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  1. These you mean?
  2. In Secret History (part 6, chapter 3), Kelsier attempts to speak into a soldier in Elend's army who's 'not broken, but merely ... open', and tries to let him spread the word that anyone pierced by metal cannot be trusted. However, this man named Midge tells the other soldiers that "I'm holy, and you just ain't" and start a brawl. During this brawl, one of the soldiers punches Demoux in the face. In The Hero of Ages (chapter 47) we see Demoux trying to stop a brawl, but one of the soldiers (Bilg, see his Coppermind page here) punches Demoux in the face. Conclusion 1: This, along with a couple of other hints about the setting, makes me think that we're talking about the same brawl here. Most of you will probably agree so far. To proceed ... after the brawl, Ham mentions that this was yet another fight between mistfallen and regular soldiers, which means that Midge might be one of the mistfallen. This statement is further supported by the fact that Kelsier is able to talk into him, implicating that Midge has cracks in his spiritweb and thus also indicating that Midge might be an Allomancer. Conclusion 2: While there is no proof, this gives us at least reason to think that Midge is one of the mistfallen. Let me know what you think about this. No matter how, I wanted to share this thought anyway as not everyone seems to be aware of this connection (conclusion 1).
  3. In The Final Empire Kelsier recalls one of the lessons Gemmel taught him about Steelpushing. "Some northern mystic" is of course a Terris Feruchemist with the ability to store weight in an Iron metalmind. Which 2 abilities did Wax have again?
  4. "What's the most important prophecy to fake?" - Ruin "What's the most important object a man can awake?"
  5. His name even is the number 10 in Dutch
  6. I believe that Skybreakers and Windrunners (like in Bridge Four) can be compared like this: (I've explained this in one of my topics, I put a redirect in the second post of this topic) The reason for this difference is just how the orders are built up. Bridge Four does it the 'natural' way, and the Skybreakers chose for another approach. The same things happen, but they use another terminology
  7. That's not what I meant (sorry if my explanation wasn't clear). If I'm correct Skybreaker 'squires' aren't actually squires like the squires we see in Bridge Four. I made a table to clarify my previous post:
  8. I've posted a theory about your first point a while ago (and would gladly get some feedback on that):
  9. This thread discusses almost only Jasnah (and Renarin), but Dalinar and Gavilar are Kholins too. Both of them got to know The Way of Kings (in-world) and they gave it their all to live up to its ideals. Gavilor had his higher goal of trying to bring the Heralds back together with the Sons of Honor. His ambitions went even beyond the sake of a unified Alethkar. Dalinar tried to convince the other highprinces to follow the Alethi codes of war by being exemplary himself, not caring about all the rumours. In Urithiru we see that he wants to have everything under control. One of the general characteristics of autism is that you can get really dedicated to your cause, and this applies to both Gavilar and late-Dalinar.
  10. I get what you're saying with this, and you're probably right about that. But then please explain to me why Nightblood would get destroyed by feeding on 'too much' investure ... It is likely that Nightblood has a maximum amount of investure it can destroy per second, but I don't see why getting saturated would destroy something. If you throw a fully-saturated wet sponge in a bucket of water it also doesn't implode/explode or something like that.
  11. Maybe Brandon doesn't know it himself and is following this topic to get inspiration ...?
  12. Scenario 1 seems unlikely to me, as something that is saturated just can't absorb more (investure in this case) and just stops absorbing, so if Nightblood can get saturated it wouldn't get destroyed. Scenario 2 would be more likely, if Nightblood consumes all investure it would be safe(r) to travel to Sel but the problem then is that the Perpendicularity also isn't there anymore.
  13. I REALLY like your profile picture. I see the One Ring, the Deathly Hallows, Jormungand and of course the logo of the Knights Radiant. Only inside the top left circle I can't recognize, can you tell me what it represents? Also ... Did you make it yourself?
  14. You could wrap your gem with some material that perfectly seals the gem, and then soulcast that material to aluminum right?
  15. In Oathbringer we see Szeth and some other Skybreaker 'squires'/hopefuls progress from squire to a Knight Radiant. We've also seen Bridge Four having squires under Kaladin and some of them became Windrunners themselves. It struck me that there's a huge difference between the process of how the Skybreakers and Windrunners we've seen become squires and (full) Radiants after that. Gathering facts: (I will assume that Szeth follows the standard Skybreaker procedure) Kaladin is able to breathe in Stormlight after he speaks his First Ideal, but Szeth is only able to breathe in Stormlight after he speaks his Second Ideal. In all cases we've seen the Radiant speaks his/her Ideal to his/her spren, but when a Skybreaker swears the First and Second Ideal it is accepted by higher members of the order, in other words: by humans. Kaladin and Shallan get squires (who can breathe in Stormlight and can Surgebind without their own spren) out of people whom they see as part of their group. Skybreakers can only Surgebind and breathe in Stormlight after they speak the Second Ideal, but they still don't have their own Spren at that moment. Kaladin thinks of Bridge Four as 'his men' no matter if they're squire or not, but Skybreaker master wait to accept a squire as 'their apprentice' until the squire has sworn the Second Ideal. Windrunners bond a spren with the First Ideal, but Skybreakers bond a spren with the Third Ideal. In both orders a squire seems to be more likely to attract a spren than a non-squire. My interpretation: I think that Skybreaker hopefuls are trained to have the characteristics and personality of a full Skybreaker in order to be more likely to attract an own highspren. If my theory is correct, nothing really happens when a Skybreaker swears his First and Second Ideal, but they will be living up to the Ideals they have already sworn. After speaking the Second Ideal a Skybreaker master is willing to accept a hopeful as his/her squire, and for that reason they get access to Surgebinding and Stormlight from that point onwards (if only when their master is near). This way Skybreakers can already begin their training before they have even started to attract a spren, but will probably impress a highspren sooner or later because of this training. Then we see Szeth bond his highspren. But hey ...!? Didn't he swear his Third Ideal at that moment? Yes he did. This would mean that Szeth actually only became a squire at his Second Ideal (before that he was just a hopeful), and when he finally bonded his highspren he instantaneously promoted from squire to full Radiant of the Third Ideal.