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  1. I've done a little bit of searching on this, but haven't turned up any Sanderson Q&A... of course, I suppose it's possible Nightblood will end up revealing some of this. How do living plants act when you hit them with Breath? Obviously you can awaken deadwood all day with no issues, and it's less tricky than bone, so it shouldn't be as difficult as animals. For example, if someone walks up to a tree and tosses fifty Breath into it, does it hit the first heightening and create an aura bubble? Or does it act like any normal inanimate object infused with Breath, and just stand around doing nothing? Could you get the breaths back out of a tree, or is it too alive to give the Breaths back? EDIT: Got the answer at a signing. You can't awaken living plants, but they probably have auras As a related question, if you take a living squirrel and chuck fifty breaths into it, does it get a biochromatic aura or not? You can't get Breath back from a squirrel lifeless, so obviously you wouldn't be able to retrieve them (without somehow teaching a squirrel to awaken, anyway).
  2. I know that The Emperor's Soul originally had Hoid appear in the intro, but that chapter got deleted. I've got the vague impression from a couple places, including Coppermind, that it might have been put up as part of a promotional thing for the book, but if it was I haven't been able to find it. I know some deleted scenes make it to the website from time to time, but it isn't anywhere on the site that I can find. Has it actually been put up anywhere, or was it just mentioned by Brandon?
  3. So, since I'm running a RP with an Awakener, I wanted to get a good sense of roughly how much Breath is needed for each Awakening. Since I went to the effort of getting these quotes together (some of which are from earlier versions of warbreaker), I figured I might as well post this to the forum. I am mixing together Draft Warbreaker and Final Version Warbreaker, as draft has hard numbers in a lot of areas they were removed during editing. There're one incident that became impossible during further magic system development, which I'll note. 1 Breath: Very tiny scrap of cloth tied into the shape of a person with a very simple Command. 1 Breath: Animating a lifeless using the Awesome Lifeless Command (Awaken to my Breath, serve my needs, live at my Command and my word") and ichor alcohol. 1 Breath/Second: Fueling Nightblood. Note: Nightblood accelerates his cost as you wield him, to something like ten per second after a few minutes. 1 Breath/Week or Eight Days: Fueling Returned. Here for completeness. 25 Breath: Small, Straw Figurine, With Eyelash. “Fetch keys” 25 Breath: Vasher's Cloak (Cut to fit him, with a piece of his hair). "Protect Me" 50 Breath: Lifeless without the awesome command 50-100 Breath: Awakening a skeleton 75ishBreath: Vasher's total amount in the prologue. (First Heightening brought with him into the prison, plus an extra straw figurine outside as a contingency) <200 Breath?: An Overly Long Cloak, lifting a guy up to look around. 200-250ish: Shirt and Trousers from a dead man, command is “Fight for me, as if you were me,” Vasher has 500ish to start, and he uses most of his Breath up on two constructs. 350+ Breath: Vasher's shirt and trousers. Shirt is cut into ribbons looking like fingers: "Upon call of necessity,” he said, “become my fingers, and grip that which I must.” Trousers have similar tassels: “Become as my legs, and give them strength,” (it's at least 400 [since it can be split into a pair of 200+ stacks] including Vasher's cloak. Vasher's cloak is ~25 when using hair, but he doesn't use it this time. I'm estimating it doubles the effectiveness ) 400 Breath: (NOTE: Impossible in revision). Vasher Awakens a scarf without using color as fuel. This gets easier in the revised version. "Strangle" ->later turns to Strangle Things, but final scarf is easier. 450+: Vasher's use of Vivennia's Breath to fuel Nightblood. Note that this doesn't include the bit lost in Tonk Fa's cloak, but she didn't drop a Heightening when using it, so we can assume it's 500. Vasher ends up at the first heightening, so he used up 450 on Nightblood. Vasher manages to kill fifty lifeless with about 250 Breath in a matter of minutes. 500+ Breath: Lemks'/Vivennia's Breath Hoard
  4. Not really a complex theory. I think Hoid has the Lord Ruler's atium bracers. Why? Well, they got sold between The Final Empire and Well of Ascension in order to get food money... and just vanish from the plot there. Vin and Elend never bring it up again, even though they're doing their best to try to scrape up some atium from somewhere, and you'd think that one of them would worry that they'd supplied their own enemy at some point when atium was used against them. After all, the only thing people would use atium for is to become a killing machine, so if someone is buying atium, you'd normally expect them to, oh, have a mistborn on staff somewhere, so you'd really be best off paying close attention to that person. If they sold it to Hoid, he could have used any of his wondrous and largely unexplained powers to deflect suspicion, and make them ignore it. Heck, Ruin might've made Vin ignore it as well. Depends if he was the one responsible for scaring her off from Hoid in HoA or not. We have (somewhat inconsistent) Word of Brandon on what happens when someone burns a hemalurgic spike, but it seems to be dangerous in general. Now, some mistborn COULD have chumped out, eaten the bracers, and choked to death on them offscreen, but that would be boring. Hoid always goes for items that are rare, valuable, and mentioned outside their presence in his collection (so far, at least). And, well, atium is condensed solid essence of a shard he hasn't been mentioned as having yet, and, massive historical value aside, these bracers ALSO have hemalurgic and feruchemical charges in them, so it's like a three-for-one deal. Maybe four, if you consider that the Lord Ruler was also a sliver of preservation, and that might've rubbed off on the spikes over the centuries. Not really a substantial theory, but I figure that Hoid *has* to have some atium to complete his collection, getting atium offscreen would be far less interesting, and this would by far be the easiest bit for him to get (second-easiest being Zane's cache). It's cooler than any of the alternatives, and when an author has the option between equally-plausible options, I think the cool one tends to win out.
  5. Lifespan is kinda variable it seems. I guess it kinda makes sense - koloss have really short lifespans... Kandra have a lot longer lifespans than mistwraiths (going from 30-50 years to practically immortal) though they're just weird in general.
  6. So I've recently been rereading Triplanetary. It's by Doc Smith, the guy you might know of as the inventor of Space Opera, and thus most modern science fiction as we know it. Now, Triplanetary is the prequel to the Lensmen series (which is a ton of silly fun, start with Galactic Patrol if you can find it - most of Smith' stuff is public domain now). It's a fast-paced, breathless novel, and pretty fun. It's also got some weird mistborn similarities. In this scene, the good guys in the Boise have recently reverse-engineered the alien power generation technology. Their ships basically take any ferric matter (iron or steel), and disintegrate it, converting into raw energy. Once their ships start burning iron and steel, they create lines of force directly towards or away from themselves, which they use to push and pull, and get into a shoving match - the outcome of which is decided by the quality of their anchors. Sound familiar? Okay, but that's just a coincidence. It's not like they have some sort of weird FTL that you could easily achieve via feruchem... Yeah, they have some kind of weird FTL that can be easily achieved via feruchemical technology. Well, provided you ignore relativity, which at the time was rather more cutting-edge (heck, Smith started writing in 1915). And hey, if there's spiritual gravity, there's no reason we can't have some sort of spiritual preferred frame of reference to make Einstein sad. (The test drive of triplanetary FTL boils down to 'hey, we're two lightyears away now. Phone home on the ultrawave, ask them if it's been two years. It hasn't? So much for relativity then, let's zoom around space some more'.) Oh, yeah, where was I.... right, actually explaining the 'Bergenholm' drive. It's pretty simple in principle. You reduce the inertia/mass of your ship practically to zero, and then fire your thrusters. Cruising speed is reached when the friction of interstellar dust particles against your ship is equal to your thrust. In practice, this means that the first prototype ship can zip through the whole galaxy in a couple months. So all you *really* need to do is set up an artificial ironmind, and have it store all the mass inside the ship. You perfectly duplicate a classic FTL engine. Isn't that easy? None of this mucking about with time bubbles and spacewhatsits. Just get in and blast off. But wait, you ask, was the secret to using this technological application of iron ALSO given to inhabitants of an isolated nation by a near-omniscient guy, as part of a plan to thwart an all-destroying evil? Yes. Yes it was.
  7. Either Orders or Essences, probably. Not that there's that huge of a distinction there given how orders are set up.
  8. Yes, they were his spikes I don't think he needed them for atium - compounding on its own is enough for Marsh, as far as I can tell, and I'm not sure that improving your allomantic power would necessarily give more return on compounding (though that's debatable). That said, I'm not sure if an atium spike can store multiple attributes - they're wildcard spikes, and you can accumulate hemalurgic charge from multiple targets for other things (pewter spikes in koloss). I wouldn't be surprised if TLR managed to cram, say, four abilities in each bracer, but not confirmed just what exactly he did (though soothing is probably one of them) We also have confirmation he used some sort of 'reverse compounding' method to strengthen allomancy, and he was also near-savant level in everything. TLR used all possible forms of powerup, in other words.
  9. I kinda got the impression that they were using 'invest' back during the Hero of Ages era - which is around the Manywar era. I think it's a little more likely that Vasher got the term from someone else than the other way around, but... hmm. I can't recall how long the Five Scholars were doing their stuff before the Manywar.
  10. Obviously there's only one option. Bring your daughter, insist that all the signed books are her birthday presents, and that you're doing this for her.
  11. Well, I'm not sure if we was using spiritual in terms of 'spiritual realm' or spiritual as a more colloquial religious thing. Sazed himself had a bit of a religious crisis upon ascending. And even if he managed to figure out worldhopping on his own (or hung out with some barely-clued-in worldhoppers), that doesn't necessarily mean he'd be familiar with shards. I don't think Jasnath, for instance, knows anything about shards, but she's got shadesmar access anyway. I don't think it's implausible for someone to bumble around between worlds without getting a good handle on the bigger picture. Regardless, Vasher's the only guy we've seen (outside the ars arcanums) who actually calls it 'investiture'. Now it might've just been an old sharder friend he once had, with no actual worldhopping involved on Vasher's part, or maybe the seventeenth shard liked the terminology in Vasher's research and the name stuck for general 'put magicalness in' terminology... I just find it weird since it varies from world to world, and then Vasher drops the term in the middle of his explanation. Of course, it could've been one of the four other Scholars who knew a worldhopper, and Vasher never got all the information from his research buds. Could have gone research bud to seventeenth shard after they split up, too. Incidentally, based on what I can tell from the timeline, seems that the Manywar was occurring roughly contemporaneously with Hero of Ages (Alloy of Law and Warbreaker are around the same time, and the Manywar was 300 years before). Not sure if that means there was some cross-world repercussions or not; seems like Sazed getting two shards would upset whatever status quo of worldhoppers existed, and that might've resulted in scouting for more recruits.
  12. Well, what he says is "I just wish I knew if there is really something spiritual about the Returns, or if it’s all just cosmic happenstance.” But if he isn't a member of the seventeenth shard, someone he knows must be.
  13. I'm going to guess Slowswift. Just because he's a minor character based off Tolkien and seemingly completely mundane doesn't also mean he isn't a worldhopper. I'm assuming that Brandon will give us a sporting chance and, y'know, actually give the worldhoppers names. Actually, lemme add Vasher to the list, since he uses the term 'investiture', which is the same term the 17th shard uses. He could have easily been adventuring on other worlds during his exile or something.
  14. I'm pretty sure watching the bubbles is just a 'pay attention to lost energy' - they're just one of the better examples of it. Now if that lost energy ends up going to a physical location, then you'd have to uh... make everything in your ship qualify as 'lost energy', and wind up in the Big Galactic Recycle Bin, then fly to your nearest exit. Non-atium metals get recycled in the long term as well, so uh... I guess that implies they effectively teleport somehow. Technically if you eat your ship, burn it, and it reforms back on Scandrial you've managed to transport it.
  15. Where Nightcrawler goes depends on the writer. Sometimes it's some kind of astral plane, sometimes it's hell, sometimes it's totally unexplained, sometimes it's 'Right Over There, what, there isn't any distance in between or anything'. If there was a crossover, probably. I think there was a star trek crossover where he went into subspace...
  16. Hmm... that just brought to mind an interesting question. Is it just shards that are blinded by a focus, or is it possible that it's more universal...
  17. Well, he was hanging out in the area, and he does have shadesmar transportation. I figure that gives you a leg up on playing the trade game, assuming he didn't just take some food out of his homebase...
  18. The reason I think it's likely is because Sazed said there was nothing to link them aside from the rubbing.
  19. The thing is, the only word that we have that they're linked is from the highly-suspect charcoal rubbing - Ruin could have easily just added a list of 'oh yeah, destined hero? totally hero of ages guys'.
  20. Setting up The Announcer long beforehand would be pretty easy prep to do. If you have guys who you can alter the records of, making sure they're the ones everyone checks with is just common sense.
  21. I'm pretty sure the first fake Announcer was originally Kwaan, then Ruin edited it to be called the 'first witness' so it'd fit Sazed better. Could just as easily be fully Ruin stuff. Here's the quote anyway I'm not sure that this isn't just entirely Ruin being twisty.
  22. I was not offended, I thought you'd just missed the post.
  23. The announcer is a complete fabrication though.
  24. When someone starts their post with "Word of god, or your opinion?", referencing a single post of mine fourteen posts back without any other part of the ongoing discussion, after I've supplied the Word of God, I think I'm justified in saying 'I just posted it dude' without doing an in-depth dissection of the post. Maybe they left the post box open for a couple hours before hitting 'reply', and need to catch up on the thread first.
  25. Brandon has mentioned that it depends on how you count them - you can definitely say there are thirty different magic systems (with each surge as a system)