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  1. Thank you for your answers - Obviously I did not know about this yet.
  2. First post here, hello and happy new year to you all! I am currently rereading the Alloy of Law. And I started pondering on Waxilliums sentence "I've been chasing chickens this entire time" ... (The Alloy of Law, Epilogue, end of second paragraph). I made a search on the coppermind for chickens - nothing there saying anything about Scadrial ... Same on the Arcanum ... and found nothing here in the cosmere q&a forum, the cosmere theories and the Mistborn forums as well. I know of "chicken" as a substitute word for bird on Roshar. Is this a similar thing or are there real chickens on Scadrial? Or is the whole sentence simply a proverb, translated from their language to english?