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  1. Im all caught up on Walking Dead on Netflix along with Disenchantment. Now I need to watch Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 on Netflix along with Stranger Things Season 3
  2. Movies im watching for VHS, DVD, Blu ray Pirates of Penzance for VHS which I watched a day ago DVD -Hobo With a Shotgun planning on watching it tonight Monster Squad 2 disc DVD special edition -V/H/S 1 The Hobbit Trilogy special extended edition DVDs blu ray -blu ray re-release of original Fright Night. its got everything including that one big documentary -Star Wars Han Solo movie Star Wars Rogue One Annabelle Creation X-Men First Class
  3. I finished reading the last 100 pages of Wheel of Time Eye of the World. Now Im reading Star Wars Allegiance and Star Wars Choices of one. also this late in July or in August when done with Star Wars Allegiance and Choices of One, im also going to be reading Splinter of the Mind's Eye and Razor's Edge. Then after those. ill probably be reading Wheel of Time book or start reading the Mistborn Trilogy in August
  4. im almost finished reading Wheel of Time Eye of the World. I just started reading Star Wars Allegiance again for the 3rd time and reading Star Wars Choices of One for the first time
  5. I just bought another paperback book yesterday. I went to the Dollar General store and bought book 3 of the Dragon Brigade Trilogy. I swear every time at Dollar General stores, they always have the third book of a fantasy book series lol. Which means you have to go order online on amazone or whatever to get the other books
  6. I went out of town all day yesterday to do some shopping. I went to the comic book shop and picked up some of those True Believers reprints of old Amazing Spider-Man stuff,some old Alpha Flight issues, Gideon Falls # 10 and an old issue of NOW Comics Ghostbusters. then i went to Barnes and Noble and bought Mistborn: Alloys of Law and Shadows of Self along with Star Wars Choices of One and a new bookmark
  7. Earlier just a few minutes ago I went downtown to look around in the thrift shop and they have more books in. All of the Left Behind books especially the first Left Behind book so I bought it along with Anne Rice's Merrick
  8. Currently ive breezed through the first 200 pages of Eye of the World but taking my time with it since I did read it before a long time ago back in 1997 or 1998. Im not in a big rush or anything but with a big book like that I dont want to put it aside and forget about it. I do know ill be reading it in July and i might also read the second book also depends on the mood I am to even be reading Wheel of Time book 2
  9. While Im reading Wheel of Time Eye of the World paperback which will keep me busy in July, im also at the moment reading old issues of original Amazing Spider Man
  10. On Netflix im binge watching Supernatural Season 14 and that new Mary and the Witch Flower anime moie. then for my regular DVDs and blu ray and VHS -Mom and Dad Save the World VHS -The Book Club DVD -watching the bonus features on the Special extended edition DVDs of The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies. Also rewatching the bonus features for Hobbit Unexpected Journey for the surprise visit of the Gimli acting checking up on the dwarves actors
  11. Im finally watching Season 5 of Bates Motel on Netflix. also im watching the Anchor Bay 2 disc DVDs of Re Animator tonight. Especially the long 70ish minute documentary
  12. yeah i had and played Legaia back in the day but then i sold it at a rummage sale back in 1998 or 1999. Dunno why though. But last year or so i bought Legend of Legaia off of amazon so I can have the game back in my collection and to play it. The game had and still does have a great story Ga
  13. Im playing Lord of Magna Maiden Heaven for the 2nd time. Game was fun to play before. also this summer im playing these Star Trek Invasion Assassins Creed 1 Killzone 1 Legend of Legaia
  14. Today I am 39 years old. Also if anyone else has a birthday today i wish you a happy birthday and hope you have some fun today. In a little bit im going downtown to eat at the cafe for a birthday lunch. one rule I always stick with on my birthday. No mowing the yard. Biggest rule i always follow on my birthday.
  15. My birthday is this Thursday on the 13th. I turn 39