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  1. Ive been been playing the heck out of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate since this past weeked. Got back into the game to try to unlock the first Valstrax for the Village 8 star Urgent. thanks to transferring from Monster Hunter Generations for Nintendo 3DS, I manage to still keep a few G rank armors and weapons but some of them still need to be upgraded. Dunno why but ive been using the Khezu X armor to get through some of the Village 7 and 8 star stuff. Even joined online to do a G rank Gore Magala to get a few more materials for whatever
  2. Watched the new horror movie "Z" earlier today. Later tonight ill be watching Robert the Bruce and the bonus features behind the scenes stuff of the regular blu ray of Matrix 1
  3. Been reading Hero of Ages here and there since last month. Third book of the first trilogy its good but im already getting burned out on Mistborn. All Vin ever did since the first two novels is her jumping around from roof top to roof top. That and everyone in the books going through metals like they were candy.
  4. games im playing here and there Assassins Creed Brotherhood for my Playstation 3 WWE 2K16 for my Playstation 3 Witcher III Batman Arkham Origins . going to buy the Mr Freeze DLC next month Batman Arkham Knight
  5. Stuff Im watching for DVD and blu ray this week DVD Robert the Bruce The Great Outdoors South Park Season 3 Blu Ray Return of the Living Dead II G.I. joe Retaliation
  6. Im currently reading Star Wars X-Wing Bacta War
  7. All day earlier today ive been watching John Carpenter's old Starman movie. Been a long long time since i saw it back in 1985 when it would be on HBO all the time
  8. the other night i got up to the Rotten Vale which is the easiest place. Seriously. The Great Girros is puny where i killed 2 or 3 of those things. That the best Capcom can do to introduce new "tough" monsters?
  9. yes I have an X Box One S but I frikkin dont have Witcher III for my frikkin X Box One console. I just told you I have Witcher III for my Nintendo Switch. The only games I have for my X Box are Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy Type O.
  10. I only have Witcher III for my Nintendo Switch. Dunno what makes you think i had it for any other system
  11. I just said Im about done with Witcher III which means i have been playing it the main game.
  12. videogames im playing for the rest of this month Monster Hunter World regular for my X Box One S Witcher III for my Nintendo Switch. about done with the game.
  13. books im reading this month Stephen King's If It Bleeds To Kill a Mockingbird
  14. Its not bothering me. Im just saying that the first book did go a bit overboard with the Oceans 11 type set up. the rest of the book was good. Thats my opinion. You dont need jump on my damnation back about it.
  15. Invocation, Besides Mistborn having an Oceans 11 plot, the rest of the book is good even though I was getting hored with the characters hopping around from rooftops to rooftops with them eating swallowing metal like it was candy