, or about twenty shorter ones? A show with one eight-hour episode, or eight hour-long ones? Separating things out allows for time jumps, marked changes, advances in the plot. We can more easily divide our stories and our attention to them. We can scan down the thread list and say, ‘I have a general understanding of the progression of the plot.’ With one long thread, everything gets... muddled. I wouldn’t want to read The Longest Thread all the way through, but I might read all the threads in here, one by one. It’s the same amount, more or less, but because it’s divided up, it’s easier to understand. (I also don’t quite understand how Zinc found it confusing - could you elaborate on that?) We shouldn’t mess with old threads, I agree.
  8. I’d like to argue in favour of split threads, actually. This is mostly for reading up on old threads, I have yet to participate in main plot - but I find it far easier to read through four or so 30-page threads than a 100 or 120+ page thread. Similarly, it’s easier to mark the passage of time - you can say, ‘I got here around SDW or WoD or ALQ.’ Not, ‘oh, around 80 pages into the thread.’ How do you even measure that? It’s helpful to divide stories into stages. You can say, ‘in this one there was just some small squabbling in the city. The second part was this off-world conflict, the third led up to the final battle, and then the final battle happened.’ And a new thread can be used to mark a monumentous occasion (eg Voidus is about to be released, y’all!) One thing we could do is merge the different plot threads into one locked one after the fact (ie when people stop posting well and truly in the old threads, maybe after a week), and link in the OP to which page has which section. So if you know you have to read over Rivers of Blood, you know where that begins and ends. That cleans up the thread count a little. (We could also do that with old plotlines as well, possibly. But I’d be concerned if that... disrupts things.)
  9. Zinc, you know what you have to do. Egads! The hide function has started to [redacted]!
  10. I’d just make a category of ‘non-canon’ things. That includes AU threads and things like that. I’ve noticed participation for this has begun to flag, so make sure to pitch in and help out!
  11. Signups for New Event Melbourne University is running a new puzzlehunt, for the first time in two years! The competition is about the same size as Galactic, though less intensive - perfect to introduce new people. If you found what was here interesting, and want to sign up - (and we'd love new members of any skill level, we're a little short on people actually) then visit here: A Short Summary of What Happened in Potluck Spoilers follow. Our team of myself, @RShara, @Babilarian Darkeyes, @MistCLOAKed Mountains, @DoomStick, @Moonrise, and @Exalted Dungeon Master worked together on a series of 9 puzzles, all themed around the detective games of Herschel Layton. We cracked puzzles about groups of items, masks in Majora's Mask, Pokemon Monopoly, and an extremely complicated game of Duck Duck Goose. (I feel the need to vent about the bowling ball puzzle.) Over the course of three days, we completed all but one of the puzzles, leaving only the cryptic crossword where some of the clues were wrong. It was when we began to work on the meta that we realised the secret theme; that the whole process was actually a game of Clue, with various suspects (fictional villains with associated colors) and locations (the puzzle names). Once we made the connection, we began to unravel a long and layered metapuzzle determining the what, where, who and how of the murder. In a final twist, the killer, Mr Brown, revealed that he was the author Dan Brown, and that he had not performed the murder with a SWORD, but instead had written out the fictional encounter with a QUILL - a far more dangerous and mighty weapon. Herschel Layton realises he is a fictional character, but Dan Brown assures him that "they may be works of fiction, but the feeling you get when you immerse yourself in these fantastical worlds - that's real." After we completed the hunt, we went back to polish off the puzzle we hadn't finished, leaving us with an entirely completed hunt. 17th Shard was the 82nd team to complete the meta. If all this craziness sounds right up your alley, be sure to sign up for the new competition!
  12. Posting to bring to the top of the board: signups for the Shard team for MUMS are open! Sign up if you're interested! We'd love new members of any skill level.
  13. What’s your opinion of the album?
  14. Well, no, but actually yes. It is inconsistently dead. Sig strats! The poll’s been posted before, so no. Ene, you still need to do the groups for voting.